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  • Tilda Planner 2018


    Bring the beauty of Tilda into your daily life and organise your schedule with weekly inspiration from this much-loved Scandinavian brand. This brand new Tilda 2018 planner features stunning photography of the latest Tilda fabrics and products,...

  • Tilda Sewing By Heart - For The Love Of...


    A brand new Tilda project book featuring stunning photography of the latest Tilda patchwork and quilting projects, in the colourful new Tilda fabric ranges. The book features 8 full-size quilts, plus smaller sewing projects such as pillows,...

  • The Art Of Tying The Cravat - Demonstrated In...


    Excerpt from The Art of Tying the Cravat: Demonstrated in Sixteen Lessons The question whether Cravats were worn by the ancients is satisfactorily decided. It is fully proved that the Romans used a chin cloth, corresponding almost entirely with the...

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  • Happy Hour Stickers

    Goodridge, Teresa

    Cheers to these 24 colorful images of favorite happy hour beverages! In addition to bottles of beer, the stickers include exotic umbrella drinks, a frosty margarita with a salty rim and curly lime garnish, a bloody Mary replete with a stalk of celery...

  • Hispano-Moresque Pottery - In The Collection...

    Barber, Edwin Atlee

    Excerpt from Hispano-Moresque Pottery: In the Collection of the Hispanic Society of America Pottery and tiles, of an entirely different char acter from the usual varieties Of Persian wares with which we are familiar, have been found in the north...

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  • Creating Dorset Buttons - A Classic Craft...

    Olski, Pat

    The tradition of Dorset button-making dates back to the seventeenth century and in this inspiring guide, Pat Olski celebrates the handmade button's irresistible charm for modern-day knitting, sewing, and needlepoint aficionados. Many of these...

  • Stealth Aircraft Origami

    Merrill, Jayson

    Advanced paperfolders can get stealthy with eight finely-detailed bombers and fighters. Based on actual American, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese stealth aircraft, the full-color and camouflaged models include the B-2 Spirit, Northrop Grumman's B-21,...

  • Dishcloths To Crochet - Fun Designs To...

    Olski, Pat

    More than two dozen playful patterns for crocheted dishcloths feature animals, plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Full-color photos accompany the easy-to-follow instructions, which include directions for converting any of the dishcloths into a...

  • Catalogue Des Livres Rares Et Precieux De La...


    Excerpt from Catalogue des Livres Rares Et Precieux de la Bibliotheque de M. E. B***: Dont la Vente Se Fera le 10 Avril 1850, Et les Jours Suivants A Six Heures Et Demie du Soir Rue des Bons-Enfants, 28, Maison Silvestre, Salle du Premier Livre rare,...

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  • Dumpling Pups - Crochet And Collect Them All!

    Sloyer, Sarah

    Beginner- to intermediate-level crocheters will have a doggone good time with these 20 original patterns for dumpling-shaped dogs. Inspired by a Japanese collecting game, the guide offers full-color photos, simple diagrams, and easy-to-follow...

  • Ontario Teachers' Manuals (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Ontario Teachers' Manuals A teacher who has had this thorough training should be capable Of instructing pupils so as to secure good results. For, during the process of acquiring training, the teacher will have had an opportunity,...

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  • Library Catalog - A Descriptive List With...


    Excerpt from Library Catalog: A Descriptive List With Prices of the Various Articles of Furniture and Equipment for Libraries and Museums Furnished by the Library Bureau The purpose of the Library Bureau is to supply public and private libraries with...

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  • Crochet Stories: J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan


    Travel to Never-Never Land with this 'crafty' retelling of the adventures of the boy who wouldn't grow up. The book features a brief version of J. M. Barrie's classic tale, Peter Pan, punctuated with more than a dozen well-illustrated patterns for...

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  • Crafting With Wooden Crates And Pallets - 25...


    You don't have to be a carpenter or a home improvement expert to make these 25 projects, which combine elements of crafting and woodworking. Step-by-step instructions, accompanied by full-color photos, explain how to build surprisingly simple and...

  • Science In The Industrial World (Classic...

    Williams, Henry Smith

    Excerpt from Science in the Industrial World Edison's early patents, p. 93-the phonograph Of 1877, p. 94 Clockwork and electricity for rotating the cylinder, p. 95 - how the sounds are recorded on the wax cylinder, p. 96. About the Publisher...

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  • Connaissances Necessaires A Un Bibliophile,...

    Rouveyre, Edouard

    Excerpt from Connaissances Necessaires a un Bibliophile, Vol. 2: Accompagnees de Notes Critiques Et de Documents Bibliographiques Fac-simile (reduit) de la Bible de Mayence, (edit. (1056 lignes) sans date et sans nom d'unprimcur. About the Publisher...

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  • Cut & Assemble Haunted House

    Bergstrom, Matt

    This deliciously creepy cut-and-assemble model of a Victorian mansion is loaded with spooky fun, inside and out! One side features the exterior of a tall, narrow house with a porch; the other side reveals a busy interior with a basement lab and...

  • I Love Tea! Stickers

    Goodridge, Teresa

    It's tea time! These 24 colorful stickers celebrate the pleasures of a cup of tea, featuring steaming mugs with cookies and cupcakes on the side as well as a pitcher of iced tea with a tall, lemon-garnished glass. Floral patterns and other pretty...

  • Writing And Illuminating, And Lettering...

    Johnston, Edward

    Edward Johnston was a well-known and skilled calligrapher and illuminator. He is perhaps best known for his controversial sans-serif font which he created specifically for the London Underground, where it can still be found today naming each station...

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  • Tilda's Toy Box - Sewing Patterns for Soft...


    Bestselling craft designer Tone Finnanger brings her talents to soft toys and gifts for children – from adorable dolls to funky monkeys and swashbuckling pirates. Hotly awaited for 2015, Tilda’s new book will show you how to make a wide range of...

  • Game Of Thrones Mask: House Lannister Lion...


    Inspired by the sigil from the award-winning television series Game of Thrones, this official book contains a full-sized 3D House Lannister Lion mask and wall mount. Assemble it yourself from the beautifully illustrated push-out pieces, then wear it...

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  • Dogs In Origami - 30 Breeds From Terriers To...

    Montroll, John

    Origami master John Montroll pays tribute to man's best friend with this guide to creating origami dogs. Suitable for folders of intermediate to advanced skills, the book presents step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs for each model....

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  • Bee Happy! Stickers


    There's a buzz about bees these days, and these adorable stickers capture all the fun! An assortment of 24 cheery bugs includes bees perched on leaves and flowers, circling the hive, and in other perky poses. The stickers will add a touch of...

  • Dollar Bill Animals In Origami

    Montroll, John

    Transform ordinary dollar bills into miniature works of art by folding them into a unicorn, dinosaur, dog, elephant, and other creatures. More than 30 original models by a renowned origamist will appeal to every paperfolder, from beginner to expert....

  • Amazing Origami Boxes

    Fuse, Tomoko

    Simple but unique, an origami box represents the thoughts and feelings of its maker. Between the pleasure of paperfolding and the satisfaction of having a handmade item to use (or give!), the box forms a positive association for the maker (and...

  • Tilda Crafting Christmas Gifts


    Tilda Crafting Christmas Gifts

  • Tilda's Seasonal Ideas Collection


    Enjoy the best of Tilda throughout the seasons with this wonderful collection of sewing and papercrafting projects by world-famous designer Tone Finnanger, all made using gorgeous Tilda fabrics and embellishments. Inside you'll find patterns and...

  • Tilda's Winter Delights


    Tone Finnanger has used a classic ‘sweet shop’ theme to create these brand new Tilda projects for the winter season. Learn how to make cute characters including polar bears, angels and even a Father Christmas. There will also be paper designs atthe...

  • The Tilda Characters Collection - Birds,...


    This is an adorable collection of 'Tilda' characters, complete with all the sewing techniques, designs and templates you need to create them. It includes four titles presented in a stylish slipcase - Birds, Bunnies, Angels and Dolls - perfect for...

  • Creative Boxsets - Cutie Beauty


    Creative Boxsets - Cutie Beauty

  • Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle


    'Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle' shows the reader how to use simple but techniques to enhance their home with holiday accessories. There are instructions, photography and illustrations accompany each project, making it a guide for beginning sewers to...

  • Tilda's Crafting Tilda's Friends - 30 Unique...


    30 fun sewing and papercraft projects show how to create the cutest characters. Features rabbits, birds, frogs, cats and an array of other creatures - there are even garden angels in there somewhere! Clear artworks and pretty photography make sewing,...

  • Tilda's Summer Ideas


    A beautiful collection of summer projects using the latest Tilda fabrics and embellishments. The designs include angels, garlands, decorations and accessories, all in the seasonal shades of turquoise, green, pink and red. All projects are accompanied...

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  • 50 Fabric Animals

    Idees,Marie Claire

    50 Fabric Animals

  • Tilda's Fairy Tale Wonderland - Over 25...


    A beautiful collection of brand new Tilda projects, featuring seasonal designs in Tone Finnanger's wonderfully quirky style. Each chapter is themed around a classic children's story, such as Pinocchio Bambi and The Nutcracker, with projects including...

  • Hand Lettering

    Donley, Marci

    Hand Lettering

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  • Tilda's Sew Pretty Homestyle - Over 35...


    Create beautiful accessories to enhance your home using stunningly simple but incredibly effective techniques. A subtle colour palette and lovable designs combine to create a fresh and fun collection of over 35 projects. Easy-to-follow instructions,...

  • Tilda's Christmas Ideas


    Tilda's Christmas Ideas

  • Electronic Design


    Electronic Design

  • Teeny Tiny Crochet

    Hirst , Catherine

    Teeny Tiny Crochet will delight fans of crochet, needlework and knitting as it offers a range of beautiful ideas from expert crafter Catherine Hurst. She tells readers how to make sisters Ekaterina, Elena and Eva, the three bears and Catnip mouse and...

  • Tilda Homemade and Happy


    A stunning new collection of Tilda designs from talented designer Tone Finnanger. Homemade and Happy is a gorgeous collection of inspirational home accessories including quilts, cushions and decorative items to make Christmas even more special....

  • Macramé

    Zedenius, Fanny

    Fanny Zedenius gives this addictive craft a refreshing twist as she takes you through the all the essentials, from everything you need to know to get started through inspiration on to how best display your makes. The 21 projects include impressive...

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  • Crafty Creatures

    Jane Bull

    30 craft projects to sew, knit, and create the cutest critters Crafty Creatures is packed with ideas to create lots of cute, cuddly and adorable creatures. Award-winning author, Jane Bull, puts a modern spin on traditional handicrafts such as sewing,...

  • Hello Kitty Crochet: Supercute Amigurumi...


    Hello Kitty Crochet is all about cute: the whimsical world of Hello Kitty and her character friends meets the Japanese art of amigurumi, or crocheted dolls. With two dozen easy-to-make, adorable projects and a charming aesthetic, Hello Kitty Crochet...

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