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  • Modern Migrations In Western Africa


    Originally published in 1974, this volume deals with studies of migration from census and other data, variations in scale, distance and duration of various types of migration, social relations of migrant populations with their home areas and their...

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  • Modern Social Work Practice - Teaching And...


    Modern Social Work Practice is an interactive book designed to provide readers with an opportunity to engage with key aspects of current social work practice. It also provides an excellent digest of the significant literature. Each chapter is...

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  • Modern Couples? - Continuity And Change In...

    Hooff,Jenny Van

    Have heterosexual relationships become more intimate and equal over the past forty years? Simply put, this is the central question underpinning this book. Within the context of late modern social processes, including most notably individualization...

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  • Modern Slavery - A Global Perspective


    Siddharth Kara is a tireless chronicler of the human cost of slavery around the world. He has documented the dark realities of modern slavery in order to reveal the degrading and dehumanizing systems that strip people of their dignity for the sake of...

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  • Modern China


    Modern China

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  • Modern Social Policy


    First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor and Francis, an informa company.

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  • Modern Political Ideologies 3rd Edition


    Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition provides a comprehensive account of the major political ideologies of the past two centuries. Provides an expanded and thoroughly updated account of the major political ideologies of the past two...

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  • Modern Pluralism - Anglo-American Debates...


    Pluralism is among the most vital intellectual movements of the modern era. Liberal pluralism helped reinforce and promote greater separation of political and religious spheres. Socialist pluralism promoted the political role of trade unions and the...

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  • Modern Iran

    Keddie, Nikki R.; Richard,Yann

    Modern Iran

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  • Modern Prince


    Modern Prince

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  • Modern Moral Philosophy


    Modern Moral Philosophy

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  • Modern Philosophy - From Descartes to...

    Emmanuel; Emmanuel; Emmanuel, Steven M.; Goold,; Emmanuel,Steven M; Goold,Patrick Allen

    Modern Philosophy: An Anthology features a broad range of selections from important but seldom anthologized works in the philosophy of psychology, natural science, morality, politics and religion.Features a broad range of selections from works in the...

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  • Modern Philosophy - From Descartes to...

    Emmanuel, Steven M.; Emmanuel,Steven M.; Goold,Patrick Allen

    Modern Philosophy - From Descartes to Nietzsche - An Anthology

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  • Modern Chinese - A Basic Course

    Peking University,

    This overall course in modern Chinese was designed by the Faculty of Peking University and has been used successfully for the past decade in teaching English-speaking and other foreign students basic Mandarin Chinese. Assuming no previous training in...

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  • Modern Etiquette For A Better Life - Master...


    Diane Gottsman is here to make minding your manners more practical, relatable and modern. In today’s busy world, there are too many instances when proper social behavior can go awry, holding us back or making us nervous. Knowing what to say, wear and...

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  • Modern Bride Complete Wedding Planner - The...

    Lalli,Cele Goldsmith; Pahl,; Dahl,Stephanie H

    The number one bridal magazine in America provides couples with everything they need to know to plan their dream wedding--now with updated information on the latest trends and current costs. Along with their combined 45 years of experience in the...

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  • Islam - Continuity And Change In The Modern...

    Voll,John Obert

    This book goes beyond the headlines to explore the broad dimensions of Islam, looking at the vitality of the main elements of the faith across the centuries and finding the basis of today's Islamic resurgence in the continuing interaction of varying...

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  • John Locke And Modern Life

    Leeward,C. U.

    This book recovers a sense of John Locke's central role in the making of the modern world. It demonstrates that his vision of modern life was constructed on a philosophy of human freedom that is the intellectual nerve connecting the various strands...

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  • Sport And Democracy In The Ancient And Modern...


    This book explores the relationship between sport and democratization. Drawing on sociological and historical methodologies, it provides a framework for understanding how sport affects the level of egalitarianism in the society in which it is played....

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  • City Of Dreams - Dodger Stadium And The Birth...


    A vivid history of the controversial building of Dodger Stadium and how it helped transform Los AngelesWhen Walter O'Malley moved his Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1957 with plans to construct a new ballpark, he ignited a bitter half-decade...

  • Being Modern In China - A Western Cultural...


    This book analyses modernity and tradition in China today and how they combine in striking ways in the Chinese school. Paul Willis - the leading ethnographer and author of Learning to Labour - shows how China has undergone an internal migration not...

  • Being Modern In China - A Western Cultural...


    This book analyses modernity and tradition in China today and how they combine in striking ways in the Chinese school. Paul Willis - the leading ethnographer and author of Learning to Labour - shows how China has undergone an internal migration not...

  • Retro-Modern India - Forging The Low-Caste...


    Firmly situated within the analytics of the political economy of a north Indian province, this book explores self-fashioning in pursuit of the modern amongst low-caste Chamars. Challenging existing accounts of national modernity in the non-West, the...

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  • Unbecoming Modern - Colonialism, Modernity,...

    Dube,Saurabh; Banerjee-dube, Ishita

    In this volume well-known scholars from India and Latin America - Enrique Dussel, Madhu Dubey, Walter D. Mignolo, and Sudipta Sen, to name a few - discuss the concepts of modernity and colonialism and describe how the two relate to each other. This...

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  • The Modern Prince


    The Modern Prince

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  • The Modern World


    This final volume of Singer's trilogy discusses ideas about love in the work of writers ranging from Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Tolstoy to Freud, Proust, D.H. Lawrence, Shaw, and others in the contemporary world.

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  • The Modern Cryptography Cookbook - Learn From...


    The Modern Cryptography CookBook: This books covers various quick and advanced concept which you can adapt practice hands-on and explore more than 1000+ recipes which include various encryption and decryption algorithms along with other crypto...

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  • Shanghai Modern

    Lee,Lwo Ou-Fan; Lee,Leo Ou-Fan

    Shanghai Modern

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  • Shanghai Modern

    Lee,Leo Ou-Fan

    Shanghai Modern

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  • A Short History Of Modern Philosophy

    Scruton, Roger

    A Short History Of Modern Philosophy

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  • Punishment And Modern Society


    Punishment And Modern Society

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  • Wicca - A Modern Guide To Witchcraft And...


    In So You Want to Talk About Race, Editor at Large of The Establishment Ijeoma Oluo offers a contemporary, accessible take on the racial landscape in America, addressing head-on such issues as privilege, police brutality, intersectionality,...

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  • Ancient And Modern - William Crotch And The...


    First published 1999, Howard Irving details Croch's lecturing career and examines the influences of figures such a Charles Burney and Sir Joshua Reynolds on his approach to the ancient-modern debate. Irving also makes available for the first time in...

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  • Capitalism and Modern Social Theory; An...


    Offers a new analysis of the ideas of the 3 authors who have contributed most to the establishment of the basic framework of contemporary sociology.

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  • Democracy In Modern Spain

    Botella,Juan; Montero,Jose Ramon; Gunther,Richard

    Democracy In Modern Spain

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  • Governance In Modern Germany

    Paterson,William E.; Green, Simon

    Governance In Modern Germany

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  • Three Early Modern Utopias - Oxford World's...


    A unique edition of three early modern utopian texts, using a contemporary translation of More's Utopia and examining the Renaissance world view as shown by these writers. The edition includes the illustrative material that accompanied early...

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  • Hegel And Modern Society


    This rich study explores the elements of Hegel's social and political thought that are most relevant to our society today. Combating the prevailing post-World War II stereotype of Hegel as a proto-fascist, Charles Taylor argues that Hegel aimed not...

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  • Religion And Modern Thought (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Religion and Modern Thought As these essays were not originally written as parts of a systematic treatise, it has not been possible to avoid some slight repetition where the subjects discussed touched on one another. But. About the...

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  • Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing...

    Gottlieb, Adam; Todd,Larry; Todd, Larry

    Ancient and Modern Methods of Growing Extraordinary Marijuana

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  • The Foundations of Modern Political Thought


    The Foundations of Modern Political Thought

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  • Weber, Schumpeter And Modern Capitalism -...


    This book provides the groundwork for a general theory of modern capitalism by reinterpreting Max Weber's work on the origins and institutional underpinnings of modern capitalism, and Joseph Schumpeter's thought on the mechanisms and functioning of...

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  • A Dictionary Of Modern Defence And Strategy


    The second edition of this highly regarded reference source will be a welcome addition to any reference library, governmental department and development centre, It will also be of interest to journalists, students and researchers involved in the...

  • Honor In The Modern World


    After a century-long hiatus, honor is back. Academics, pundits, and everyday citizens alike are rediscovering the importance of this ancient and powerful human motive. This volume brings together some of the foremost researchers of honor to debate...

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