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  • The Secret Of Water - For The Children Of The...


    Dr. Masaru Emoto's stunning water-crystal photographs have enchanted millions of people in his many books. His groundbreaking work has shown that thoughts and words have a direct effect on water- crystal formation, and since our bodies are mostly...

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  • The Secrets Of The Stone - A Lottie Lipton...


    Welcome to the British Museum, home to Lottie Lipton: nine-year-old investigator extraordinaire! There's been a break-in at the British Museum and someone's after the priceless Rosetta Stone. When Lottie spots a hidden message, she and her friends...

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  • The Secret Of The Puzzle Box


    The Code Busters are excited for their class field trip to Angel Island, known as the Ellis Island of the West. One of Mika's ancestors passed through the island's immigration station in the early twentieth century, and Mika thinks he may have left...

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  • The Secret Of The Caves #7

    Dixon,Franklin W

    The Hardy Boys series, first published in 1927, has sold more than 70 million copies! Now with a brand-new look, this is an edition that collectors won't want to miss! In The Secret of the Caves, the seventh book in the incredibly popular,...

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  • The Secret of Everything


    In this spectacular new novel, Barbara O’Neal delivers a generous helping of the best in life–family, food, and love–in the story of a woman’s search for the one thing worth more than anything.At thirty-seven, Tessa Harlow is still working her way...

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  • The Secrets of My Life

    McCoy, Kathy

    The Secrets of My Life

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  • The Secret of Sabrina Fludde


    Washed ashore along a Welsh river, Abren, a girl who has lost her memory, makes new friends in an English town and finds her own way of discovering who she is.

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  • The Secret of the Green Skin

    Murdocca,Sal; Stanley,George Edward; Murdocca,Sal

    When it is believed that the food at their classmate's family diner is the cause of people getting sick, the Third-Grade Detectives decide to put their sleuthing hats on to find the real source of the mysterious illness.

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  • The Secrets of Ms. Snickle's Class

    Hornik,Laurie Miller; Tilley,Debbie; Tilley, Debbie (ilt)

    Every school has its secrets, but in Ms. Snickle's classroom the secrets are extraordinary, and when Lacey sets out to learn and tell them all, she puts Ms. Snickle's job in jeopardy.

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  • The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Deluxe Junior...


    Reexperience the whole story of The Secret Life of Pets 2--in theaters June 7, 2019--with The Secret Life of Pets 2: The Deluxe Junior Novelization! The Secret Life of Pets 2: The Deluxe Junior Novelization retells the whole story of Max, Gidget,...

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  • The Secret Journal Of Ichabod Crane

    Irvine, Alex

    In 'Sleepy Hollow,' a twist on Washington Irving's classic short story, Ichabod Crane has been pulled two-and-a-half centuries through time to find that he and detective Abbie Mills are humanity's last hope in the war against evil. Now, in the...

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  • The Secret Life Of Mac


    Inspired by the true story of a kleptomaniac cat who stole his way into America's heart . . . HE'S THE CAT THIEF OF LOVE MacGyver the tabby is feeling very pleased with himself. His human, Jamie Snyder, has found the perfect packmate--and it's all...

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  • The Secret Life Of Bees

    Sue Monk Kidd

    Lily has grown up believing she accidentally killed her mother when she was four. She not only has her own memory of holding the gun, but her father's account of the event. Now fourteen, she yearns for her mother, and for forgiveness. Living on a...

  • The Secret Life of Bees (movie Tie-in)

    Kidd,Sue Monk; Monk Kidd,Sue

    Sue Monk Kidd's ravishing debut novel has stolen the hearts of reviewers and readers alike with its strong, assured voice. Set in South Carolina in 1964, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of Lily Owens, whose life has been shaped around the...

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  • The Secret Book Of Frida Kahlo

    G. Haghenbeck,F.

    More than half a century after her death, Frida Kahlo continues to inspire a devoted following. Her paintings command more money than any other female artist, and her work was the first by a Mexican artist to be purchased by the Louvre. Now her...

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  • The Secret History Of Us - International...


    When Olivia awakes in a hospital bed following a near-fatal car accident, she can’t remember how she got there. She figures it’s because she was in a coma for a week, but as time goes on, she realizes she’s lost more than just the last week of her...

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  • The Secret Runners Of New York


    Gossip Girl meets Mad Max in this breakneck thriller from an international bestselling author where the line between rich and poor is the line between life and death. 'The windows on all the skyscrapers are smashed... No power, no lights, no...

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  • The Secret Life of Food

    Crespo,Clare; Staudenmaier,Eric; Staudenmaier, Eric

    Provides forty-six whimsical recipes for children, including tarantula cookies, spaghetti with eyeballs, sushi cupcakes, mutant chicken, and potato flip-flops.

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  • The Secret Life of Trees


    Details the parts and inner lives of trees and all the organisms that live within them

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  • The Ship Of Secrets (Geronimo Stilton And The...

    Stilton, Geronimo

    I, Geronimo Stilton, was called to the Kingdom of Fantasy for the tenth time! A fairy princess had called me there. She needed my help: The most powerful and dangerous wizard in the realm wanted to capture her -- and conquer the entire kingdom!The...

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  • The Fantastic Secret Of Owen Jester


    An amazing secret has tumbled off a freight train into Carter, Georgia, and Owen Jester is the only person who knows about it. If he can simply manage to evade his grandfather's snappish housekeeper, organize his two best friends, and keep his nosy...

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  • The Secret History Of The Mongol Queens - How...


    The Mongol queens of the thirteenth century ruled the largest empire the world has ever known. Yet sometime near the end of the century, censors cut their story from The Secret History of the Mongols, leaving only a hint of a father's legacy for his...

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  • The Secret of Ararat

    Phillips,Bob; LaHaye,Tim F.

    Michael Murphy, a field archaeologist and scholar of biblical prophecy, embarks on a quest that takes him to Mt. Ararat in search of Noah's Ark, an expedition that leads to dramatic discoveries about the Bible's prophecies.

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  • The Secrets of Harry Bright

    Wambaugh, Joseph

    The Secrets of Harry Bright

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  • The Black Book of Buried Secrets - 39 Clues

    Scholastic; Riordan, Rick; Scholastic,Inc; Scholastic Inc; Kass, Mallory

    The ultimate guide to the New York Times bestselling series, with an introduction by Rick Riordan! The book you see here is the ultimate source of all Cahill knowledge. It contains every buried secret, Cahill weapon or gadget, all the strongholds,...

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  • The Top-Secret Journal of Fiona Claire Jardin


    Captures the emotions of one young girl as she copes with the sadness of her parent's divorce and the unsettling feeling of living in two homes at once.

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  • The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen, 83¼ Years...


    Meet Hendrik Groen. An octogenarian in a care home who has no intention of doing what he's told, or dying quietly. To that end, he creates the Old-But-Not-Dead Club and with his fellow members sets about living his final years with careless abandon....

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  • Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

    Rowling, J. K.

    A special new edition in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, with a stunning new cover illustration by Caldecott Medalist Brian Selznick. The Dursleys were so mean and hideous that summer...

  • The Secret Language Of Girlfriends

    Neuburger,Karen; Schiff,Nadine

    A collection of enlightening testimonials demonstrating the unique bonds that exist between women proves that no matter how many directions a person is being pulled in, she can always count on her friends to be there for her.

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  • The Secret Life Of The Lonely Doll


    The personal story of Dare Wright, the author of the children's classic The Lonely Doll, recounts her work in modeling and photography before she became a successful author, the tragic loss of her brother in childhood, her ill-fated marriage plans,...

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  • The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets Of Love


    A celebration of friendship, sisterhood, and true love follows the Dashwood sisters--practical Elly, drama queen Abby, and tomboy Georgia--as they share their romantic woes and mishaps.

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  • The Secret Life of Bees

    Kidd,Sue Monk

    The multi-million bestselling novel about a young girl's journey towards healing and the transforming power of love, from the award-winning author of The Invention of WingsSet in South Carolina in 1964, The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of Lily...

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  • The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula


    An erotic reimagining of the myth of Dracula presents an all-too-human count, a beloved Hungarian doctor obsessed with possessing and destroying young women, whose self-loathing only drives him on to bloodier outrages. Reader's Guide included....

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  • The Secret Life of Bees

    Kidd,Sue Monk

    After her 'stand-in mother,' a bold black woman named Rosaleen, insults the three biggest racists in town, Lily Owens joins Rosaleen on a journey to Tiburon, South Carolina, where they are taken in by three black, bee-keeping sisters.

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  • The Secret Fruit Of Peter Paddington


    Overweight and the object of his classmates' ridicule, thirteen-year-old Peter Paddington finds his life going from bad to worse as his nipples begin speaking to him, threatening to expose his secret dreams and desires, and his only solace is his...

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  • The Secret Book of Grazia Dei Rossi


    Set against the backdrop of the religious persecution and papal politics of the Italian Renaissance, the story of Grazia dei Rosi, heiress to a Jewish banking dynasty and lover of a Christian lord, unfolds through her secret diary

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  • The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

    Willig, Lauren

    Leaving Harvard to complete her dissertation on the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Purple Gentian in England, Eloise Kelly discovers lost historical information that reveals the secret life of the most elusive spy of all time, a figure who single-handedly...

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  • The Secret of Life


    The best-selling author of Prozac Nation discusses the author's philosophy of life that having faith that things will eventually work out keeps a person going in spite of mistakes made along the way. Originally published as Radical Sanity. Reprint....

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  • Secret History of the World


    They say that history is written by the victors. But what if history-or what we come to know as history-has been written by the wrong people? What if everything we've been told is only part of the story? In this groundbreaking and now famous work,...

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  • The Secret Of Chimneys

    Christie, Agatha; Christie, Agatha

    What is The Secret of Chimneys? A young drifter finds out when a favor for a friend pulls him into the heart of a deadly conspiracy in this captivating classic from Agatha Christie.Little did Anthony Cade suspect that an errand for a friend would...

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  • The Secret Of Chimneys - Facsimile Editions

    Christie, Agatha; Christie, Agatha

    Little did Anthony Cade suspect that a simple errand on behalf of a friend would make him the centrepiece of a murderous international conspiracy. Someone would stop at nothing to prevent the monarchy being restored in faraway Herzoslovakia.

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  • The Book of Secrets

    Vassanji,M. G.

    When a retired schoolteacher, Pius Fernandes, discovers the 1913 diary of a British colonial administrator, he is drawn into a provocative account of the Asian community of East Africa and the liaisons, secrets, and feelings of its people

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  • The Secrets of Savvy Networking

    Roane,Susan; Roane,Susan (NRT)

    Demonstrates how to make useful connections and parlay them into lasting business and personal relationships through practical, effective techniques and resources.

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  • The Secret Lives of Toddlers


    An entertaining and compassionate handbook for parents of young children takes a close-up look at the years between one and three, drawing on expert advice and explanations from pediatricians, child development specialists, and psychologists to...

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