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  • Arte Celta, El


    Arte Celta, El

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  • Landscapes (Learn To Paint)


    This best-selling title will be relaunched in June 05 with a fresh new cover design. Alwyn Crawshaw has a very loyal following among amateur painters, and this book provides an essential introduction to this exciting subject.Landscapes are a very...

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  • Gustav Klimt - A Critical Reappraisal

    Cavallaro, Dani

    Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) expressed in his work a fascination with the liminal worlds that underpin his figures and landscapes. His art echoes different styles and traditions yet he has no obvious predecessors or disciples....

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  • Fashioning Identities In Renaissance Art

    Rogers, Mary

    Originally published in 2000. Fashioning Identities analyses some of the different ways in which identities were fashioned in and with art during the Renaissance, taken as meaning the period c.1300-1600. The notion of such a search for new identities...

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  • New Museum: 40 Years New


    A rich, illustrated history of the New Museum, a pioneering, internationally renowned institution.Through a detailed chronology that captures the New York museum's legendary firsts, major milestones, groundbreaking exhibitions, and prescient...

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  • Arte Paleocristiano Y Bizantino


    Consciente de lo relativamente poco avanzados que están los estudios bizantinos. este texto encuadra el desarrollo de las artes en los *CR*acontecimientos fundamentales para ofrecer una imagen comprensible. aludiendo igualmente a los imprescindibles...

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  • Arte Sacro 800-1200


    Arte Sacro 800-1200

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  • Arte Gótico En España

    Azcárate,José María

    Arte Gótico En España

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  • Alexis Rockman - The Great Lakes Cycle

    Friis-Hansen, Dana

    This book focusing on an ambitious new body of work by American artist Alexis Rockman (b. 1962) explores the past, present, and future of the Great Lakes, one of the world's most emblematic and ecologically significant environments. Rockman's series...

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  • Art In The Age Of Mass Media

    Walker, John

    Can fine art survive in an age of mass media? If so, in what forms and to what purpose? And can radical art still play a critical role in today's divided world? These are the questions addressed in the Art in the Age of Mass Media, as John Walker...

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  • Apariencia Al Desnudo (Appearance Stripped...

    Gioni, Massimiliano

    Primer libro en explorar la relación entre la obra de Marcel Duchamp y Jeff Koons y que publicamos en colaboración con el Museo Jumex de Ciudad de México que inaugura una exposición sobre el tema este mayo 2019.En la primera mitad del siglo XX,...

  • Arte Y Arquitectura Del Antiguo Egipto


    Arte Y Arquitectura Del Antiguo Egipto

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura Flamenca 1585-1700


    Arte Y Arquitectura Flamenca 1585-1700

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura Del Oriente Antiguo


    El arte antiguo del cercano Oriente ocupa una posición peculiar. en cuanto a que dio el ser a muchas de las categorías artísticas que damos por supuestas. Cuando. en Egipto o en Mesopotamia. los hombres construían templos monumentales o erigían...

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  • War And Art - A Visual History Of Modern...


    In times of crisis, we often turn to artists for truth-telling and memory-keeping. There is no greater crisis than war, and in this sumptuously illustrated volume, we find a comprehensive visual, cultural, and historical account of the ways in which...

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  • Saint James The Greater In History, Art And...


    Among the 12 disciples of Jesus, perhaps none has inspired more magnificent art--as well as political upheaval--than Saint James the Greater. Portrayed in the New Testament as part of Jesus' inner circle, he was the first apostle to be martyred....

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  • Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light, 100 Art Writings...


    Hot Cold Heavy Light collects 100 writings--some long, some short--that taken together forma group portrait of many of the world's most significant and interesting artists. From Pablo Picasso to Cindy Sherman, Old Masters to contemporary masters,...

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  • Audubon's Animals - The Viviparous Quadrupeds...

    Audubon, John James

    Reproduced from an archival copy, this handsome boxed set includes a new edition of John James Audubon's classic work on animals along with twenty-four facsimile prints suitable for framing. Following the success of his Birds of America, John James...

  • Art And Advertising In Buffalo Bill's Wild...

    Delaney, Michelle

    William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, star of the American West, began his journey to fame at age twenty-three, when he met writer Ned Buntline. The pulp novels Buntline later penned were loosely based on Cody's scouting and bison-hunting adventures and...

  • Arte Y Arquitectura En Italia 1600-1750


    Este libro no sólo analiza el desarrollo de las artes en Italia durante los siglos XVII y XVIII. sino que estudia. además. las transformaciones ideológicas y políticas que caracterizaron este período y que marcaron una importante diferencia con...

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura En Francia 1500-1700


    Arte Y Arquitectura En Francia 1500-1700

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura Del Islam 650-1250


    Este excelente manual recoge los primeros tesoros del arte y arquitectura musulmanes. Estudia las obras maestras —mezquitas y minaretes. trabajos en oro. plata. vidrio y cerámica. marfil. tejidos y manuscritos decorados— creadas en los centros cuyos...

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura En El Subcontinente Indio


    Arte Y Arquitectura En El Subcontinente Indio

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura En España 500-1250


    Arte Y Arquitectura En España 500-1250

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  • Arte Y Arquitectura Del Islam 1250-1800

    Blair,Sheila S.

    Se espera que este manual consiga el mismo éxito que el de Grabar y Ettinghausen. que aborda el periodo anterior 650-1250 y cuya primera edición se agotó en año y medio. El propio Oleg Grabar lo ha calificado de texto de referencia imprescindible...

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  • Arte En Fotogramas - Cine Realizado Por...


    De un tiempo a esta parte ha habido un creciente esfuerzo. desde diferentes ámbitos. por legitimar al cine en el seno de lo que tradicionalmente conocemos por Bellas Artes. atendiendo a un interés por localizar posibles analogías y aproximaciones....

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  • Vital Forms - Biological Art, Architecture,...

    Johung, Jennifer

    Shows how the intersection of biotech, art, and architecture are transforming the world we live in As living matter becomes more and more the domain of art and architecture, the life sciences are enabling a major cultural and aesthetic...

  • The Ashgate Research Companion To Dutch Art...


    Despite the tremendous number of studies produced annually in the field of Dutch art over the last 30 years or so, and the strong contemporary market for works by Dutch masters of the period as well as the public's ongoing fascination with some of...

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  • Sound, Image, Silence - Art And The Aural...

    Gaudio, Michael

    A visionary new approach to the Americas during the age of colonization, made by engaging with the aural aspects of supposedly 'silent' images Colonial depictions of the North and South American landscape and its indigenous inhabitants fundamentally...

  • What Drawing And Painting Really Mean - The...


    There are as many meanings to drawing and painting as there are cultural contexts for them to exist in. But this is not the end of the story. Drawings and paintings are made, and in their making embody unique meanings that transform our perception of...

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  • Arte de Projetar em Arquitetura - 17ª Ed.


    Princípios, normas, regulamentos sobre projeto, construção, forma, necessidades e relações espaciais, dimensões de edifícios, ambientes, mobiliário, objetos. Referência bibliográfica de reconhecido valor universal e indispensável para arquitetos,...

  • Talking Art - The Culture Of Practice And The...

    Fine,Gary Alan

    In Talking Art, acclaimed ethnographer Gary Alan Fine gives us an eye-opening look at the contemporary university-based master's-level art program. Through an in-depth analysis of the practice of the critique and other aspects of the curriculum, Fine...

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  • Revival - Politics And Purges In China...

    Teiwes, Frederick C

    This title was first published in 1980: Drawing upon released documents, memoirs and party-history works, the process and impact of the political campaigns in China between 1950 and 1965 is documented. Complete with extensive interviews with Chinese...

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  • Arte em Papel - 25 Projetos Contemporâneos...


    Customize sua casa e crie peças únicas com estes projetos divertidos e inspirados feitos com todo o tipo de papel. Instruções passo a passo e belas fotografias o guiam pelo elaboração de 25 projetos práticos e especiais, de tigelas decorativas e...

  • Appearance Stripped Bare - Desire And The...

    Gioni, Massimiliano

    The first book to explore two of the biggest names in modern and contemporary art side by side, Marcel Duchamp and Jeff KoonsIn the first half of the 20th century, Marcel Duchamp redefined what we consider art and what it means to be an artist. Many...

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  • Art, Politics And Civic Religion In Central...

    Cannon, Joanna; Williamson, Beth

    This was first published in 2000: Introduced by Joanna Cannon, this volume of essays by postgraduate students at the Courtauld Institute, University of London, explores some of the ways in which art was used to express, to celebrate, and to promote...

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  • The Visual Culture Of Women's Activism In...


    Women's bodies and their portrayals in the media remain at the center of every debate on women's rights worldwide. This study examines the domains of public and private space--and the interstices between them--with a focus on how women advance in the...

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  • Arte Contemporáneo Y Restauración - o Cómo...

    Llamas Pacheco,Rosario

    La conservación y restauración del arte contemporáneo es una disciplina compleja. en constante evolución. y que plantea la necesidad de actualización de los paradigmas sobre los que tradicionalmente se ha venido asentado la conservación de los bienes...

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  • Arte Em Cena - A Direção de Arte No Cinema...


    Uma história contada no cinema envolve muitos elementos. Cenário, figurino, luz, cor, personagem e até mesmo o ângulo particular de uma cena são recursos que criam a atmosfera da narrativa. Nesse processo, o papel do diretor de arte é fundamental....

  • A Arte Romântica


    A arte romântica surge, simultaneamente, na Alemanha e em Inglaterra, como conseqüência do desenvolvimento intelectual resultante da Revolução Francesa, dominando a Europa durante a primeira metade do século XIX. Ela resulta das contradições de uma...

  • René Magritte

    Allmer, Patricia

    The Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte redefined the way we think about art. Famous for his men in bowler hats, he inspired generations of later artists from Andy Warhol to Jasper Johns with his witty and provocative work. In this illuminating...

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

    Hodge, Susie; Flame Tree Studio

    Exploring the life and works of the great artist, World's Greatest Art: Da Vinci considers the achievements of Italy's most well-known and influential artist. The book follows his artistic development, from early drawings and paintings while...

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  • Cyberarts 2019

    Leopoldseder, Hannes; Schopf, Christine; Stocker, Gerfried

    With images, essays and statements from the jury of the 2019 Prix Ars Electronica, this book gathers the works awarded prizes in 2019 in the categories of Computer Animation, Digital Music & Sound Art, Artificial Intelligence & Life Art, and u19 -...

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