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  • Total Supply Chain Management


    'Everything you need to know to support a supply chain excellence initiative ' Total Supply Chain Management shows how to add value to the organisation, whether it is in manufacturing or service sector, through the improved use of resources and...

  • Grow To Be Great - Breaking The Downsizing...

    Baptista,Joao; Gertz,Dwight L

    No company ever shrank to greatness, conclude Dwight Gertz and Joao Baptista. Drawing upon their new study of more than 1,000 large companies, the authors argue that managers must move beyond the current wave of downsizing, restructuring, and...

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  • World Class Manufacturing: The Next Decade -...

    Schonberger,Richard J

    Since the invention of double-entry bookkeeping, managers have judged a company's worth by sales and profits. Now, Richard J. Schonberger, the architect of the worldwide Just-In-Time revolution, reaches beyond 'financials' to redefine excellence --...

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  • Competitive Strategy

    Porter,Michael E.

    Michael E. Porter shows how competitive advantage can be defined in terms of relative cost and relative prices, thus linking it directly to profitability, and presents a whole new perspective on how profit is created and divided.

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  • The Rule Of Three - Surviving And Thriving In...

    Sheth,Jagdish; Sisodia, Rajendra S

    Name any industry and more likely than not you will find that the three strongest, most efficient companies control 70 to 90 percent of the market. Here are just a few examples: McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy'sGeneral Mills, Kellogg, and PostNike...

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  • Revolutionizing Product Development - Quantum...

    Wheelwright,Steven C

    Today, a company's capability to conceive and design quality prototypes and bring a variety of superior products to market quicker than its competitors is increasingly the focal point of competition, contend leading product development experts Steven...

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  • All In

    Gostick, Adrian

    To have any hope of succeeding as a manager, you need to get your people all in. Whether you manage the smallest of teams or a multi-continent organization, you are the owner of a work culture—congratulations—and few things will have a bigger impact...

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  • Go Put Your Strengths To Work - 6 Powerful...


    Marcus Buckingham's books have guided millions to become top performers in everything they do by focusing on their strengths. In Go Put Your Strengths to Work, a Wall Street Journal bestseller in hardcover, Buckingham will show you how to hone and...

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  • Primer On Decision Making - How Decisions...

    March,James G

    Building on lecture notes from his acclaimed course at Stanford University, James March provides a brilliant introduction to decision making, a central human activity fundamental to individual, group, organizational, and societal life. March draws on...

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  • La Chispa - Como Activar Los 10 Impulsores...


    From the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Millionaire Messenger, an electrifying and inspiring book that provides the keys to motivating yourself to satisfy your highest, most essential creative and intellectual needs.In the...

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  • The Halo Effect... And The Eight Other...


    With two new chapters and a new preface, the award-winning book The Halo Effect continues to unmask the delusions found in the corporate world and provides a sharp understanding of what drives business success and failure. Too many of today's most...

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  • Rise And Fall Of Strategic Planning


    In this definitive and revealing history, Henry Mintzberg, the iconoclastic former president of the Strategic Management Society, unmasks the press that has mesmerized so many organizations since 1965: strategic planning. One of our most brilliant...

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  • Profit Beyond Measure

    Broms,Anders; Johnson,H Thomas

    Waste has plagued almost every industrial-age firm for the past century. In this powerfully argued alternative to conventional cost management thinking, experts H. Thomas Johnson and Anders Broms assert that any company can avoid the waste that is...

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  • Build Your Own Garage


    Introduces a new model for managing creativity within a corporate environment that encourages breakthrough ideas and initiative, rejects bureaucracy, questions convention, and allows employees to foster individual creative ideas.

  • All In

    Elton,Chester; Gostick, Adrian

    All In

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  • Disasters And Public Health


    From the San Diego wildfires to multi-drug-resistant strains of bacteria, communities are facing an ever-growing list of potential disasters. Some events, like pandemic flu or anthrax attacks, are public health emergencies first and foremost....

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  • Larder Chef: Food Preparation And...

    "leto,M J; Bode, W K H"

    Larder Chef: Food Preparation And Presentation

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  • Mechanical Design - 2nd Edition


    This book introduces the subject of total design, and introduces the design and selection of various common mechanical engineering components and machine elements. These provide 'building blocks', with which the engineer can practice his or her...

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  • Contrarian Investment Strategies - The...

    Dreman,David N.

    In this major revision of his investment classic, one of the premier investment managers introduces vitally important new findings in psychology that show why most investment strategies are fatally flawed and his contrarian strategies are the best...

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  • Changing the Rules - Adventures of a Wall...


    When Mickie Siebert arrived in New York in the mid-1950s, she had $500 in her wallet and drove a used Studebaker. Almost fifty years later she is know as the first woman of finance, the only woman to head a publicly traded national brokerage firm.

  • Green Profits - The Manager's Handbook For...


    Green Profits covers two tightly connected topics, environmental management systems (EMS) and pollution prevention (P2), in a single volume. Authored by an environmental engineer and an economist/planner, Green Profits shows how to implement an EMS,...

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  • Hypercompetition


    General Motors and IBM have been battered to their cores. Jack Welch, the chairman of General Electric, called the frenzied competition of the 1980's 'a white knuckle decade' and said the 1990s would be worse. In this pathbreaking book that will...

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  • Management Readers - Strategic Information...

    Galliers,Robert D; Baker,Bernadette; Galliers,R D

    This new title focuses on strategic information management and its repercussions for business and management practice. The authors have made a thorough survey of key information management issues amongst senior executives (both IT and non-IT) in...

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  • Dealing With An Angry Public - The Mutual...

    Susskind,Lawrence; Field,Patrick

    Some portion of the American public will react negatively to almost any new corporate initiative, as Disney discovered when it announced its plans to build an historical theme park in Virginia. Similarly, government efforts to change policy or shift...

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  • The Orange Revolution - How One Great Team...

    Elton,Chester; Gostick,Adrian Robert

    From New York Times bestselling authors and renowned leadership consultants Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton comes a groundbreaking guide to building high-performance teams. What is the true driver of a thriving organization's exceptional success? Is...

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  • Power And Influence

    Kotter; Kotter,John P

    In today's complex work world, things no longer get done simply because someone issues an order and someone else follows it. Most of us work in socially intricate organizations where we need the help not only of subordinates but of colleagues,...

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  • The New Art Of Managing People -...

    Alessandra,Tony; Hunsaker,Phillip

    A fully revised and updated edition of The Art of Managing People, offering the latest wisdom on crucial guidelines and techniques for creating a positive work environment and increasing productivity and profitability. From the award-winning authors...

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  • The Boy Kings - A Journey Into The Heart Of...


    Kate Losse was a grad school refugee when she joined Facebook as employee #51 in 2005. Hired to answer user questions such as 'What is a poke?' and 'Why can't I access my ex-girlfriend's profile?' her early days at the company were characterized by a...

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  • Building Global Biobrands - Taking...

    Kotler,Philip; Simon, Francoise

    From medicine and defense to food and cosmetics, biotechnological breakthroughs are creating huge new global market opportunities as well as unprecedented challenges. Companies from mega-pharmaceuticals to infotech giants and biotech start-ups must...

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  • Leading Product Development - The Senior...

    Wheelwright,Steven C

    In their groundbreaking book Revolutionizing Product Development, Steven C. Wheelwright and Kim B. Clark demonstrated how project leaders for product development could apply new innovations to bring products to market at breakneck speed. Now, in...

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  • Manager As Negotiator

    Lax,David A

    This fine blend of Harvard scholarship and seasoned judgment is really two books in one. The first develops a sophisticated approach to negotiation for executives, attorneys, diplomats -- indeed, for anyone who bargains or studies its challenges. The...

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  • Beyond The Crash - Overcoming The First...


    Beyond The Crash - Overcoming The First Crisis Of Globalization

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  • The Power Of Product Platforms

    Meyer,Marc H; Lehnerd,Alvin P

    Most companies know that long-term success does not hinge on any single product but on a continuous stream of value-rich products that target growth markets. Yet many firms inexplicably develop one product at a time, and by doing so fail to embrace...

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  • Strategic Supremacy - How Industry Leaders...

    D'Aveni,Richard A

    Are upstart competitors taking deadly aim at your company's products and markets? Richard A. D'Aveni, author of the famous attacker's handbook Hypercompetition, presents coun-terrevolutionary strategies and tactics that any industry leader or...

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  • Managing Customer Value - Creating Quality...


    Even today with quality improvement the battle cry of American industry, the quality programs in most companies are limited to 'conformance to technical standards,' according to quality expert Bradley Gale. While some have ventured a step farther to...

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  • Reinventing The Factory - Productivity...

    Harmon,Roy L; Peterson,LeRoy D

    The 'factory of the future' is here. We have the technology and professional knowledge, say leading manufacturing consultants Roy Harmon and Leroy Peterson, to implement revolutionary concepts that many managers might regard as futuristic. In this...

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  • The Great Depression Ahead - How To Prosper...

    Dent,Harry S

    Harry S. Dent predicted our current economic crisis, and he foresees still more to come. He predicts that we are headed further towards a major depression reminiscent of Japan's major recession more than a decade ago, from which their real estate...

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  • Lipstick On A Pig - Winning In The No-Spin...


    Torie Clarke, renowned and respected in political and business circles as one of the nation's most gifted communicators, offers a complete guide to the new age of transparency. Clarke's message is refreshing and straightforward: No more spin. Always...

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  • Strategic Flexibility

    Harrigan,Kathryn Rudie

    Many companies refuse to face the reality that their businesses are in trouble or that their strategic positions are wrong. Whether a product line is no longer profitable, foreign competition has slowed growth, or technological changes have left them...

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  • Learning From The Links - Mastering...

    Hurst,David K

    For the first time, a seasoned business executive and avid golfer combines these two passions to explore what makes for top performance in each field. Management consultant David K. Hurst explores compelling links relating the two activities to...

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  • The 18 Immutable Laws Of Corporate Reputation...

    Alsop,Ronald J

    From Enron and WorldCom to the Catholic Church and Major League Baseball, reputation crises have never been more widespread. Now Ronald J. Alsop, a veteran 'Wall Street Journal' authority on branding and reputation management, explains the dangers --...

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  • The New Culture Of Desire - 5 Radical New...


    A wholly new force is driving human behavior today, and it's turning the world as we know it upside down and inside out. Human behavior is now being driven by a new survival instinct -- a new primal desire -- that is invisibly but unstoppably...

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  • Speak From The Heart - Be Yourself And Get...

    Adubato,Steve; Digeronimo,Theresa Foy

    In Speak from the Heart, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, newspaper columnist, and motivational speaker Steve Adubato reveals the secrets to being a great communicator -- with a program that will dramatically change the way you talk, listen, and...

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  • The Excuse Factory


    In The Litigation Explosion, Walter Olson exposed the irrational incentives within the legal system that have made America the world's most litigious society. Now Olson has trained his considerable investigative talents on another aspect of the...

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