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  • Hellboy e o B.P.D.P 1952

    Arcudi,John; Mignola,Mike



    Quando uma bizarra série de homicídios e rumores acerca de um perigo sobrenatural aterrorizam um humilde povoado nas entranhas amazônicas, o professor Trevor Bruttenholm decide enviar ao Brasil um pequeno grupo de investigadores que inclui, em sua...

  • George Handel (Revised Edition) (Getting To...


    Meet Composer George Handel!Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers series combines a delightful mix of full-color historical reproductions, photos, and hilarious cartoon-style illustrations that bring to life the works of renowned composers,...

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  • Peter Tchaikovsky (Revised Edition) (Getting...


    Meet Composer Peter Tchaikovsky!Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers series combines a delightful mix of full-color historical reproductions, photos, and hilarious cartoon-style illustrations that bring to life the works of renowned...

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  • Aaron Copland (Revised Edition) (Getting To...


    Meet composer Aaron Copland!Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers series combines a delightful mix of full-color historical reproductions, photos, and hilarious cartoon-style illustrations that bring to life the works of renowned composers,...

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  • John Philip Sousa (Revised Edition) (Getting...


    Meet ComposerJohn Philip Sousa!Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers series combines a delightful mix of full-color historical reproductions, photos, and hilarious cartoon-style illustrations that bring to life the works of renowned...

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  • Hellboy e o B.P.D.P.: 1953

    Mignola,Mike; Roberson,Chris

    'HELLBOY E PROF. “BRUM”: OS CAÇA-FANTASMAS!Em 1953, acompanhando o professor Bruttenholm, Hellboy desfrutou uma divertida visita à Inglaterra. Ou melhor, divertida para ele, pois nenhum outro turista seria capaz de se divertir caçando fantasmas e...

  • Mike Mulligan And More

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Burton, Virginia Lee; Elleman,Barbara (int)

    In four classic stories, the steam shovel, the little house, the snow plow and the cable car are all loved and respected by their owners, but modern times threatens to make them worthless.

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  • The Lacrosse Mix-Up

    Lupica, Mike

    The sixth installment of New York Times bestselling author Mike Lupica's Zach and Zoe Mysteries--a sports-themed chapter book mystery series perfect for fans of Cam Jansen! There's nothing eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe Walker love more than...

  • Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel

    Burton, Virginia Lee; Burton, Virginia Lee

    Due to industrial progress, Mike and his trusty steam shovel, Mary Anne, are out of work, and they have one last chance to prove that Mary Anne can dig faster than one hundred men in order to save her from the scrap heap, in a timeless classic...

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  • Frankenstein - Entre o Céu e o Inferno




    Depois de enfrentar Hellboy em uma tradicional luta livre mexicana, a lendária criatura do Dr. Frankenstein conseguiu fugir da instalação secreta na qual estava aprisionada. Mas tanto a liberdade quanto a esperança de viver em paz são sonhos quase...

  • Mike, Mike & Me

    Markham, Wendy

    Fifteen years after choosing to marry one of the two Mikes in her life, Beau is living contentedly in the suburbs with her husband, until suddenly the other Mike, the one she did not choose, contacts her out of the blue, putting a strain on her...

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  • Mike Tyson Autobiography


    Love him or loathe him, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is an icon and one of the most fascinating sporting figures of our time. In this no-holds-barred autobiography, Tyson lays bare his demons and tells his story: from poverty to stardom to hell and back again....

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  • Hellboy: The Wild Hunt (2nd Edition)


    The inspiration for the new film from director Neil Marshall and starring Strangers Things's David Harbour! Hellboy is called to England to take part in an ancient ritual of hunting giants, but quickly faces a much more dangerous enemy: Nimue, the...

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  • e-book

    Mike Tyson - A Verdade Nua e Crua




    A excelência como boxeador, o comportamento áspero dentro e fora do ringue, as polêmicas e os vícios fizeram de Tyson uma celebridade mundialmente famosa. Mas esta autobiografia vai muito além do que se leu ou ouviu sobre o mito. “Mike Tyson – a...

  • Suicide Squad Most Wanted - Katana


    One of the stars of 2016's blockbuster film Suicide Squad, get her own solo graphic novel: Katana! Katana's trademark weapon, her sword christened with the name Soultaker, has always been a mysterious blade. However, one of the world's most dangerous...

  • Mike Nelson's Death Rat

    Nelson, Michael J.

    Downsized from his day job with a publisher of obscure journals, Pontius Foeb, the aging author of inaccessible nonfiction books, is desperate for a commercial hit and comes up with a horror tale about a giant rat that terrorized a Minnesota hamlet...

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  • Mike's Election Guide


    Provides answers to questions about the 2008 presidential candidates, voting, and the issues; discusses what Obama should do if he wins the election; and presents a guide to forty-two contested Congressional seats occupied by Republicans.

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  • Hellboy

    Golden, Christopher; Mignola,Mike; Mignola, Mike; Golden,Christopher


  • Tecnologia e Gestão da Informação

    Tapscott,Don; Davenport,Thomas; Rayport,Jeffrey F.; Nirenberg,John; Mcgovern,Gerry; Stauffer,David; Griggs,Michael; Kennedy,Maggie; Cunningham,Mike

    Este livro é uma compilação das principais contribuições de pensadores, que permite ao gestor conhecer de forma rápida econsolidada as idéias centrais que envolvem a tecnologia e a gestão de informação, e oferece a combinação ideal entre o rigor...

  • Hellboy

    Mignola,Michael; Allie,Scott; Mignola,Mike

    Dark Horse presents new editions of the entire Hellboy line with new covers, beginning with Seed of Destruction, the basis of director Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film. Hellboy is one of the most celebrated comics series in recent years. The...

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  • Mike Nelson's Mind over Matters

    Nelson, Michael J.

    In a collection of more than fifty zany essays, the author of Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese shares his thoughts on the bizarre world of human life as he shares his thoughts on shopping expeditions to Home Depot and Radio Shack, the state of men's...

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  • Mike´S Lucky Day Plpr 1 (Pr1) 1 Plpr

    Editora Pearson

    Mike´S Lucky Day Plpr 1 (Pr1) 1 Plpr

  • Hellboy

    Mignola,Mike; Allie,Scott

    Presents the continuing adventures of Hellboy, who in the process of dealing with a wolfman, vampire, dragon, rogue ectoplasm, and other paranormal manifestations discovers information about his right hand.

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  • X-Men Origins- Gambit

    Claremont, Chris; Carey,Mike; Nicieza,Fabian; Claremont,Chris

    Explore the ragin' Cajun's past on the streets of New Orleans - and his fi rst, fateful meeting with a young Bella Donna Boudreaux. Love at first sight leads to a wedding that may finally unite the feuding Thieves and Assassins Guilds - or set them...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 1 - Hunters Moon


    Green Arrow takes on a child killer, gay bashing mobs, and Russian spies in this new collection of 1980s stories.

  • No Slam Dunk

    Lupica, Mike

    'A sure-fire hit with readers who love sports.' -BooklistA fast-paced, heartfelt story for basketball fans that proves being a good teammate remains the most important quality in basketball--and in life, from New York Times bestselling author Mike...

  • Green Arrow Vol. 2 - Here There Be Dragons


    Green Arrow travels to Alaska to investigate a gang's activities, only to end up injured by the mysterious Shado.

  • Merry Christmas, Nighty Night

    Nawrocki, Mike; SMITH, MICHAEL W

    It's so hard to fall asleep on Christmas Eve! Lucky for Cole and his sister, Rose, the Nighty Nights--created by Grammy winner Michael W. Smith and co-creator of VeggieTales Mike Nawrocki--have a special Christmas song to have them dreaming and...

  • Hellboy Junior

    Barta,Hilary; Barr,Glenn; Costanza,John; Cooper,Dave; Destefano,Stephen; Wray,Bill; Mignola,Mike; Nowlan,Kevin; Stewart,Dave; McEown,Pat

    Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Bill Wray (Ren and Stimpy) combine their talents to bring us the outrageous adventures of Hellboy, Jr. and his little friends. This volume includes stories of Wheezy the Sick Little Witch, the Ginger Beef Boy,...

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  • Deep Gravity

    Richardson,Mike; BECHKO,CORINNA; Hardman,Gabriel

    He didn't get onto the most lucrative interstellar mission for the money--Paxon came to be reunited with the woman he loves. But his high-stakes journey takes him to a savage world full of the galaxy's most dangerous game, where the gravity can turn...

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  • Deadpool- World's Greatest Vol. 1-...

    Hawthorne,Mike; Gerry Duggan

    He's annoying. He's dangerous. He smells terrible. But the public loves him. That's right-the Merc with the Mouth may make money for missions of murky morality...but he's become the most popular hero in the world for it. Eat that, Spidey! The world...

  • e-book



    He is a giant among coaches, a Hall of Famer with a legacy that spans six full decades of coaching, and arguably the greatest Division I college football coach in history. And now Bobby Bowden finally has a biography that befits his stature: Bowden...

  • Desenhe Primeiro, Pense Depois

    Yoshiaki Daikubara,Mike; Fracalossi,Denis

    Você tem vontade de começar a desenhar mas não consegue achar o momento ideal? Apesar de o desenho ser uma ferramenta fantástica para se relacionar com o mundo e, simultaneamente, abstrair-se dele, nem sempre é fácil encontrar tempo para aprender a...

  • Hellboy- Emerald Hell


    Hellboy comes to the crossroads in Enigma, Georgia, a small town plagued by strange occurrences. Sent to keep an eye on Sarah Nail, a young girl hiding from the curse of her family, Hellboy becomes entangled in the blood debt of evil mystical...

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  • e-book

    Lucro Primeiro

    Michalowicz, Mike

    Em Lucro Primeiro, Mike Michalowicz oferece uma solução simples e contraintuitiva de gerenciamento de caixa que ajudará pequenas empresas a saírem da espiral da destruição e alcançar uma lucratividade instantânea.A contabilidade convencional usa a...

  • Star Wars - Vader Down

    Aaron,Jason; Jr.,Mike Deodato

    Two of the biggest titles in comics collide in the first crossover of the new Marvel age of Star Wars! When Darth Vader accidentally finds himself facing off against the Rebel Fleet on his own, he is sent crashing onto a nearby planet. Will the...

  • Supergirl Vol. 3- Sanctuary


    In an effort to save Krypton, a fellow Kryptonian plans to destroy the Earth with Supergirls help.

  • Battlepug Vol. 3


    The Last Kinmundian and his trusty Battlepug have survived many trials on their way to confront the evil beast mage known as Catwulf, but their encounter with the Dead Walker may be their last. The third installment of this Eisner-award...

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  • Father's Day


    Once a feared Chicago mob enforcer, Silas Smith has gone underground and found peace in seclusion. . . until his estranged daughter shows up on his doorstep with a major axe to grind. And though Silas abandoned his violent past, his former bosses are...

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  • Battlepug Vol. 1


    The epic tale of blood and drool begins here! Join Molly and her dogs Mingo and Colfax, as she recounts the legend of 'The Warrior and the Battlepug'—a tale of a fearless barbarian, his trusty and freakishly large pug, and evil baby harp seals. This...

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  • Luke Cage - Avenger

    Bendis,Brian Michael; Benson,Mike; Glass,Adam

    The steel-skinned Avenger shows exactly why he's one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Discover how young Carl Lucas, imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, gained his powers and became the hero he is today! As CIVIL WAR rages, Luke picks a side and...

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  • Os Cientistas e Seus Experimentos De Arromba

    Goldsmith, Mike

    A ciência é parte fundamental do nosso dia-a-dia — já imaginou como seria a vida sem carro, telefone, computador,pasta de dente?... E sem algumas mentes descobertas, revolucionaram o mundo? Pois é, mesmo depois de mortos, oscientistas ainda são como...

  • Hellboy- All-Seeing Eye


    In a London funeral parlor, the dead rise and walk again. On a train in the London Underground, a young couple is terrorized by a demon. In a suburb, a poltergeist forces a family to flee their home. Hellboy has his hands full.Called in to...

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  • Hellboy - Paragens Exóticas - Edição...

    Mignola, Mike

    'Quando se demitiu do Bureau de Pesquisas e Defesa Paranormal, Hellboy só queria desfrutar um merecido descanso no continente africano. Infelizmente, porém, paz e tranquilidade não figuram entre os direitos primordiais de um herói egresso do Inferno....

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