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Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Paisagismo

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  • Bauhaus



  • Oscar Niemeyer Houses

    Hess, Alan; Weintraub,Alan

    A collection of beautiful photographs showcases Oscar Niemeyer's seminal modern homes to demonstrate the wide range of his architectural genius and show a little-known personal and eclectic facet of his imagination.

  • Three Dimensional Embroidery Stitches


    Three Dimensional Embroidery Stitches

  • Fallingwater

    Waggoner, Lynda; Little, Chrisopher

    This seminal volume, now back in print in a new format and at a reduced price, offers a deeply immersive tour of Frank Lloyd Wright s most legendary building. A landmark volume to commemorate what is arguably the most significant private residence of...

  • Lego® Architecture The Visual Guide

    Wilkinson, Philip

    LEGO® Architecture: The Visual Guide is a stunning guide to the LEGO Architecture series and to the iconic buildings that inspired it.These amazing LEGO Architecture sets showcase incredible buildings from around the world. From the Empire State...

  • Architects' Data 4e

    Neufert, Ernst; Neufert, Peter

    Neufert's Architects' Data is an essential reference for the initial design and planning of a building project. It provides, in one concise volume, the core information needed to form the framework for the more detailed design and planning of any...

  • Landscape Graphics

    Reid,Grant W.

    Landscape Graphics

  • The Architecture of Happiness

    De Botton,Alain

    The Architecture of Happiness

  • Drawing For Landscape Architecture - Sketch...

    Hutchison, Edward

    This essential publication reintroduces the importance of learning to ‘see by hand’, to visualize large-scale design schemes and explain them through drawing, before using the digital tools that are so crucial to efficient and cost-effective building...

  • Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations


    Charlotte Moss - Garden Inspirations

  • Architecture - A Visual History

    Glancey, Jonathan

    Architecture tells the story of the world's most incredible buildings, from the ancient world to the present day.Take a closer look at the beautiful details, principal elements, and decorative features of every architectural style, from China's...

  • Color Drawing - Design Drawing Skills And...


    The Third Edition of Michael Doyle's classic Color Drawing remains the ultimate up-to-date resource for professionals and students who need to develop and communicate design ideas with clear, attractive, impressive color drawings.Update with over 100...

  • Lumitecture - Illuminating Interiors For...

    Yudina, Anna

    Light makes an architectural space livable, shapes it and guides us within it. The role of light reaches well beyond practical needs and can create environments, emotions and spatial illusions. Today, as our homes and buildings become increasingly...

  • Louis Vuitton

    Luna,Ian; Edelmann Frederic

    An exploration of the dynamic and innovative architecture and interiors commissioned by Louis Vuitton. A prescient advocate of contemporary interiors and architecture, Louis Vuitton continues to encourage innovation and playfulness in the designs of...

  • Introdução a Arquitectura


    Introdução a Arquitectura

  • The American Vignola

    Ware, William R

    'Vignola codified the rules of classical architecture for the Italian Renaissance . . . Ware codified Vignola for the American Renaissance.' -- John Barrington Bayley, from the Introductory Notes to The American VignolaFrom 1890 to 1940, Americans...

  • Elegant Country And Suburban Houses Of The...

    Keefe, Charles S

    This handsomely illustrated book showcases outstanding examples of suburban and country houses of the 1920s--a great period for domestic architecture in the United States. Lovely photographs present exterior and interior views of 51 classic homes,...

  • Pamela Burton Landscapes


    Pamela Burton Landscapes

  • História da Arquitectura Contemporânea


    História da Arquitectura Contemporânea

  • Daniel Ost

    Kuma,Kengo; Geerts,Paul

    Daniel Ost's work in floral design gores far beyond table arrangements to bridge the gap between floral design and art. Using elements from the natural world – flowers, branches, and plants of all varieties, Ost crates large-scale, site-specific...

  • Kindel

    ., Vários Autores; Vários Autores


  • Bim Handbook - A Guide To Building...

    Eastman,Chuck; Teicholz,Paul; Sacks,Rafael; Liston,Kathleen

    The BIM Handbook presents the technology and processes behind BIM to aid architects, engineers, contractors and sub-contractors, construction and facility owners (AECO). The BIM Handbook combines in-depth technical background, business process...

  • Art & Architecture - Louvre

    Bartz, Gabriele; König,Eberhard

    This art travel guide provides a combination of practical orientation for travelers and deeper insight into the art history of the Louvre.

  • Romântico - Visual Encyclopedia of Art


    Romântico - Visual Encyclopedia of Art

  • O Automóvel e a Cidade


    Desde o aparecimento do automóvel, tem-se assistido a uma adaptação contínua das cidades a ele. Veículo que parece, cada vez mais, contudo, ser o menos indicado para uma utilização urbana. Para Gabriel Dupuy, professor na universidade de Nanterre e...

  • Roman And Williams Buildings And Interiors -...

    Brisick,Jamie; Alesch,Stephen; Standefer,Robin

    For their tenth anniversary, the design studio Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors presents projects that blend the spirit of our collective history with a modernist edge. Roman and Williams’s style honors craftsmanship, the use of natural...

  • Todo Sobre La Casa

    Zabalbeascoa, Anatxu

    Las bañeras, las cocinas y los tenedores esconden una historia. La vida privada dice tanto de una civilización como el análisis de sus batallas y contiendas. Todo sobre la casa desgrana, estancia por estancia, la evolución de la vivienda a lo largo...

  • Architecture Now ! Vol. 3

    Jodidio, Philip

    As always, Taschen is doing its best to keep up with the fast paced world of architecture by continually producing guides to the world's best designers and projects. For the third volume of our 'Architecture Now!' series, we've included many new and...

  • Indian Interiors - Editado Por / A Cura Di...

    Sethi,Testi Sunil

    Indian Interiors - Editado Por / A Cura Di Angelika Taschen

  • Diferencias topografia de Ia arquitectura...

    Morales,Ignasi de Sola

    El rasgo más característico de la arquitectura en el mundo actual son sus diferencias: son ellas las que establecen la diversidad, la tensión, el contraste y las dinámicas del presente. Por medio de las relaciones entre la arquitectura y las...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Mosaic


    Eight colorful, innovative, easy-to-follow projects show the beginner how to create a range of mosaics, from a colourful table top and crazy-paving flower pots to a beautiful clock embellished with beads and stunning bathroom panels. Each project is...

  • Andreas Gursky - Architecture


    Andreas Gursky - Architecture

  • Manual of Contemporary Art Style

    Helguera, Pablo

    Manual of Contemporary Art Style

  • Variaciones Sobre Un Parque Temático La...


    Las ciudades norteamericanas están sufriendo una transformación siniestra y homogénea. Un nuevo tipo de urbanismo –manipulador, disperso y hostil al espacio público tradicional– está emergiendo en los centros y periferias de las ciudades. El parque...

  • Japan Living

    Iwatate, Marcia

    Japan Living presents thirty exceptional houses that transcend function and resonate with spirit. Chosen for their inspiring and innovative designs, these new Japanese homes are special places to dream in. The owners and architects, working as...

  • The New Drawing on the Right Side of the...


    A workbook companion to the classic revolutionary guide to developing drawing talent includes guided practice and exercises to enhance creativity, along with explorations of self-expression, sample drawings, blank pages, suggestions for materials,...

  • Sketchbooks


    Now published in paperback, Sketchbooks provides a revealing glimpse into the inner workings and private inspiration of creatives from the worlds of advertising, design, graphic design, fashion design, art, street art and illustration. Intimate and...

  • Bonsai


    Step-By-Step Bonsai is the ultimate introduction to bonsai trees, with illustrated step-by-step projects to make bonsai for beginners simple and achievable.With an A-Z directory of bonsai tree care, you'll learn the key techniques needed to create...

  • Wright - Flexível

    Pfeiffer,Bruce Brooks

    Conhecido como o maior Arquiteto americano, Franck Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959) foi verdadeiramente um pioneiro, tanto artística quanto tecnicamente. Conheça, através deste livro, seu trabalho, que figura entre os mais famosos da história da...

  • Bonsai With Japanese Maples

    Bennett,Masha; Woodward,Stephen

    Bonsai With Japanese Maples

  • Architectural Graphics 6Th Edition


    The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources 'Architectural Graphics' is the classic bestselling reference by one of the leading global authorities on architectural design drawing, Francis D.K. Ching....

  • Island Life

    Wood,David Flint; Hicks,India

    An intriguing glimpse of the eclectic interior decoration of tropical island life offers a unique fusion of traditional European design with Asian, African, and Caribbean influences in rooms that also emphasize color, the overall ambience of the...

  • Gaudí - Obra Arquitectónica Completa


    Neste livro você encontrará todas as construções de Antoni Gaudí em 372 fotografias a cores, 17 plantas e 2 mapas com localização das obras.

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