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  • Winning With Data - Crm And Analytics For The...


    For many years, sports rights owners have had an 'if you build it, they will come' attitude, suggesting they take their fans for granted. Combined with advances in broadcasting quality, digital marketing, and social media, this has resulted in...

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  • The Future Of Industrial Man


    The Future of Industrial Man is the only book by Peter Drucker in which he systematically develops a basic social theory. He presents the requirements for any society to be functioning and legitimate, and then applies these general concepts to the...

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  • Public Administration And Public Policy - 180...

    Minto-Coy,Indianna D; Berman,Evan M

    The Caribbean is at a crucial phase in its development. Global and local pressures have seen the region losing its competitiveness, while it remains at risk of losing out on development gains made in the last few decades. These pressures are...

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  • Hospitality In Asia - A New Paradigm


    In a rapidly advancing era, a fresh look at the concept of hospitality from socio-cultural perspectives is needed. This book proposes that a new paradigm in hospitality has been developed in Asia due to its unique culture, social values and...

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  • Business Process Management - Practical...

    Jeston, John

    Business Process Management, a huge bestseller, has helped thousands of leaders and BPM practitioners successfully implement BPM projects, enabling them to add measurable value to their organizations. The book's runaway success can be attributed...

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  • Hacker Culture And The New Rules Of...


    Fifteen years ago, a company was considered innovative if the CEO and board mandated a steady flow of new product ideas through the company's innovation pipeline. Innovation was a carefully planned process, driven from above and tied to key strategic...

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  • Sustainable Pathways For Our Cities And...


    In an urbanizing world, the majority of people live in urban settlements predominantly on the coastal edge. Focus has historically been on people, place and the challenges and opportunities of living with global change, and academic attention has...

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  • Universities And Regional Economic...


    In a knowledge-based economy, universities are vital institutions. This volume explores the roles that universities can play in peripheral regions, contributing to processes of regional economic development and innovative growth. Including a series...

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  • Evolving Work - Employing Self And Community

    Bradley,Tony; Lessem,Ronnie

    The idea of Self and the authenticity of particular identities have been rapidly dissolving in the acids of post-modern globalising capitalism. The hegemony of patterns of work, wage-labor and the operation of labour markets in the American West (and...

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  • Airline Operations Research


    The increase in practical problems generated by the intensive growth in air transport has necessitated the development of specialised operations research methods and modern computer technology. By combining operational research data from both...

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  • Co-Production And Public Service Management -...

    Pestoff,Victor Alexis

    This volume compiles a dozen essays, by one of the most prolific proponents of co-production as a solution for many of the challenges facing public services and democratic governance at the outset of the 21st Century. Co-production is considered a...

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  • Systems Leadership - Creating Positive...

    Burke,Catherine; MacDonald,Ian; Stewart,Karl

    The new edition of this influential and bestselling book is concerned with how people come together to achieve a productive purpose. Survival and success in business and social terms have always depended upon our ability to form and sustain social...

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  • Structural Transformation And Economic...

    Oyelaran-oyeyinka,Banji; Lal,Kaushalesh

    This book examines long-term structural changes and the broad impact on economic development in regional comparative perspectives. The book analyzes data across Africa, Asia and Latin America. It looks at key variables of productivity growth,...

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  • The Trillion Dollar Shift


    Winner of the Gold Axiom Business Book Award 2019 in the Philanthropy / Non Profit / Sustainability category. Over the past 30 years, the world has seen great social improvements. Technology has been developing at an enormous pace and is helping to...

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  • Principles Of Environmental Economics And...


    Principles of Environmental Economics and Sustainability was the first textbook to make a serious attempt to systematically integrate ecological and economic principles. It successfully introduced ecological perspectives to the study of environmental...

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  • Business Model Innovation - Concepts,...


    Rooted in strategic management research, Business Model Innovation explores the concepts, tools, and techniques that enable organizations to gain and/or maintain a competitive advantage in the face of technological innovation, globalization, and an...

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  • Food And Beverage Management


    This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage outlets, from their day-to-day running through to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. It explores the broad range of subject areas that encompass...

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  • The World Shipbuilding Industry


    This book, first published in 1985, presents a comprehensive overview of the world shipbuilding industry. It contrasts the conditions which foster its development in newly-industrialised countries such as Japan, South Korea and Brazil with the...

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  • Probability, Statistics And Other Frightening...


    Probability, Statistics and Other Frightening Stuff (Volume II of the Working Guides to Estimating & Forecasting series) considers many of the commonly used Descriptive Statistics in the world of estimating and forecasting. It considers values that...

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  • Learning, Unlearning And Re-Learning Curves


    Learning, Unlearning and Re-learning Curves (Volume IV of the Working Guides to Estimating & Forecasting series) focuses in on Learning Curves, and the various tried and tested models of Wright, Crawford, DeJong, Towill-Bevis and others. It explores...

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  • Best Practice In Inventory Management


    Best Practice in Inventory Management 3E offers a simple, entirely jargon-free and yet comprehensive introduction to key aspects of inventory management. Good management of inventory enables companies to improve their customer service, cash flow and...

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  • Managing Sport Business - An Introduction


    Contemporary sport is both a sophisticated and complex international business and a mass participatory practice run largely by volunteers and community organisations. Now in a fully revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative and...

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  • Management Of Broadband Technology And...


    When one considers broadband, the Internet immediately springs to mind. However, broadband is impacting society in many ways. For instance, broadband networks can be used to deliver healthcare or community related services to individuals who don't...

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  • Around The World In 80 Species - Exploring...

    Atkins,Barry; Atkins,Jill

    The world is currently experiencing a sixth period of mass species extinction, and extinction of flora and fauna is caused by a variety of factors arising from industrial activity and increasing human population, such as global warming, climate...

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  • Visual Basic 2005 Made Simple


    Visual Basic .NET is the most recent version of Microsoft's language for creating Windows programs and developing Internet applications. Visual Basic .NET forms part of the .NET Framework, the development environment now used for all Microsoft...

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  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming For Change...


    We know a lot about change leadership. We understand how to design change programmes, and we know how to prescribe best practice change methods. Yet, despite all this knowledge, it is reported that up to 70% of change leadership projects fail to...

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  • Prince2: A Practical Handbook


    Struggling to apply the principles of PRINCE2� to make the method work in practice? Need guidance on adapting the process depending on context and scaling for smaller projects? Revised and updated throughout to match the details and requirements of...

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  • The Psychology Of Consumer Profiling In A...


    Understanding how consumers choose between different products and services is a crucial part of professional marketing. Targeting brands at the consumers most likely to be interested in them is another critical aspect of business success. Marketers...

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  • International Regimes In China - Domestic...


    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, more than 80% of world's fish stocks are fully exploited, over-exploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion. Although several international agreements have promoted...

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  • Perspectives On Change - What Academics,...

    Randall,Julian; Burnes,Bernard

    Despite the plethora of books on change, there appears is a notable gap in the field; rarely is the authentic and candid voice of change practitioners heard. Seldom are those most closely involved in the management of change given (or seek) the...

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  • How To Manage The It Help Desk


    Are you overworked, unappreciated and under-resourced? This book understands you, and provides years and years of User Support experience packed into one volume. The 'How To' book that every IT department needs, it will help turn your helpdesk into a...

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  • The Effective Executive


    The measure of the executive, Peter Drucker reminds us, is the ability to 'get the right things done'. Usually this involves doing what other people have overlooked, as well as avoiding what is unproductive.He identifies five talents as essential to...

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  • Principles Of Environmental Economics And...


    Principles of Environmental Economics and Sustainability was the first textbook to make a serious attempt to systematically integrate ecological and economic principles. It successfully introduced ecological perspectives to the study of environmental...

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  • Sustainable Business - Key Issues

    Blewitt,John; Kopnina,Helen

    Sustainable Business: Key Issues is the first comprehensive introductory-level textbook to address the interface between environmental challenges and business solutions to provide an overview of the basic concepts of sustainability, sustainable...

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  • Mothering For Schooling

    Smith,Dorothy E.; Griffith,Alison I.

    Mothering For Schooling

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  • Places Of Learning


    Places Of Learning

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  • Managing It Outsourcing - Governance In...

    Ribbers,Pieter; Beulen,Erik; Roos,Jan

    Managing It Outsourcing - Governance In Global

  • Boys and Schooling in the Early Years


    Boys and Schooling in the Early Years

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  • Managing Cultural Differences 6th Edition ...

    "harris,Philip; Moran, Robert T.; Moran, Sar

    First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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  • Management Systems And Performance Frameworks...

    James, Lowellyne

    All organisations have a responsibility to ensure they have a minimum negative impact on the environment and act as a haven for human development that contributes to positive outcomes for society. But small businesses have limited resources with...

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  • Digital Marketing - A Practical Approach


    As in the previous editions of this book, whilst strategic issues are included where appropriate, by concentrating on the operational and functional aspects of this dynamic subject, Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach provides a step-by-step...

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  • The Principles, Process And Practice Of...


    Principles, Process and Practice of Professional Number Juggling (Volume 1 of the Working Guides to Estimating & Forecasting series) sets the scene of TRACEability and good estimate practice that is followed in the other volumes in this series of...

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  • Strategic Questions In Food And Beverage...

    Wood,Roy C

    This book provides students with a series of critical reviews of issues in food and beverage management addressing a variety of managerial dilemmas of a more complex nature such as how important is the meal experience and is food an art form? These...

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  • Introduction To Air Transport Economics -...

    Fleming,Ken; Tacker, Thomas

    Introduction to Air Transport Economics: From Theory to Applications uniquely merges the institutional and technical aspects of the aviation industry with their theoretical economic underpinnings. Its integrative approach offers a fresh point of view...

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