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  • Our World - Little Mix

    Little Mix



    The perfect gift for any Little Mix devotee, Our World is full of exclusive photos and inspirational stories about the girls' unique friendship. This official book is sure to delight any fan on Christmas morning. Little Mix are the UK's most...

  • Metallica - Back To The Front




    'Metallica: Back to the Front 'tells the amazing, fully authorized story of the band s seminal 'Master of Puppets 'album and tour. Released on March 3, 1986, Metallica s 'Master of Puppets' album became an instant classic and announced the band as...

  • The Rolling Stones - On Air In The Sixties


    This new official book tells the story, for the first time, of the Stones through their many radio and TV appearances as they rose to fame in the sixties. From their first TV appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars!, buttoned up in matching hounds-tooth...

  • Lady Gaga - The World Of Lady Gaga


    Lady Gaga - The World Of Lady Gaga

  • The Complete Pink Floyd


    The Complete Pink Floyd is an incredible book. It lists every concert, every appearance, every song, every turn and twist in the amazing story of one of the world's most famous bands. Acknowledged expert Glenn Povey first published Echoes in 2006 but...

  • Hanon - Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises -...


    Since the first release of this classic Schirmer edition over 100 years ago almost anyone who has taken piano lessons for more than two years has played from ,The Virtuoso Pianist,. Millions of copies have been sold of these progressive exercises...

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  • The Jacksons - Legacy

    The Jacksons

    The Jacksons: Legacy is the first official book on the the Royal Family of Pop. Unrivaled access to the family archives as well as the private collections of Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jackson, combined with 12 days of exclusive interviews with the...

  • 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die


    Written by top UK and US music journalists, and including a preface by Michael Lydon, the founding editor of Rolling Stone magazine, this book celebrates the great and ground-breaking albums throughout the eras - from the genesis of Fifties rock 'n'...

  • Believe In Dreams: My Secret Diary




    Believe In Dreams: My Secret Diary

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  • Il Divo

    Vários Autores



    Il Divo

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  • The Art Of The LP - Classic Album Covers 1955...

    Morgan,Johnny; Wardle,Ben

    Sexy, provocative, playful, beautiful: from their earliest days, LP covers have been objects of art and fascination. This celebration of album artistry presents more than 350 of the best covers, and departs from the usual approach by organizing the...

  • U2 Experience


    U2 the rock group rulebook. Over a career that now spans nearly four decades, the band have produced one hit album after another - while continually reinventing their sound - and created the template for the giant global stadium tour that all other...

  • Moonwalk By Michael Jackson




    A rerelease of the popular autobiography of the King of Pop features a new introduction and afterword, in a book where the author discusses his fame, his first love, his plastic surgery and his exceptional career and the often bizarre rumors that...

  • Ramones At 40


    The Ramones helped kick-start the punk movement and change rock history. Now, on the 40th anniversary of their critically acclaimed debut album, comes the first fully colour-illustrated coffee-table book on the legendary band. Written by veteran...

  • Box Set - Learn To Play The Guitar - DVD


    Box Set - Learn To Play The Guitar - DVD

  • Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist - Book 1 In...


    Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist - Book 1 In Sixty Exercises For The Piano

  • The Who - 50 Years - The Official History


    The only official history of The Who created with the full cooperation of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, and spectacularly illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia published in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the release of...

  • Britney Spears Greatest Hits




    Britney Spears Greatest Hits

  • Selections From Harry Potter And the...

    Alfred Publishing (cor)

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the sixth installment in the blockbuster Harry Potter series. This folio contains 10 five-finger arrangements of songs from the movie as well as eight pages of full-color artwork. In five-finger style, the...

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  • Essential Elements 2000, Bb Tenor Saxophone...


    Essential Elements for Band offers beginning students sound pedagogy and engaging music, all carefully paced to successfully start young players on their musical journey. EE features both familiar songs and specially designed exercises, created and...

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  • Musicals


    From The Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music to Les Misérables, Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story brings the world's best-loved productions to life. With a foreword by Elaine Paige, Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated...

  • High School Musical

    Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

    High School Musical

  • The Christian's Exercise, Or Rules To Live...

    Kempis,Thomas a

    Excerpt from The Christian's Exercise, or Rules to Live Above the World While We Are in It: With Meditations, Hymns and Soliloquies, Suited to the Several Stages of Christian Life, in Four Parts O Maxims which he hath delivered for his Followers....

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  • The Land Of Dreams - Culture, Freedom And The...


    Freedom is the oldest human value. Traditionally, though, freedom has been seen in rather abstract terms: as something that, since the Enlightenment in particular, is best couched in the complexities of a political philosophy of the sort associated...

  • Louis Sphor's Autobiography (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Louis Sphor's Autobiography Fortunately this s'cene did not take place at the public performance, otherwise the audience would certainly have laughed again. As the saloon was crowded to overflowing and the applause enthusiastic, the...

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  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 3 Of 3 - His Work...


    Excerpt from Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 3 of 3: His Work and Influence on the Music of Germany, 1685-1750 Esner's successor as rector of the Thomasschule was Johann August Ernesti,1 who in 1732 had been appointed Conrector. Ernesti, born in 1707,...

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  • Louis Spohr's Celebrated Violin School -...


    Excerpt from Louis Spohr's Celebrated Violin School: Translated From the Original, and Dedicated to the Author's Friend Edward Taylor Esq., Gresham Professor of Music The parents' first care should be, to provide their son With a. Good teacher,...

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  • Introduction To Playing From Score (Classic...

    Riemann, Hugo

    Excerpt from Introduction to Playing From Score By the term Playing from Score is meant the reproduction of a work written for a number of parts (human voices, instruments, or both) in a more or less faithful arrangement on the piano or organ....

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  • Beethoven (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Beethoven Die Tatsache, da ich kaum sechs Monate nach dem Erscheinen der ersten Auflage dem Neudruck ein Geleitwort mitgeben darf, scheint mir die Erfullung des Wunsches anzudeuten, mit dem ich meine Arbeit vor einem halben Jahr abschlo....

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  • Judaism In Music (Das Judenthum In Der Musik)...

    Wagner, Richard

    Excerpt from Judaism in Music (Das Judenthum in Der Musik) Being the Original Essay Together With the Later Supplement Just as it was natural 'to so great a mind to be occasionally beset by the infirmities which afflict us all, such as that of...

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  • The Art Of Music, Vol. 12 Of 14 - A...

    Mason, Daniel Gregory

    Excerpt from The Art of Music, Vol. 12 of 14: A Dictionary-Index of Musicians; Book II. M-Z Marchand, Louis (1669 b. Lyons, d. Paris; one of the most emi nent of the older French organ and clavecin masters; organist at St. Benoit, Paris, from 1698,...

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  • A Collection Of Hymns, For The Use Of The...

    Wesley, John

    Excerpt from A Collection of Hymns, for the Use of the People Called Methodists: With a Supplement N. B. The Miscellaneous Hymns at the end of this book, and a few others distinguished by the prefix of an asterisk. About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • The Land Of Dreams - Culture, Freedom And The...


    Freedom is the oldest human value. Traditionally, though, freedom has been seen in rather abstract terms: as something that, since the Enlightenment in particular, is best couched in the complexities of a political philosophy of the sort associated...

  • Harmony - Appendix Containing One Hundred...

    Stainer, John

    Excerpt from Harmony: Appendix Containing One Hundred Graduated Exercises IN order that this little work may be of general utility, the author has carefully endeavoured to collect and explain clearly those facts universally accepted as the...

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  • The Poetical Works Of John And Charles Wesley...

    Wesley, Charles

    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley, Vol. 8: Reprinted From the Originals, With the Last Corrections of the Authors; Together With the Poems of Charles Wesley Not Before Published Psalm VII. First published in 1854, by the Rev....

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  • Do You MR Jones? - Bob Dylan With The Poets &...

    Corcoran, Neil

    In 'Ballad of a Thin Man' in 1966, Dylan launched a withering attack on the myopic critic of culture: 'Something is happening here/ And you don't know what it is, / Do you, Mister Jones?' Yet Dylan has been a subject of consuming interest to many of...

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  • Lyra Catholica - Containing All The Breviary...


    Excerpt from Lyra Catholica: Containing All the Breviary and Missal Hymns, With Others From Various Sources; Domine, Dilexi Decoerem Domus Tuae; Burns Oates 'The Breviary Office of the Church,' remarks the reverend Author of the Catholic Choralist,...

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  • Peter Tschaikowsky's Orchesterwerke -...


    Excerpt from Peter Tschaikowsky's Orchesterwerke: Erlautert mit Notenbeispielen von C. Beyer, W. Niemann, A. Pochhammer, H. Riemann und H. Teibler Die eigenartige Mischung von westdeutscher Musik mit nationaler Volkskunst gibt Tschaikowsky's Werken...

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  • The Scottish Hymnal - Hymns For Public...


    Excerpt from The Scottish Hymnal: Hymns for Public Worship Selected by a Committee of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Several applications made have been unanswered, probably from the difficulty of accurately ascertain ing the author's...

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  • The Poetical Works Of John And Charles Wesley...


    Excerpt from The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley, Vol. 5 LVIII., LIX. On the Death of Thomas Beard, who was Impressed for a Soldier, and died in the Hospital at Newcastle. Hymns 15, 16. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds...

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  • The Examination Fugue (Classic Reprint)

    Lovelock, William

    Excerpt from The Examination Fugue This is a purely utilitarian book designed entirely to help the candidate over some of the pitfalls he will encounter In dealing with the examination Fugue, and to give him some idea of appropriate style and...

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  • Revival And Camp Meeting Minstrel -...


    Excerpt from Revival and Camp Meeting Minstrel: Containing the Best Hymns and Spiritual Songs, Original and Selected The Hymns are such as are not found in the Church Hymn Book - the compilers being careful to give those which are more desirable for...

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  • Le Ballet Au 19e Siecle (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Le Ballet au 19e Siecle Homme admirable, qui par les songes connais les dents, penses-tu que les philosophes aient les leurs toutes gatees? About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • Every Morning (Classic Reprint)

    Cluett, Robert

    Excerpt from Every Morning We are thinking today more than in recent years of the quiet hour and gaining anew the true meaning of special meditation. If the Saviour could not do His busy work, condensed into those three years of active service,...

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