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  • Product Design


    The discovery of market needs and the manufacture of a product to meet those needs are integral parts of the same process. Since most textbooks on new product development are written from either a marketing or an engineering perspective, it is...

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  • Team Development Manual


    In the modern organization most tasks are accomplished by teams. This bestselling manual brings together basic theory, a diagnostic instrument, descriptions of the key elements of effective teamwork and a detailed guide to sources of further...

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  • Toyota Kata


    'Toyota Kata gets to the essence of how Toyota manages continuous improvement and human ingenuity, through its improvement kata and coaching kata. Mike Rother explains why typical companies fail to understand the core of lean and make limited...

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  • Driving Change


    We see them everywhere—those brown trucks with the golden logo, the drivers delivering their share of 14 million parcels handled daily. To most of us, UPS is a reliable fact of life. But to well-informed businesspeople, Big Brown is a company to...

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  • Literacy

    Cushman, Ellen; Kintgen,Gene R.; Kroll,Barry M.; Cushman,Ellen; Rose,Mike


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  • The Habitual Entrepreneur

    Wright,Mike; Westhead,Paul

    Increasingly, entrepreneurship research recognizes a wide variety in entrepreneurial behaviour. One such difference is marked between experienced or habitual entrepreneurs and novices. This book, authored by established experts in the field,...

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  • Hardly Working At College

    Morran,Chris; Pisiak,Mike; Pisiak, Mike

    A tongue-in-cheek handbook for students who want to get their degree while putting in a minimum of study time offers a compilation of advice and techniques for achieving good grades without pulling all-nighters, going to the library, or reading...

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  • Global Marketing Management

    Helsen,Kristiaan; Kotabe,Masaaki (Mike)

    Get the Global Edge in Marketing 'The conceptual framework developed in this book will facilitate an in-depth study of international marketing issues. . well-thought out and structured analysis of several important concepts. A comprehensive set of...

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  • People Analytics For Dummies


    Maximize performance with better data Developing a successful workforce requires more than a gut check. Data can help guide your decisions on everything from where to seat a team to optimizing production processes to engaging with your employees in...

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  • A Revolução do Hamster - Col. Conceitos...


    O seu e-mail está a controlar a sua vida? Então veja como Harold, um director de Recursos Humanos oprimido pelo e-mail que se sentia como um 'hamster' a andar numa roda, conseguiu resolver este impasse. Quando este personagem da história conhece um...

  • The Art And Discipline Of Strategic...


    'You will come away from The Art and Discipline of Strategic Leadership better equipped to not only think more incisively about future competitive advantage, but your organization will have greater strategic focus at every level, beginning with the...

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  • Geronimo - Leadership Strategies Of An...

    Levy,Buddy; Leach , Mike

    Playing cowboys and Indians as a boy, legendary college football coach Mike Leach always chose to be the Indian the underdog whose success turned on being a tough, resourceful, ingenious fighter. And the greatest Indian military leader of all was...

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  • A Smile As Big As the Moon

    Kersjes,Mike; Layden, Joe

    A special education class experiences what it is like to be astronauts when their teacher takes them to Space Camp.

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  • Tourism At The Olympic Games - Visiting The...


    Going far beyond being just a mega sport event, the Olympic Games are, and have been in the past, important settings for tourism and cultural change. Hosting the Olympic Games presents a unique opportunity for countries to promote, regenerate, and...

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  • Personnel Economics In Practice 3Rd Edition

    GIBBS,MIKE; Lazear,Edward P

    'Personnel Economics in Practice, 3rd Edition' by Edward Lazear and Michael Gibbs gives readers a rigorous framework for understanding organizational design and the management of employees. Economics has proven to be a powerful approach in the...

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  • When To Jump - If The Job You Have Isn't The...


    Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to pursue the thing you love? Leaving a comfortable job to pursue a passion is a brave, bold move - but it's far from impossible. In this inspiring read When to Jump founder Mike Lewis has curated a...

  • Marketing Graffiti - The Writing On The Wall


    Radical and unique in its approach and presentation, Marketing Graffiti turns the traditional marketing introduction on its head by helping students to understand the part they already play as 'consumers' in the marketing process.Most marketing...

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  • The Toyota Kata Field Guide Power Pack


    Create more scientific thinking in your company--two popular guides in one convenient packageThe Toyota Kata Field Guide Power Pack includes Mike Rother's groundbreaking companion volumes to his internationally renowned Toyota Kata--the book that...

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  • Geronimo - Leadership Strategies Of An...

    Levy,Buddy; Leach, Mike

    'In the hands of Mike Leach and Buddy Levy, the story of this brilliant Apache leader comes into sharp focus, both in their narrative of his life and in spirited commentaries on its meaning' (S.C. Gwynne, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist Empire of...

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  • Beating The Global Consolidation Endgame:...

    Kroeger,Fritz; Vizjak,Andrej; Moriarity,Mike

    As industries worldwide move toward consolidation, niche companies need to take advantage of strategies that are forward-thinking and anticipate new trends. Beating the Global Consolidation Endgame identifies nine key strategies that niche companies...

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  • The Organizational Champion: How To Develop...

    Thompson, Mike

    A new style of leader is emerging from the world's most successful organizations. These dynamic men and women are driven by possibilities and absolutely committed to mutual values. Excited, creative, and alert, they are the new change makers....

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  • The Other Side Of The Card - Where Your...


    New from leadership pioneer Mike Morrison The Other Side of the Card is a compelling parable on finding one's true leadership voice. Using the business card as a symbol of personal identity and power, it helps readers understand that the blank side...

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  • Insight Selling - Surprising Research On What...

    Schultz, Mike; Doerr, John E.; Doerr,John E

    What do winners of major sales do differently than the sellers who almost won, but ultimately came in second place? Mike Schultz and John Doerr, bestselling authors and world-renowned sales experts, set out to find the answer. They studied more than...

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  • Pricing And Profitability Management - A...

    Simonetto, Mike; Meehan, Julie; Montan, Larry; Goodin,Chris

    A comprehensive reference for any business professional looking to understand the capabilities and competencies required for effectively managing pricing and profitability, Pricing and Profitability Management explains how to determine the right...

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  • Making Sense Of Change Management - A...

    Cameron, Esther; Green, Mike

    The definitive, bestselling text in the field of change management, Making Sense of Change Management provides a thorough yet accessible overview for students and practitioners alike. Without relying on assumed knowledge, it comprehensively covers...

  • Making Sense Of Change Management - A...

    Cameron, Esther; Green, Mike

    The definitive, bestselling text in the field of change management, Making Sense of Change Management provides a thorough yet accessible overview for students and practitioners alike. Without relying on assumed knowledge, it comprehensively covers...

  • Landlording On Autopilot - A Simple,...

    Butler, Mike

    Simplify Your Landlord Experience with Smart Strategies and Smarter Tools 'Without Landlording on Autopilot, I doubt I would have ever succeeded with rental properties. Mike's book guided my business every step of the way, and I owe a huge debt to...

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  • The Playbook - An Inside Look At How To Think...


    Want to become a truly great trader - either for yourself or for a proprietary trading firm? This book will help you get there. This unique approach is the closest thing to signing up for a 'trader boot camp' yourself! You'll learn by watching new...

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  • Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Company In A...

    Tapscott,Don; Dover,Mike; Moffitt,Sean; Dover, Mike

    REINVENTING YOUR COMPANY IN A CUSTOMER-DRIVEN MARKETPLACE FOREWORD BY DON TAPSCOTT, Bestselling author of Wikinomics 'A must-read for business leaders, managers, and just about anyone who wants to recognize and tap into the incredible creative...

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  • Moving The Needle - Get Clear Get Free And...

    Yorkey, Mike; Sweeney, Joe

    A detailed system that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals 'Moving the Needle' provides both the 'kick in the pants' and the game plan many of us need to break out of the rut and get moving to achieve our goals. CEOs, vice...

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  • Social TV - How Marketers Can Reach and...

    Proulx, Mike; Shepatin, Stacey

    The Internet didn't kill TV! It has become its best friend. Americans are watching more television than ever before, and we're engaging online at the same time we're tuning in. Social media has created a new and powerful 'backchannel,' fueling the...

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  • Sports Tourism, 2e

    "weed,Mike; Bull, Chris"

    Sports Tourism, 2e

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  • Marketing Financial Services

    "wright,Mike; Watkins, Trevor; Ennew, Christ

    Marketing Financial Services

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  • The Sales Bridge

    Mike Lewis

    For effective sales, two facts stand out above the rest. First, great salespeople build long-term relationships with their customers because people buy from people they like. Second, customers buy from sales-people with behavioral styles similar to...

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  • The Beermat Entrepreneur - Turn Your Good...

    SOUTHON ,MIKE; West,Chris

    'This book changed my life and helped me found an international business that eventually sold for many millions of pounds. If only I'd found it sooner!' Justin Gayner, Founder, ChannelFlip 'This book is packed with brilliant advice which will...

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  • Cim Coursebook 01/02 Effective Management For...


    Cim Coursebook 01/02 Effective Management For Marketing

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  • Why do They Call It Business If It's Mostly...

    Mike Latimer

    In this first-ever foray into the mysterious and tumultuous world of corporate politics, the author traces it from its humble beginnings to its commanding position of influence over every facet of business life in organizations today.As head of The...

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  • Gestures - The Do's and Taboos of Body...

    Axtell,Roger E.; Fornwald,Mike; Fornwald,Mike

    Lists and illustrates gestures and explains their meanings in eighty-two countries around the world, along with information about rules of decorum and when to make eye contact and touch

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