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  • Immortality, Inc. - Renegade Science, Silicon...

    Walter, Chip

    This gripping narrative explores today's scientific pursuit of immortality, with exclusive visits inside Silicon Valley labs and interviews with the visionaries who believe we will soon crack into the aging process and cure death. We live in an age...

  • Florilegium Imperiale

    Lack,H. Walter

    Florilegium Imperiale

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  • Nature Journaling

    Leslie,Clare Walter; Roth,Charles Edmund

    Nature Journaling

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  • The Fire Ants

    Tschinkel,Walter R.

    The Fire Ants

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  • Plant Biochemistry

    Heldt, Hans-Walter; Piechulla, Birgit; Piechulla,Birgit

    The fully revised and expanded fourth edition of Plant Biochemistry presents the latest science on the molecular mechanisms of plant life. The book not only covers the basic principles of plant biology, such as photosynthesis, primary and secondary...

  • Spiders and Their Kin

    Levi,Herbert Walter; Levi,Lorna R.; Strekalovsky,Nicholas; Zim, Herbert Spencer; Zim, Herbert Spencer

    Spiders and Their Kin

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  • Insect Pest Management and Ecological...

    Walter,G. H.

    Insect Pest Management and Ecological Research

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  • Simon And Schuster's Guide To Orchids

    Fanfani,Alberto; Rossi,Walter; Schuler,Stanley

    Identifies more than a hundred species of orchids and provides information on their structure, characteristics, ecology, and cultivation

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  • Autecology - Organisms, Interactions And...

    Walter,Gimme H; Hengeveld,Rob; Walter,G H

    This book spells out the theoretical structure, methodology and philosophy of the science of autecology. The autecological approach focuses on the interactions of individual organisms (and their species-specific adaptations) with the spatio-temporal...

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  • Principles of Meteorological Analysis

    Saucier,Walter J.

    Principles of Meteorological Analysis

  • Sensory Communication - Contributions To The...

    Rosenblith,Walter A

    Available again: a landmark collection on sensation and perception that remains influential. This landmark volume, which remains influential today, is the result of an interdisciplinary, two-week international symposium on principles of sensory...

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  • The Timber Press Dictionary Of Plant Names

    Siegmund Seybold; Nils Bodeker; Erich Gotz; Walter Von Erhardt

    'The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names' is the only reference available in English with the current names of thousands of plants found in gardens and the wild. Based in science and valuable to botanists, horticulturists, agronomists, and...

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  • A Manual of Acarology

    Behan-pelletier,Valerie (con); Cook,David R. (con); Harvey,Mark S. (con); Krantz,G. W. (edt); Walter,D. E. (edt)

    A Manual of Acarology

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  • Garden of Eden

    Lack Walter H

    Garden of Eden

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  • Garden Eden

    Lack,H, Walter

    Garden Eden

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  • Plant Biochemistry

    Heldt,Hans-Walter; Piechulla, Birgit; Piechulla,Birgit

    The fully revised and expanded fourth edition of Plant Biochemistry presents the latest science on the molecular mechanisms of plant life. The book not only covers the basic principles of plant biology, such as photosynthesis, primary and secondary...

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  • Molecular Biology of the Cell

    Johnson,Alexander; Walter,Peter; Roberts,Keith; Lewis,Julian; Raff,Martin; Alberts,Bruce

    As the amount of information in biology expands dramatically, it becomes increasingly important for textbooks to distill the vast amount of scientific knowledge into concise principles and enduring concepts.As with previous editions, Molecular...

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  • Initiative In Evolution (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Initiative in Evolution The dinner was good, wine abundant, and the utmost harmony prevailed. The want of grouse was severely felt this day. It is written on page 101 of the Chronicles of Blackheath Golfers. About the Publisher Forgotten...

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  • A Monograph Of The Genus Casuarius (Classic...


    Excerpt from A Monograph of the Genus Casuarius The eggs are about six to eight in number, with a strong and very coarsely granulated surface. When fresh they are evidently all of a light green colour, but when exposed to the light they become first...

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  • Physiological Plant Ecology


    Physiological Plant Ecology

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  • Intermediary Nitrogen Metabolism

    "conn,P. Michael; Miflin, B.; Stumpf, Walter

    This volume covers the most significant advances of the last ten years in understanding intermediary nitrogen metabolism in plants. The eight chapters comprise aspects of nitrate and nitrogen assimilation, symbiotic nitrogen fixation, glutamine and...

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  • Biologia Centrali-Americana - Insecta;...

    Bates,Henry Walter

    Excerpt from Biologia Centrali-Americana: Insecta; Coleoptera, Vol. V. Longicornia, Bruchides N orth-temperate genera, which together made a total of 93. Of these, 74 are confined to Mexico and Guatemala, and only 5 reach Panama. The essentially...

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  • Biologia Centrali-Americana, Vol. 15 -...

    Bates,Henry Walter

    Excerpt from Biologia Centrali-Americana, Vol. 15: Insecta; Coleoptera, Vol I., Part 1 The present volume, the first of the Coleoptera of the Biologia centrali-americana, ' completes the first two families - Cicindelidae and Carabidae - of this great...

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  • Handbook of Rocks, Minerals, And Gemstones

    Schumann,Walter; Bradshaw,R.; Mills,K. A. G.

    Shows and describes different kinds of rocks and minerals, and tells how to identify rocks by testing for hardness, streak color, and density

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  • An Aid To A Collector Of The Coelenterata And...

    Fewkes,Jesse Walter

    Excerpt from An Aid to a Collector of the Coelenterata and Echinodermata of New England, Vol. 23 It is very difficult for one wishing to study the develop ment or anatomy of any marine animal to know when and where to find the eggs, young and adult....

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  • Freshwater Ecology

    "dodds,Walter; Whiles, Matt"

    The Second Edition of Freshwater Ecology is broad, up-to-date treatment of everything from the basic chemical and physical properties of water to advanced unifying concepts of the community ecology and ecosystem relationships as found in continental...

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