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  • The Modern Chair - Classic Designs By Thonet,...


    In this profusely illustrated study, a noted furniture designer brings together more than 40 examples of chairs that combine practicality and elegance to transcend the confines of period and fashion. Featured are such modern 'classics' as Thonet's...

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  • Modern Physics - The Quantum Physics Of Atoms...


    This introduction to the concepts and methods of quantum mechanics employs the analysis of one-dimensional problems to offer students a quantitative understanding of atomic, molecular, solid-state, and nuclear physics. Meaningful problems ?...

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  • Modern Mandalas - A 3-Dimensional Coloring...


    Inspired by lightning bolts, spider webs, peacock feathers, and other patterns, these 31 circular illustrations float right off the page when you follow the easy coloring instructions and put on the enclosed 3-D glasses. Pages are perforated and...

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  • Modern Calculus And Analytic Geometry

    Silverman,Richard A.

    Modern Calculus And Analytic Geometry

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  • Modern Quantum Chemistry

    Szabo,Attila; Ostlund,Neil S.

    Modern Quantum Chemistry

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  • Modern Algebra

    Warner, Seth

    This standard text, written for junior and senior undergraduates, is unusual in that its presentation is accessible enough for the beginner, yet its thoroughness and mathematical rigor provide the more advanced student with an exceptionally...

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  • Modern Higher Algebra

    Albert,Abraham Adrian

    Abraham Adrian Albert was one of the 20th century's leading mathematicians. This 1937 monograph written by him was hailed by the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society as 'a welcome addition to the literature.' Besides furnishing an excellent...

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  • Modern Control Systems Engineering


    This modern treatment of classical control theory and applications requires only an elementary mathematics background. It emphasizes continuous-time systems but its comprehensive treatment also examines discrete-time systems.

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  • Modern Artists On Art - Second Enlarged...

    Herbert,Robert L.

    This rich, readable anthology contains 17 unabridged essays by some of the 20th century's leading artistic innovators. Chosen for their intrinsic quality and documentary value by editor Robert L. Herbert Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus of...

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  • Modern Display Alphabets

    Kennedy,Paul E

    This practical book has been created with artists, designers, and advertising and publicity specialists in mind. It gathers the complete fonts of 100 contemporary display alphabets which are becoming more and more frequently used for all facets of...

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  • Modern Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book


    This stunning collection of original modern stained glass patterns combines abstract designs with natural elements to create strikingly unusual effects. From graceful florals, set amid contrasting bands of color, to an enchanting portrait of an...

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  • Modern Chinese - A Second Course

    ; Publications,Dover; Dover Publications Inc

    Chinese, the principle language of eastern Asia, is spoken by more people than any other language in the world. It is one of the five official languages of the United Nations, and in light of recent liberalizing influences on the Mainland, is likely...

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  • Modern Chinese - A Basic Course

    Peking University,

    This overall course in modern Chinese was designed by the Faculty of Peking University and has been used successfully for the past decade in teaching English-speaking and other foreign students basic Mandarin Chinese. Assuming no previous training in...

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  • The Modern Story Book

    Wadsworth, Wallace C

    This rediscovered classic from the 1930s tells nine imaginative stories about trains, cars, and other machinery with human personalities. The CD features readings of all nine stories and the bookincludes 30 full-page color images and numerous...

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  • Sears Modern Homes, 1913


    For thousands of Americans, catalogs such as Sears' Modern Homes were the first step in realizing their dreams of owning a home. Reproduced from a rare 1913 edition, this volume features 112 designs for homes of 'comfort and refinement.'These...

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  • A Modern View Of Geometry

    Blumenthal, Leonard M

    'On the required reading list for all thoughtful students who wish to see mathematics from the 'higher standpoint.' ' -- American Mathematical MonthlyElegant and original, this exposition explores the foundations and development of both Euclidean and...

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  • Essential Modern Greek Grammar

    Adams,Douglas Q.

    Written primarily for the tourist or business traveler with limited learning time, this concise, well-organized grammar provides a clear-cut system for learning to communicate, in both speech and writing, in simple everyday Greek. The book will...

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  • The Modern Chair - Classic Designs By Thonet,...


    In this profusely illustrated study, a noted furniture designer brings together more than 40 examples of chairs that combine practicality and elegance to transcend the confines of period and fashion. Featured are such modern 'classics' as Thonet's...

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  • A Modern Utopia

    Wells,H. G.; Wells, H. G.; Wells,H G

    Better known for his formative works in science fiction, H. G. Wells also wrote about politics and society. In this 1905 novel, he blends philosophical discussion with an imaginative narrative. Wells's depiction of a world united in sexual, economic,...

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  • Creative Haven Modern Tattoo Designs Coloring...

    Siuda,Erik; Haven,Creative

    More than 30 original designs by an accomplished tattoo artist offer a stunning array of images to colour. Full-page illustrations include edgy, imaginative renditions of flowers, dragons, skulls, hearts, wild animals, angels, and other creatures of...

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  • Concepts of Modern Mathematics


    Presents a humorous look at the concepts of 'new math.'

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  • Frankenstein - Or, The Modern Prometheus*


    'Dover hits a homerun with this slick edition. Frankenstein has never looked so beautiful.' -- Horror Novel ReviewsGenerations have thrilled to Mary Shelley's 1818 novel, the suspenseful tale of a well-intentioned doctorwho dares to play God and the...

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  • Anthropology And Modern Life

    Boas,Franz; Boas, Franz

    Anthropology And Modern Life

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Fundamentals Of...

    MacNeil, David B

    Students and others wishing to know more about the practical side of mathematics will find this volume a highly informative resource. Accessible explanations of important concepts feature worked examples and diagrams.

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  • Second Book Of Modern Lace Knitting


    Second Book Of Modern Lace Knitting

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  • First Book Of Modern Lace Knitting


    First Book Of Modern Lace Knitting

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Modern Methods...


    Designed for a one-year course in topological vector spaces, this text is geared toward beginning graduate students of mathematics. Topics include Banach space, open mapping and closed graph theorems, local convexity, duality, equicontinuity,...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Modern Methods...


    Upon its initial 1977 publication, this volume made recent accomplishments in its field available to advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students of mathematics. Requiring only some familiarity with advanced calculus and rudimentary...

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  • The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern...

    Burtt,Edwin A.

    The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science

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  • Make In A Day: Modern Frames

    Wright, Natalie

    Adorn your home with handmade frame decor, all of which can be made in a single day! Fifteen projects with illustrated step-by-step instructions offer ideas for every room in the house or apartment. Projects include floral frames with pressed or...

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  • College Geometry: An Introduction To The...


    Translated into many languages, this book has been the standard university-level text for decades. Revised and enlarged by the author in 1952, it offers today's students exercises in construction problems, similitude, and homothecy, properties of the...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Foundations Of...

    Friedman; Friedman,Avner; MATHEMATICS

    Measure and integration, metric spaces, the elements of functional analysis in Banach spaces, and spectral theory in Hilbert spaces all in a single study. Only book of its kind. Unusual topics, detailed analyses. Problems. Excellent for first-year...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Introduction To...

    Schreier, O; Sperner, E

    Dover Books On Mathematics - Introduction To Modern Algebra And Matrix Theory

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  • Dover Books On Engineering - Modern...

    Beckenbach, Edwin F

    This volume and its successor focus on material relevant to solving mathematical problems regularly confronted by engineers. Volume One's three-part treatment covers mathematical models, probabilistic problems, and computational considerations. 1956...

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  • Dover Books On Chemistry - The Development Of...

    Ihde, Aaron J

    Over the past two centuries chemistry has developed from germinal speculations on the nature of gases and minerals to a highly complex discipline encompassing numerous areas of study. This authoritative and comprehensive volume traces the historical...

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  • Dover Books On Engineering - Modern...

    Beckenbach, Edwin F

    The second in this two-volume series also contains original papers commissioned from prominent 20th-century mathematicians. A three-part treatment covers mathematical methods, statistical and scheduling studies, and physical phenomena. 1961 edition....

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Basic Concepts...

    Hafstrom,John Edward

    An in-depth survey of some of the most readily applicable essentials of modern mathematics, this concise volume is geared toward undergraduates of all backgrounds as well as future math majors. By focusing on relatively few fundamental concepts, the...

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - Great Ideas Of...

    Singh, Jagjit

    An internationally famous expositor discusses such topics as differential equations, matrices, groups, sets, transformations, mathematical logic and other important areas of modern mathematics. His clear-cut explanations for both lay readers and...

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  • Concepts Of Mass In Classical And Modern...


    Of fundamental importance to physics and the philosophy of science, the notion of mass had never been given an integrated and coherent historical investigation until the publication of this book. In it, the noted physicist Max Jammer presents a...

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  • Dover Books On Science - Marvels Of Modern...

    Lunt, Barry M

    This survey of the major discoveries of the past century focuses on innovations of the past 40 years, including computers, integrated circuits, the Internet, cell phones, GPS, optical fibers, and more.

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  • Etching And Engraving - Techniques And The...


    Etching And Engraving - Techniques And The Modern Trend

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  • Introduction To Mathematical Thinking - The...


    Introduction To Mathematical Thinking - The Formation Of Concepts In Modern Mathematics

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  • The Concerto - From Its Origins To The Modern...

    Veinus, Abraham

    'Sound history, intelligent evaluation, and a good literary style.'--Library Journal'Colorful and interesting ... a very valuable addition to our rising literature in musicology.'--Saturday Review'An excellent and eminently readable history.'--New...

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  • Network Analysis And Synthesis - A Modern...

    Anderson, Brian D O; Vongpanitlerd,Sumeth

    Geared toward upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, this book offers a comprehensive look at linear network analysis and synthesis. It explores state-space synthesis as well as analysis, employing modern systems theory to unite the...

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