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  • Ramayana - Real Reads


    Abridged version - Rama is the embodiment of righteousness, honour and valour – the perfect man and the ideal king of Kosala. Rama’s stepmother Kaikeyi longs to see her son Bharata crowned king, and persuades King Dasaratha that Rama, the rightful...

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  • Emma - Real Reads


    Abridged version - ‘I must warn you that you might guess twenty things without guessing correctly.’Following her governess’s marriage, wealthy, spoilt Emma Woodhouse seeks new company and new amusement. Ignoring the warnings of her friend Mr...

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  • Frankenstein - Real Reads

    Shelley, Mary; SHELLEY ,MARY

    Abridged version - ‘You must hear my tale. You must hear my terrible, terrible tale.’ Committed to the deadly pursuit of the monster he created, Victor Frankenstein tells his chilling story. It all began with a desire to help mankind, but where will...

  • Dracula - Real Reads

    Stoker, Bram; Stoker, Bram

    Abridged version - When Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to sell a house, he little expects the horrors that await. As the guest and prisoner of the sinister Count Dracula, Jonathan is plunged into a terrifying world of ancient evil and...

  • Macbeth - Real Reads

    Street, Helen

    Abridged version - On a dark heath, Macbeth stumbles across three witches who can see into the future.What he hears will change everything. Egged on by his wife, he decides to kill in order to gain the Scottish crown. How many people will have to die...

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  • Hamlet - Real Reads

    Shakespeare,William; Street, Helen

    Abridged version - Hamlet’s father, the king of Denmark, has died suddenly. But instead of grieving, his mother Gertrude has married the dead king’s brother, Claudius. One dark night, Hamlet sees a ghost. It is his dead father, who claims he was...

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  • A Real American


    With his older brother dead, his best friend moved away, and his father busy trying to save the family's farm in western Pennsylvania, eleven-year-old Nathan needs a friend, but can he find one among the immigrants who have come to work in the new...

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  • Persuasion - Real Reads


    Abridged version - After eight years of heartache, can anyone love again?Eight years ago, Anne Elliot was persuaded that her family’s honour was more important than her own happiness. She has suffered ever since. Now the man she turned away has...

  • The Real Deal


    When Raven's dress design is selected to appear in a fashion show and the magazine editor tells her that she is too heavy to model it, Raven must decide if she will step aside or stand up for her own look and risk losing the competition.

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  • Inferno - Real Reads


    Abridged version - ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here.’ Dante, our young, naive hero, has woken from a deep sleep to find himself in a cold, dark wood. Before he can begin to work out where he is, his path is blocked by a leopard, a lion and a...

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  • Waverley - Real Reads

    Scott,Walter; Walter Scott

    Abridged version - Edward Waverley is an English officer in the army of King George, but will his love for Flora, the beautiful Scottish rebel, lead him to betray his King?Life with his regiment in Scotland is dull until he visits his uncle’s friends...

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  • The Real Mother Goose

    Wright,Blanche Fisher; Wright,Blanche Fisher

    For ninety years, The Real Mother Goose has been delighting millions of young children. Now these enchanting verses are collected in a beautiful new anniversary edition. From 'Little Bo-Peep' to 'Jack and Jill,' 'Humpty Dumpty' to 'The Old Woman in...

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  • The Real, True Dulcie Campbell

    Defelice,Cynthia C.; Alley, R. W.; Alley,R. W.

    Dulcie Campbell, who is convinced that she is a princess and that her 'real' family will come and claim her, escapes to her palace (the barn), where, while reading a book of fairy tales, she discovers that the life of a princess isn't what she...

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  • Great Expectations - Real Reads

    Dickens,Charles; Charles Dickens; Charles Dickens

    Abridged version - An escaped convict threatens to eat young Pip’s heart for breakfast. The ghostly Miss Havisham invites Pip to her eerie home. A mysterious benefactor makes him suddenly wealthy. Pip’s life will never be the same again. Pride,...

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  • Keep It Real


    After a journal-writing project at school, Madison discovers some facts about her friends and wonders how much she really knows about Ivy and Bigwheels.

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  • Les Misérables - Real Reads

    Victor Hugo; Victor Hugo

    Abridged version - ‘Send the brat home? Oh no we won’t! Her mother must have met some rich man – we can make a load of money out of this.’ It seems that poor Cosette will never escape from the wicked Monsieur and Madame Thénardier. She is only eight...

  • Little Dorrit - Real Reads

    Dickens,Charles; Charles Dickens; Charles Dickens

    Abridged version - ‘She? That’s Little Dorrit. She’s nothing. She’s just a whim.’Poor Little Dorrit. Her future looks as bleak as her past and her present. Born and brought up in a debtors’ prison, she relies on her sewing skills to help support her...

  • Anna Karenina - Real Reads


    'I am not thinking of learning any profession whatsoever.' Though Aladdin's childhood had been full of beauty, comfort and happiness, without any trace of sadness or sorrow, he entirely failed to learn the lessons of hard work and responsibility. And...

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  • Moby Dick - Real Reads

    Melville,Herman; Melville,Herman

    Abridged version - ‘Breach your last to the sun, Moby Dick!’ cried Ahab. ‘Thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand!’Why does Captain Ahab look like a man who’s being crucified? How did he come by that hideous scar and the false leg made of a whale’s...

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  • Twelfth Night - Real Reads


    Abridged version - Viola survives a shipwreck, but she thinks her twin brother Sebastian has died.Alone in a strange country where it isn’t safe to be a single girl, Viola disguises herself as a boy called Cesario and finds work as a servant. But...

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  • Northanger Abbey - Real Reads


    Abridged version - The time has come for an unlikely heroine to have a real adventure. Catherine Morland has little experience of the world. When a neighbour takes her to visit the fashionable city of Bath, her naiveté leaves her vulnerable. Who...

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  • Hard Times - Real Reads

    Dickens,Charles; Charles Dickens; Charles Dickens

    Abridged version - Louisa is the practical daughter of a powerful industrialist. Sissy is the imaginative daughter of a clown. What will happen when two such different lives collide?A disappearing father, an unhappy marriage, a handsome suitor and a...

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  • Silas Marner - Real Reads


    Abridged version - ‘It’s a woman. She’s dead, I think – dead in the snow at the Stone-pits – not far from my door.’ Since his arrival in the small village of Raveloe, Silas Marner has been an outsider. Nobody knows where he came from, nobody...

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  • Oliver Twist - Real Reads


    Abridged version - With a hungry, timid request of ‘Please, sir. I want some more’, orphan Oliver Twist takes his first step on a terrifying journey. In the dark, dangerous streets of Victorian London Oliver enters the world of people so poor and...

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  • The Odyssey - Real Reads

    Homer; Homer

    Abridged version - After ten long years of war and the fall of Troy, the Greek hero Odysseus sets sail for his homeland. His voyage, however, is destined to take much longer than he expects. During his eventful journey Odysseus comes across all sorts...

  • Rob Roy - Real Reads

    Scott,Walter; Walter Scott

    Abridged version - Frank hates working in his father’s office. He swaps places with his cousin Rashleigh. But what is Rashleigh up to? Who are his mysterious friends?Frank has to find some missing papers to save his father’s business. The search...

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  • Wuthering Heights - Real Reads


    Abridged version - I saw everything. They told me everything. I played a part in everything. Nelly Dean has spent her life serving the inhabitants of Wuthering Heights. She has quite a tale to tell. She wants to tell it to you. Nelly’s story is as...

  • The Tempest - Real Reads


    Abridged version - A storm, a shipwreck, an enchanted island...A violent storm shipwrecks the King of Naples and his noblemen on what appears to be an uninhabited island. What the king doesn’t know is that they have been brought here by powerful...

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  • Huckleberry Finn - Real Reads


    Abridged version - ‘On this machine, I intend to explore time ...’The time traveller has invented a time machine. Its capabilities are beyond even his fertile imagination. Hundreds of thousand of years in the future, the beautiful Eloi people live in...

  • Robinson Crusoe - Real Reads


    Abridged version - Running away to sea brings adventure and wealth, but then come shipwreck and a desperate struggle for survival. Defying his parents, Robinson Crusoe goes to sea. He is captured by pirates but escapes to Brazil. He makes a fortune...

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  • Bleak House - Real Reads

    Dickens,Charles; Charles Dickens; Charles Dickens

    Abridged version - ‘It would have been far better if you had never been born.’Esther, at fourteen, has never known love. Determined to live well, earn some love and overcome the shadow of her birth, she takes her first steps into an unknown world. A...

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  • The Iliad - Real Reads

    Homer; Homer

    Abridged version - It is the ninth year of the siege of Troy by the Greeks. Will the fighting go on for ever?Achilles, the greatest of Greek heroes, is angered by Agamemnon and decides to withdraw from the battle. What is the reason for his wrath? Is...

  • Jane Eyre - Real Reads

    Bronte,Charlotte; Brontë,Charlotte

    Abridged version - Jane Eyre is poor, parentless and plain. Her future looks bleak. Jane’s aunt and cousin detest her. Life at Lowood School is cruel and dangerous. What inner strength can the young Jane find?Seeking adventure and independence, Jane...

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  • David Copperfield - Real Reads

    Dickens,Charles; Charles Dickens; Charles Dickens

    Abridged version - When David’s mother marries the malevolent Mr Murdstone, David’s childhood happiness is destroyed for ever. Can one lonely little boy show the strength and determination to survive the dangers that lie ahead? Travelling along the...

  • Tom Sawyer - Real Reads


    Abridged version - Tom Sawyer is a respectable boy in a little Mississippi River town. Huck Finn is a freedom-loving, neglected outcast. What better playmate could Tom want?One night, innocent games of pirates and Robin Hood turn serious when the...

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  • Mansfield Park - Real Reads


    Abridged version - ‘Your little cousin cannot help being dull and stupid.’ At the tender age of ten, Fanny Price moves from her poor family home to live with her wealthy cousins at Mansfield Park. Settling into this proud family is only the first of...

  • The Awakening - Real Reads


    The Awakening - Real Reads

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  • The Moonstone - Real Reads


    Abridged version - Rachel opened the box and lifted out the diamond. She held it up in a ray of sunlight that poured through the window, and cried out in amazement. When Rachel Verinder inherits the Moonstone from her uncle on her eighteenth birthday...

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  • How Rude! Real Bugs Who Won't Mind Their...


    Some bugs litter. Some pass gas. Some even throw their poop! Discover ten of the rudest, crudest bugs around. Full of scientific facts, humor and just the right amount of yuck, How Rude! will make you scream 'gross!' Featuring a countdown of the top...

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  • When It's Real

    Watt, Erin

    Under ordinary circumstances, Oakley Ford and Vaughn Bennett would never even cross paths.There's nothing ordinary about Oakley. This bad-boy pop star's got Grammy awards, millions of fangirls and a reputation as a restless, too-charming...

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  • Real Time

    Kass,Pnina Moed

    While going to work on a kibbutz in Israel, sixteen-year-old Thomas Wanninger is determined to find out the truth about the role his grandfather played as a Nazi officer in World War II, yet an unexpected event puts his plans on hold as he and a...

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  • Real Time

    Kass,Pnina Moed

    Sixteen-year-old Tomas Wanninger persuades his mother to let him leave Germany to volunteer at a kibbutz in Israel, where he experiences a violent political attack and finds answers about his own past.

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  • Real American Girls

    Hoobler,Dorothy; Hoobler,Thomas; Hoobler,Dorothy; Hoobler,Thomas

    Complete with photographs, this book offers young readers of today an insightful and amusing look into another era as real stories from girls of the past are presented.

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  • Finding What's Real

    Harrison, Emma

    Cecelia Montgomery returns after running away to deal with the downside of her newfound fame--and her mother's Presidential campaign--in the sequel to Escaping Perfect. Two weeks after going on the run--and running away from a life that was carefully...

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