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  • Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (Manga) Vol. 1: Heed...


    With spell and sword in hand, the classic fantasy hero returns in an all-new manga series-just in time for his new anime!He calls himself Orphen: a rogue sorcerer who turned his back on the Tower of Fangs, the powerful academy that trained him. In...

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  • Daniel X The Manga vol. 3

    Patterson,James; Sadler,Adam

    Daniel X's hunt to eliminate each and every intergalactic criminal on Earth is relentless, but this time, things are getting personal. Number three on the List of Alien Outlaws takes the form of raging fire - and fire reminds Daniel of the most...

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  • Maximum Ride The Manga Vol. 9


    Maximum Ride and the other members of the Flock have barely recovered from their last arctic adventure, when they are confronted by the most frightening catastrophe yet. Millions of fish are dying off the coast of Hawaii and someone-or something-is...

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  • Daniel X The Manga vol. 1

    Patterson,James; Ledwidge,Michael

    When his parents are murdered by an intergalactic criminal, Daniel X vows to take on his father's role as Earth's sole Alien Hunter. Life isn't easy, though, when you're a young boy on your own, tracking down the galaxy's deadliest outlaws. Luckily,...

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  • Manga Paper Dolls


    Dress these adorable paper dolls in sensational manga fashions. Four wide-eyed dolls and more than 30 cute costumes put a stylish new spin on the Japanese cartoon craze. You can outfit the spirited foursome in a fabulous array of roles, including...

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  • Manga Bible 8

    Hwang,Jung Sun (ilt); Lee,Young Shin; Burner,Brett (edt); Earls,J. S. (edt)

    FROM JERUSALEM TO ROME ... TO THE END OF THE WORLD The apostle Paul travels throughout the Roman Empire to spread the message of Jesus. Even shipwrecks and being taken prisoner on his way to Rome can't stop him from completing his mission. Years...

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  • Your Name., Vol. 3 (Manga)

    Shinkai, Makoto; Kotone, Ranmaru

    The third installment of the manga adaptation of the film that took the world by storm! To save Mitsuha and all of Itomori from the comet Tiamat, Taki joins up with Saya-chin and Tesshi to evacuate the town. But Mitsuha's father is stubborn and...

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  • The Isolator, Vol. 4 (Manga)

    Kawahara,Reki; Koshimizu, Naoki

    Minoru and the rest of the SFD have pinned down the whereabouts of the Ruby Eye known only as Ignitor. In order to avoid a repeat of their past mistakes, they close in on their enemy with a flawless plan, but even so, they may not be ready for with...

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  • Kagerou Daze, Vol. 11 (Manga)

    Satou,Mahiro; Jin (Shizen No Teki-P),

    Overcoming the death of family... What will the Mekakushi-dan do in the face of death?!As deaths continue to shock the Mekakushi-dan, Ayano is finally facing off against Hibiya who's been possessed by the 'Clearing Snake.' But what could the 'snake'...

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  • Accel World, Vol. 8 (Manga)

    Kawahara,Reki; Aigamo,Hiroyuki

    Rust Jigsaw is a strange entrant to the Hermes Cord Race, but when he openly attempts to sabotage the event using the Incarnate System, how will Silver Crow and the rest of Nega Nebulous respond?!

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  • Kagerou Daze, Vol. 10 (Manga)

    Jin; Satao, Mahiro; Gifford, Kevin

    Memories of Forgotten Loneliness and Forgotten Friends...Konoha was someone who always stood up for his friends, but the boy with the forlorn expression whom Ene meets has no recollection of his former self. Past connections come to light as friends...

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  • Manga Makeovers - Create Amazing Drawings Of...


    Manga characters are beautiful, beguiling and easier to draw than you think. With help from 'Manga Makeovers, ' you can take your personal photos and Manga every part of your world. Learn styles and techniques to draw: A cute self-portrait, Chibi...

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  • Manga Clip Art

    Scott-baron,Hayden; Scott-baron, Hayden

    Manga Clip Art

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  • RE: Zero -Starting Life In Another World-,...


    What you forget, I'll always remember.Subaru hasn't known peace since he first came to this world, but after surviving the demon beast attack, he has finally found some respite. Whether it's deepening bonds with the residents of Roswaal Manor,...

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  • Assim Falou Zaratustra - Col. L&pm Pocket -...


    Mangá , é um gênero de história em quadrinhos herdeiro das gravuras japonesas clássicas e das HQs ocidentais. Esta coleção traz para o leitor brasileiro os textos de grandes clássicos da literatura universal adaptados para a linguagem ágil e dinâmica...

  • Manga José - o Vencedor

    Amós Khan

    A história de José contem todos os ingredientes dramáticos.Sua tônica recai sobre o favoritismo, orgulho, rivalidade e crueldade entre irmãos, luxúria e traição, heroísmo e compaixão. Em meio a estas circunstâncias vemos a mão de Deus protegendo o...

  • Sword Princess Amaltea Volume 3 Manga...

    Batista, Natalia

    In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is power, Princess Amaltea is sent on the biggest quest of her life -- to rescue a prince in need and fulfill her duties as a princess. Spoiled, prejudiced and sheltered from the world at large,...

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  • Sword Princess Amaltea Volume 1 Manga...

    Batista, Natalia

    We all know the way the story goes - the prince saves the princess. But not anymore! This is a world where the tropes are flipped - and princesses train to save a prince. And that can be annoying! In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is...

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  • Rwby - Official Manga Anthology - Vol. 4 -...


    Straight from Rooster Teeth's hit animation series, a new four-volume anthology series featuring stories from various manga creators, each focusing on a different member of Team RWBY! The world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on the...

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  • Liga da Justiça - Trono de Atlântida - DVD


    Trevas, mistério, lenda – estes são os sussurros que ecoam pelo tempo no que diz respeito à Atlântida.Um reino há muito tempo esquecido pelos moradores da superfície, é aqui que um império oculto oscila à beira da guerra. Quando um submarino militar...

  • RE: Zero -Starting Life In Another World-,...

    Nagatsuki, Tappei

    Having survived both his encounter with the demon beasts and the nigh endless week at Roswaal Manor, Subaru returns to the capital of Lugunica with Emilia and Rem. Reuniting with friends and foes alike in the city where it all began, Subaru also lays...

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  • Gungrave Anime Manga

    Nightow,Yasuhiro; Nightow,Yasuhiro; Madhouse

    Gungrave Anime Manga

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  • Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 1 Manga Box Set


    Continue your journey outside the walls with the manga that inspired the first part of season 3 of the hit anime Attack on Titan! Includes FIVE books (Vols. 13-17), plus an EXCLUSIVE book of Attack on Titan short stories never published in English!...

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  • Rwby: Official Manga Anthology, Vol. 2 -...


    Straight from Rooster Teeth's hit animation series, a new four-volume anthology series featuring stories from various manga creators, each focusing on a different member of Team RWBY! The world of Remnant is filled with horrific monsters bent on the...

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  • A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 16 (Manga)

    Kamachi,Kazuma; Kogino,Chuya

    Touma has to rescue a former enemy, the fighting nun Agnes Sanctis, from the Queen of the Adriatic-a magical ship capable of wiping out Venice in a flash! Standing in his way is the fleet commander, Bishop Biagio Busoni, whose true motive for using...

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  • Manga Girls Coloring Book


    Adventurous girls, rendered in the popular manga style, are the stars of this original coloring book. More than 40 full-page imagesdepict a pirate, rock star, witch, and other fetchingfantasy figures. Author Mark Schmitz, amaster of the genre,...

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  • Magical Girl Raising Project, Vol. 2 (Manga)

    Endou, Asari

    Sugar and spice--but not playing nice!What started as a beautiful dream has become a blood-soaked nightmare. Seven magical girls have been struck down so far--and it only gets worse from here! Grief-stricken over the deaths of her closest friends,...

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  • Cirque Du Freak Vol. 9 The Manga


    Outnumbered, outsmarted, and desperate, the hunters are on the run, pursued by the vampaneze, the police, and an angry mob. With their enemies clamoring for blood, the vampires prepare for a deadly battle. Is this the end for Darren and his allies?

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  • e-book

    Mangá Rei Davi III

    Santos, Filipe

    O personagem Davi, foi um grande herói para seu povo, conseguiu unificar o povo hebreu, durante seu reinado os judeus chegaram ao seu apogeu. Neste volume do mangá, você vai entender como Davi escapou das garras de Saul, viveu entre os filisteus e...

  • Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A...

    Yasuda,Suzuhito; Omori, Fujino; Yagi ,Takashi; Haimura,Kiyotaka

    Aiz and Hermes Familia have joined forces to eliminate the monster outbreak in the pantry, but an unexpected dead end forces their expedition into uncharted territory. Unusual changes are disrupting the delicate balance of the Dungeon, and Aiz finds...

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  • The Saga Of Tanya The Evil, Vol. 5 (Manga)


    As hinted at by Colonel Lergen's 'thoughtful' words of advice, an attack on Dacia has been ordered by the Empire, and the fearsome power of the new mage battalion is deployed. Determined to unleash the power of modernity upon the enemy, Tanya...

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  • Soulless The Manga Vol. 1

    Carriger, Gail; Carriger, Gaila

    The life of a spinster in Victorian London isn't an easy one on the best of days, but such a life becomes infinitely more complicated when said spinster is 'soulless' - a preternatural bridging the gap between the natural and supernatural worlds....

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  • H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness...


    From adapter and illustrator Gou Tanabe, comes H.P Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. This manga adaptation of some of Lovecraft's best stories is perfect for manga fans and Lovecraft fans alike. With art resembling more of a western comic book...

  • The Tempest - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Duffield ,Paul

    Illustrated by leading UK manga artists, this series feeds into the growing popularity of manga worldwide, and presents Shakespeare's classic works in a highly visual and dynamic form. Shakespeare's tale of fantasy has fascinated audiences for...

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  • Soulless The Manga Vol. 3

    Carriger,Gail; Carriger,Gaila

    Condemned by society and her werewolf husband due to a pregnancy she cannot explain, Alexia Maccon - preternatural, tea aficionado - seeks an explanation for this 'infant inconvenience' so as to cleanse her sullied reputation and prove her fool of a...

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  • Soulless the manga vol. 2


    Settling into her new life as the Lady Woolsey, Alexia finds her days quite challenging. Whether it is a regiment of supernatural soldiers camped out on her front lawn or the demands of being the Queen's 'muhjah,' there never seems to be a want of...

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  • Richard III - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Warren,Patrick

    Illustrated by leading UK manga artists, this series feeds into the growing popularity of manga worldwide, and presents Shakespeare's classic works in a highly visual and dynamic form. Shakespeare's epic history play Richard III reveals the power of...

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  • King Lear - Manga Shakespeare


    This manga version of King Lear is set during the era of the Last of the Mohicans - circa 1759, during a crucial era of invasion and displacement along the American frontier. Lear is a venerated Mohican chieftain entering his final days. His elder...

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  • Julius Caesar - Manga Shakespeare

    Appignanesi,Richard; Chowdhury,Mahbub

    This manga recreation of Shakespeare's text transfers the action from Ancient Rome to a future Iraq, once again facing dictatorship after its prolonged struggles to establish a democracy. Part of the successful Manga Shakespeare series, a fusion of...

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  • Twelfth Night - Manga Shakespeare

    Li ,Nana

    Shakespeare turned a tale of unrequited love, family dispute and fatal shipwreck into a miraculously evergreen Christmas favourite. At the beginning of the story, everyone is alone; by the end, everyone - well, almost everyone - has found their other...

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  • Henry VIII - Manga Shakespeare

    Shakespeare,William; Warren,Patrick

    King Henry VIII is married to Katharine of Aragon, an upright and virtuous wife. Henry, a proud and wilful monarch, wishes to defy Rome's ban on divorce to marry the beguiling Anne Boleyn. Despite attempts to sway the Pope by Cardinal Wolsey,...

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  • Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online,...

    Kawahara,Reki; Sigsawa,Keiichi

    Karen is living her best life, getting to play as her cute chibi avatar Llenn in the VR game Gun Gale Online. She becomes fast friends with mysterious woman Pitohui, who invites her to an in-game event called the Squad Jam. But Karen won't be teamed...

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  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I...

    Watari,Wataru; Io,Naomichi; Ponkan 8

    The sports festival comes to a close. Next comes the school trip to Kyoto! There, the Service Club receives an unusual client with an unusual request-to help with a romantic conundrum!

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  • RE: Zero -Starting Life In Another World-,...

    Nagatsuki,Tappei; Matsuse,Daichi; Otsuka,Shinichirou

    Subaru continues to support Emilia in her campaign to become the new Queen of Lugunica. But another candidate shows up, and it's the last person Subaru expected!

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