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  • Lucifer Omnibus Vol. 1


    From the pages of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comes Mike Carey's epic run with the devil himself collected together in a series of hardcover omnibuses for the first time ever! Cast out of Heaven, thrown down to rule in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar has...

  • Adventures Of Spider-Man: Radioactive

    Fein, Eric; Cavalieri, Joey; Pellowski, Mike; Proudfit, Scott

    Spider-Man takes on his classic rogues' gallery in these exciting adventures from his 1990s magazine, featuring a parade of guest stars from Captain America to the Hulk! Spidey must avoid the many arms of Doctor Octopus, but will he fall victim to...

  • Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man...

    Barr,Mike W.; Mantlo, Bill; Fleisher,Michael; O'neil,Dennis

    New York City has always been a defining element in Spider-Man's world, but it's going to drive him crazy-if it doesn't kill him fi rst. From an NYC Marathon assassination plot to Peter Parker's paper-thin apartment walls; from a merged...

  • Our Encounters With Evil: Adventures Of...

    Mignola,Mike; Johnson-Cadwell,Warwick

    Mr. Higgins was just the beginning! Follow Professor J.T. Meinhardt and Mr. Knox as they continue their pursuit of ne'er-do-well creatures of the night! Backed by the dauntless vampire hunter Ms. Mary Van Sloan, the heroes of Mr. Higgins Comes Home...

  • Witchfinder Omnibus Volume 1

    Arcudi,John; Mignola,Mike; Mchugh ,Maura

    The collected adventures of England's greatest occult investigator! When the man called the Witchfinder becomes an agent of the Queen, he is led from the sparkling echelons of Victorian London to its dark underbelly, through the American West, and to...

  • Migration - Incredible Animal Journeys


    Animals of all shapes and sizes make epic journeys across our planet, through harsh weather, avoiding hungry predators, in their efforts to survive. Travel around the globe with some of the world's most incredible animals and discover their unique...

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  • Suicide Squad Most Wanted - Katana


    One of the stars of 2016's blockbuster film Suicide Squad, get her own solo graphic novel: Katana! Katana's trademark weapon, her sword christened with the name Soultaker, has always been a mysterious blade. However, one of the world's most dangerous...

  • Hellboy Omnibus Vol. 1 - Seed Of Destruction

    Byrne, John; Mignola, Mike; Mignola, Mike

    The Hellboy saga begins--with over 300 pages drawn by Mignola! For the first time, Hellboy's complete story is presented in chronological order for the ultimate reading experience. The story jumps from Hellboy's mysterious World War II origin to his...

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  • Confessions Of A Dork Lord

    Johnston, Mike

    Despicable Me meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this hilarious illustrated middle grade adventure that follows a hapless warlock-in-training as he struggles to live up to his great and terrible destiny. After the disappearance of the leader of the Grim...

  • Mike Mulligan And More

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Burton, Virginia Lee; Elleman,Barbara (int)

    In four classic stories, the steam shovel, the little house, the snow plow and the cable car are all loved and respected by their owners, but modern times threatens to make them worthless.

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  • The Berenstain Bears God Loves The Animals

    Berenstain,Jan; Berenstain,Mike

    Take a beautiful nature walk through Bear Country with the beloved Berenstain Bear family, as Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear savor the great outdoors and say 'hi' to all their animal friends. There's a family of ducks nestled amongst the...

  • Mike Mulligan Y Su Maquina Maravillosa

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Canetti,Yanitzia; Burton, Virginia Lee; Canetti, Yanitzia (TRN)

    Mike Mulligan proves that, although dated, his steam shovel is still useful.

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  • Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Burton, Virginia Lee

    Due to industrial progress, Mike and his trusty steam shovel, Mary Anne, are out of work, and they have one last chance to prove that Mary Anne can dig faster than one hundred men in order to save her from the scrap heap, in a timeless classic...

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  • Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Burton, Virginia Lee

    Threatened by competition from modern shovels, Mike proves the worth of his trusty old steam shovel, Mary Anne.

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  • The Berenstain Bears Very Beary Stories - 3...

    Berenstain,Jan; Berenstain,Mike

    Now in a durable hardcover edition, this collection of Level 1 I Can Read stories from the Berenstain Bears Living Lights library is sure to delight emergent readers, as well as parents and caregivers looking for trusted characters and stories that...

  • Wonder Woman By Mike Deodato

    Messner-Loebs,William; Deodato,Mike

    Wonder Woman no more? In her mother's eyes, Diana has not lived up to the task of being Wonder Woman, and now the Queen of the Amazons sets in motion a contest where a new Wonder Woman will be crowned. But Diana sees things differently and decides to...

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  • Mike, Mike & Me

    Markham, Wendy

    Fifteen years after choosing to marry one of the two Mikes in her life, Beau is living contentedly in the suburbs with her husband, until suddenly the other Mike, the one she did not choose, contacts her out of the blue, putting a strain on her...

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  • Mike Tyson Autobiography


    Love him or loathe him, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is an icon and one of the most fascinating sporting figures of our time. In this no-holds-barred autobiography, Tyson lays bare his demons and tells his story: from poverty to stardom to hell and back again....

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  • Mike Nelson's Death Rat

    Nelson, Michael J.

    Downsized from his day job with a publisher of obscure journals, Pontius Foeb, the aging author of inaccessible nonfiction books, is desperate for a commercial hit and comes up with a horror tale about a giant rat that terrorized a Minnesota hamlet...

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  • Mike The Bike - Again


    In June 1978, eleven years after he quit Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Mike Hailwood returned to the Isle of Man TT races, probably the most prestigious and certainly the most demanding road race in the world. On a privately entered V-twin Ducati he...

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  • Hellboy

    Mignola,Michael; Byrne, John; Mignola, Mike; Allie,Scott; Stewart,Dave (CON); Kesel,Barbara; Mignola,Mike (CON); Grazzini,Gary (CON); Chiarello,Mark (CON); Hollingsworth,Matt (CON); Bloch,Robert; Nowlan,Kevin (CON); Mignola,Mike (frw)

    Dark Horse presents new editions of the entire Hellboy line with new covers, beginning with Seed of Destruction, the basis of director Guillermo del Toro's blockbuster films. Hellboy is one of the most celebrated comics series in recent years. The...

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  • Mike's Election Guide


    Provides answers to questions about the 2008 presidential candidates, voting, and the issues; discusses what Obama should do if he wins the election; and presents a guide to forty-two contested Congressional seats occupied by Republicans.

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  • Spider-Verse - Warzones


    Spinning out of the Spider-Verse event, a team of Spiders finds themselves face-to-face with Battleworld! Starring Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man - India, Mayday Parker, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham! Collecting - Spider-Verse (2015)

  • Mike The Knight - Mike And The Vikings

    Pendergrass, Daphne

    Mike the Knight is excited when the Vikings storm into town in this sturdy shaped board book with foil on the cover! The Vikings are visiting Glendragon. These lovable, fearless, rough-and-tumble explorers have been known to cause a bit of chaos...

  • Hellboy

    Golden, Christopher; Mignola, Mike; Mignola, Mike; Golden,Christopher


  • Fringe


    Explore the mysterious early life of Walter Bishop and what made him who he is and why he is so valuable in discovering who is behind the strange events in the hit television show FRINGE.

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  • Mike Nelson's Mind over Matters

    Nelson, Michael J.

    In a collection of more than fifty zany essays, the author of Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese shares his thoughts on the bizarre world of human life as he shares his thoughts on shopping expeditions to Home Depot and Radio Shack, the state of men's...

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  • DC Universe By Mike Mignola


    While best known for his own creation, Hellboy, award-winning writer/artist Mike Mignola has also left a definite impact on DC's greatest heroes. In a career spanning more than twenty years, Mignola has touched every corner of the DC Universe, from...

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  • Dc Universe By Mike Mignola

    Mignola, Mike; Mignola, Mike; Various Authors; Various,Various; Various

    Mike Mignola, best known as the creator of Hellboy, started out his comics art career drawing the adventures of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes, applying his moody artwork to tales of Superman, Batman, Swamp Thing and more. Now, this new collection...

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  • Mike Has Chicken-pox - Dr Spot Casebook


    Mike has Chicken-Pox is a reassuring story for 4-7 year olds about Mike the monkey who comes out in spots and feels uncomfortably itchy. He's got chicken-pox! Doctor Spot prescribes some soothing lotion and Mike is soon back on form again and up to...

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  • Hellboy

    Mignola,Michael; Allie,Scott; Mignola, Mike

    Dark Horse presents new editions of the entire Hellboy line with new covers, beginning with Seed of Destruction, the basis of director Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film. Hellboy is one of the most celebrated comics series in recent years. The...

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  • Hellboy

    Hollingsworth,Matt; Sinclair,James; Mignola, Mike; Stewart,Dave

    Mike Mignola's story notes accompany the out-of-print stories, giving insight into their creation and inspiration.

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  • Resistance


    Nathan Hale leads a desperate fight against the extraterrestrial Chimera as the invasion of America begins!

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  • Superman

    Kennedy,Mike; Meglia,Carlos

    Superman and Lois Lane stumble on a doorway in an abandoned town that leads to another world, Infinite City, where magic and science happily coexist, but one part of its inhabitants want to branch out to our world while others want to stay in their...

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  • Hellboy

    Mignola, Mike; Allie,Scott

    Presents the continuing adventures of Hellboy, who in the process of dealing with a wolfman, vampire, dragon, rogue ectoplasm, and other paranormal manifestations discovers information about his right hand.

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  • Cut


    The latest addition to the Dark Horse horror line is this chilling original graphic novel from writer and publisher Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cravan). Twentysomething Meagan Walters regains consciousness and finds herself locked in an empty room...

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  • Rites Of Passage


    For fans of political intrique and machinations. The death of Lord Azariel, head of the Navigator House Brobantis, draws his widow into a dark world of ritual killings and cult murders, while larger plans are at work and entire worlds are...

  • Road To Redemption


    Explore the dystopian gang-ridden landscape of the Underhive in this fantastic new novel set in the Warhammer Necromunda universe. From within the hives of Necromunda, where unchecked billions teem and fester, House Cawdor knows the truth - the...

  • Batman

    Wolfman, Marv; Wein,Len; Robbins,Frank; Giordano,Dick; Friedrich,Mike; O'Neil,Dennis; Adams,Neal; Adams,Neal

    Presents a collection of Neal Adams' contributions to the 'Batman' comic book series from 1967 to 1969.

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  • Lucifer Book Two


    Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his kingdom for the mortal city of Los Angeles.

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  • Teen Titans

    Johns,Geoff; Grummett, Tom; McKone,Mike; Alquiza,Marlo (CON); Cox,Jeromy (CON); Grummett,Tom (CON); Comicraft (CON); Johns,Geoff

    Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven plan to train the next generation of heros--Robin, Superboy, Impulse, and Wonder Girl-- but their efforts are threatened by evil villains.

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  • Lucifer Book Three


    Lucifer Morningstar has resigned his post and abandoned his kingdom for the mortal city of Los Angeles.

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  • Green Arrow Vol. 2 - Here There Be Dragons


    Green Arrow travels to Alaska to investigate a gang's activities, only to end up injured by the mysterious Shado.

  • X-Men Origins- Gambit

    Claremont,Chris; Carey,Mike; Nicieza,Fabian; Claremont,Chris

    Explore the ragin' Cajun's past on the streets of New Orleans - and his fi rst, fateful meeting with a young Bella Donna Boudreaux. Love at first sight leads to a wedding that may finally unite the feuding Thieves and Assassins Guilds - or set them...

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