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  • What You Don't Know About Leadership, But...

    Kottler, Jeffrey A.; Kottler,Jeffrey

    Leadership is not just for CEOs--we all find ourselves in leadership positions at one time or another, whether in meetings and classes or at social events and family gatherings. And yet, even though leadership is the single most studied aspect of all...

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  • Understanding Capitalism - Competition,...


    Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command, and Change, Fourth Edition, is an introduction to economics that explains how capitalism works, why it sometimes fails, and how it undergoes and brings about change. It discusses both the conventional...

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  • A Handbook Of International Trade In Services

    Mattoo,Aaditya; Zanini,Gianni; Stern,Robert M. (edt)

    International trade and investment in services are an increasingly important part of global commerce. Advances in information and telecommunication technologies have expanded the scope of services that can be traded cross-border. Many countries now...

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  • Tourism Research Methods

    Palmer,Catherine; Ritchie,Brent W.; Burns,Peter; Palmer,Catherine

    Tourism Research Methods

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  • An Ecological Approach To Perceptual Learning...

    Gibson,Eleanor J.; Picker, Anne Dolganos

    The essential nature of learning is primarily thought of as a verbal process or function, but this notion conveys that pre-linguistic infants do not learn. Far from being 'blank slates' that passively absorb environmental stimuli, infants are active...

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  • Entrepreneurs in High Technology


    The ingredients for success in starting and developing a technology-based company aren't obvious. Why, for example, did Digital Equipment Corporation succeed--and indeed become one of the most successful high-tech corporations in the world--while...

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  • Interplaces - An Economic Geography Of The...


    Much of the world's economic activity takes place in between cities and nations - the geographical containers that we have taken for granted for hundreds of years now. In this book Nicholas Phelps provides a guide to this uncharted territory within...

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  • Extractive Industries - The Management Of...

    Addison,Tony; Roe,Alan

    New initiatives recognize that resource wealth can provide a means, when properly used, for poorer nations to decisively break with poverty by diversifying economies and funding development spending. Extractive Industries: The Management of Resources...

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  • Professionalizing Leadership


    Over the last 40 years, the leadership industry has grown exponentially. Yet leadership education, training, and development still fall far short. Moreover, leaders are demeaned, degraded, and derided as they never were before. Why? The problem is...

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  • The Evolution Of New Markets


    How do markets evolve? Why are some innovations picked up straightaway whilst others take years to be commercialized? Are there first-mover advantages? Why do we behave with 'irrational exuberance' in the early evolution of markets as was the case...

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  • Judgment And Strategy


    This book argues strategy is the process by which an organization understands and declares itself. To bring this about exponents of strategic inquiry attempt to gather knowledge about the conditions in which any organization is being organized:...

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  • Organization Theory - Modern, Symbolic, And...

    Hatch,Mary Jo

    Organization Theory offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to the study of organizations and organizing processes. Through the unique three-perspective approach, students are challenged to explain, explore, and evaluate organizational theory,...

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  • Merchants Of Labor - Recruiters And...


    Some 10 million migrant workers cross national borders each year and, if they pay an average $1,000 to recruiters, moving workers over borders is a $10 billion a year business. Merchants of Labor examines the businesses that move low-skilled workers...

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  • Dualities, Dialectics, And Paradoxes In...

    Farjoun,Moshe; Tsoukas,Haridimos; Smith,Wendy; Langley,Ann

    Contradictions permeate and propel organizational life - including tensions between reaching globally while focusing locally; competing while also cooperating; performing reliably while experimenting, taking risks, and learning; or granting autonomy...

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  • Entrepreneurship And Business Management N6...


    Developed especially for the TVET student at N6 level, Succeed in Entrepreneurship and Business Management N6 provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge to write their exams and the practical application to enter the workplace...

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  • Mastering Catastrophic Risk - How Companies...

    Useem,Michael; Kunreuther,Howard

    A profound and insightful look at how company leaders prepare for and respond to shocks and crises that threaten their business. Successful firms strategically manage and are more accurate in their assessment of large-scale risks. Doing so is...

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  • Toxic Aid - Economic Collapse And Recovery In...


    For many years Tanzania was the darling of international aid agencies. During the 1970s it received more assistance per capita than any other nation in the world. And yet, the economy performed dismally: growth was negative, exports collapsed, and...

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  • The Future Of The Mba - Designing The Thinker...

    Martin,Roger L.

    The MBA is probably the hottest ticket among the current university graduate degree offerings--every year, more than 120,000 students enroll in MBA programs in the United States, and the estimates in Europe do not lag far behind. In addition, job...

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  • Unconventional Methodology In Organization...


    Most researchers in organization and management studies stick to two or three traditional research methods like surveys and interviews. Sticking with the familiar is seen as a safe bet, and innovation is discouraged by academic incentives and...

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  • Unconventional Methodology In Organization...


    Most researchers in organization and management studies stick to two or three traditional research methods like surveys and interviews. Sticking with the familiar is seen as a safe bet, and innovation is discouraged by academic incentives and...

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  • Deals And Development - The Political...


    When are developing countries able to initiate periods of rapid growth and why have so few of these countries been able to sustain growth over decades? Deals and Development: The Political Dynamics of Growth Episodes seeks to answer these questions...

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  • India As A Pioneer Of Innovation


    What does innovation mean to and in India? What are the predominant sites of activity where Indians innovate, and under what situations do they work or fail? This book addresses these all-important questions arising within diverse Indian contexts:...

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  • Pathways To Industrialization In The...


    Over the last two centuries, the experiences of the first wave of industrialized countries in Europe and the US, and the more recent experiences of the East Asian Tigers, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, and Vietnam, have illustrated the...

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  • Projects: A Very Short Introduction


    What is a project? How are projects organized to deal with a complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain world? Why are projects the organization of the future? A project is a temporary organization and one-time process established to achieve a desired...

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  • The Many Faces Of Socioeconomic Change


    Development is not a purely economic phenomenon; it also has a strong sociological element. The Many Faces of Socioeconomic Change explores how economic socio-cultural and political aspects of human progress have been studied since the time of Adam...

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  • The Architecture Of Illegal Markets - Towards...


    From illegal drugs, stolen artwork, and forged trademarks, to fraud in financial markets - the phenomenon of illegality in market exchanges is pervasive. Illegal markets have great economic significance, have relevant social and political...

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  • The Oxford Handbook Of Health Care Management


    This Handbook provides an authoritative overview of current issues and debates in the field of health care management. It contains over twenty chapters from well-known and eminent academic authors, who were carefully selected for their expertise and...

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  • How To Change the World - Social...


    How To Change the World - Social Entrepreneurs And the Power of New Ideas

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  • The Oxford Handbook Of Regulation

    Baldwin,Robert; Lodge,Martin; Cave,martin

    Regulation is often thought of as an activity that restricts behavior and prevents the occurrence of certain undesirable activities, but the influence of regulation can also be enabling or facilitative, as when a market could potentially be chaotic...

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  • Financial Decision Making And Retirement

    Mitchell,Olivia S

    As the world's population lives longer, it will become increasingly important for plan sponsors, retirement advisors, regulators, and financial firms to focus closely on how older persons fare in the face of rising difficulties with cognition and...

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  • Systemic Risk - The Dynamics Of Modern...


    Systemic Risk opens new ground in the study of financial crises. It treats the financial system as a complex adaptive system and shows how lessons from network disciplines - such as ecology, epidemiology, and statistical mechanics - shed light on our...

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  • Ujjivan - Transforming With Technology


    Three decades of being a banker afforded Samit Ghosh a ringside view of the biggest vulnerability of India's financial sector-its failure to ensure true financial inclusion. This became the impetus for Ghosh's second innings as the creator of Ujjivan...

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  • Strategy, Hrm, And Performance - A Contextual...


    The book expounds the macro-level relationship between strategy, HRM, and performance, addressing important challenges that have constrained research and practice to date. Adopting a critical perspective, the first challenge is a narrow definition of...

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  • Statistics In the Law: A Practitioner's Guide...

    Kadane, Joseph B.

    Statistics In the Law: A Practitioner's Guide, Cases, And Materials

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