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  • Narconomics - How To Run A Drug Cartel


    Everything drug cartels do to survive and prosper they’ve learnt from big business – brand value and franchising from McDonald’s, supply chain management from Walmart, diversification from Coca-Cola. Whether it’s human resourcing, R&D, corporate...

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  • Legal Drug Omnibus


    Kudo Kazehaya's name evokes the wind; given to warn him that one day he, too, might disappear. He almost thought his time had come, lying in the snow--until he was rescued by the dark, handsome and equally mysterious Himura Rikuo. Now they both...

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  • The Drug And Other Stories - Second Edition


    This revised and expanded second edition brings together the uncollected short fiction of the poet, writer and religious philosopher Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Of the fifty-four stories in the present volume, only thirty-five were published in his...

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  • Drug Warrior - Inside The Hunt For El Chapo...

    Weiss, Mitch; Riley, Jack

    DEA Agent Jack Riley, '[Chicago's] most famous federal agent since the days of The Untouchables' (-Rolling Stone) tells the inside story of his 30-year hunt for the drug kingpin known as El Chapo, and reveals the true causes of the American opioid...

  • Drugs And The Pharmaceutical Sciences - 129 -...

    Shargel,Leon; Kanfer,Isadore

    In this era of increased pharmaceutical industry competition, success for generic drug companies is dependent on their ability to manufacture therapeutic-equivalent drug products in an economical and timely manner, while also being cognizant of...

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  • Drug Discovery - 14 - Phage Display In...

    Sidhu,Sachdev S; Geyer,Clarence Ronald

    Phage Display in Biotechnology and Drug Discovery, Second Edition provides a comprehensive view of the impact and promise of phage display in drug discovery and biotechnology. Building on the success of its previous edition, the book discusses...

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  • Drug Discovery For The Treatment Of Addiction...

    Fulton,Brian S

    With addiction a key target for drug discovery efforts, this book fills an important and timely need for medicinal chemists who need to understand complex neuroscience issues. The author illustrates medicinal chemistry's prominent role in treating...

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  • Drug Delivery Strategies for Poorly...

    Douroumis, Dennis; Douroumis, Dionysios; Fahr, Alfred; Douroumis,

    Many newly proposed drugs suffer from poor water solubility, thus presenting major hurdles in the design of suitable formulations for administration to patients. Consequently, the development of techniques and materials to overcome these hurdles is a...

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  • Drug Transporters - Molecular...

    ; Wang,Binghe; You,Guofeng; Drug Transporters (2007); Morris,Marilyn E

    A comprehensive guide to drug transporters that influence the absorption, distribution, and elimination of drugs in the body.The development of powerful expression cloning and genome analysis techniques has facilitated the molecular identification...

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  • Drug Delivery And Targeting

    Hillery,Anya M.; Swarbrick,James; Lloyd,Andrew W.; Hillery,Anya M. (edt); Lloyd,Andrew W. (edt); Swarbrick,James (edt)

    Drug Delivery And Targeting

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  • Drug Toxicity And Metabolism In Pediatrics


    The aim of this text is to examine the physiological development of the fetus. It allows the reader to study the unique pharmacokinetic and metabolic features of newborns and gives specific examples of drug metabolism in the newborn. The purpose of...

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  • Drug Delivery Systems

    Hollinger,Mannfred A.; Ranade,Vasant V.

    Drug Delivery Systems

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  • Drug And Drop Vol. 1


    The story of Drug & Drop picks up right where Legal Drug left off! Kazahaya awakens from a disturbing dream of the sister he had to part from, Kei--covered in blood and clutching him close to her. If it's a case of seeing spirits, there's one young...

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  • Surface Modification Of Nanoparticles For...

    Pathak,Yashwant V

    This unique book is the only one to discuss various new techniques developed to enhance the application of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems using surface modification of nanoparticles. The understanding of the surface characteristics...

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  • Drug Synergism and Dose-Effect Data Analysis

    Tallarida,Ronald J.

    Drug Synergism and Dose-Effect Data Analysis

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  • Lexi-Comp's Drug Information Handbook...

    Armstrong, Lora L.; Lacy, Charles F.

    Lexi-Comp's Drug Information Handbook 2011-2012: A Comprehensive Resource For All Clinicians And Healthcare Professional

  • Drug Policy And The Decline Of The American...


    The drug trade is a growth industry in most major American cities, fueling devastated inner-city economies with revenues in excess of $100 billion. In this timely volume, Sam Staley provides a detailed, in-depth analysis of the consequences of...

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  • Drug Control in a Free Society

    Bakalar,James B.; Grinspoon,Lester

    Distinguishes different degrees of drug use, looks at the history of modern drug laws, and discusses the need to balance individual rights with protection for society's citizens

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  • Drug War Crimes

    Miron,Jeffrey A.

    Drug War Crimes

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  • Drug And Drop Volume 2


    After completing Watanuki's request, Rikuo disappears upon his own ever-mysterious purposes. Fraught with worry over Rikuo, and bearing the new burden of 'carrying memories' all by himself, Kazahaya makes a rendezvous at an unknown house--whose...

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  • Drug-Impaired Professionals

    Coombs,Robert Holman

    Drug-Impaired Professionals

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  • Drug Use, Misuse And Abuse

    Marczinski,Cecile A

    This book presents a new approach to covering the basic principles and major topics found in a typical psychopharmacology course, while adding the newest exciting and controversial findings in the study of drug use, misuse and abuse. Included in this...

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  • Summary Of Dopesick - Dealers, Doctors, And...

    Bookhabits, Paul Adams

    Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy: Conversation Starters Dopesick by Beth Macy takes a look at the central point of the opioid crisis in the United States. Opioid addiction has been a struggle...

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  • Computer-Aided Drug Discovery


    This detailed volume examines computer-aided drug discovery (CADD), a crucial component of modern drug discovery programs that is widely utilized to identity and optimize bioactive compounds for the development of new drugs. With a focus on the...

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  • Nanotechnology And Drug Delivery, Volume One...

    Arias,Jose L

    Pharmacotherapy is often limited by the inefficient activity and severe toxicity of drug molecules. Nanotechnology offers a revolutionary and definitive approach for the efficient delivery of drug molecules to non-healthy tissues and cells. This...

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  • Computer-Aided Drug Design And Delivery...

    Nag,Ahindra; Dey,Baishakhi

    THE LATEST BREAKTHROUGHS IN COMPUTER-AIDED DRUG DESIGN AND DELIVERY This definitive text provides in-depth information on computer-assisted techniques for discovering, designing, and optimizing new, effective, and safe drugs. Computer-Aided Drug...

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  • Bottle Of Lies - The Inside Story Of The...


    From an award-winning journalist, an explosive narrative investigation of the generic drug boom that reveals fraud and life-threatening dangers on a global scale--The Jungle for pharmaceuticalsMany have hailed the widespread use of generic drugs as...

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  • Herbal, Bio-Nutrient And Drug Titration...

    Al-Shura, Anika Niambi

    Herbal, Bio-nutrient and Drug Titration According to Disease Stages in Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine, the first volume in the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine series, provides a comprehensive guide to improving outcomes with...

  • Casebook In Clinical Pharmacokinetics And...


    A STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH TO DESIGNING ACCURATE DOSING REGIMENS Casebook in Pharmacokinetics and Drug Dosing uses real-life cases to teach pharmacy students, pharmacists, and clinical pharmacists how to apply pharmacokinetics to formulate proper dosing...

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  • Dopesick - Dealers, Doctors, And The Drug...


    An instant New York Times and indie bestseller, Dopesick is the only book to fully chart the devastating opioid crisis in America: 'a harrowing, deeply compassionate dispatch from the heart of a national emergency' (New York Times) from a bestselling...

  • Pulmonary Drug Delivery - Advances and...

    Nokhodchi,Ali; Martin,Gary P

    Drug therapy via inhalation route is at the cutting edge of modern drug delivery research. There has been significant progress on the understanding of drug therapy via inhalation products. However, there are still problems associated with their...

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  • Antisense Drug Technologies

    Crooke,Stanley T. (edt)

    Antisense Drug Technologies

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  • Dealing With Privilege - Cannabis, Cocaine,...


    Dealing with Privilege: Cannabis, Cocaine, and the Economic Foundations of Suburban Drug Culture focuses on the careers of nine successfully retired drug dealers, offering a contrast to sociological, criminological, and other depictions of drug...

  • Veterinary Drug Handbook - Client Information...

    Davidson,Gigi; Plumb,Donald C.

    The Veterinary Drug Handbook: Client Information Edition helps veterinarians and pharmacists bridge the drug information gap between themselves and the people (clients; owners) who are treating their animals. Several studies have demonstrated that...

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  • Blood-Brain Barrier in Drug Discovery -...

    Di,Li; Kerns,Edward H

    Focused on central nervous system (CNS) drug discovery efforts, this book educates drug researchers about the blood-brain barrier (BBB) so they can affect important improvements in one of the most significant - and most challenging - areas of drug...

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  • General And Molecular Pharmacology -...

    Clementi,Francesco; Fumagalli,Guido

    With a focus on functional relationships between drugs and their targets, this book covers basic and general pharmacology, from a cellular and molecular perspective, with particular attention to the mechanisms of drug action - the fundamental basis...

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  • In Silico Methods For Predicting Drug...


    This detailed volume explores in silico methods for pharmaceutical toxicity by combining the theoretical advanced research with the practical application of the tools. Beginning with a section covering sophisticated models addressing the binding to...

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  • Predictive ADMET - Integrated Approaches in...

    Urban, Laszlo; Wang, Jianling; Urban, Laszlo

    This book helps readers integrate 'in silico, in vitro,' and 'in vivo' ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and toxicity) and PK (pharmacokinetics) data with routine testing applications so that pharmaceutical scientists can...

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  • Physicochemical and Biomimetic Properties in...

    Valko, Klara; Valkao,Klaara

    Demonstrating how and why to measure physicochemical and biomimetic properties in early stages of drug discovery for lead optimization, 'Physicochemical and Biomimetic Properties in Drug Discovery' encourages readers to discover relationships between...

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  • Burger's Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery...

    Abraham; Abraham,Donald J; Rotella,David P

    Now in its seventh edition, 'Burger's Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development' provides an established, recognized, authoritative and comprehensive source on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development. This flagship reference...

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  • Chitin And Chitosan Derivatives - Advances In...


    A natural long-chain polymer, chitin is the main component of the cell walls of fungi, the exoskeletons of arthropods (including crustaceans and insects), the radulas of mollusks, and the beaks and internal shells of cephalopods. However, marine...

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  • Statistical Thinking For Non-Statisticians In...

    Kay, Richard

    'Statistical Thinking for Non-Statisticians in Drug Regulation, ''Second Edition,' is a need-to-know guide to understanding statistical methodology, statistical data and results within drug development and clinical trials.It provides...

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  • Litt's Drug Eruption & Reaction Manual 25e


    Internationally relied upon by medical practitioners for its unparalleled focus on adverse effects and cutaneous reactions, this is a succinct clinical reference and essential drug-safety tool for patient care. The new edition features further tables...

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  • Litt's Drug Eruption & Reaction Manual 24e


    Internationally relied upon by medical practitioners for its unparalleled focus on adverse effects and cutaneous reactions, Litt's Drug Eruption & Reaction Manual is a succinct clinical reference and essential drug-safety tool for patient care, now...

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