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  • Arte de Projetar Em Arquitetura - 18ª Ed....




    A 18ª edição deste manual mundialmente reconhecido pode ser considerada uma nova edição. Por um lado, conservou-se a magnífica proposta do original e, por outro, atualizou-se o seu conteúdo, a fim de responder às novas expectativas que surgiram no...

  • Brian Jungen


    Examining the career of Indigenous artist Brian Jungen, this gorgeously illustrated book highlights his ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary sculpture. Born in the remote northern community of Fort St. John, British Columbia to an...

  • Ep - Design Fiction

    Coles, Alex

    After the first EP volume on the activities of the early Italian avant-garde, the second volume in the series identifies the current fascination with fiction across art, design, and architecture. Practitioners and theorists explore this strategy by...

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  • Suffering From Realness

    Markonish, Denise

    Contemporary artists examine the human condition from all sides in this riveting collection of American art that questions how we represent ourselves in the 21st century. In an age of national divisiveness, artists are creating moments of political...

  • The Art Of The English Trade Gun In North...

    Bender,Nathan E

    Symbolic ornamentation inspired by ancient Greek and Roman art is a long-standing Western tradition. The author explores the designs of 18th century English gunsmiths who engraved classical ornamental patterns on firearms gifted or traded to American...

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  • The Art And Making Of The Dark Crystal: Age...

    Insight Editions

    Explore the creation of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix's highly-anticipated new prequel series from The Jim Henson Company, with this all-access look at the show's journey to the screen. Set many years before the events of The Dark...

  • The Labyrinth


    A seminal work by an artist whose drawings in The New Yorker, LIFE, Harper's Bazaar, and many other publications influenced an entire generation of American artists and writers. Saul Steinberg's The Labyrinth, first published in 1960 and long out of...

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  • Alexis Rockman - The Great Lakes Cycle

    Friis-Hansen, Dana

    This book focusing on an ambitious new body of work by American artist Alexis Rockman (b. 1962) explores the past, present, and future of the Great Lakes, one of the world's most emblematic and ecologically significant environments. Rockman's series...

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  • Audubon's Animals - The Viviparous Quadrupeds...

    Audubon, John James

    Reproduced from an archival copy, this handsome boxed set includes a new edition of John James Audubon's classic work on animals along with twenty-four facsimile prints suitable for framing. Following the success of his Birds of America, John James...

  • Art And Advertising In Buffalo Bill's Wild...

    Delaney, Michelle

    William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, star of the American West, began his journey to fame at age twenty-three, when he met writer Ned Buntline. The pulp novels Buntline later penned were loosely based on Cody's scouting and bison-hunting adventures and...

  • Arte Y Arquitectura En El Subcontinente Indio


    Arte Y Arquitectura En El Subcontinente Indio

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  • Vital Forms - Biological Art, Architecture,...

    Johung, Jennifer

    Shows how the intersection of biotech, art, and architecture are transforming the world we live in As living matter becomes more and more the domain of art and architecture, the life sciences are enabling a major cultural and aesthetic...

  • Sound, Image, Silence - Art And The Aural...

    Gaudio, Michael

    A visionary new approach to the Americas during the age of colonization, made by engaging with the aural aspects of supposedly 'silent' images Colonial depictions of the North and South American landscape and its indigenous inhabitants fundamentally...

  • Arte Em Cena - A Direção de Arte No Cinema...


    Uma história contada no cinema envolve muitos elementos. Cenário, figurino, luz, cor, personagem e até mesmo o ângulo particular de uma cena são recursos que criam a atmosfera da narrativa. Nesse processo, o papel do diretor de arte é fundamental....

  • Prospecting Ocean


    Investigating the entanglement of industry, politics, culture, and economics at the frontier of ocean excavations through an innovative union of art and science.The oceans are crucial to the planet's well-being. They help regulate the global carbon...

  • The Hellenistic World


    Coinage is one of our key sources for the rich and fascinating history of the Hellenistic world (323-31 BC). This book provides students of the period with an up-to-date introduction to Hellenistic gold, silver and bronze coins in their cultural and...

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  • Dogs In Art


    From the Zoroastrian sculpture of a two-hundred-pound mastiff to the portrait of a coiffured lap dog, Dogs in Art presents humanity's best friend like never before. Through a wide range of genres, fashions, and cultures--from Roman mosaics to pop art...

  • Cabinets Of Curiosities

    Mauries, Patrick

    Unicorns' horns, mermaids' skeletons, stuffed and preserved animals and plants, precious metals, clocks, scientific instruments, celestial globes--all knowledge, the whole cosmos, arranged on shelves in a single room. Such were the cabinets of...

  • Face - A Visual Odyssey


    An elaborately illustrated A to Z of the face, from historical mugshots to Instagram posts.By turns alarming and awe-inspiring, Face offers up an elaborately illustrated A to Z--from the didactic anthropometry of the late-nineteenth century to the...

  • Sketch While You Travel


    146 pages. If you like to sketch and travel, this book will give your journeys a new dimension. Start sketching scenes and structures from different parts of the world. Richard Gerstman, experienced artist, designer and traveler instructs,...

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  • Rembrandt: Biography Of A Rebel

    Bikker, Jonathan

    In 2019, on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt (1606-69), Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum is honoring the artist with an unprecedented exhibition, appropriately titled All the Rembrandts. The 'Year of Rembrandt' also brings us...

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  • Postures - Body Language In Art


    Every time an artist portrays a human subject, a decision has to be made about the posture of the figure. Will they be standing, sitting, or reclining? Smiling, screaming, or weeping?Never before given such dedicated attention, Postures argues that...

  • Vessels - The Object As Container

    Brittenham, Claudia

    What is a vessel? As objects made for human interaction and handling, both containing and bounded by space, vessels can take many forms and be constructed of a wide variety of materials. However, they are all unified in signifying a potential for...

  • Jr: The Chronicles Of San Francisco


    'JR's colossal photographic mural, The Chronicles of San Francisco, is an exuberant celebration of democracy in an age when it could not be more needed or welcome... Humanity, in all its lovely messiness, is palpable.'- Armistead Maupin, author of...

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  • Archipelago - An Atlas Of Imagined Islands

    Lewis-jones, Huw

    What is it about islands that is so alluring, and why do so many people find these self-contained worlds irresistible? Utopia and Atlantis were islands, and islands have captured the imaginations of writers and artists for centuries. In 1719, Daniel...

  • Double Lives In Art And Pop Music

    Heiser, Jorg

    Exploring the relationship between art and pop music over the last fifty years.Why did Andy Warhol decide to enter the music business by producing the Velvet Underground, and what did the band expect to gain in return? What made Yoko Ono use the...

  • The Birth Of The Idea Of Photography


    A milestone work that examines the democratic idea of photography and its expansion in common culture, particularly in the United States; generously illustrated.This influential text by French historian and theorist François Brunet considers the...

  • Islamic Art - Architecture, Painting,...


    This gorgeous survey of art from the Islamic world covers three continents and fourteen centuries. From its birth in the seventh century through modern times, the Islamic religion has inspired glorious works of art. This stunning book includes more...

  • Bacon And The Mind - Art, Neuroscience And...

    Harrison,Martin; Leader,Darian; Onians,John; Bucklow,Christopher; Jaron,Steven; ZEKI ,SEMIR

    Bacon and the Mind sheds light on Francis Bacon's art by exploring his motivations, and in so doing opens up new ways of understanding his paintings. It comprises five essays by prominent scholars in their respective disciplines, illustrated...

  • The Art Of Mesoamerica - From Olmec To Aztec

    Miller,Mary Ellen

    Expanded and revised in its sixth edition, The Art of Mesoamerica surveys the artistic achievements of the high pre-Hispanic civilizations of Central America--Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Aztec--as well as those of their lesser-known...

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  • Faust

    Goethe,Johann Wolfgang Von; VON GOETHE,JOHANN WOLFGANG

    At the time of Faust's 1808 publication, Goethe was already famous as one of the most accomplished men of his era. A statesman as well as an artist and the writer of scientific essays, poetry, and criticism, the German author sealed his immortality...

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  • Modigliani


    This definitive monograph on Modigliani incorporates new research into one of the most comprehensive surveys ever published on the seminal twentieth-century artist. Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) is one of the most important artists of the early...

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  • Hopper

    Ottinger,Didier; Llorens,Tomàs

    Edward Hopper is as quintessentially American as Jackson Pollock or Andy Warhol. Like them, his imagery has reached far beyond the realm of art to impact on our culture in the broadest terms, so that we see early twentieth-century America through his...

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  • Tiziano

    Panofsky,Erwin; PANOFSKY ,ERWIN


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  • Caravaggio



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  • British Art And The First World War,...

    Fox, James

    The First World War is usually believed to have had a catastrophic effect on British art, killing artists and movements, and creating a mood of belligerent philistinism around the nation. In this book, however, James Fox paints a very different...

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  • When Artists Curate - Contemporary Art And...


    An increasing proportion of exhibitions are curated by artists rather than professional curators, and in this book Alison Green provides the first critical history of visual artists as curators. Green's curatorial artist emerges as a seemingly...

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  • Picasso's Demoiselles - The Untold Origins Of...

    Blier, Suzanne Preston

    In Picasso's Demoiselles, eminent art historian Suzanne Preston Blier uncovers the previously unknown history of Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, one of the twentieth century's most important, celebrated, and studied paintings. Drawing on...

  • Beyond Aesthetics - Use, Abuse, And...


    An intimate reflection on culture and tradition, creativity and power, that draws on a lifetime's commitment to aesthetic encounter The playwright, poet, essayist, novelist, and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka is also a longtime art collector. This book...

  • The Eye's Mind - A Stroll Through The...


    The Rockies to the Carpathians, Nagasaki to Prague, the backwoods of New Zealand to the Australian surf, this is a trip around the world with a difference... The Davmandy Collection takes the excitement of travel as a departure point for the...

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  • Unspeakable Acts - Women, Art, And Sexual...

    Princenthal, Nancy

    The 1970s was a time of deep division and newfound freedoms. Galvanized by The Second Sex and The Feminine Mystique, the civil rights movement and the March on Washington, a new generation put their bodies on the line to protest injustice. Still,...

  • After The Wagnerian Bouillabaisse - Essays On...

    Welchman, John C

    Critical analyses of some of the major European artists and movements in the twentieth century, delivered with verve and insight.The ten essays in After the Wagnerian Bouillabaisse offer original critical discussions of some of the major European...

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  • Art For People's Sake - Artists And Community...


    In the 1960s and early 1970s, Chicago witnessed a remarkable flourishing of visual arts associated with the Black Arts Movement. From the painting of murals as a way to reclaim public space and the establishment of independent community art centers...

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  • Pintura Como Arte , La


    Pintura Como Arte , La

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