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80 produtos
  • Dadaísmo - Col. 25º Aniversário

    Elger, Dietmar

    Dadaísmo: el precursor del arte conceptualPrecursor del surrealismo, el movimiento dadá enfatizó lo absurdo e impredecible, lo ilógico y caótico, arremetiendo contra la estética tradicional y las convenciones artísticas verticalistas. Surgido del...

  • Vik Muniz - The Weimar File

    Muniz, Vik

    The new publication in Ivorypress's LiberArs series is dedicated to Brazilian artist Vik Muniz (São Paulo, 1961), who, with the title The Weimar File draws us into an unpleasant experience with a noir tinge that takes place in post-9/11 United States...

  • Art In Time - A World History Of Styles And...


    An up-to-date and comprehensive guide to 150 of the most significant styles and movements that have shaped art history through time. All art is of its time, and this book is the first survey that explicitly embeds styles, schools and movements within...

  • Tiki Modern

    Kirsten,Sven A.

    Sexy savage: Excavating Tiki's finest offerings TASCHEN's Book of Tiki provided the blueprint for the re-appreciation and revival of Tiki style. Almost completely wiped from the consciousness of Americans until recently, Sven Kirsten's tome put Tiki...

  • Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure


    Is there art after modernism? Many of today's art students and professionals are finding the answer 'yes' lies in the long-neglected field of figurative sculpture, a demanding form of expression that requires extremely rigorous technical training....

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  • Niki De Saint-Phalle


    Niki De Saint-Phalle

  • Sculpture From Antiquity To the Present Day

    Barral I Altet,Xavier; Outros

    This lavishly produced survey is a solid referenc work narrating the history of three-dimensional art in vividly written texts visually backed by na intelligent selection of illustrations. Starting with the fascinating images of divinities and...

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  • Rodin : Aquarelles Et Dessins Érotiques...


    Rodin : Aquarelles Et Dessins Érotiques (broché)

  • Calder


    Alexander Calder é um dos inovadores mais importantes na escultura do século 20. sendo um dos artistas mais amados do América, também ocupa um lugar de estaque entre os escultores contemporâneos mais aclamados da cena internacional. Como quase mais...

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  • Nacimientos - Presepi - Presépios

    München, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

    Nacimientos - Presepi - Presépios

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  • Moore


    Soixante reproductions en grand format et en couleurs invitent à un parcous passionnant dans l'universe de Moore. Un text clair et précis situe son ouvre dans le XX siècle, montre ses principales découvertes et raconte l'histoire de sa vie.

  • Sculpture And Design With Recycled Glass

    Coldiron,Cindy Ann

    Forty artists take the raw material of recycled glass and transform it into an astonishingly creative medium for sculpture and design. This 'green' book is packed with photos of original recycled glass craft and sculpture representing emerging and...

  • Directorio de Escultura


    Directorio de Escultura

  • Eric Gill - The Sculpture


    A prolific engraver, sculptor, letter-cutter and typographer, Eric Gill (1882 - 1940) chose to be remembered on his grave simply as a stone carver. He carved his first figural sculpture in 1909, and his distinctive, serene figures, such as his famous...

  • The Figure


    This book is a celebration of figurative art, essential to those interested in both traditional techniques and the latest developments in the art of the figure. An expansive survey of contemporary figurative art, The Figure showcases work by...

  • Ephemeral Bodies - Wax Sculpture And the...


    The material history of wax is a history of disappearance--wax melts, liquefies, evaporates, and undergoes innumerable mutations. Wax is tactile, ambiguous, and mesmerizing, confounding viewers and scholars alike. It can approximate flesh with...

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  • Auguste Rodin: Esculturas e Desenhos


    Com a ajuda do barro, do bronze e do mármore, Rodin criou o ser humano, cantou as mulheres, despertou paixões, alegrias e vícios. As suas personagens, 'em que a doçura do pecado sai das raízes da dor' (Rilke), resistiram à passagem do tempo e...

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  • Laws Of Simplicity


    Ten laws of simplicity for business, technology, and design that teach us how to need less but get more.Finally, we are learning that simplicity equals sanity. We're rebelling against technology that's too complicated, DVD players with too many menus...

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  • Manual Completo De La Madera

    Parramon; Parramon; Parramón Ediciones

    ¿De qué trata este libro? El objeto de este libro es mostrar de forma didáctica la realización de trabajos en la madera, en concreto de ebanistería, con el empleo del torno, de marquetería, y también de la restauración de objetos de madera. El libro...

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  • Ron Mueck

    Wiggins,Colin; Greeves,Susanna

    Ron Mueck

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  • Louise Bourgeois


    Louise Bourgeois

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  • Design Of Everyday Things Revised Exp Ed


    Even the smartest among us can feel inept as we try to figure out the shower control in a hotel or attempt to navigate an unfamiliar television set or stove. When The Design of Everyday Things was published in 1988, cognitive scientist Don Norman...

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  • Sculpture - From Antiquity To the Present Day...

    Duby,Georges; Daval,Jean-luc Softcover

    Ranging from ancient to contemporary sculpture, this bookis the first study of the history of sculpture to present such an original and comprehensive approach. Taking the sculptures out of the museum context (and thus off of their proverbial...

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  • Técnicas Del Metal


    Aula de joyería es una colección práctica y didáctica en la que se muestran, de forma pormenorizada y muy visual, los procesos y las técnicas que se utilizan en joyería. El contenido, riguroso y actual, se acompaña de un gran número de imágenes y...

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  • 500 Figures in Clay

    Gunter,Veronika Alice

    500 Figures in Clay

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  • Rodin - The Man And His Art


    RODIN: THE MAN AND HIS ART Compiled by Judith Cladel A new edition of a collection of pieces about the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, one of the great masters of modern art, which was first published in 1917. It is fully illustrated with works by...

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  • Angeles



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  • Doris Salcedo

    Grynsztejn,Madeleine; Widholm,Julie Rodrigues

    A mountain of chairs piled between buildings. Shoes sewn behind animal membranes into a wall. A massive crack running through the floor of Tate Modern. Powerful works like these by sculptor Doris Salcedo evoke the significance of bearing witness and...

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  • Woodcut


    If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill shows us why. Creating large-scale relief prints from the cross sections of trees, the artist reveals the sublime power locked inside their arboreal rings....

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  • A Escultura em Pedra


    O diálogo com a escultura do passado será frutífero? As diversas culturas serão assim tão diferentes no momento de expressar as suas inquietações em pedra? Por que motivo algumas esculturas atingem a categoria de obra de arte? Que processo seguirá...

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  • Conversations About Sculpture

    Serra,Richard; Foster,Hal

    'The rhythm of the body moving through space has been the motivating source of most of my work.'--Richard Serra Drawn from talks between celebrated artist Richard Serra and acclaimed art historian Hal Foster held over a fifteen-year period, this...

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  • Knoll - A Modernist Universe


    The history of Knoll is the history of modern design. Founded in 1938 by Hans Knoll and joined by his wife, Florence Knoll, the company is credited for bringing European modern design to America, then nurturing the best homegrown talents at...

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  • Escultura - Técnicas Y Proyectos


    Esta guía, de marcada orientación práctica, le mostrará todo lo que desea saber para empezar a esculpir. Presenta series de fotografías que le irán guiando paso a paso por el proceso escultórico, de principio a fin. Desarrolle sus habilidades con una...

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  • Arte Pré-colombiana - Visual Encyclopedia of...

    Scala; Scala

    Arte Pré-colombiana - Visual Encyclopedia of Art

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  • Escultura

    Areal Editores


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  • Fine Art Studio - Sculpting

    Watson,Kenneth Greg

    Rivals Michaelangelo and Leonardo daVinci once fought over a block of damaged marble; Michaelangelo won the battle, and he transformed the contested piece of marble into the masterpiece David. Now you, too, can carve and mold your way into the third...

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  • Pioneer Mother Monuments - Constructing...

    Prescott,Cynthia Culver

    For more than a century, American communities erected monuments to western pioneers. Although many of these statues receive little attention today, the images they depict--sturdy white men, saintly mothers, and wholesome pioneer families--enshrine...

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  • The Sculpture Of James Earle Fraser

    A. L. Freundlich

    The Sculpture Of James Earle Fraser

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  • de La Sculpture Moder

    Alain, Monvoisin
    (2860481) de La Sculpture Moder

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  • Auguste Rodin


    Auguste Rodin

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  • Escultura


    'É autêntica carne! Poderia pensar-se que tinha sido moldada com beijos e carícias! Quando se toca neste corpo, quase se espera, que esteja quente'. - Miguel Ângelo

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  • Constantin Brancusi


    Traces the life of the Romanian-born sculptor, discusses the influences on his work, and shows examples of his sculpture

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  • Arita / Table Of Contents - Studies In...


    The art of Japanese porcelain manufacturing began in Arita in 1616. Now, on its 400th anniversary, Arita / Table of Contents charts the unique collaboration between 16 contemporary designers and 10 traditional Japanese potteries as they work to...

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  • Rodin



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