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  • Banksy

    Mercurio, Gianni

    This major new book on the art of Banksy spans the entire career of the world's most famous anonymous street artist. Decades before he blew the lid off the high-stakes art world by shredding a work immediately following its purchase at an auction,...

  • William Morris

    Beecroft,Julian; Flame Tree Studio

    The popularity and influence of William Morris cannot be underestimated - a man of many talents, he was a poet, writer, social campaigner, artist, designer and, with his Kelmscott Press, a fine book printer and publisher. A hugely important figure of...

  • Theory Of The Art Object


    Meaning in the visual arts centers on how the physical work makes its content or presence visible. The art object is fundamental. Indeed, the different object forms of each visual medium, allows our experience of space-time, and our relations to...

  • Paula Rego - The Art Of Story

    Rees-Jones, Deryn

    A prolific painter and printmaker, Paula Rego is an artist of astonishing power with a unique and unforgettable aesthetic. Capturing the extraordinary aspects of Rego's work, author Deryn Rees-Jones places autobiographical narratives alongside...

  • Historical Dictionary Of Romantic Art And...

    Palmer, Allison Lee

    Romanticism is multifaceted, and a wide range of nostalgic, emotional, and exotic concerns were expressed in such styles and movements as the Gothic Revival, Classical Revival, Orientalism, and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Some movements were...

  • Women's Art Of The British Empire

    Snodgrass, Mary Ellen

    The spread of the British Empire around the globe made vast changes in the relationship of peoples to places. Because the logistics of colonization varied, countries passed in and out of the empire, some rapidly and others slower or by degrees....

  • Caribbean Women And Their Art - An...

    Snodgrass, Mary Ellen

    Overlooked in the history of artistic endeavors are the contributions of female writers, painters, and crafters of the Caribbean. The creative works by women from the Caribbean proves to be as remarkable as the women themselves. In Caribbean Women...

  • Art To Come - Histories Of Contemporary Art


    In Art to Come Terry Smith--who is widely recognized as one of the world's leading historians and theorists of contemporary art--traces the emergence of contemporary art and further develops his concept of contemporaneity. Smith shows that embracing...

  • Art To Come - Histories Of Contemporary Art


    In Art to Come Terry Smith--who is widely recognized as one of the world's leading historians and theorists of contemporary art--traces the emergence of contemporary art and further develops his concept of contemporaneity. Smith shows that embracing...

  • The Story Of Painting - How Art Was Made


    A fascinating new history of art, this gloriously illustrated book reveals how materials, techniques, and ideas have evolved over the centuries, inspiring artists and giving them the means to create their most celebrated works. Covering a...

  • Lichtenstein Posters

    Doring, Jurgen

    Now available in a paperback edition, this collection of 68 full-color reproductions focuses solely on Roy Lichtenstein's masterful Pop posters, dating from 1960 to 1997. Roy Lichtenstein's art is most recognizable for its trademark benday dots and...

  • Brian Jungen


    Examining the career of Indigenous artist Brian Jungen, this gorgeously illustrated book highlights his ability to transform everyday objects into extraordinary sculpture. Born in the remote northern community of Fort St. John, British Columbia to an...

  • Motorbikes & Counter-Culture

    Thevenet, Jean-Marc

    This richly illustrated book is dedicated to motorbikes and how they have become a lifestyle of their own, influencing our society on many levels: literature (Jack Kerouac, Herman Hesse etc.), fashion (Perfecto jackets), movies (Easy Rider, The Wild...

  • Suffering From Realness

    Markonish, Denise

    Contemporary artists examine the human condition from all sides in this riveting collection of American art that questions how we represent ourselves in the 21st century. In an age of national divisiveness, artists are creating moments of political...

  • The Colt M1911 .45 Automatic Pistol - M1911,...

    Huon, Jean

    The Colt M1911 is one of the most well-known and popular military weapons of the 20th century. Designed by John Browning, this pistol, with its legendary reliability and firepower, represents the developmental starting point of a majority of...

  • The 1942 Sears Christmas Book

    Sears Roebuck and Co,

    For generations, the much-anticipated arrival of the Sears gift catalog signaled the start of the holiday season. This faithful facsimile of the retailer's 1942 Christmas edition offers a nostalgia-inducing chance to relive those bygone years, when...

  • Italian Modern Art In The Age Of Fascism

    White, Anthony

    This book examines the work of several modern artists, including Fortunato Depero, Scipione, and Mario Radice, who were working in Italy during the time of Benito Mussolini's rise and fall. It provides a new history of the relationship between modern...

  • The Golden Age Of Dutch And Flemish Painting

    Wolf, Norbert

    This beautifully illustrated, expansive overview of Dutch and Flemish art during the 17th century illuminates the creative achievements of one of the most important eras in western art. The Golden Age in Holland and Flanders roughly spanned the 17th...

  • A Mythology Of Forms - Selected Writings On...

    Einstein, Carl

    The German art historian and critic Carl Einstein (1885-1940) was at the forefront of the modernist movement that defined the twentieth century. One of the most prolific and brilliant early commentators on cubism, he was also among the first authors...

  • Norman Rockwell 6 Cards - Classic Covers From...


    Six postcards feature some of the beloved artist's most iconic covers for The Saturday Evening Post Rosie the Riveter, Runaway, Triple Self-Portrait, Soda Jerk, At the Doctor, and Freedom from Want. The latter, also known as 'The Thanksgiving Picture...

  • Trenton Doyle Hancock - Mind Of The Mound:...

    Markonish, Denise

    Trenton Doyle Hancock has created a world of characters through drawings, paintings, and installations and this 'field guide' immerses readers in his creative process and inspirations. Trenton Doyle Hancock has transformed his childhood love of comic...

  • Audubon's Animals - The Viviparous Quadrupeds...

    Audubon, John James

    Reproduced from an archival copy, this handsome boxed set includes a new edition of John James Audubon's classic work on animals along with twenty-four facsimile prints suitable for framing. Following the success of his Birds of America, John James...

  • Vital Forms - Biological Art, Architecture,...

    Johung, Jennifer

    Shows how the intersection of biotech, art, and architecture are transforming the world we live in As living matter becomes more and more the domain of art and architecture, the life sciences are enabling a major cultural and aesthetic...

  • The Art And Making Of The Dark Crystal: Age...

    Insight Editions

    Explore the creation of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix's highly-anticipated new prequel series from The Jim Henson Company, with this all-access look at the show's journey to the screen. Set many years before the events of The Dark...

  • Die Fenster Der Monade - Gottfried Wilhem...


    Das Buch steht im Zusammenhang des Versuches, die zentrale Rolle der Bilder für die Ausbildung der modernen Philosophie am Beispiel bedeutender Gestalten des siebzehnten Jahrhunderts zu rekonstruieren. Das Projekt begann mit der Erschließung der...

  • Sound, Image, Silence - Art And The Aural...

    Gaudio, Michael

    A visionary new approach to the Americas during the age of colonization, made by engaging with the aural aspects of supposedly 'silent' images Colonial depictions of the North and South American landscape and its indigenous inhabitants fundamentally...

  • Jamali: A Mystical Journey Of Hope - The True...


    A coming-to-America success story, this is the autobiography of Pakistani-born American artist Jamali, who originated Mystical Expressionism and whose mission is to bring peace to the world through art. In this illustrated memoir the reader is...

  • Picturing Cuba - Art, Culture, And Identity...

    Duany, Jorge

    Picturing Cuba explores the evolution of Cuban visual art and its links to cubanía, or Cuban cultural identity. Featuring artwork from the Spanish colonial, republican, and postrevolutionary periods of Cuban history, as well as the contemporary...

  • René Magritte

    Allmer, Patricia

    The Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte redefined the way we think about art. Famous for his men in bowler hats, he inspired generations of later artists from Andy Warhol to Jasper Johns with his witty and provocative work. In this illuminating...

  • Cyberarts 2019

    Leopoldseder, Hannes; Schopf, Christine; Stocker, Gerfried

    With images, essays and statements from the jury of the 2019 Prix Ars Electronica, this book gathers the works awarded prizes in 2019 in the categories of Computer Animation, Digital Music & Sound Art, Artificial Intelligence & Life Art, and u19 -...

  • Christoph Niemann - Souvenir

    Keel, Philipp; Niemann, Christoph

    The acclaimed New Yorker illustrator's ink and pencil observations on the theme of travelThis elaborate book features over 160 ink and pencil drawings by Christoph Niemann, each a story of an unfamiliar place. They are observations on traveling,...

  • Ars Electronica 2019

    Leopoldseder, Hannes; Schopf, Christine; Stocker, Gerfried

    Since 1979, Ars Electronica has focused on the digital revolution and the intersections of art, technology and society, culminating in an annual five-day festival in Linz, Austria, which offers opportunities for collaboration between scientists and...

  • Tomi Ungerer - America

    Ungerer,Tomi; Keel, Philipp

    A charming portrait of 1950s America from the author of the children's classics The Three Robbers and Moon Man This extravagant book presents 330 of Tomi Ungerer's illustrations, paintings and collages, many of them previously unpublished. When...

  • What About Activism?

    Madoff, Steven Henry

    Curators and thinkers about contemporary art consider how to engage audiences in creative forms of protest and advocacy.With the global rise of a politics of shock, driven by nationalist and authoritarian regimes, what paths to resistance and sites...

  • Liam Gillick: Half A Complex

    Gillick, Liam

    Collecting documentation of Liam Gillick's (born 1964) artworks, graphics, films and exhibitions since 2008, this substantial volume also features an extensive body of writings by the British-born, New York-based artist, who has also been a prolific...

  • The Artfulness Of Death In Africa

    Mack, John

    If weddings are the most lavish events in many parts of the world, in Sub-Saharan Africa, by contrast, it is funerals. Funeral celebrations can be flamboyant occasions, particularly those honoring prominent people. Artworks of many kinds are created...

  • Double Lives In Art And Pop Music

    Heiser, Jorg

    Exploring the relationship between art and pop music over the last fifty years.Why did Andy Warhol decide to enter the music business by producing the Velvet Underground, and what did the band expect to gain in return? What made Yoko Ono use the...

  • Islamic Art - Architecture, Painting,...


    This gorgeous survey of art from the Islamic world covers three continents and fourteen centuries. From its birth in the seventh century through modern times, the Islamic religion has inspired glorious works of art. This stunning book includes more...

  • Ars Electronica 1979-2019 - Biography Of The...

    Leopoldseder, Hannes; Hirsch, Andreas; Schopf, Christine; Stocker, Gerfried

    For the past 40 years, Ars Electronica--which is not only a festival and a prize, but has also served as a museum and laboratory since 1996--has brought together art, technology and society in highly complex and lively relationships. What began in...

  • Art And Advertising In Buffalo Bill's Wild...

    Delaney, Michelle

    William F. 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, star of the American West, began his journey to fame at age twenty-three, when he met writer Ned Buntline. The pulp novels Buntline later penned were loosely based on Cody's scouting and bison-hunting adventures and...

  • Jim Dine: 3 Cats And A Dog (Self-Portrait) -...

    Dine, Jim

    3 Cats and a Dog (Self-Portrait) comprises three photobooks by Jim Dine (born (1935)--Birds (2001), Entrada Drive (2005) and Tools (2017)--with a signed self-portrait etching printed over a lithograph. Dine's photography is simultaneously a record of...

  • Time, Forward!


    Renowned contemporary artists and writers address the intersection of art, global politics, and emerging technologies. Time, Forward! questions the notion and function of time and how it relates to the way we create and interact with art in the 21st...

  • Hans Haacke

    Gioni,Massimiliano; Carrion-Murayari ,Gary

    A monograph surveying the storied career of German artist Hans Haacke, on the occasion of a major retrospective exhibition Born in Germany in 1936, Hans Haacke is known for his intellectual and politically engaged art that has long shed light on...

  • Michael Snow

    White,Kenneth; Michelson,Annette

    Essential texts on the work of the influential artist Michael Snow: essays and interviews spanning more than four decades.Few filmmakers have had as large an impact on the recent avant-garde film scene as Canadian Michael Snow (b. 1928). His works in...

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