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  • Modern Iran Since 1797 - Reform And...


    Modern Iran since 1797 offers a comprehensive analysis of political, social and economic developments in Iran since the end of the eighteenth century. Spanning two centuries, the book provides historical context for Iran's international relationships...

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  • Modern East Asia With Infotrac

    Clark,Donald N.; Schirokauer,Conrad

    Modern East Asia With Infotrac

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  • The Cultural Uses Of Print In Early Modern...


    The first book-length presentation of Roger Chartier's work in English, this volume provides a vivid example of the new directions of cultural history in France. These essays probe the impact of printing on all social classes of the ancien regime and...

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  • Armed Forces And Insurgents In Modern Asia


    This volume traces the historical roots and evolution of insurgencies and counter-insurgencies in modern Asia. Focusing on armed rebellions and use of armed forces by both Western powers and indigenous states from the nineteenth century till present...

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  • Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar


    Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar provides an innovative reference guide to Mandarin Chinese, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. The Grammar is divided into two parts. Part A covers traditional grammatical categories...

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  • East German Modern

    Engels, Hans

    This visually arresting tour through the former East Germany shows the best examples of modernist architecture still standing there today. The buildings constructed in East Germany after the Second World War are often dismissed as drab, Soviet-style,...

  • Modern Architecture And Its Representation In...


    Modern Architecture and its Representation in Colonial Eritrea offers a critical assessment of architecture and urbanism constructed in Eritrea during the Italian colonial period spanning from 1890-1941. Drawing together imperial projects, modernist...

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  • Modern Landscape


    Modern Landscape

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  • The Business Of The Roman Inquisition In The...


    Established in 1542, the Roman Inquisition operated through a network of almost fifty tribunals to combat heretical and heterodox threats within the papal territories. Whilst its theological, institutional and political aspects have been well-studied...

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  • Modern Couples? - Continuity And Change In...

    Hooff,Jenny Van

    Have heterosexual relationships become more intimate and equal over the past forty years? Simply put, this is the central question underpinning this book. Within the context of late modern social processes, including most notably individualization...

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  • Modern Political Ideologies 3rd Edition


    Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition provides a comprehensive account of the major political ideologies of the past two centuries. Provides an expanded and thoroughly updated account of the major political ideologies of the past two...

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  • Modern Signal Processing

    Healy,Dennis M.; Rockmore,Daniel N.

    Modern Signal Processing

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  • Modern Art In Detail - 75 Masterpieces

    Hodge, Susie

    Great works of art cannot be fully understood in a single encounter. This is perhaps even truer for modern artworks that may not immediately make sense to, or even appeal to, the casual observer. Viewing an artwork-- whether it is a painting,...

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  • Modern Art In America 1908-68

    Agee,William C.

    A radical re-evaluation of American modernismThe importance of American artists in the history of modern art is well-known and well-documented, from Jackson Pollock to Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. However, the work of such artists did not...

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  • Modern Recording Techniques 6e


    Modern Recording Techniques 6e

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  • Modern Recording Techniques

    Miles Huber,David; Runstein,Robert E

    Modern Recording Techniques is the bestselling, authoritative guide to sound and music recording. Whether you're just starting out or are looking for a step-up in the industry, Modern Recording Techniques provides an in-depth read on the art and...

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  • Modern Buffet Presentation

    ; The Culinary Institute of America (CIA); Clyne,Carol Murphy; Clyne,Vincent

    How to build extraordinary, memorable, and profitable buffets, from acclaimed experts The ability to plan and execute a successful buffet is an essential skill for foodservice professionals in the rapidly growing realm of catering and special...

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  • The English Revolution And The Roots Of...

    Yerby, George

    This study brings a new perspective to a pivotal debate: the causes of the English Revolution. It pinpoints the economic motives behind the opposition to the crown, and shows their connection to the changing mind-set and political transitions of the...

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  • Modern Living Grandiflora, English Edition


    Modern Living - Grandiflora is an uplifting, inspiring, and practical guide to using flowers and foliage in the home. From lush greenery to modern florals, we step inside beautiful botanical interiors that lift your spirits with a cool mix of vibrant...

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  • Modern Retro Tabletop

    Marsh, Madeleine

    Explore the stylish tableware that graced the dinner tables and sideboards, the kitchen cupboards and cocktail cabinets of the ´50s, ´60s, and ´70s.

  • Modern Originals - At Home With Midcentury...


    This gorgeously photographed volume features the under-published private spaces of both the icons and unknown vanguards of European mid-century architecture and design. In keeping with the functional beauty of mid-century design, Handcrafted Modern:...

  • Modern English-Hebrew Dictionary


    Modern English-Hebrew Dictionary

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  • e-book

    Modern Greece - A History since 1821

    Koliopoulos, John S.; Veremis, Thanos M.

    Modern Greece: A History since 1821 is a chronological account of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of Greece, from the birth of the Greek state in 1821 to 2008 by two leading authorities. Pioneering and wide-ranging study of...

  • Modern Banking

    Heffernan,Shelagh A.

    Modern Banking focuses on the theory and practice of banking, and its prospects in the new millennium. The book is written for courses in banking and finance at Masters/MBA level, or undergraduate degrees specialising in this area. Bank practitioners...

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  • e-book

    Modern Hydrology and Sustainable Water...

    Gupta, S. K.

    The material of this book will derive its scientific under-pinning from basics of mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, engineering, soil science, and related disciplines and will provide sufficient breadth and depth of understanding...

  • e-book

    Modern Spain - 1808 to the Present

    Pamela Beth Radcliff

    Modern Spain: 1808 to the Present is a comprehensive overview of Spanish history from the Napoleonic era to the present day. Places a large emphasis on Spain's place within broader European and global history The chronological political narrative is...

  • Modern Biology

    Vários Autores

    Modern Biology

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  • Modern Earth Science

    Watenpaugh,Frank M.; Phillips,Clifford R.; Ramsey,William L.; Sager,Robert J.

    Modern Earth Science

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  • Modern Chemistry

    Vários Autores

    Modern Chemistry

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  • Modern Earth Science

    Phillips,Clifford R.; Ramsey,William L.

    Modern Earth Science

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  • Modern World History

    Vários Autores

    Modern World History

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  • Modern World History

    Vários Autores

    Modern World History

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  • e-book

    Modern Organic Synthesis - An Introduction

    Nantz,Michael H.; Zweifel,George S.; Peter Somfai

    This book bridges the gap between sophomore and advanced / graduate level organic chemistry courses, providing students with a necessary background to begin research in either an industry or academic environment. • Covers key concepts that include...

  • e-book

    Modern Computational Finance. - AAD and...


    Arguably the strongest addition to numerical finance of the past decade, Algorithmic Adjoint Differentiation (AAD) is the technology implemented in modern financial software to produce thousands of accurate risk sensitivities, within seconds, on...

  • e-book

    Modern Industrial Statistics - with...

    Zacks, Shelemyahu; Kenett, Ron S.; Amberti, Daniele

    Fully revised and updated, this book combines a theoretical background with examples and references to R, MINITAB and JMP, enabling practitioners to find state-of-the-art material on both foundation and implementation tools to support their work....

  • e-book

    Modern Analog Filter Analysis and Design - A...

    Raut, R.

    Starting from the fundamentals, the present book describes methods of designing analog electronic filters and illustrates these methods by providing numerical and circuit simulation programs. The subject matters comprise many concepts and techniques...

  • e-book

    Modern Industrial Statistics - with...

    Zacks, Shelemyahu; Kenett, Ron S.; Amberti, Daniele

    Fully revised and updated, this book combines a theoretical background with examples and references to R, MINITAB and JMP, enabling practitioners to find state-of-the-art material on both foundation and implementation tools to support their work....

  • Modern Life Of The Immortals

    Liu, Fang

    In a world, full of fantasy and adventure, there is also conflict. The modern age of the human world is full of complexity, as the rise of human emotion threatens all living things. On the mountain, high above mankind lies another group of beings....

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  • Modern Gastronomy - A To Z


    Guru to a new generation of chefs from Chicago to Copenhagen, Spain s Ferran Adria has been featured on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of our times and touted by the press as an alchemist and a genius. His restaurant, El...

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  • Modern News Editing 5th Edition

    Gilmore,Gene; Ludwig,Mark D.

    Modern News Editing 5th Edition

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  • Modern Phrase Structure Grammar

    Borsley, Robert

    This book provides an introduction to Generalised Phrase Structure Grammar (GPSG) and Head–driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), theories which have formed one of the main currents in syntactic theory since 1980.

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  • Modern Hinduism In Text And Context


    Modern Hinduism in Text and Context brings together textual and contextual approaches to provide a holistic understanding of modern Hinduism. It examines new sources - including regional Saiva texts, Odissi dance and biographies of Nationalists - and...

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  • Modern Construction Management 7Th Edition

    Harris, Frank; McCaffer,Ronald; Edum-Fotwe,Francis

    This new edition of a core undergraduate textbook for construction managers reflects current best practice, topical industry preoccupations and latest developments in courses and fundamental subjects for students. While the construction process still...

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  • e-book

    Modern Portfolio Theory - Foundations,...

    Francis, Jack Clark; Kim , Dongcheol

    A through guide covering Modern Portfolio Theory as well as the recent developments surrounding it Modern portfolio theory (MPT), which originated with Harry Markowitz's seminal paper 'Portfolio Selection' in 1952, has stood the test of time and...

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