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  • Game Theory For Next Generation Wireless And...

    Han,zhu; Niyato,Dusit; Saad,Walid

    Discover the very latest game-theoretic approaches for designing, modeling, and optimizing emerging wireless communication networks and systems with this unique text. Providing a unified and comprehensive treatment throughout, it explains basic...

  • Superstrings

    Davies,P. C. W.; Davies,P. C. W.; Brown,J. R.

    Discusses the background of the superstring theory and shares interviews with some of the physicists working on a unified theory of nature

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  • Incentives

    Campbell,Donald E.


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  • Fractography



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  • Conflict

    Jones, Martin; Fabian, A. C.


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  • Atmospheric Pollution

    Jacobson,Mark Z.

    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the history and science of major air pollution issues. It begins with an introduction to the basic atmospheric chemistry and the history of discovery of chemicals in the atmosphere, and then moves on...

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  • Product Innovation

    Rainey,David L.

    Product Innovation

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  • Lean Evolution

    Rich,Nick; Bateman,Nicola

    Lean Evolution

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  • Mind World

    Smith,David Woodruff

    Mind World

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  • Aircraft Noise

    Smith,Michael J. T.

    Aircraft Noise

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  • Space Odyssey

    Brunier,Serge; Lyle,Stephen (TRN)

    A photographic tribute to the greatest moments and people in space exploration includes coverage of the Apollo missions and the achievements of the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station. (Science & Mathematics)

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  • Manufacturing Automation


    Manufacturing Automation

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  • Challenging Diversity


    Challenging Diversity

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  • Enchanted Looms


    Enchanted Looms

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  • Cellular Solids

    Ashby,M. F.; Gibson,Lorna J.

    Cellular Solids

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  • Natural Enemies

    Hajek,Ann E.

    Natural Enemies

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  • Electromagnetic Scintillation

    Wheelon,Albert D.

    Electromagnetic Scintillation

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  • Design Paradigms


    Design Paradigms

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  • Natural Enemies

    Hajek,Ann E.

    Natural Enemies

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  • Mind World

    Smith,David Woodruff

    Mind World

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  • Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-breathing...


    Principles of Turbomachinery in Air-breathing Engines

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  • Fatigue Of Materials

    Suresh, S.

    Written by a leading researcher in the field, this revised and updated second edition of a highly successful book provides an authoritative, comprehensive and unified treatment of the mechanics and micromechanisms of fatigue in metals, non-metals and...

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  • Applied Quantum Mechanics

    Levi,A. F. J.

    Applied Quantum Mechanics

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  • The Outsourcing Process

    McIvor,Ronan; Mcivor,ronan

    The Outsourcing Process

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  • Communicating in Science


    Communicating in Science

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  • Decisions Under Uncertainty

    Jordaan,I. J.

    Decisions Under Uncertainty

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  • Low-Speed Aerodynamics


    Low-Speed Aerodynamics

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  • Consistent Quantum Theory

    Griffiths,Robert B.

    Consistent Quantum Theory

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  • Texture and Anisotropy

    Wenk,H. R.; Kocks,U. F.; Tome,C. N.; Kallend,J. S. (CON); Rollett,A. D. (CON); Stout,M. G. (CON); Mecking,H.; Beaudoin,A. J. (CON); Canova,G. R. (CON); Dawson,P. R. (CON); Wright,Stephen I. (CON)

    Texture and Anisotropy

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  • Elements of Justice


    Elements of Justice

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  • Wireless Data Services

    Sharma, Chetan; Nakamura,Yasuhisa

    Wireless Data Services

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  • Making Technology Work

    Deutch,John M.; Lester,Richard K.

    Making Technology Work

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  • Glasses for Photonics

    Asahara,Yoshiyuki; Yamane,Masayuki

    Glasses for Photonics

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  • Liquid Crystalline Polymers

    Donald,Athene; Windle,Alan; Hanna,Simon

    Liquid Crystalline Polymers

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  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction


    Forensic Facial Reconstruction

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  • Probabilistic Risk Analysis

    Bedford,Tim; Cooke, Roger M.

    Probabilistic Risk Analysis

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  • The Biomaker Guide

    Walters,Clifford C.; Peters,K. E.; Moldowan,J. Michael

    The Biomaker Guide

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  • Offshoring Information Technology

    Carmel,Erran; Tjia,Paul

    Offshoring Information Technology

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  • Making Technology Work

    Deutch,John M.; Lester,Richard K.

    Making Technology Work

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  • Analog Optical Links

    Cox,Charles Howard

    Analog Optical Links

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  • Service-oriented Architecture


    Service-oriented Architecture

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  • Crystal Field Handbook

    Newman,D. J.; Ng,Betty

    Crystal Field Handbook

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  • Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Analysis...

    Karczub,D. G.; Norton,Michael Peter

    Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Analysis for Engineers

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  • Time, Space and Things

    Ridley,B. K.

    Time, Space and Things

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