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  • Modern House 2


    Modern House 2

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  • Modern Landscape


    Modern Landscape

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  • The Modern Chair - Classic Designs By Thonet,...


    In this profusely illustrated study, a noted furniture designer brings together more than 40 examples of chairs that combine practicality and elegance to transcend the confines of period and fashion. Featured are such modern 'classics' as Thonet's...

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  • In The Dark - Col. Modern Readers


    In The Dark - Col. Modern Readers

  • Modern Quantum Chemistry

    Szabo,Attila; Ostlund,Neil S.

    Modern Quantum Chemistry

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  • Modern Calculus And Analytic Geometry

    Silverman,Richard A.

    Modern Calculus And Analytic Geometry

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  • The Good Witch's Guide - A Modern-Day...

    Robbins , Shawn; Bedell,Charity

    The Good Witch's Guide - A Modern-Day Wiccapedia Of Magickal Ingredients And Spells

  • Modern Algebra

    Warner, Seth

    This standard text, written for junior and senior undergraduates, is unusual in that its presentation is accessible enough for the beginner, yet its thoroughness and mathematical rigor provide the more advanced student with an exceptionally...

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  • Modern Migrations In Western Africa


    Originally published in 1974, this volume deals with studies of migration from census and other data, variations in scale, distance and duration of various types of migration, social relations of migrant populations with their home areas and their...

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  • Modern Social Work Practice - Teaching And...


    Modern Social Work Practice is an interactive book designed to provide readers with an opportunity to engage with key aspects of current social work practice. It also provides an excellent digest of the significant literature. Each chapter is...

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  • Modern Couples? - Continuity And Change In...

    Hooff,Jenny Van

    Have heterosexual relationships become more intimate and equal over the past forty years? Simply put, this is the central question underpinning this book. Within the context of late modern social processes, including most notably individualization...

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  • Modern Slavery - A Global Perspective


    Siddharth Kara is a tireless chronicler of the human cost of slavery around the world. He has documented the dark realities of modern slavery in order to reveal the degrading and dehumanizing systems that strip people of their dignity for the sake of...

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  • Modern China


    Modern China

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  • Modern Differential Geometry of Curves And...

    Gray,Alfred; Salamon,Simon; Abbena,Elsa

    Modern Differential Geometry of Curves And Surfaces With Mathematica

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  • Modern Actuarial Theory And Practice

    Booth, Philip; Chadburn,Robert; Haberman,Steven; Booth, Philip

    Modern Actuarial Theory And Practice

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  • Modern Social Policy


    First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor and Francis, an informa company.

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  • Modern Political Ideologies 3rd Edition


    Thoroughly revised and updated, this third edition provides a comprehensive account of the major political ideologies of the past two centuries. Provides an expanded and thoroughly updated account of the major political ideologies of the past two...

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  • Modern Pluralism - Anglo-American Debates...


    Pluralism is among the most vital intellectual movements of the modern era. Liberal pluralism helped reinforce and promote greater separation of political and religious spheres. Socialist pluralism promoted the political role of trade unions and the...

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  • Modern Iran

    Keddie, Nikki R.; Richard,Yann

    Modern Iran

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  • Modern Prince


    Modern Prince

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  • Modern Criticism And Theory - A Reader

    Lodge,David; Wood,Nigel

    This third edition of Modern Criticism and Theory represents a major expansion on its previous incarnations with some twenty five new pieces or essays included. This expansion has two principal purposes. Firstly, in keeping with the collection's aim...

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  • Modern Survey Sampling


    Starting from the preliminaries and ending with live examples, Modern Survey Sampling details what a sample can communicate about an unknowable aggregate in a real situation. The author lucidly develops and presents numerous approaches. He details...

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  • Modern Engineering Mathematics

    Siddiqi,Abul Hasan

    This book is a compendium of fundamental mathematical concepts, methods, models, and their wide range of applications in diverse fields of engineering. It comprises essentially a comprehensive and contemporary coverage of those areas of mathematics...

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  • Modern Higher Algebra

    Albert,Abraham Adrian

    Abraham Adrian Albert was one of the 20th century's leading mathematicians. This 1937 monograph written by him was hailed by the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society as 'a welcome addition to the literature.' Besides furnishing an excellent...

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  • Modern Signal Processing

    Healy,Dennis M.; Rockmore,Daniel N.

    Modern Signal Processing

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    Uma selecao de 687 girias da lingua inglesa, cujo conhecimento e fundamental para comunicar-se de maneira mais natural no idioma.

  • Technicals - Non-Standard Tactical Vehicles...

    Neville, Leigh

    Over the last 30 years, the 'technical' or armed pick-up truck has become arguably the most ubiquitous military land vehicle of modern warfare. Harking back to the armed Jeeps and Chevrolet trucks of the SAS and Long Range Desert Group in North...

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  • Modern American Poetry - An Anthology...


    Excerpt from Modern American Poetry: An Anthology Whitman, who was to influence future generations so profoundly in Europe as well as in America, had already appeared. The third edition of that stupendous volume, Leaves of Grass, had been printed in...

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  • Modern American Drama On Screen

    Bray, William Robert

    From its beginnings, the American film industry has profited from bringing popular and acclaimed dramatic works to the screen. This is the first book to offer a comprehensive account, focusing on key texts, of how Hollywood has given a second and...

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  • Modern Literary Criticism And Theory - A...

    Habib,M A R

    Written in concise and clear language, this book offers an historical overview of literary criticism and theory throughout the twentieth century along with a close analysis of some of the most important and commonly taught texts from the period....

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  • Modern Art - Art Essentials Series


    The first in a new series of essential introductions to art, Modern Art guides the reader through individual movements from Impressionism to Conceptual Art, situated within five broader chronological eras. Starting with Impressionism in 1860, art...

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  • Modern French Pastry


    Hone Your Skills with Instruction from a Master of PâtisserieThe perfect pâte á choux, tart dough or meringue is combined with a unique modern twist that make these desserts unlike anything you've ever seen before. Cheryl Wakerhauser, award-winning...

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  • Mastering Modern World History

    Lowe,Norman; Lowe,Norman (NA)

    The fifth edition of this bestselling book is for school and college students taking courses in Modern World History and for undergraduates in History and International Relations. It is a complete, self-contained, lively and highly readable course,...

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  • The Irony Of Modern Catholic History - How...

    Weigel, George

    A powerful new interpretation of Catholicism's dramatic encounter with modernity, by one of America's leading intellectualsThroughout much of the nineteenth century, both secular and Catholic leaders assumed that the Church and the modern world were...

  • The Modern Art Cookbook

    Caws,Mary Ann

    Matisse, Picasso, Hockney--they may not have been from the same period, but they all painted still lifes of food. And they are not alone. Andy Warhol painted soup cans, Claes Oldenburg sculpted an ice cream cone on the top of a building in Cologne,...

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  • Modern Art In Detail - 75 Masterpieces

    Hodge, Susie

    Great works of art cannot be fully understood in a single encounter. This is perhaps even truer for modern artworks that may not immediately make sense to, or even appeal to, the casual observer. Viewing an artwork-- whether it is a painting,...

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  • Modern Artists On Art - Second Enlarged...

    Herbert,Robert L.

    This rich, readable anthology contains 17 unabridged essays by some of the 20th century's leading artistic innovators. Chosen for their intrinsic quality and documentary value by editor Robert L. Herbert Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus of...

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  • Modern Starts People.places.things


    Modern Starts People.places.things

  • Modern And Contemporary Art


    This engrossing volume takes us on a fascinating visual journey through the most groundbreaking and avant-garde art of the early 20th century to the present. Stunning, high-quality photographs of major artworks accompany illuminating discussions of...

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  • Modern Art - Impressionism To Post-modernism


    This concise and authoritative introduction covers every major development in the visual arts since 1900. The informed and informative texts, written by a team of distinguished art historians, are up-to-date in approach whilst remaining intelligible...

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  • Modern Art In America 1908-68

    Agee,William C.

    A radical re-evaluation of American modernismThe importance of American artists in the history of modern art is well-known and well-documented, from Jackson Pollock to Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. However, the work of such artists did not...

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  • Modern Japanese Short Stories - Twenty-Five...

    Morris, Ivan

    Modern Japanese Short Stories is a remarkable collection of Japanese stories from the pioneers of contemporary Japanese literature. This volume's twenty-five stories by as many authors display a wide range of style and subject matter--offering a...

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  • Modern Jazz Piano


    Modern Jazz Piano

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  • Modern Recording Techniques 6e


    Modern Recording Techniques 6e

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