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Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Paisagismo

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  • Bauhaus



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  • Oscar Niemeyer Houses

    Hess, Alan; Weintraub,Alan

    A collection of beautiful photographs showcases Oscar Niemeyer's seminal modern homes to demonstrate the wide range of his architectural genius and show a little-known personal and eclectic facet of his imagination.

  • Aalto

    Lahti Louna

    Uma visão compacta de um dos maiores arquitectos do mundo. 'A arquitectura moderna não significa a utilização de novos materiais, a principal coisa é trabalhar com materiais para uma linha mais humana'. Alvar Aalto O arquitecto finlandês Alvar Aalto...

  • Architects' Data 4e

    Neufert, Ernst; Neufert, Peter

    Neufert's Architects' Data is an essential reference for the initial design and planning of a building project. It provides, in one concise volume, the core information needed to form the framework for the more detailed design and planning of any...

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  • Packaging Design


    Packaging Design

  • Kindel

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores


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  • Diseño de Espacios Comerciales

    Lynne Mesher

    Diseño de espacios comerciales ofrece al estudiante de diseño interior y al de otros campos afines los recursos básicos que le permitirán abordar el diseño de espacios comerciales, ya sea en lugares existentes o de nueva construcción, partiendo del...

  • Northern Delights - Scandinavian Homes,...

    Fexeus ,Emma

    Northern Delights reveals why hardly any other interior or product design is so timeless, so functional, so aesthetic, and of such high quality as that of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. The book s stunning selection of Scandinavian design...

  • Louis Vuitton

    Luna,Ian; Edelmann Frederic

    An exploration of the dynamic and innovative architecture and interiors commissioned by Louis Vuitton. A prescient advocate of contemporary interiors and architecture, Louis Vuitton continues to encourage innovation and playfulness in the designs of...

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  • How To Design a House

    Design Museum

    HowtoDesignaHouse tells you everything you need to know and looks at the principles and processes of designing a house, giving an insight into the design and building process. In a working case study John Pawson, one of the world's best-known...

  • O Automóvel e a Cidade


    Desde o aparecimento do automóvel, tem-se assistido a uma adaptação contínua das cidades a ele. Veículo que parece, cada vez mais, contudo, ser o menos indicado para uma utilização urbana. Para Gabriel Dupuy, professor na universidade de Nanterre e...

  • Pamela Burton Landscapes


    Pamela Burton Landscapes

  • 20th-century World Architecture

    Phaidon Editors

    20th Century World Architecture portrays, for the first time, an overview of the finest built architecture from around the world completed between 1900 and 1999. The unprecedented global scope of this collection of over 750 key buildings juxtaposes...

  • Diseño de Interiores Guía Útil para...

    Gibbs, Jenny

    El diseño de interiores se ha convertido en una profesión reconocida, pero la industria que genera es compleja y desconocida. El proceso del diseño, desde el contacto inicial con el cliente hasta la finalizácion del proyecto, comprende varias fases e...

  • História da Arquitectura Contemporânea


    História da Arquitectura Contemporânea

  • Living In The Endless City

    Sudjic,Deyan; Burdett,Ricky

    The companion of Phaidon's popular The Endless City, Living in the Endless City will add the cities of Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Istanbul to the six cities of the first volume with the same mix of compelling photographs, in-depth and beautifully...

  • Jutaku - Japanese Houses


    Frenetic. Pulsating. Disorienting. Japan's contemporary culture is constantly in flux. In stark contrast to the centuries old imperial architecture of Kyoto, recent Japanese architectural practices have ushered in an era of continuous...

  • Heartland

    Wysocki,Charles; MacLay,Elise; Greenwich Workshop (COR)

    A new collection of full-color paintings, drawings, sketches, and photographs by the author of An American Celebration is accompanied by inspirational verse, depicting themes of hard work, quiet pleasures, and overall life in nineteenth-century...

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  • Arquitectura Y Clima Manual de Deseno...


    Arquitectura y clima se ha convertido en un libro clásico. Publicado por primera vez en la década de los años 50 en Estados Unidos, conserva toda su actualidad en cuestiones mediombientales, explorando las relaciones entre edificios y medio natural...

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  • La Imagem de La Ciudad


    La imagen de la ciudad se ha ido convirtiendo en un clásico de la cultura contemporánea de la ciudad, en un renovado y eficaz aporte a la comprensión y transformación de nuestras ciudades. Kevin Lynch realiza, a través de las páginas de este libro,...

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  • Architecture In Switzerland

    Jodidio, Philip

    Esta nova série de arquitetura oferece uma perspectiva única da arquitetura mundial, realçando as tendências arquitetônicas de cada país. Cada livro apresente 15 a 20 arquitetos - dos consagrados aos emergentes - concentrando-se na forma como...

  • Mona Lisa Revealed


    Presents a history of Florence and its wealthiest families during the lifetime of Leonardi da Vinci, presenting facts which support the premise that Lisa del Gioconda, a wealthy resident of the city, was the model for Leonardo's most famous painting.

  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha - Complete Works

    Pisani, Daniele

    An authoritative, comprehensive monograph on an underpublished architectural genius. ?This is the most comprehensive book published in English on the complete work of Paulo Mendes da Rocha, winner of the 2006 Pritzker Prize, which brought him to the...

  • Gardening the Mediterranean Way


    Gardening the Mediterranean Way

  • Tropical Architecture


    This forward-thinking survey considers the challenges of making buildings that withstand the vagaries of climate, economy, and limited resources. Although the tropics cover nearly forty percent of the world's surface, from rain forests to dry desert...

  • Home! Best Of Living Design


    There appears to be no lack of design suggestions to realize the myriad of desires and ideas that go into the designing of home interiors. Designers are challenged to find convincing solutions for living areas in houses, apartments and lofts. While...

  • The New Drawing on the Right Side of the...


    A workbook companion to the classic revolutionary guide to developing drawing talent includes guided practice and exercises to enhance creativity, along with explorations of self-expression, sample drawings, blank pages, suggestions for materials,...

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  • Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations


    Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations

  • Great Designs


    Great Designs is a fascinating overview of the dynamic history of design from the 1860s onwards, tracing the development of modern designs, from sketches and prototypes to the final product. Which technological advancements have pioneered...

  • Concrete - Beton


    Concrete - Beton

  • Paris Style - Vol. 2

    Taschen, Angelika

    Paris Style - Vol. 2

  • Introdução a Arquitectura


    Introdução a Arquitectura

  • Ornament Is Crime - Modernist Architecture

    Hill , Albert; Gibberd, Matt

    Ornament Is Crime is a celebration and a thought-provoking reappraisal of modernist architecture. The book proposes that modernism need no longer be confined by traditional definitions, and can be seen in both the iconic works of the modernist canon...

  • Architecture In Japan

    Jodidio, Philip

    Esta nova série de arquitetura oferece uma perspectiva única da arquitetura mundial, realçando as tendências arquitetônicas de cada país. Cada livro apresente 15 a 20 arquitetos - dos consagrados aos emergentes - concentrando-se na forma como...

  • Landscape Graphics

    Reid,Grant W.

    Landscape Graphics

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  • The Architecture of Happiness

    De Botton,Alain

    The Architecture of Happiness

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  • Preston Bailey - Designing With Flowers


    From master event planner and floral couturier Preston Bailey comes a new book celebrating his latest ideas in floral design. A working carousel composed entirely of flowers. A dazzling floor of orchids underfoot. A Renaissance painting adorned with...

  • Graphic - 500 Designs That Matter

    Phaidon Editors

    The process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image, and colour informs the way we connect across languages and cultures. Derived from the acclaimed Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design, this fascinating...

  • Todo Sobre La Casa

    Zabalbeascoa, Anatxu

    Las bañeras, las cocinas y los tenedores esconden una historia. La vida privada dice tanto de una civilización como el análisis de sus batallas y contiendas. Todo sobre la casa desgrana, estancia por estancia, la evolución de la vivienda a lo largo...

  • O Românico - Arquitetura, Escultura, Pintura


    O românico foi o primeiro estilo artístico a abranger toda a Europa medieval. Surge por volta do ano 1000 e termina em meados do século XIII, com as formas tardias que se manifestam na Alemanha e na Itália. O românico é acima de tudo, a expressão do...

  • Sustainable - Houses With Small Footprints

    Friedman, Avi

    A presentation of contemporary houses that demonstrates how domesticity can be beautiful and still help the planet. Have we passed a tipping point beyond which we can no longer reverse a course of action that was charted several decades ago...

  • Climate Considerations in Building and Urban...


    Climate Considerations in Building and Urban Design

  • The Gardener's Garden - Midi Format

    Musgrave, Toby; Cox, Madison; Chivers, Ruth

    The inspirational resource for garden designers and garden-lovers - now available in a compelling compact format.The ultimate garden book - both a collection of gardens from around the world and a resource for those seeking inspiration on garden...

  • Willem de Kooning - A Way Of Living

    Zilczer, Judith

    Willem de Kooning was a leading exponent of Abstract Expressionism. MoMA’s 2011 de Kooning retrospective drew record crowds, and his prodigious achievements continue to provoke and inspire subsequent generations of artists such as Cecily Brown,...

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