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  • The Secrets Of Street Magic - A Step-By-Step...


    It's magic--close-up, in-your-face magic, as taught by a leading comedy conjurer. Learn how to perform more than 100 magic tricks and illusions! Renowned magician Paul Zenon explains each one in easy-to-understand, jargon-free detail, whether it's...

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  • The Atlas Of Happiness: The Global Secrets Of...

    Russell, Helen

    A fun, illustrated guide that takes us around the world, discovering the secrets to happiness. Author Helen Russell (The Year of Living Danishly) uncovers the fascinating ways that different nations search for happiness in their lives, and what...

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  • The Secret of Golf

    Peper,George; Tiegreen,Mary

    An entertaining assorment of advice, wisdom, and sage tips on how to master the game of golf features contributions by such notable teachers and stars--including Trevino, Pelz, Hogan, Vardon, Armour, Morrison, Jacobs, and Cotton--accompanied by...

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  • The Secret of Golf

    Peper,George (edt); Tiegreen,Mary (edt)

    Presents advice, wisdom, and tips on how to master the game of golf with contributions by notable teachers and stars and accompanied by instructional photographs and drawings, vintage art, period photographs, and trivia.

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  • Secrets Of The Samurai - The Martial Arts Of...

    Westbrook, Adele; Ratti, Oscar

    Secrets of the Samurai is the definitive study of the martial arts of feudal Japan, explaining in detail the weapons, techniques, strategies, and principles of combat that made the Japanese warrior a formidable foe. The work begins with a panoramic...

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  • Secrets Of The Sicilian

    Schiller,Eric; Schiller ,Eric

    The Sicilian Dragon is one of the most exciting and popular openings in all chess—one that all chess players need to be familiar with—featuring games with brilliant combinations and exciting attacks. This new edition features bigger diagrams and...

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  • Minecraft The Survivors' Book Of Secrets - An...

    Milton, Stephanie

    An all-new official Minecraft guidebook full of tips to fend off mobs and withstand the wild!This official Minecraft book contains the collective knowledge of the Survivors: an underground group of Minecraft experts who have been around since the...

  • Dover Magic Books - The Secrets Of Houdini

    Cannell, J C; Cannell, John Clucas; Cannell,

    When this book was published shortly after Houdini's death in 1926, it caused such a controversy that many people refused to believe the author. Yet if you are interested in magic, the stage, or the fabulous life of Harry Houdini, you are certain to...

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  • Hunting Rutting Bucks - Secrets For Tagging...


    Hunting Rutting Bucks is a tremendous resource for hunters hoping to take the biggest buck of their lives. Rather than focus on the much-publicized but short primary rut period, the author divides the mating season into three distinct phases and...

  • Running To The Edge - A Band Of Misfits And...

    Futterman, Matthew

    'Athletes in any sport stand to learn from Larsen's methods, and Futterman turns in a fluent yarn reminiscent of Plimpton and McPhee.'--KirkusVisionary American running coach Bob Larsen assembled a mismatched team of elite California runners . . ....

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  • A Course Called Scotland - Searching The Home...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * 'One of the best golf books this century.' --Golf Digest Tom Coyne's A Course Called Scotland is a heartfelt and humorous celebration of his quest to play golf on every links course in Scotland, the birthplace of the game...

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  • The Secret Of Success In Life, Or Common...

    Freedley,Edwin Troxell

    Excerpt from The Secret of Success in Life, or Common Sense in Business and the Home: A Compendium of Practical Information In the preparation of Part II. The author does not claim originality, for originality would be a fault; but he does claim to...

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  • The Secret Olympian - The Inside Story Of The...


    The Secret Olympian - The Inside Story Of The Olympic Experience

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  • Strategies & Secrets - Imperialism II - The...

    Sybex; ; Chong,David; Rymaszewski,Michael

    This sequel to the successful turn-based strategy game Imperialism improves greatly upon the original with its easier interface, improved graphics, and greater game play. This detailed guide reveals essential strategies and secrets for more than 40...

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  • Strategies & Secrets - Baldur's Gate - Tales...

    Norton,Matthew J; Avery,Doug

    Strategies & Secrets - Baldur's Gate - Tales Of The Sword Coast; Official Strategies & Secrets

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  • Secrets Of The Wing Commander Universe

    Minasi, Mark

    Secrets Of The Wing Commander Universe

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  • Valuable Secrets In Arts, Trades, &C -...

    AUTHOR,UNKNOWN; Unknown Author

    Excerpt from Valuable Secrets in Arts, Trades, &C: Selected From the Best Authors and Adapted to the Situation of the United States That the work might not be altogether uninterest ing to that great portion of the people of the United States which...

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  • Septerra Core: Legacy Of The Creator -...


    Septerra Core is a role-playing game in the tradition of the hugely successful Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Like the Final Fantasy games, Septerra Core is heavily influence by anime, a popular form of animation that was born in Japan but is...

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  • Secrets of the Ninja


    Demonstrates the techniques ninja use to climb walls, conceal themselves, attack sentries, set up ambushes, throw weapons, and escape capture

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  • Secrets Of The Playstation 2

    Michele E. Davis

    Secrets Of The Playstation 2

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  • Age Of Empires II Official Strategies &...

    ; Radcliffe,Doug; To Be Announced

    Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion adds five new civilizations, all of which possess a unique technology or skill, and includes four new hero-oriented campaigns, expanded multiplayer capture-the-flag matches, enhanced maps, and more. This...

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  • Age Of Empires II, The Age Of Kings -...

    ; Shelley,Bruce C; Ensemble Studio Theatre

    In the sequel to one of the most popular real-time strategy games of the past two years, Microsoft moves the setting of Age of Empires forward in time to cover the thousand-year period from the collapse of Rome to the late Middle Ages. This essential...

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  • Star Trek (Unnumbered Paperback) - Secret Of...

    Farkas,Bart G

    This text reveals, step-by-step, the complete solution to the game, including all hidden areas, bonuses and alternate endings. It contains information about the design and creation of the game, its backstory and concept art.

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  • Young's Great Book Of Secrets - Containing...


    Excerpt from Young's Great Book of Secrets: Containing Many of the Most Valuable Recipes Known; Also, Dr. Lamotte's Celebrated Cure for Consumption; And Directions to the Working Class How to Start a Money Making Business With or Without Capital, &C....

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  • Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets Of The...

    Wilson,Doug (TRN); Hatsumi,Masa'aki; Hirata,Minoru; Akashi,Kyuzo; Appleby,Bruce (TRN)

    Hidden Essence of the Martial Arts and the Spirit of the SamuraiJapanese history is replete with great sword masters. Legendary figures such as Koizumi Isenokami, Tsukahara Bokuden, Yagyu Munenori, Miyamoto Musashi, and Ito Ittosai have been revered...

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  • Of Light & Darkness - The Prophecy Official...


    Of Light & Darkness is a real-time adventure game based on doomsday prophesies about the end-of-the-millennium. It incorporates more than fifty puzzles, progressive levels of difficulty, and ten different possible outcomes and features the acting...

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  • A Course Called Scotland - Searching The Home...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - 'One of the best golf books this century.' --Golf Digest From Tom Coyne--the author of the New York Times bestselling A Course Called Ireland, hailed as 'a joy from start to finish' by The Wall Street Journal--comes the...

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