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  • Matemática Em Família

    Grosso,Carlos; Robalo,José

    Sabe qual é o nível de conhecimentos matemáticos dos seus filhos? Já pensou como os pode ajudar a serem melhores alunos? O pensamento e as capacidades matemáticos são fundamentais para ajudar os mais jovens a desenvolverem o raciocínio e a...

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  • Matemática - 6º Ano

    Vários Autores

    Matemática - 6º Ano

  • Matematica



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  • Arithmetic


    'Inspiring and informative...deserves to be widely read.'--Wall Street Journal'This fun book offers a philosophical take on number systems and revels in the beauty of math.'--Science NewsBecause we have ten fingers, grouping by ten seems natural, but...

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  • Elements Of Simulation

    Morgan, Byron J T

    This book provides a guide to the elements of simulation in statistics, which will include developments and which may be used either as a teaching text or as a source of reference. It is widely used for teaching statistics in schools.

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  • Robust Mixed Model Analysis

    Jiang, Jiming

    Mixed-effects models have found broad applications in various fields. As a result, the interest in learning and using these models is rapidly growing. On the other hand, some of these models, such as the linear mixed models and generalized linear...

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  • Bernstein Operators And Their Properties

    Bustamante , Jorge

    This book provides comprehensive information on the main aspects of Bernstein operators, based on the literature to date. Bernstein operators have a long-standing history and many papers have been written on them. Among all types of positive linear...

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  • Dynamical Systems In Population Biology


    Population dynamics is an important subject in mathematical biology. A cen- tral problem is to study the long-term behavior of modeling systems. Most of these systems are governed by various evolutionary equations such as difference, ordinary,...

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  • Random Measures, Theory And Applications


    Offering the first comprehensive treatment of the theory of random measures, this book has a very broad scope, ranging from basic properties of Poisson and related processes to the modern theories of convergence, stationarity, Palm measures,...

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  • Unpublished Manuscripts - From 1951 To 2007

    Hormander, Lars

    This book presents, for the first time, the unpublished manuscripts of Lars Hörmander, written between 1951 and 2007. Hörmander himself organised the manuscripts and also wrote the notes explaining their origins, presenting the material in the form...

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  • Ideal Theoretic Methods In Commutative...

    Anderson, Daniel

    Includes current work of 38 renowned contributors that details the diversity of thought in the fields of commutative algebra and multiplicative ideal theory. Summarizes recent findings on classes of going-down domains and the going-down property,...

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  • Stochastic Modelling For Systems Biology,...

    Wilkinson,Darren J

    Since the first edition of Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, there have been many interesting developments in the use of 'likelihood-free' methods of Bayesian inference for complex stochastic models. Having been thoroughly updated to reflect...

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  • Worked Examples In Mathematics For Scientists...


    This rich collection of fully worked problems in many areas of mathematics covers all the important subjects students are likely to encounter in their courses, from introductory to final-year undergraduate classes. Because lecture courses tend to...

  • Ordinary Differential Equations And Stability...

    Sanchez,David A

    This brief modern introduction to the subject of ordinary differential equations emphasizes stability theory. Concisely and lucidly expressed, it is intended as a supplementary text for advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students who have...

  • Understanding Vector Calculus - Practical...

    Franklin, Jerrold

    This concise text is a workbook for using vector calculus in practical calculations and derivations. Part One briefly develops vector calculus from the beginning and addresses more detailed applications. Part Two consists of answered problems....

  • The Art Of Statistics - How To Learn From...


    The definitive guide to statistical thinkingStatistics are everywhere, as integral to science as they are to business, and in the popular media hundreds of times a day. In this age of big data, a basic grasp of statistical literacy is more important...

  • Republic Of Numbers - Unexpected Stories Of...

    Roberts, David Lindsay

    Once upon a time in America, few knew or cared about math. In Republic of Numbers, David Lindsay Roberts tells the story of how all that changed, as America transformed into a powerhouse of mathematical thinkers. Covering more than 200 years of...

  • An Introduction To Systems Biology - Design...

    Alon, Uri

    Praise for the first edition: '...superb, beautifully written and organized work that takes an engineering approach to systems biology. Alon provides nicely written appendices to explain the basic mathematical and biological concepts clearly and...

  • Matrix Calculus, Kronecker Product And Tensor...

    Steeb, Willi-Hans; Hardy,Yorick

    Our self-contained volume provides an accessible introduction to linear and multilinear algebra as well as tensor calculus. Besides the standard techniques for linear algebra, multilinear algebra and tensor calculus, many advanced topics are included...

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  • Lyapunov Exponents

    Barreira, Luis

    This book offers a self-contained introduction to the theory of Lyapunov exponents and its applications, mainly in connection with hyperbolicity, ergodic theory and multifractal analysis. It discusses the foundations and some of the main results and...

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  • Classes Of Directed Graphs

    Gutin,Gregory; Bang-jensen,Jorgen

    This edited volume offers a detailed account of the theory of directed graphs from the perspective of important classes of digraphs, with each chapter written by experts on the topic. Outlining fundamental discoveries and new results obtained over...

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  • Collected Papers - Volume 4: 1958-1979

    Tarski, Alfred

    Alfred Tarski was one of the two giants of the twentieth-century development of logic, along with Kurt Goedel. The four volumes of this collection contain all of Tarski's published papers and abstracts, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. Here...

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  • Covariant Schrödinger Semigroups On...


    This monograph discusses covariant Schrödinger operators and their heat semigroups on noncompact Riemannian manifolds and aims to fill a gap in the literature, given the fact that the existing literature on Schrödinger operators has mainly focused on...

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  • Collected Papers - Volume 3: 1945-1957

    Tarski, Alfred

    Alfred Tarski was one of the two giants of the twentieth-century development of logic, along with Kurt Goedel. The four volumes of this collection contain all of Tarski's published papers and abstracts, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. Here...

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  • From Collective Beings To Quasi-Systems

    Minati, Gianfranco; Pessa, Eliano

    This book outlines a possible future theoretical perspective for systemics, its conceptual morphology and landscape while the Good-Old-Fashioned-Systemics (GOFS) era is still under way. The change from GOFS to future systemics can be represented, as...

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  • Introduction To Statistics And Data Analysis

    Olsen,Chris; Peck,Roxy; Short,Tom

    Peck, Short, and Olsen's INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS AND DATA ANALYSIS, 6th Edition stresses interpretation and communication of statistical information through hands-on, activity based learning using real data in order to get you thinking...

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  • Advanced Regression Models With SAS And R

    Korosteleva, Olga

    Advanced Regression Models with SAS and R exposes the reader to the modern world of regression analysis. The material covered by this book consists of regression models that go beyond linear regression, including models for right-skewed, categorical...

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  • An Introduction To Random Currents And Their...

    Capasso, Vincenzo

    This book introduces random currents by presenting underlying mathematical methods necessary for applications. The theory of currents is an advanced topic in geometric measure theory that extends distribution to linear functionals within the space of...

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  • Data And Safety Monitoring Committees In...


    Praise for the first edition: 'Given the author's years of experience as a statistician and as a founder of the first DMC in pharmaceutical industry trials, I highly recommend this book-not only for experts because of its cogent and organized...

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  • Mathematical Foundations Of Time Series...

    Beran, Jan

    This book provides a concise introduction to the mathematical foundations of time series analysis, with an emphasis on mathematical clarity. The text is reduced to the essential logical core, mostly using the symbolic language of mathematics, thus...

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  • Linear And Quasilinear Parabolic Problems -...

    Amann, Herbert

    This volume discusses an in-depth theory of function spaces in an Euclidean setting, including several new features, not previously covered in the literature. In particular, it develops a unified theory of anisotropic Besov and Bessel potential...

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  • Dynamical Systems In Theoretical Perspective...

    Awrejcewicz, Jan

    This book focuses on theoretical aspects of dynamical systems in the broadest sense. It highlights novel and relevant results on mathematical and numerical problems that can be found in the fields of applied mathematics, physics, mechanics,...

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  • How Numbers Work - Discover The Strange And...

    New Scientist

    Discover the incredible connection between numbers and reality itself! Think of a number between one and ten...No, hang on, let's make this interesting. Between zero and infinity. Even if you stick to the whole numbers, there are a lot to choose from...

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  • Math Adventures With Python - An Illustrated...


    Learn math by getting creative with code! Use the Python programming language to transform learning high school-level math topics like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus! Math Adventures with Python will show you how to harness the power...

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  • A Primer For Undergraduate Research - From...

    Lee, Christopher; Peterson, Valerie; Wootton, Aaron

    This highly readable book aims to ease the many challenges of starting undergraduate research. It accomplishes this by presenting a diverse series of self-contained, accessible articles which include specific open problems and prepare the reader to...

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  • Calculus Of Variations - An Introduction To...


    This clear and concise textbook provides a rigorous introduction to the calculus of variations, depending on functions of one variable and their first derivatives. It is based on a translation of a German edition of the book Variationsrechnung...

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  • The Finite Element Method - Fundamentals And...


    A comprehensive review of the Finite Element Method (FEM), this book provides the fundamentals together with a wide range of applications in civil, mechanical and aeronautical engineering. It addresses both the theoretical and numerical...

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  • Outnumbered - From Facebook And Google To...


    Outnumbered is a journey to the dark side of mathematics, from how it dictates our social media activities to our travel routes. Algorithms are running our society, and as Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal has revealed, we don't even realize how...

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  • Elementos de Matemática para Professores do...


    É conhecida a pobreza de resultados que os alunos portugueses têm demonstrado em provas de aferição em matemática, tanto de âmbito nacional como internacional. Havendo várias causas para este facto, uma delas é, com certeza, reflexo de falhas de...

  • Nuova Matematica A Colori - Modulo D -...


    Nuova Matematica A Colori - Modulo D - Trigonometria e Numeri Complessi

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  • Nuova Matematica A Colori - Algebra 2


    Nuova Matematica A Colori - Algebra 2

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  • Nuova Matematica A Colori - Modulo B


    Nuova Matematica A Colori - Modulo B

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  • Nuova Matematica A Colori Vol. 1 - Geometria...


    Nuova Matematica A Colori Vol. 1 - Geometria 1

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  • Nuovo Matematica Oggi Vol. 2


    Nuovo Matematica Oggi Vol. 2

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