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  • 5 Seconds Of Summer - Hey, Let’S Make A Band!

    5 Seconds Of Summer

    This book is pretty much our official story so far. It really does only seem like last week we played our first gig in at the Annandale hotel in Sydney. Since then we’ve been given the opportunity to turn into the people and musicians we wanted to...

  • The Rolling Stones - On Air In The Sixties


    This new official book tells the story, for the first time, of the Stones through their many radio and TV appearances as they rose to fame in the sixties. From their first TV appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars!, buttoned up in matching hounds-tooth...

  • U2 Experience

    Boyd, Brian

    U2 the rock group rulebook. Over a career that now spans nearly four decades, the band have produced one hit album after another - while continually reinventing their sound - and created the template for the giant global stadium tour that all other...

  • Lady Gaga - The World Of Lady Gaga


    Lady Gaga - The World Of Lady Gaga

  • The Complete Pink Floyd


    The Complete Pink Floyd is an incredible book. It lists every concert, every appearance, every song, every turn and twist in the amazing story of one of the world's most famous bands. Acknowledged expert Glenn Povey first published Echoes in 2006 but...

  • The Art Of The LP - Classic Album Covers 1955...

    Morgan,Johnny; Wardle,Ben

    Sexy, provocative, playful, beautiful: from their earliest days, LP covers have been objects of art and fascination. This celebration of album artistry presents more than 350 of the best covers, and departs from the usual approach by organizing the...

  • Help Your Kids With Music |

    Carol Vorderman

    A simple, visual guide to helping children understand music with Carol Vorderman Reduce the stress of studying music and help your child with their homework, Help Your Kids with Music isa unique visual guide to music theory which will demystify the...

  • Metallica - Back To The Front

    Taylor, Matt

    'Metallica: Back to the Front 'tells the amazing, fully authorized story of the band s seminal 'Master of Puppets 'album and tour. Released on March 3, 1986, Metallica s 'Master of Puppets' album became an instant classic and announced the band as...

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer - Hey, Let’S Make A Band!

    5 Seconds Of Summer

    This book is pretty much our official story so far. It really does only seem like last week we played our first gig in at the Annandale hotel in Sydney. Since then we’ve been given the opportunity to turn into the people and musicians we wanted to...

  • Hanon - Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises -...


    Since the first release of this classic Schirmer edition over 100 years ago almost anyone who has taken piano lessons for more than two years has played from ,The Virtuoso Pianist,. Millions of copies have been sold of these progressive exercises...

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  • One Direction - A Year With Us


    Worldwide sensation One Direction is back to share all their secrets, dreams and stories from the past year with the fans they love. Packed full of exclusive interviews and never-before-seen photos of the boys, discover everything you’ve ever wanted...

  • Mikrokosmos - Books 1 & 2

    Bartok, Bela

    Bela Bartok wrote the first four volumes of the Mikrokosmos as a series of beginning piano exercises for his son Peter. The great Hungarian composer's complete six-volume collection represents one of the most comprehensive anthologies of contemporary...

  • Evolution And Victorian Musical Culture

    Zon, Bennett

    This engaging book explores the dynamic relationship between evolutionary science and musical culture in Victorian Britain, drawing upon a wealth of popular scientific and musical literature to contextualize evolutionary theories of the Darwinian and...

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  • The Regulation And Reform Of Music Criticism...

    Watt, Paul

    Music criticism in England underwent profound change from the 1880s to the 1920s. It gave rise to 'New criticism' that aimed to be rational, impartial and intellectually authoritative. It was a break from the criticism of old: the work of the...

  • The Minstrel Of Zion - A Book Of Religious...

    Hunter, William

    Excerpt from The Minstrel of Zion: A Book of Religious Songs, Accompanied With Appropriate Music, Chiefly Original IN teaching and practising Vocal Music, it is common to apply certain syllables to the several degrees or intervals of the Diatonic...

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  • Robert Schumann's Advice To Young Musicians -...

    Schumann, Robert

    If everybody were to play first violin, we could not have an orchestra. Therefore respect each musician in his own place. There is no end to learning. Originally published in1850, Advice to Young Musicians: Musical Rules for Home and in Life...

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  • The Psychedelic Furs - Beautiful Chaos...


    Newly revised for the band's 40th anniversary, a new 2017 edition of the ultimate story of the ultimate post-punk band. Combining the chaos and vocal rasp of the Sex Pistols with a Bowie-esque glamour, the Psychedelic Furs hit the big time in the...

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  • The Praise Of Musicke, 1586 - An Edition With...

    Case, John

    This volume provides the first printed critical edition of The Praise of Musicke (1586), keeping the original text intact and accompanied by an analytical commentary. Against the Puritan attacks on liturgical music, The Praise of Musicke, the first...

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  • Scales And Arpeggios: Exercises

    Dutkanicz, David

    Chord scale progression is an essential aspect of beginning piano instruction. This volume focuses on scale and arpeggio studies in all major and minor keys, offering beginning pianists the opportunity to develop their skills in this foundational...

  • The Guitar In Tudor England - A Social And...


    Few now remember that the guitar was popular in England during the age of Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare, and yet it was played everywhere from the royal court to the common tavern. This groundbreaking book, the first entirely devoted to the...

  • La Traviata - Critical Edition Study Score

    Verdi, Giuseppe

    'I complain bitterly of the editions of my last operas, made with such little care, and filled with an infinite number of errors.'--Giuseppe Verdi The University of Chicago Press, in collaboration with Casa Ricordi, has undertaken to publish the...

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  • La Musique Et Les Musiciens (Classic Reprint)

    Lavignac, Albert

    Excerpt from La Musique Et les Musiciens Tous les phenomenes de la nature sont produits par des vibrations. Le son n'est donc qu'un phenomene vibratoire, tout comme la lumiere, la chaleur, etc. Selon les travaux les plus recents, les vibrations sono...

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  • Jacques Offenbach And The Making Of Modern...

    Senelick, Laurence

    Offenbach's operas were a significant force for cultural change, both in his own time and in the decades to follow. In this book, Laurence Senelick demonstrates the ways in which this musical phenomenon took hold globally, with Offenbach's work...

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  • Rigoletto - Critical Edition Study Score

    Verdi, Giuseppe

    'I complain bitterly of the editions of my last operas, made with such little care, and filled with an infinite number of errors.'--Giuseppe Verdi The University of Chicago Press, in collaboration with Casa Ricordi, has undertaken to publish the...

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  • Uncharted - Creativity And The Expert Drummer


    What do expert drummers do? Why do they do it? Is there anything creative about it? If so, how might that creativity inform their practice and that of others in related artistic spheres? Applying ideas from cultural psychology to findings from...

  • Tin Pan Alley

    Shepherd, John

    In Tin Pan Alley we see the beginnings of the pop world as we now know it: commercial, constantly capturing, exploiting or even occasionally creating a public mood. The Alleymen were workers as much as artists. This book, first published in 1982,...

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  • The Pop Palimpsest - Intertextuality In...


    Within popular music there are entire genres (jazz 'standards'), styles (hip hop), techniques (sampling), and practices (covers) that rely heavily on references between music of different styles and genres. This interdisciplinary collection of essays...

  • The Freakiest Show - David Bowie Cover...


    From Marilyn Manson to Morrissey; from Simple Minds to Stargaze; Lulu to the London Symphony Orchestra, and Peter Gabriel to the Peckham Spastics Society, the untold history of David Bowie cover versions features almost 1,500 listings, almost 300...

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  • From The Minds Of Jazz Musicians -...

    Schroeder, David

    From the Minds of Jazz Musicians: Conversations with the Creative and Inspired celebrates contemporary jazz artists who have toiled, struggled and succeeded in finding their creative space. The volume was developed through transcribing and editing...

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  • Le Rythme, La Musique Et L'Education (Classic...

    Jaques-Dalcroze, Emile

    Excerpt from Le Rythme, la Musique Et l'Education Il est insuffisant de communiquer aux enfants et aux jeunes gens une instruo tion generale fondee uniquement sur la connaissance de ce qu'ont fait nos aieux. Les educateurs doivent s'appliquer a leur...

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  • Philadelphia Conservatory Of Music -...


    Excerpt from Philadelphia Conservatory of Music: Prospectus 1918 1919 Forty-Second Season Helpful Catalogues and Folders Covering Any Desired Class of Music Publications Cheerfully Furnished Upon Request. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • Forces In Motion - Anthony Braxton And The...

    Lock, Graham

    'This book should be required reading for anyone interested in my music,' declared composer and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Braxton. One of jazz's most important figures, Braxton transcends the usual critical boundaries with works ranging from a...

  • A First Book Of Rachmaninoff - For The...

    Dutkanicz, David

    Now even the often challenging works of the last of Russia's Romantic composers are accessible to beginning pianists. Simple arrangements focus on Rachmaninoff's melodies and style, offering easy-to-play versions of Vocalise, Prelude Op. 3, No. 2...

  • Songs By Thirty Americans (Classic Reprint)

    Hughes, Rupert

    Excerpt from Songs by Thirty Americans The deliberate Portuguese say, Patience! To morrow is another day! And American music has large hopes of its Mariana. But meanwhile, we have also a to - day that is neither without its com forts, nor empty of...

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  • The Teaching Of Instrumental Music

    Colwell, Richard

    The Teaching of Instrumental Music, Fifth Edition, introduces music education majors to basic instrumental pedagogy for the instruments and ensembles commonly found in the elementary and secondary curricula. It focuses on the core competencies...

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  • Notes From The Pianist's Bench - Second...

    Berman, Boris

    A master class on piano performance and pedagogy from the world-renowned concert pianist In this newly revised edition of a comprehensive guide to piano technique, performance, and music interpretation, renowned performing musician, recording artist,...

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  • The Musical Sounds Of Medieval French Cities


    Drawing upon hundreds of newly uncovered archival records, Gretchen Peters reconstructs the music of everyday life in over twenty cities in late medieval France. Through the comparative study of these cities' political and musical histories, the book...

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  • Rhinestones And Twanging Tones - The Look And...

    Washburn, Jim

    (Book). Country may be the plainspoken music of rural America, but it certainly got gussied up on its way to the hit parade. Rhinestones and Twanging Tones: The Look and Sound of Country Music shows in glittering detail how most classic country stars...

  • The Virtuoso Pianist With Mp3s


    Almost anyone who has played piano for more than two years has encountered this volume, an essential part of the repertoire for more than a century. In this edition, author and musician David Dutkanicz distills the essence of the original book's core...

  • The Guitar In Stuart England - A Social And...


    This is the first history of the guitar during the reign of the Stuarts, a time of great political and social upheaval in England. In this engaging and original volume, Christopher Page gathers a rich array of portraits, literary works and other,...

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  • Playing Changes - Jazz For The New Century


    By one of the most respected and stylish critics of jazz, an invigorating, authoritative book arguing that, far from reaching a terminus at the end of the twentieth century, the genre has embarked on a bold new evolutionary phase, exhilarating for...

  • Fragmenta Liturgica; Documents, Illustrative...

    Hall, Peter

    Excerpt from Fragmenta Liturgica; Documents, Illustrative of the Liturgy of the Church of England, Vol. 5 of 7: Exhibiting the Several Emendations of It, and Substitutions for It, That Have Been Proposed From Time to Time, and Partially Adopted,...

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  • The Cambridge Companion To Film Music

    Cooke, Mervyn

    This wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of specially-commissioned essays provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the many and various ways in which music functions in film soundtracks. Citing examples from a variety of historical...

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  • Manon Lescaut - A Lyric Drama In Four Acts...

    Puccini, Giacomo

    Excerpt from Manon Lescaut: A Lyric Drama in Four Acts But the principal features and the characters which belong to the actual plot of the story have been retained in their entirety. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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