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  • Water Resources - An Integrated Approach


    Now in its second edition, Water Resources: An Integrated Approach provides students with a comprehensive overview of natural processes associated with water and the modifications of these processes by humans through climate change and land...

  • Water And Wastewater Calculations Manual

    Lin, Shun Dar

    Step-by-step water and wastewater calculations-- updated for the latest methods and regulations Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water,...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing -...

    Raftelis,George A

    A Strategy Guide for Water Utility Managers and Executives, and a Compendium of Best Financial Practices for Utility Financial Leaders, a 'How-To' Guide for Rate and Finance Technicians and a Reference Point for Policymakers Detailing utility...

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  • Water Pollution Control - A Guide To The Use...

    Hespanhol,Ivanildo; Helmer,Richard

    This is a handbook for policy makers and environmental managers in water authorities and engineering companies engaged in water quality programmes, especially in developing countries. It is also suitable for use as a textbook or as training material...

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  • Water-Soluble Synthetic Polymers - Volume I:...


    Although several monographs and reviews have appeared on individual polymers of this type, and their applications and other technical aspects have also been discussed, this is apparently the first book to deal with the physical chemistry of...

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  • Water Loss Control

    Thornton,Julian; Sturm,Reinhard; Kunkel,George

    Master the Latest Techniques to Quantify, Locate, Control, and Prevent Water and Revenue Loss in Water Utility Operations This comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development of a water loss control program-from...

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  • Water Engineering - Hydraulics Distribution...

    Wang,Lawrence K; Shammas,Nazih K; Okun,Daniel A

    Details the design and process of water supply systems, tracing the progression from source to sink Organized and logical flow, tracing the connections in the water-supply system from the water's source to its eventual use Emphasized coverage of...

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  • Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

    Raftelis,George A.

    Water And Wastewater Finance And Pricing

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  • Water Resources In The Built Environment -...

    Booth, Colin A; Charlesworth, Susanne M

    Water management is a key environmental issue in controlling of floods and reducing droughts. This book provides analysis of the main issues, offering solutions and describing good practice. Water Resources for the Built Environment: management...

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  • Water Quality - Management Of A Natural...

    Perry, James; Vanderklein,Elizabeth

    This forward-looking reference takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of water resource management. Building on the foundations of water chemistry and hydrology, it expands to cover such topics as preservation of biological diversity and...

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  • Water Reuse For Irrigation

    Lazarova,Valentina; Bahri,Akica

    Water Reuse For Irrigation

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  • Water Centric Sustainable Communities -...

    Novotny, Vladimir; Ahern, Jack; BROWN,PAUL; Ahearn,John

    The current literature compartmentalizes the complex issue of water and wastewater into its discrete components; technology, planning, policy, construction, economics, etc. Considered from the perspective of sustainability, however, water in the...

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  • Water Distribution Systems Handbook

    Mays,Larry W.; Mays,Larry W.

    All-in-one, state-of-the-art guide to safe drinking water Civil engineers and anyone else involved in any way with the design, analysis, operation, maintenance or rehabilitation of water distribution systems will find practical guidance in Water...

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  • Water Resources Systems Management Tools

    Mays,Larry W.

    This is a unique, integrated approach to water resource systems management and planning. The book provides methods for analyzing water resource needs, modeling, supply reliability, irrigation optimization, and much more. With more and more attention...

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  • Water Regulations In Brief

    Tricker, Ray; Tricker, Ray

    Water Regulations in Brief is a unique reference book, providing all the information needed to comply with the regulations, in an easy to use, full colour format. Crucially, unlike other titles on this subject, this book doesn�t just cover the Water...

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  • Water At Interfaces - A Molecular Approach

    Fraxedas, Jordi

    Water, with its simple molecular structure, reveals a complex nature upon interaction with other molecules and surfaces. Water at Interfaces: A Molecular Approach provides a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to water at interfaces, focusing on...

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  • Water-Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods


    Water-Soluble Polymer Applications in Foods

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  • Water Resource Management - Sustainability In...

    McNabb,David E

    This book is about how water managers in the United States are responding to the call for increased effort to achieve sustainable supplies of clean fresh water for present and future generations. The author, himself a participant in the water supply...

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  • Water And Power In Past Societies


    Water, an essential resource in all cultures, is at the heart of human power structures. Utilizing a diverse range of theoretical perspectives, the contributors to Water and Power in Past Societies provide a broad introduction to the archaeology of...

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  • Water Resources Engineering in Karst

    Milanovic,Petar T.

    Water Resources Engineering in Karst

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  • Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, And...

    Welti-Chanes,Jorge; Buera,Pilar; Pilar Buera,Maria Del; Lillford,Peter; Corti,Horacio

    Water Properties of Food, Pharmaceutical, And Biological Materials

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  • Water Supply And Environmental Management

    Munasinghe, Mohan

    In the light of the need for decisionmakers in developing countries to adopt a systematic and rational approach to water supply planning, this book provides a comprehensive and balanced treatment of water policy analysis and planning in the context...

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  • Water Stewardship And Business Value -...


    The tangible value of increased water efficiency, reuse and recycling and improved social license to operate are moving more companies to adopt water stewardship strategies. This book frames an expanded strategy for water stewardship and business...

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  • Water Resource Economics - The Analysis Of...

    Griffin, Ronald C.; Griffin,Ronald C

    Updated edition of a comprehensive introduction to the economics of water management, with self-contained treatment of all necessary economic concepts.Economics brings powerful insights to water management, but most water professionals receive...

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  • Solar Water Pumping - The Earthscan Expert...

    Foster, Robert

    Pumping water is a universal need and a major energy challenge, especially where electrical service is absent, expensive or unreliable. Water demands are greatest when the sun shines most intensely. Could there be a better power source for pumping,...

  • Natural Water Remediation - Chemistry And...

    Speight,James G

    Natural Water Remediation: Chemistry and Technology considers topics such as metal ion solubility controls, pH, carbonate equilibria, adsorption reactions, redox reactions and the kinetics of oxygenation reactions that occur in natural water...

  • Water Dynamics in Plant Production

    Ehlers,Wilfried; Goss,M. J.

    Water Dynamics in Plant Production

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  • Water Wave Scattering

    Mandal,Birendra Nath; De,Soumen; Mandal,B N

    The theory of water waves is most varied and is a fascinating topic. It includes a wide range of natural phenomena in oceans, rivers, and lakes. It is mostly concerned with elucidation of some general aspects of wave motion including the prediction...

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  • Water Resources Sustainability

    Mays,Larry W.

    Expert insights into one of the major issues of the 21st Century Written by a team of leading experts, this resource provides the latest information and thinking on the globally-critical subject of water sustainability and management. The author...

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  • Water Supply Systems Security

    Mays,Larry W.

    This is the first book to provide comprehensive, state of the art coverage of the safety and security of water supply systems. This unique and authoratitive compendium presents detailed coverage of the major infrastructure issues in water system...

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  • Standard Methods For The Examination Of Water...

    W. Rice, E.

    Analysts, researchers, and regulators have relied on this peer-reviewed publication since 1905. The trusted source of accurate, proven methodology for analyzing natural waters, water supplies, and wastewaters. The 23rd edition of Standard Methods for...

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  • Teclado Gamer Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Green...


    Quando se resume ao que realmente importa, buscamos um teclado que seja simplesmente: Resistente. Concebido para levar uma surra, resistir ao pressionamento furioso de teclas e resistente à água e à poeira, para que permaneça sempre impecável.

  • Drinking Water Quality And Contaminants...


    This book compiles the essential information on the principal chemical, microbial, and radionuclide characteristics of water contaminants. It provides authoritative information, however, the content is presented in terms that would be understandable...

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  • Urban Water Sustainability - Technology,...


    The provision of a safe and reliable water supply is a major challenge for the world's growing urban populations. This book investigates the implications of different developments in water technology and infrastructure for urban sustainability and...

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  • Urban Water Engineering And Management

    Karamouz,Mohammad; Moridi,Ali; Nazif,Sara

    In past decades, urban water management practices focused on optimizing the design and operation of water distribution networks, wastewater collection systems, and water and wastewater treatment plants. However, municipalities are now faced with...

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  • Sustainable Water Engineering - Theory And...

    Chandrappa, Ramesha; Das,Diganta B

    Ensuring safe and plentiful supplies of potable water (both now and for future generations) and developing sustainable treatment processes for wastewater are among the world's greatest engineering challenges. However, sustainability requires...

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  • The Drinking Water Handbook, Third Edition

    Spellman,Frank R

    This new edition of The Drinking Water Handbook is thoroughly revised and updated, and includes a comprehensive discussion of the Flint, Michigan lead contamination event, new coverage of contaminants in water, such as personal care products and...

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  • Advanced Water Treatment - Advanced Oxidation...


    Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) have widely been used in water and wastewater treatment. The AOPs are constantly improved with the aim of producing more energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology for the growing need of the water...

  • Advanced Water Treatment - Electrochemical...


    Interest in water treatment by electrochemical methods has grown in recent years. Electrochemical oxidation has been applied particularly successfully to degrade different organic pollutants and disinfect drinking water. Advanced Water Treatment:...

  • Desalination - Water From Water


    'Blue is the new green.' This is an all-new revised edition of a modern classic on one of the most important subjects in engineering: Water. Featuring a total revision of the initial volume, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of...

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  • Integrative Studies In Water Management And...

    Macrae,Rod; Martin,Ralph C

    The use of organic management practices in field cropping continues to rise globally, and these methods have proven to be a viable way to produce food with reduced resource use and environmental damage. Managing Energy, Nutrients, and Pests in...

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  • The Science Of Water Concepts And...

    Spellman,Frank R

    The Science of Water: Concepts and Applications, Third Edition contains a wealth of scientific information and is based on real-world experience. Building on the second edition, this text applies the latest data and research in the field, and...

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  • Energy Conservation In Water And Wastewater...

    Federation, Water Environment

    The Definitive Guide to Energy Conservation in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Covering both drinking water treatment as well as wastewater, this authoritative guide from the Water Environment Federation presents the latest strategies for...

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  • Contesting Water Rights - Local, State, And...


    As globalization processes and related neoliberal agendas promote privatization through state action, people's struggles for rights to water have intensified. In this context, this book examines the role of the ambivalent state in local struggles for...

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