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  • Water Centric Sustainable Communities -...

    Novotny,Vladimir; Ahern,Jack; BROWN,PAUL; Ahearn,John

    The current literature compartmentalizes the complex issue of water and wastewater into its discrete components; technology, planning, policy, construction, economics, etc. Considered from the perspective of sustainability, however, water in the...

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  • Water And Wastewater Treatment - A Guide For...

    Spellman,Frank R; Drinan,Joanne E

    Lauded for its engaging, highly readable style, the best-selling first edition became the premier guide for nonengineers involved in water and wastewater treatment operations. Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering...

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  • Water And Wastewater Calculations Manual

    Lin, Shun Dar

    Step-by-step water and wastewater calculations-- updated for the latest methods and regulations Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water,...

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  • Water Engineering - Hydraulics Distribution...

    Wang,Lawrence K; Shammas,Nazih K; Okun,Daniel A

    Details the design and process of water supply systems, tracing the progression from source to sink Organized and logical flow, tracing the connections in the water-supply system from the water's source to its eventual use Emphasized coverage of...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing -...

    Raftelis,George A

    A Strategy Guide for Water Utility Managers and Executives, and a Compendium of Best Financial Practices for Utility Financial Leaders, a 'How-To' Guide for Rate and Finance Technicians and a Reference Point for Policymakers Detailing utility...

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  • Water Pollution Control - A Guide To The Use...

    Hespanhol,Ivanildo; Helmer,Richard

    This is a handbook for policy makers and environmental managers in water authorities and engineering companies engaged in water quality programmes, especially in developing countries. It is also suitable for use as a textbook or as training material...

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  • Water-Soluble Synthetic Polymers - Volume I:...


    Although several monographs and reviews have appeared on individual polymers of this type, and their applications and other technical aspects have also been discussed, this is apparently the first book to deal with the physical chemistry of...

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  • Water Loss Control

    Thornton,Julian; Sturm,Reinhard; Kunkel,George

    Master the Latest Techniques to Quantify, Locate, Control, and Prevent Water and Revenue Loss in Water Utility Operations This comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development of a water loss control program-from...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

    Raftelis,George A.

    Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

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  • Water Resources In The Built Environment -...

    Booth,Colin A; Charlesworth,Susanne M

    Water management is a key environmental issue in controlling of floods and reducing droughts. This book provides analysis of the main issues, offering solutions and describing good practice. Water Resources for the Built Environment: management...

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  • Water Quality - Management Of A Natural...

    Perry, James; Vanderklein,Elizabeth

    This forward-looking reference takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of water resource management. Building on the foundations of water chemistry and hydrology, it expands to cover such topics as preservation of biological diversity and...

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  • Water Reuse For Irrigation

    Lazarova,Valentina; Bahri,Akica

    Water Reuse For Irrigation

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  • Water Sharers


    Riley and Sara moved to Canada during the 1960's. They've nearly finished with their old life, except for one thing: their marriage. They now realize that, too, must change. On top of this they also must find a way to financially support themselves...

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  • Solar Water Pumping - The Earthscan Expert...

    Foster, Robert

    Pumping water is a universal need and a major energy challenge, especially where electrical service is absent, expensive or unreliable. Water demands are greatest when the sun shines most intensely. Could there be a better power source for pumping,...

  • Clean Water Using Solar And Wind - Outside...


    Solar photo-voltaic (PV) and wind offer to bring both clean energy and clean water to remote regions and peri-urban areas in the world, outside the conventional electric grids. One out of seven people has no electric power available that would bring...

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  • Drinking Water Quality And Contaminants...


    This book compiles the essential information on the principal chemical, microbial, and radionuclide characteristics of water contaminants. It provides authoritative information, however, the content is presented in terms that would be understandable...

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  • Urban Water Sustainability - Technology,...


    The provision of a safe and reliable water supply is a major challenge for the world's growing urban populations. This book investigates the implications of different developments in water technology and infrastructure for urban sustainability and...

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  • The Water Will Come - Rising Seas, Sinking...


    'An immersive, mildly gonzo and depressingly well-timed book about the drenching effects of global warming, and a powerful reminder that we can bury our heads in the sand about climate change for only so long before the sand itself disappears.'...

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  • Urban Water Engineering And Management

    Karamouz,Mohammad; Moridi,Ali; Nazif,Sara

    In past decades, urban water management practices focused on optimizing the design and operation of water distribution networks, wastewater collection systems, and water and wastewater treatment plants. However, municipalities are now faced with...

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  • Sustainable Water Engineering - Theory And...

    Chandrappa, Ramesha; Das,Diganta B

    Ensuring safe and plentiful supplies of potable water (both now and for future generations) and developing sustainable treatment processes for wastewater are among the world's greatest engineering challenges. However, sustainability requires...

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  • Deep Water


    Beginning with the premise that the great dam-building projects of the twentieth century are like modern-day pyramids in their social scope and economic impact, the author explores the looming crises over water and energy that have precipitated these...

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  • Water Resource Management - Sustainability In...

    McNabb, David E

    This book is about how water managers in the United States are responding to the call for increased effort to achieve sustainable supplies of clean fresh water for present and future generations. The author, himself a participant in the water supply...

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  • Thoreau on Water

    Thoreau,Henry David; France,Robert L.; France,Robert L.; Duncan,David James; Thoreau Society (COR)

    Thoreau on Water

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  • The Drinking Water Handbook, Third Edition

    Spellman,Frank R

    This new edition of The Drinking Water Handbook is thoroughly revised and updated, and includes a comprehensive discussion of the Flint, Michigan lead contamination event, new coverage of contaminants in water, such as personal care products and...

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  • The Home Water Supply


    Describes techniques for locating sources of water, explains how to drill a well, and supplies guidance on the construction of a home water system

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  • The Great Lead Water Pipe Disaster


    In The Great Lead Water Pipe Disaster, Werner Troesken looks at a long-running environmental and public health catastrophe: 150 years of lead pipes in local water systems and the associated sickness, premature death, political inaction, and social...

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  • Routledge Handbook Of Water And Health

    Bartram, Jamie

    This comprehensive handbook provides an authoritative source of information on global water and health, suitable for interdisciplinary teaching for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. It covers both developing and developed country...

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  • Integrative Studies In Water Management And...

    Macrae,Rod; Martin,Ralph C

    The use of organic management practices in field cropping continues to rise globally, and these methods have proven to be a viable way to produce food with reduced resource use and environmental damage. Managing Energy, Nutrients, and Pests in...

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  • The Science Of Water Concepts And...

    Spellman,Frank R

    The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications, Third Edition contains a wealth of scientific information and is based on real-world experience. Building on the second edition, this text applies the latest data and research in the field, and...

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  • Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects -...


    A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BUILDING 10 INEXPENSIVE PROJECTS THAT HELP YOU CONSERVE WATER ... SO SIMPLE YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! People can live without SUVs, jet travel, and numerous other luxuries. But no life, human or otherwise, can survive without...

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  • Energy Conservation In Water And Wastewater...

    Federation, Water Environment

    The Definitive Guide to Energy Conservation in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Covering both drinking water treatment as well as wastewater, this authoritative guide from the Water Environment Federation presents the latest strategies for...

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  • Terra Nova - Writing On Water

    Rothenberg,David; Ulvaeus,Marta

    Water links all aspects of our existence. From the politics of watersheds to the romance of turtles climbing up from the sea to the beaches, from Leonardo da Vinci to Octavio Paz, from death at a hot spring to the practicalities of liquidation, the...

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  • This Fine Piece of Water

    Andersen,Tom; Kennedy,Robert F., Jr. (frw)

    This Fine Piece of Water

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  • Water-Walking - Discovering And Obeying Your...

    Ortberg, John

    You're only one step away from the adventure of your life.In this abridgement of his bestselling book, If You Want to Walk on Water You Have to Get Out of the Boat, John Ortberg invites you to do with God's help what you could never do on your...

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  • Handbook Of Knowledge Management For...


    A comprehensive synthesis of the best practices for management in the vital and rapidly growing field of sustainable water systems Handbook of Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Systems offers an authoritative resource that goes beyond the...

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  • Water


    Water Is Beautiful And Useful And, In Its Many Forms, Vital To Life. In This Lyrical Companion To The Earth And I, Frank Asch Encourages Young Readers To Appreciate Anew One Of Our Most Precious Resources.

  • Water For Your Soul



    Water For Your Soul é o sétimo álbum de Joss Stone. A cantora trabalhou na sua gravação durante quatro anos. Infundido com elementos do reggae, sons “world”, hip-hop e soul, o álbum “Water For Your Soul”, que foi co-produzido por Stone, mostra a...

  • Automation Of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Federation, Water Environment

    The expert coverage you need to design automated wastewater systems Especially written for design professionals, Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities discusses the selection of instruments, installation, sizing of control elements, and the...

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  • Alternative Sewer Systems Fd-12, 2e

    Federation, Water Environment

    Everything You'll Need to Know About Pressure, Vacuum, and Effluent Collection Systems Alternative Sewer Systems, Manual of Practice FD-12 is a complete primer on the various systems that can be used to replace expensive gravity systems presently...

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  • Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling, Second...

    Federation, Water Environment

    The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Guide to Process Modeling Methods and Protocols Fully revised to cover the latest advances in the field, Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling, Second Edition, explains general modeling concepts and terminology and...

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  • Design Of Urban Stormwater Controls

    American Society of Civil Engineers; Federation, Water Environment

    Innovative Techniques for Designing Urban Stormwater Controls Fully updated to address the paradigm shift in the way stormwater is viewed and managed, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls focuses on consolidating technologies to foster a convergence...

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  • Water Babies


    Tom, a poor orphan, is employed by the villainous chimney-sweep, Grimes, to climb up inside flues to clear away the soot. While engaged in this dreadful task, he loses his way and emerges in the bedroom of Ellie, the young daughter of the house who...

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  • Water Like A Stone

    Crombie, Deborah

    As Duncan and Gemma arrive home to visit with his family, Duncan’s sister Jules makes the terrifying discovery of a child’s corpse walled into a abandoned building she is renovating. Worse still, this isn’t the only body to be found. A few days...

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  • The Water Cure

    Mackintosh, Sophie

    'A gripping, sinister fable!'--MARGARET ATWOOD, via Twitter LONGLISTED FOR THE 2018 MAN BOOKER PRIZEA dystopic feminist revenge fantasy about three sisters on an isolated island, raised to fear men King has tenderly staked out a territory for his...

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