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  • Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water - Digipack


    Depois de um hiato de cinco anos na carreira, a cantora Avril Lavigne está de volta com o aguardado projeto “Head Above Water”, novo álbum que já está disponível em todas as plataformas digitais e agora ganha versão física no Brasil.O novo projeto...

  • Water & Wastewater Infrastructure - Energy...

    Spellman,Frank R

    A critical aspect of sustainability associated with water and wastewater systems is to maintain and manage infrastructure in the most efficient and economical manner while complying with environmental regulations and keeping rates at acceptable...

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  • The Water Dancer


    In his boldly imagined first novel, Ta-Nehisi Coates, the National Book Award-winning author of Between the World and Me, brings home the most intimate evil of enslavement: the cleaving and separation of families. Young Hiram Walker was born into...

  • Blood Water Paint

    Mccullough, Joy

    'Haunting ... teems with raw emotion, and McCullough deftly captures the experience of learning to behave in a male-driven society and then breaking outside of it.'--The New Yorker 'I will be haunted and empowered by Artemisia Gentileschi's story...

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  • Blood Water Paint


    'Haunting ... teems with raw emotion, and McCullough deftly captures the experience of learning to behave in a male-driven society and then breaking outside of it.'--The New Yorker 'I will be haunted and empowered by Artemisia Gentileschi's story...

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  • Water For Your Soul



    Water For Your Soul é o sétimo álbum de Joss Stone. A cantora trabalhou na sua gravação durante quatro anos. Infundido com elementos do reggae, sons “world”, hip-hop e soul, o álbum “Water For Your Soul”, que foi co-produzido por Stone, mostra a...

  • Water Sharers


    Riley and Sara moved to Canada during the 1960's. They've nearly finished with their old life, except for one thing: their marriage. They now realize that, too, must change. On top of this they also must find a way to financially support themselves...

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  • Water Babies


    Tom, a poor orphan, is employed by the villainous chimney-sweep, Grimes, to climb up inside flues to clear away the soot. While engaged in this dreadful task, he loses his way and emerges in the bedroom of Ellie, the young daughter of the house who...

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  • Water Like A Stone

    Crombie, Deborah

    As Duncan and Gemma arrive home to visit with his family, Duncan’s sister Jules makes the terrifying discovery of a child’s corpse walled into a abandoned building she is renovating. Worse still, this isn’t the only body to be found. A few days...

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  • Water At Interfaces - A Molecular Approach

    Fraxedas, Jordi

    Water, with its simple molecular structure, reveals a complex nature upon interaction with other molecules and surfaces. Water at Interfaces: A Molecular Approach provides a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to water at interfaces, focusing on...

  • Water Centric Sustainable Communities -...

    Novotny,Vladimir; Ahern,Jack; BROWN,PAUL; Ahearn,John

    The current literature compartmentalizes the complex issue of water and wastewater into its discrete components; technology, planning, policy, construction, economics, etc. Considered from the perspective of sustainability, however, water in the...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing -...

    Raftelis,George A

    A Strategy Guide for Water Utility Managers and Executives, and a Compendium of Best Financial Practices for Utility Financial Leaders, a 'How-To' Guide for Rate and Finance Technicians and a Reference Point for Policymakers Detailing utility...

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  • Water Pollution Control - A Guide To The Use...

    Hespanhol,Ivanildo; Helmer,Richard

    This is a handbook for policy makers and environmental managers in water authorities and engineering companies engaged in water quality programmes, especially in developing countries. It is also suitable for use as a textbook or as training material...

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  • Water-Soluble Synthetic Polymers - Volume I:...


    Although several monographs and reviews have appeared on individual polymers of this type, and their applications and other technical aspects have also been discussed, this is apparently the first book to deal with the physical chemistry of...

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  • Water And Wastewater Treatment - A Guide For...

    Spellman,Frank R; Drinan,Joanne E

    Lauded for its engaging, highly readable style, the best-selling first edition became the premier guide for nonengineers involved in water and wastewater treatment operations. Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering...

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  • Water Loss Control

    Thornton,Julian; Sturm,Reinhard; Kunkel,George

    Master the Latest Techniques to Quantify, Locate, Control, and Prevent Water and Revenue Loss in Water Utility Operations This comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development of a water loss control program-from...

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  • Water And Wastewater Calculations Manual

    Lin, Shun Dar

    Step-by-step water and wastewater calculations-- updated for the latest methods and regulations Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water,...

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  • Water Engineering - Hydraulics Distribution...

    Wang,Lawrence K; Shammas,Nazih K; Okun,Daniel A

    Details the design and process of water supply systems, tracing the progression from source to sink Organized and logical flow, tracing the connections in the water-supply system from the water's source to its eventual use Emphasized coverage of...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

    Raftelis,George A.

    Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

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  • Water Resources In The Built Environment -...

    Booth,Colin A; Charlesworth,Susanne M

    Water management is a key environmental issue in controlling of floods and reducing droughts. This book provides analysis of the main issues, offering solutions and describing good practice. Water Resources for the Built Environment: management...

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  • Water Quality - Management Of A Natural...

    Perry, James; Vanderklein,Elizabeth

    This forward-looking reference takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of water resource management. Building on the foundations of water chemistry and hydrology, it expands to cover such topics as preservation of biological diversity and...

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  • Water Reuse For Irrigation

    Lazarova,Valentina; Bahri,Akica

    Water Reuse For Irrigation

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  • Breathing Water

    Hallinan, Timothy

    A late-night poker game in Bangkok nets American ex-pat writer Poke Rafferty the 'opportunity' to write the biography of Khun Pan, a flamboyant, vulgar, self-made billionaire with a criminal past and far-reaching political ambitions. Within hours,...

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  • Water And Power In Past Societies


    Water, an essential resource in all cultures, is at the heart of human power structures. Utilizing a diverse range of theoretical perspectives, the contributors to Water and Power in Past Societies provide a broad introduction to the archaeology of...

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  • Water For Elephants

    Gruen,Sara; Gruen, Sara

    An atmospheric, gritty, and compelling novel of star-crossed lovers, set in the circus world circa 1932, by the bestselling author of Riding Lessons. When Jacob Jankowski, recently orphaned and suddenly adrift, jumps onto a passing train, he enters a...

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  • Water

    Dickinson, Peter; McKinley, Robin

    Presents six short stories about the mythical creatures associated with the element of water.

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  • Water Touching Stone


    Aided by a young Kazakh woman, former Beijing police investigator Shan Tao Yun heads for a remote Tibetan plateau to investigate the murder of a venerated teacher and the subsequent disappearance of a lama, but his probe is soon complicated by the...

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  • Water Politics - Governance, Justice And The...

    Loftus,Alex; Sultana,Farhana

    Scholarship on the right to water has proliferated in interesting and unexpected ways in recent years. This book broadens existing discussions on the right to water in order to shed critical light on the pathways, pitfalls, prospects, and constraints...

  • Water Sky

    George,Jean Craighead

    'Nukik! Lincoln gasped, his skin tingling. Could this be happening! Had he just seen a whale with a white tail? Was it now going to give itself to him, as Vincent had said?Lincoln still could not believe it. He had had only one thing in mind when he...

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  • Water Shaper

    McCaffrey, Laura Williams

    Having escaped from her father's control with help from a handsome holy man who is king of a western land, fifteen-year-old Princess Margot finally travels to the sea where her mother lived, and from which she can draw a powerful magic.

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  • Water Dance


    Combines poetic text and dramatic paintings in an introduction to one of nature's most basic and powerful elements, depicting such images as a gentle mountain pond, a raging waterfall, a silent ocean mist, and a sparkling rainbow.

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  • Water Dance


    Water speaks of its existence in such forms as storm clouds, mist, rainbows, and rivers.

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  • Water

    Dorling Kindersley,Inc.

    An innovative reference series that follows in the footsteps of Eyewitness and Eye Wonder gives younger children a head start in learning about the wonders of the world around us.

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  • Water, Water Everywhere

    Aigner-clark,Julie; Zaidi,Nadeem; Zaidi,Nadeem

    Children learn about different kinds of water, from vast oceans to the water in a bathtub. Told in simple rhyming text.

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  • Water Hole

    Shalev,Zahavit; Shalev,Zahavit

    Presents the characteristics, behavior, and daily activities of grassland animals.

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  • Water


    From award-winning science writer Seymour Simon comes a brand-new nonfiction photo essay picture book that explores the one thing on Earth we cannot live without: water!Learn all about the water cycle, the effect on our planet of rising ocean...

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  • Water


    From award-winning science writer Seymour Simon comes a brand-new nonfiction photo essay picture book that explores the one thing on Earth we cannot live without: water!Learn all about the water cycle, the effect on our planet of rising ocean...

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  • The Water Horse

    Webb, Holly

    An enchanting tale of magic, friendship and adventure for readers aged 9 and up - from bestselling author, Holly Webb.Olivia is the princess of Venice. So when the waters start to rise, she knows only her magic can prevent disaster befalling the...

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  • Water Resources - Global Issues - On-Level -...


    Water is an essential resource for life on Earth. Considering how vital and precious water is, it is almost unbelievable that it can be used so carelessly. Sewage, toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, oils, metals, and solid trash pollute the...

  • Water Distribution Systems Handbook

    Mays,Larry W.; Mays,Larry W.

    All-in-one, state-of-the-art guide to safe drinking water Civil engineers and anyone else involved in any way with the design, analysis, operation, maintenance or rehabilitation of water distribution systems will find practical guidance in Water...

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  • Water Resources Systems Management Tools

    Mays,Larry W.

    This is a unique, integrated approach to water resource systems management and planning. The book provides methods for analyzing water resource needs, modeling, supply reliability, irrigation optimization, and much more. With more and more attention...

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  • Water Regulations In Brief

    Tricker, Ray; Tricker, Ray

    Water Regulations in Brief is a unique reference book, providing all the information needed to comply with the regulations, in an easy to use, full colour format. Crucially, unlike other titles on this subject, this book doesn�t just cover the Water...

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  • Water Resources Engineering, 2005 Edition

    Mays,Larry W.

    Water Resources Engineering, 2005 Edition

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  • Global Pathways To Water Sustainability

    McNabb,David E

    This book investigates the current and future state of freshwater and the global drive to achieve the UN sustainability goal. It first explores the major barriers to achieving the goal and then examines some of the programs water managers are...

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