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  • The 1942 Sears Christmas Book

    Sears Roebuck and Co,

    For generations, the much-anticipated arrival of the Sears gift catalog signaled the start of the holiday season. This faithful facsimile of the retailer's 1942 Christmas edition offers a nostalgia-inducing chance to relive those bygone years, when...

  • Norman Rockwell 6 Cards - Classic Covers From...


    Six postcards feature some of the beloved artist's most iconic covers for The Saturday Evening Post Rosie the Riveter, Runaway, Triple Self-Portrait, Soda Jerk, At the Doctor, and Freedom from Want. The latter, also known as 'The Thanksgiving Picture...

  • Faust

    Goethe,Johann Wolfgang Von; VON GOETHE,JOHANN WOLFGANG

    At the time of Faust's 1808 publication, Goethe was already famous as one of the most accomplished men of his era. A statesman as well as an artist and the writer of scientific essays, poetry, and criticism, the German author sealed his immortality...

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  • Auguste Rodin

    Rilke,Rainer Maria

    'Rilke's observations are wonderfully astute. For readers interested in either [sculpture or poetry], this volume is a treat.' The Christian Science MonitorDuring the early 1900s, the great German poet lived and worked in Paris with Auguste Rodin. In...

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  • Cherubs Notebook


    The world-famous cherubs from Raphael Sanzio's The Sistine Madonna grace the front cover of this heavenly little notebook. Fitting snugly into pockets, backpacks, and purses, it's ready to be filled with phone numbers, appointments, birthdays, and...

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  • Choral Orchestration


    This volume is geared toward organists seeking a brief, convenient guide to developing technical grounding for the scoring of compositions. Noted musicologist Cecil Forsyth takes readers bar by bar through a complete choral orchestration in this...

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  • The Philobiblon

    De Bury, Richard

    'Will always hold an honorable place for bibliophiles.' -- The University of Chicago PressOne of the earliest treatises on the value of preserving neglected manuscripts, building a library, and book collecting, Richard De Bury's The Philobiblon was...

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  • The Raven


    An excellent early study of Poe's masterpiece from a literary rather than a psychological point of view. The author discusses ''the most popular lyric poem in the world'' in terms of the creative genesis of the poem and the history of the poem. Mr....

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  • Poe Illustrated


    Inspired by the compelling works of the influential author come more than 100 choice illustrations. Brilliant color and crisp black-and-white images include scenes from 'The Raven,' 'The Pit and the Pendulum,' 'The Gold-Bug,' and other stories and...

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  • The Kiss Notebook

    Klimt, Gustav

    Long considered Gustav Klimt's most popular work, 'The Kiss' was painted between 1907 and 1908. Now, the Austrian Symbolist's golden and glorious masterpiece can be taken everywhere you go with this pocket-sized notebook. Jot down web addresses,...

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  • The Art Spirit


    'I would give anything to have come by this book years ago. It is in my opinion comparable only to the notes of Leonardo and Sir Joshua . . . One of the finest voices which express the philosophy of modern men in painting.' -- George BellowsA...

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  • Willy Pogány Rediscovered


    Famed in the early 20th century for his Art Nouveau–style depictions of episodes from mythology, Pogány illustrated books for readers of all ages. This collection features more than 100 color and black-and-white images, including scenes inspired by...

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  • Traditional African Designs


    African art, with its striking and imaginative themes, has had a tremendous influence on contemporary art and design. The motifs in this rich collection of traditional African designs reflect the vigor and spirit of this dynamic and expressive art...

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  • Nathan The Wise

    Lessing,Gotthold Ephraim

    A Jewish merchant, a Muslim sultan, and a young Templar knight transcend the differences in their faiths in this play's moving plea for religious tolerance and cooperation amongst Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Set in Jerusalem during the Third...

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  • Chinatown Paper Dolls

    Lum, Kwei-Lin

    From dazzling formal attire to everyday leisure and work clothes, these costumes and accessories reflect changes in Chinese-American style over the past 100 years. Outfits for male and female dolls of all ages range from traditional garb including...

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  • Classic Baseball Cards

    Sugar,Bert Randolph

    Classic Baseball Cards

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  • Tales From Shakespeare


    The popular retellings of Shakespeare's best-loved plays by the brother-and-sister duo of Charles and Mary Lamb receive a stunningly original treatment in this keepsake hardcover. Handpicked from various editions, numerous black-and-white and 50...

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  • Givenchy Paper Dolls


    Hubert de Givenchy designed exclusive fashions for a clientele that included princesses, heiresses, and movie stars. Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy's most ardent patron, sported his haute couture creations both off screen and on. These three paper dolls...

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  • The Sleeping Beauty

    Rackham,Arthur; Rackham,Arthur

    The timeless tale of the spellbound princess takes on a delightful dimension in this hardcover keepsake edition. Arthur Rackham, the leading figure of the Golden Age of Illustration, envisions a fantasy world in the form of crisp black-and-white...

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  • Vision And Design


    Twenty-five art-related essays by distinguished British art critic and painter reveal his wide-ranging interests. Writings explore relationships between ancient and modern art and between art and life, examining such diverse topics as the art of the...

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  • Painters On Painting


    From Botticelli's thoughts on his conflicts with church ideology to Holbein's impressions of the court of Henry VIII and Dali's definition of surrealism, this fascinating compilation features the opinions of the most celebrated painters of the...

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  • Medieval Tile Designs

    Nichols,John Gough

    Little remains of the decorative ceramic tiles that once paved the floors of medieval churches and cathedrals. Abraded by time and use, stolen by collectors, or covered by new flooring, these handsome ornamental paving stones (also known as...

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  • Tattooed Paper Dolls


    Discover the elegance of body art with stylishly tattooed paper dolls. These six paper dolls sport a spectacular array of body art, from subtle shoulder and navel ornaments to full sleeves in brilliant color. Four female and two male dolls of varying...

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  • Feedback Control Theory


    Feedback Control Theory

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  • Theory of Linear Operations


    Theory of Linear Operations

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  • The History Of Underclothes

    Cunnington,C. Willett; Cunnington,Cecil Willett

    .' . . thoroughness and most impressive scholarship . . . much entertaining detail and . . . pleasant humour.' -- The Times Literary Supplement (London)Underwear -- practical garments with a utilitarian function or body coverings that serve an erotic...

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  • Redouté's Fabulous Flowers

    Redoute, Pierre-joseph

    Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) ranks among the most highly regarded botanical illustrators in history. Known as the 'Raphael of Flowers' for his meticulously accurate watercolors of roses, lilies, and other flowers, Redouté dominated botanical art...

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  • Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls


    Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls

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  • Southern Belles Paper Dolls


    Southern Belles Paper Dolls

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  • Symbolist Paintings - 24 Cards


    Symbolist Paintings - 24 Cards

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  • The Hundred Headless Woman


    Originally published in Paris in 1929, this collage novel by avant-gardist Max Ernst constitutes a seminal 20th-century work of art. The artist's striking combinations of engravings from Victorian-era books and magazines, accompanied by enigmatic...

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  • The Sense Of Beauty


    The Sense Of Beauty

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  • Line - An Art Study

    Sullivan,Edmund J

    Written by a noted illustrator and teacher, this guide introduces the basics of line drawing. British artist Edmund J. Sullivan, who merges the traditional nineteenth-century style of illustration with elements of Art Nouveau, begins by introducing...

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  • Principles Of Art History


    Principles Of Art History

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  • Supreme Court Paper Dolls


    Get better acquainted with Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Sonia Sotomayor, the late Antonin Scalia, and the other justices of the highest court in the land with this playful paper doll collection. The nine members of the Supreme Court are...

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  • Tudor Costume And Fashion


    The period of Tudor rule in England (1485-1603) marked the appearance of an unprecedented opulence in fashions worn by royalty and members of the nobility, with social rank often reflected in attire. This monumental study by a brilliant and...

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  • The Figure in Composition

    Braun, Paul G

    Students and professionals alike will benefit from this focus on the figure in the overall composition of a sketch or drawing. Its solid instruction and many fine examples make it a particularly valuable tool for intermediate artists.Author Paul G....

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  • Authentic Victorian Dressmaking Techniques


    At the turn of the century, ladies of privilege could easily afford their own dressmakers, and even middle-class housewives occasionally employed competent seamstresses. But many women did their own sewing, often relying on Dressmaking, Up to Date,...

  • Steampunk Vixens Paper Dolls


    Dress these sexy spitfires in glamorous steampunk style! These four fetching paper dolls and their 28 fantastic costumes will captivate steampunk fans and enthusiasts of science fiction and Victorian apparel. The sultry, ready-for-action models come...

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  • Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs


    Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs

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  • Dover Books On Physics


    A thorough introduction to the study of boundary layer problems in physics and fluid mechanics, this treatment assumes some knowledge of classical inviscid fluid dynamics. The ordered and logical presentation is accessible to undergraduates, and...

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  • Dore's Illustrations Of The Crusades

    Dore; Dore,Gustave

    Long regarded as the standard history of the subject, Francois Michaud's 'History of the Crusades, 'published in 1877, recorded over four centuries of passionate, bloody wars that brought the countries -- and cultures -- of Asia and Europe into...

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  • Woman With A Parasol Notebook

    Monet, Claude

    Sometimes known as The Stroll, Monet's Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son was painted in 1875 -- and now it graces the front cover of this handy little notebook! Filled with 64 blank pages, it's just the right size to tuck into pockets,...

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  • Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls


    Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls

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