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  • Minimus Audio Cassette


    Minimus Audio Cassette

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  • Minimus Secundus


    Minimus Secundus

  • Minimus Secundus


    Minimus Secundus

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  • Mathematical Methods for Physics And...

    Bence,S. J.; Riley,K. F.; Hobson,M. P.

    Mathematical Methods for Physics And Engineering

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  • Causality


    Written by one of the preeminent researchers in the field, this book provides a comprehensive exposition of modern analysis of causation. It shows how causality has grown from a nebulous concept into a mathematical theory with significant...

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  • Game Theory

    Maschler,Michael; Solan ,Eilon; Zamir,Shmuel

    Covering both noncooperative and cooperative games, this comprehensive introduction to game theory also includes some advanced chapters on auctions, games with incomplete information, games with vector payoffs, stable matchings and the bargaining...

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  • Innovation Systems, Policy And Management


    Innovation is a systemic phenomenon in which institutions, such as firms, government entities and public policy incentives, interact in complex ways. Targeting specific sectors of an economy in order to improve the competitiveness and capabilities of...

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  • Performance At The Limit - Business Lessons...

    Jenkins, Mark; West,Richard; Pasternak,Ken

    The world of Formula 1(R) is a powerful mirror to the world of management, where high performance relies on strong leadership, clear goals, selfless teamwork, innovation through constant learning and a winning culture. Performance at the Limit:...

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  • Data Analysis Using Regression And...


    Data Analysis Using Regression And Multilevel/hierarchical Models

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  • Structuring Drama Work

    Neelands,Jonothan; Goode,Tony

    Structuring Drama Work

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  • Cambridge Wizard Student Guide Rabbit-proof...


    Cambridge Wizard Student Guide Rabbit-proof Fence And The Journey

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  • Aeschylus

    Aeschylus; De May,Philip (TRN); Affleck,Judith; Harrison,John; Easterling,P. E.; Aeschylus


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  • Romeo And Juliet


    Romeo And Juliet

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  • Languages and Communities in Early Modern...


    Languages and Communities in Early Modern Europe

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  • The Wto Regime On Government Procurement:...

    Anderson,Robert D.; Arrowsmith,sue

    Originally an important but relatively obscure plurilateral instrument, the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) is now becoming a pillar of the WTO system as a result of important developments since the Uruguay Round. This collection...

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  • Romanticism



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  • Handbook On Systemic Risk

    Fouque,Jean-Pierre; Langsam,Joseph A.

    The Handbook on Systemic Risk, written by experts in the field, provides researchers with an introduction to the multifaceted aspects of systemic risks facing the global financial markets. The Handbook explores the multidisciplinary approaches to...

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  • International White Collar Crime - Cases And...


    This book captures the importance of transnational business crime and international relations by examining the rise of international economic crime and recent strategies in the United States and abroad to combat it.

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  • Teaching And Assessing Skills In Foreign...


    Teaching And Assessing Skills In Foreign Languages

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  • King Richard III

    Shakespeare,William; Baldwin,Tom; Baldwin,Pat; Baldwin, Pat; Baldwin, Tom

    King Richard III

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  • Teaching And Learning Astronomy

    Pasachoff,Jay M.; Percy,John R.

    Teaching And Learning Astronomy

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  • Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare,William; Gibson,Rex

    Twelfth Night

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  • The Age of Chaucer


    Critical introductions to a range of literary topics and genres. This book explores the world in which Chaucer wrote; it offers opportunities for comparison between his work and that of his near contemporaries; and discusses stylistic variations to...

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  • Mathematical Methods for Physics And...

    Riley,K. F.; Hobson,M. P.

    Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering, Third Edition is a highly acclaimed undergraduate textbook that teaches all the mathematics for an undergraduate course in any of the physical sciences. As well as lucid descriptions of all the topics...

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  • Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching...

    Day,Richard R.; Bamford,Julian

    Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language

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  • Biology

    Jones,Mary; Jones,Geoff


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  • Amor Et Amicitia

    Bell,Patricia E.

    Amor Et Amicitia

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  • Teacher Materials Physics 2


    Teacher Materials Physics 2

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  • Sophocles



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  • Medea

    Euripides; Harrison,John

    Follows the story of Medea, a scorned woman, who vows revenge on her former lover and their children.

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  • Othello

    Shakespeare,William; Coles,Jane

    Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, with marginal notes and explanations and full descriptions of each character. Reprint.

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  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Shakespeare,William; Buckle,Linda

    Presents the original text of Shakespeare's play side by side with a modern version, with discussion questions, role-playing scenarios, and other study activities. Reprint.

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  • Mathematics Revision Guide


    This revision tool is a must for all Cambridge IGCSE Maths students. It can be used as an ongoing reference book or as an aid for final exam preparation. All areas of the CIE syllabus are covered and examples are used that are typical of past-paper...

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  • The European Dictatorships


    The European Dictatorships

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  • Problem Solving In Organizations - A...


    An indispensable guide enabling business and management students to develop their professional competences in real organizational settings, this new and fully updated edition of Problem Solving in Organizations equips the reader with the necessary...

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  • Value-Creating Boards - Challenges For Future...


    This Element shapes the discussion about corporate governance and boards of directors. The arena for boards and corporate governance is not static. In Boards, Governance and Value Creation (Cambridge, 2007) Morten Huse accumulated knowledge about...

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  • China's Path To Innovation


    Over the past three decades, China has experienced rapid economic growth and a fascinating transformation of its industry. However, much of this success is the result of industrial imitation, and China's continuing success now relies heavily on its...

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  • The Business School In The Twenty-First...

    Lorange,Peter; Thomas, Howard; Sheth,Jagdish

    Questions about the status, identity and legitimacy of business schools in the modern university system continue to stimulate debate amongst deans, educational policy makers and commentators. In this book, three world experts share their critical...

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  • Prioritizing Development - A Cost Benefit...


    This book is a unique guide to making the world a better place. Experts apply a critical eye to the United Nations' Sustainable Development agenda, also known as the Global Goals, which will affect the flow of $2.5 trillion of development aid up...

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  • Capabilities, Gender, Equality - Towards...

    Comim,flavio; Nussbaum,Martha C

    Questions of gender, injustice and equality pervade all our lives, and as such, the capabilities or 'human development' approach to understanding well-being and basic political entitlements continues to be debated. In this thought-provoking book, a...

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  • Prioritizing Development - A Cost Benefit...


    This book is a unique guide to making the world a better place. Experts apply a critical eye to the United Nations' Sustainable Development agenda, also known as the Global Goals, which will affect the flow of $2.5 trillion of development aid up...

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  • A New History Of Management

    Cummings, Stephen

    Existing narratives about how we should organize are built upon, and reinforce, a concept of 'good management' derived from what is assumed to be a fundamental need to increase efficiency. But this assumption is based on a presentist, monocultural,...

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  • Humanistic Management - Protecting Dignity...


    In a world facing multiple crises, our foundational institutions are failing to offer effective solutions. Drawing on the emerging consilience of knowledge, Michael Pirson debunks the fundamental yet outdated assumptions of human nature that guide...

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  • Wine Globalization - A New Comparative...


    In this anthology, editors Kym Anderson and Vicente Pinilla have gathered together some of the world's leading wine economists and economic historians to examine the development of national wine industries before and during the two waves of...

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