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  • Nexus Archives Vol. 7


    The Merk is restless, dissatisfied with Nexus's performance as champion and executioner since the massacre on Mars. The fallout from that incident is just beginning: Of the two Quatros responsible, Sinclair has disappeared, and Kreed is being tracked...

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  • Nexus Omnibus Vol. 1


    Nexus is the greatest avenger in history, but his power and purpose come from an alien race with their own agenda. Is Nexus hero or pawn? Deliverer or destroyer? God or devil? Contains Nexus Volume 1 #1-3, Nexus volume 2 #1-11.

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  • Punisher Epic Collection: Kingpin Rules

    Baron,Mike; Salick,Roger

    Delivering justice from New York to Japan! Gary Saunders is on death row - but the law doesn't move quick enough for the Punisher! The kids at Malcolm Shabazz High School had better behave for their new substitute teacher - Mr. Castle! But how does...

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  • Punisher War Journal By Carl Potts & Jim Lee

    Baron,Mike; Potts,Carl

    Frank Castle doubles down on his war on crime courtesy of two of the finest creators ever to take on the character. If you're a mob boss, hitman or hired goon, one day you're gonna end up in Punisher's War Journal. And it won't be long before he...

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  • Nexus Archives - 12 - Nexus, Volume 12

    Baron,Mike; Rude,Steve

    This collection features game-changing story developments and the long-awaited showdown between Horatio and Stan. Only one of these two fusionkasters claiming the Nexus mantle will walk away from this slugfest in space, and the fate of neighbouring...

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  • Punisher Epic Collection: Circle Of Blood

    Grant,Steven; Baron,Mike; Duffy, Jo; Nocenti,Ann

    The Punisher goes solo! After years making life complicated for Spider-Man, Daredevil and more, the Marvel Universe's deadliest vigilante fires his way into his own series - beginning behind bars! Find out exactly who Frank Castle is as he makes his...

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  • Nexus: Into The Past And Other Stories

    Baron,Mike; Rude,Steve

    Nexus is back--and this time the galactic judge, jury, and executioner is stalking history's most dangerous killer--Clayborn--across time itself! But when justice comes at an enormous personal cost to Nexus himself, can the Merc's chosen champion...

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  • Nexus Archives - 09 - Nexus Archives, Volume...

    Baron,Mike; Martens,Michael

    Horatio has resigned his duties as Nexus, and the Merk has reassigned them - but to the Loomis sisters, who have been out for vengeance ever since Horatio assassinated their father. However, Lonnie is so unnerved by her sisters' homicidal behaviour...

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  • Nexus Archives - 08 - Nexus Archives, Volume...

    Baron,Mike; Rude,Steve; Martens,Michael

    Horatio, Judah, & the Badger have survived their reentry of the Bowl-Shaped World. As they head from outer rim to inner city, the threat that prompted this journey worsens: the Gravity Well is nearing collapse and the Web's population is evacuating...

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  • Nexus Archives - 10 - Nexus Archives, Volume...

    Baron,Mike; Rude,Steve

    History professor Stanislaus Korivitsky has been chosen by the Merk to inherit the role of Nexus, fusionkasting executioner of mass murderers. Far saner than his predecessors, Stacy and Michana Loomis, Stan immediately kills his first target and then...

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  • Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The New...


    The Thrawn Trilogy is here! Five years after the glorious Rebel victory against the second Death Star, Luke Skywalker is the first of a new line of Jedi Knights! Han Solo and Princess Leia are married, and have taken on many of the burdens of...

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  • Desert Peoples - Archaeological Perspectives

    Smith,Mike; Hiscock, Peter; Hiscock,Peter; Veth,Peter; Blackwell,Publishers

    'Desert Peoples: Archaeological Perspectives' provides an issues-oriented overview of hunter-gatherer societies in desert landscapes that combines archaeological and anthropological perspectives and includes a wide range of regional and thematic case...

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  • The Archaeology Of Australia's Deserts


    This is the first book-length study of the archaeology of Australia's deserts, one of the world's major habitats and the largest block of drylands in the southern hemisphere. Over the last few decades, a wealth of new environmental and archaeological...

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  • The Comic Book Story Of Beer

    Smith,Mike; Hennessey,Jonathan

    We drink it. We love it. But how much do we really know about beer? Starting from around 7000 BC, beer has emerged as a major element driving humankind’s development, a role it has continued to play through today’s craft brewing explosion. With The...

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  • What Men Don't Want Women to Know

    Doe,Bill; Smith,Mike

    Offers a look into the male mind, exposing for women the hard truth about what men really think about sex, fidelity, and love

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  • Testing People at Work - Competencies in...

    Smith,Pam; Smith,Mike

    Testing People at Work - Competencies in Psychometric Testing

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  • Testing People At Work - Competencies In...

    Smith,Pam; Smith,Mike

    'Testing People at Work' is an authoritative, practical text on selection and assessment. It explains psychometric testing in occupational settings and also covers other methods of selection such as assessment centres and e-selection. The book...

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  • Contemporary Chinese Short-Short Stories - A...


    This book presents Chinese short-short stories in English and Chinese, integrating language learning with cultural studies for intermediate to advanced learners of Mandarin Chinese and students of contemporary Chinese literature. Each chapter begins...

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