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Teoria e História da Arte

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  • Salvador Dali


    Os segredos públicos de Salvador Dali, sua infância e adolescência, a família, os amigos, os primeiros traços e as obras mais importantes de um gênio revolucionário da Arte Moderna, criador de imagens surrealistas tão perturbadoras como fascinantes.

  • Teoria Estética

    Theodor W. Adorno

    Adorno, cujo ensino de Estética se estendeu ao longo dos anos 50 e 60, comporia, com a Teoria Estética, a Dialéctica Negativa e outra obra de filosofia moral que nunca chegou a ser concretizada devido à sua morte inesperada em 1969, um tríptico...

  • Cartas A Theo

    Van Gogh, Vincent

    Conservada gracias a una serie de azarosas circunstancias. la correspondencia de Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890 con su hermano menor Theodorus constituye un testimonio sin par de la existencia del genial pintor. pero también de su evolución pictórica y...

  • A Origem da Obra de Arte

    Heidegger, Martin

    A arte é um enigma. Nela se revela e esconde a verdade daquilo que é. Heidegger pretende mostrar-nos como, através da obra, poderemos aperceber-nos do outro lado das coisas e como deveremos utilizar o que vemos como ponto de partida para uma reflexão...

  • Renascimento - Visual Encyclopedia of Art


    Renascimento - Visual Encyclopedia of Art

  • The Art Book


    The Art Book is a landmark in the world of publishing. Available in a range of different formats and in over 20 different languages, it has received rave reviews since its first publication and can be frequently found on bestseller lists around the...

  • Troca Simbólica e a Morte - II

    Baudrillard, Jean

    Troca Simbólica e a Morte - II

  • Jr - Can Art Change The World?

    Thompson, Nato; Remnant,Joseph

    The first major and in-depth retrospective monograph on JR, the enigmatic and anonymous Parisian photographer/street artist/activist behind some of the world's most provocative large-scale public photography projects.Created in close collaboration...

  • Troca Simbólica e a Morte - I

    Baudrillard, Jean

    Troca Simbólica e a Morte - I

  • La Representación De La Representación -...

    Gómez Molina,Juan José

    El dibujo es un hecho esencial desde el origen de la actividad humana. a través del cual no sólo representamos la realidad. sino que la construimos. como refiere la máxima de Paul Klee: «El arte no reproduce lo visible. hace visible.»*CR*Existe un...

  • The Art Book


    Embark on a tour of the world's greatest artistic movements and works, from prehistoric cave paintings to performance art with The Art Book, the latest in the stunning Big Ideas series.The Art Book explores the most celebrated artworks by history's...

  • The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories - Vol. 1

    Gordon-levitt, Joseph

    The universe is not made of atoms; it's made of tiny stories.To create 'The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories', Joseph Gordon-Levitt-known within the community as RegularJOE-directs thousands of collaborators to tell tiny stories through words...

  • Ticiano


    Não há documentos que registrem o nascimento de 'Ticiano', mas nasceu no seio de uma família fidalga, provavelmente por volta de 1490, em Piede di Cadore, uma pequena cidade no vale de Piave, nos Dolomitas. 'Ticiano' chegou a Veneza entre os seus 10...

  • The Story of Art - Brochura

    Gombrich,Ernst Hans

    The Story of Art, one of the most famous and popular books on art ever written, has been a world bestseller for over four decades. Attracted by the simplicity and clarity of his writing, readers of all ages and back-grounds have found in Professor...

  • Ars Erotica


    O erotismo encontra-se na mente do observador. 'Ars Erotica' observa a forma como as percepções do érotico, bem como as suas expressões, têm vindo a mudar em alturas decisivas da história ocidental, e como a dialética entre a repressão e a...

  • Design - The Whole Story

    Wilhide, Elizabeth; Glancey, Jonathan

    Design: The Whole Story takes a close look at the key developments, movements and practitioners of design around the world, from the beginnings of industrial manufacturing to the present day. Organized chronologically, it locates design within its...

  • Teorias da Arte, as

    Jean-Luc Chalumeau

    As interpretações são funções que transformam objectos materiais em obras de arte: de Platão a Clement Greenberg, nenhuma civilização se furtou a elas. Interpretações que se inscrevem nos diferentes campos da crítica de arte, da história da arte e da...

  • Steampunk Vixens Paper Dolls

    Menten, Ted

    Dress these sexy spitfires in glamorous steampunk style! These four fetching paper dolls and their 28 fantastic costumes will captivate steampunk fans and enthusiasts of science fiction and Victorian apparel. The sultry, ready-for-action models come...

  • Dover Paper Dolls - Goddesses Paper Dolls

    McElwee, Renee

    This splendid paper doll collection celebrates female deities of many cultures. Colorful depictions of goddesses include Apsara, celestial maiden of Hindu and Buddhist lore; Bastet, feline deity of ancient Egypt; Brigantia, Celtic goddess of victory;...

  • President Donald J. Trump Paper Dolls -...

    Foley, Tim

    Mark Inauguration Day 2017 with this paper doll collection of the new First Family!Donald J. Trump shocked the world with his historic run for the White House -- and you can celebrate his election with this special inaugural edition of the Trump...

  • Romeo And Juliet Paper Dolls

    Miller, Eileen Rudisill

    A vivid new paper doll collection pays tribute to the legendary star-crossed loversShakespeare enthusiasts, paper doll collectors, and romantics will prize this charming homage to the Bard's famous sweethearts. Four dolls depict ardent Romeo, lovely...

  • Chinatown Paper Dolls

    Lum, Kwei-Lin

    From dazzling formal attire to everyday leisure and work clothes, these costumes and accessories reflect changes in Chinese-American style over the past 100 years. Outfits for male and female dolls of all ages range from traditional garb including...

  • Medieval Illustrations CD-ROM And Book

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    It's easy to add true Gothic and medieval flavor to a host of graphic and print projects! This richly detailed treasury includes over 400 designs and illustrations rendered directly from manuscripts and artwork from the Middle Ages. Presented in a...

  • Dover Paper Dolls - Steampunk Paper Dolls

    Szczerba, Ramona

    Transform these otherworldly paper dolls into a wild array of steampunk characters! From an intrepid Arctic explorer and a vampire hunter to a freewheeling airship mechanic and a treasure-toting pirate, these steampunk personalities are primed for...

  • Old-Time Camp Stoves And Fireplaces

    Taylor, A D

    Created during the Great Depression by the U.S. Forest Service, this guide was designed to provide environmental safety and maintenance advice for visitors to national forests and parks. Loaded with finely crafted drawings and plans for outdoor...

  • Givenchy Paper Dolls

    Tierney, Tom

    Hubert de Givenchy designed exclusive fashions for a clientele that included princesses, heiresses, and movie stars. Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy's most ardent patron, sported his haute couture creations both off screen and on. These three paper dolls...

  • Full-Color Men And Women Illustrations CD-ROM...

    ; Dover Publications Inc

    This dazzling collection of Victoran-era illustrations features an extraordinary array of men and women from dowagers and debutantes to mandarins and monarchs -- more than 300 portraits of people from a wide range of historical periods and cultures....

  • Supreme Court Paper Dolls

    Foley, Tim

    Get better acquainted with Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Sonia Sotomayor, the late Antonin Scalia, and the other justices of the highest court in the land with this playful paper doll collection. The nine members of the Supreme Court are...

  • The Plant-Lore And Garden-Craft Of...

    Ellacombe, Henry N

    'A very readable and graceful volume.' -- Saturday Review'Entitled from its worth to a place in every Shakespearian library.' -- Spectator.'As accurate as it is delightful.' -- Gardener's Chronicle.'Deserves a place on the shelves of both the student...

  • English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth...

    Cunnington, C Willett

    The nineteenth century was a period of continuous change for women's clothing in England. The growing prosperity of the merchant class meant an ever-larger number of women for whom -dress- was a principal function in life, while the increasing...

  • B-Movie Bombshells Paper Dolls

    Nystrom, Gregg

    From Zsa Zsa Gabor in 'Queen of Outer Space' to Jayne Mansfield in 'The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw, ' this paper doll collection presents a bevy of shapely starlets of the 1950s. Sixteen dolls, each with an authentic costume from her featured B-movie,...

  • Great Horror Movie Villains Paper Dolls -...

    Ellis, Erin A

    Cinema's greatest villains take center stage in this paper doll collection of homicidal lunatics and their intended targets. Featured roles range from masked slasher-movie assassins to Jack Nicholson's deranged caretaker in The Shining and Kathy...

  • Choral Orchestration

    Forsyth, Cecil

    This volume is geared toward organists seeking a brief, convenient guide to developing technical grounding for the scoring of compositions. Noted musicologist Cecil Forsyth takes readers bar by bar through a complete choral orchestration in this...

  • Harajuku Paper Dolls - Japanese Street...

    Paprocki, Greg

    The Japanese fashion trend known as 'harajuku' draws its inspiration from Victorian gothic, glam, and manga styles, focusing on bright colors and cartoon-like accessories. This collection features four paper dolls and a vibrant wardrobe of flouncy...

  • Tattooed Paper Dolls

    Menten, Ted

    Discover the elegance of body art with stylishly tattooed paper dolls. These six paper dolls sport a spectacular array of body art, from subtle shoulder and navel ornaments to full sleeves in brilliant color. Four female and two male dolls of varying...

  • Design - Full-Color Cigar Labels

    ; Dover

    The early 20th century labels that once adorned cigar boxes have long been admired for their fine detail and decorative flourishes. They included images of lovely ladies, handsome cowboys and sailors, dogs, eagles, racehorses, and other miniature...

  • Old-Time Tools & Toys Of Needlework

    Whiting, Gertrude

    It was quite fashionable among the ladies of Marie Antoinette's court to employ stilettos and punches for parfilage. They unpicked the gold and silver threads from the richly embroidered material of their gowns and cloaks. A set of bone bobbins was...

  • Sketching From The Imagination - Fantasy

    3DTotal Publishing; Murray,Sean Andrew

    Drawings are the foundations of great fantasy art where concepts, thoughts, and inspirations first become an image. In 'Sketching from the Imagination: Fantasy,' fifty talented traditional and digital artists have been chosen to share their...

  • Arte Nova - Visual Encyclopedia of Art


    Arte Nova - Visual Encyclopedia of Art

  • The Illustrated Story Of Art

    DK Publishing

    The Illustrated Story of Art is an innovative approach to understanding the history of art, from cave painting to the modern day, with pivotal works of art examined in the context of history, culture and the lives of their creators. This invaluable...

  • Conservación De Bienes Culturales - Teoría....


    Los problemas del patrimonio histórico-artístico. su conservación. gestión y difusión. ocupan y preocupan cada vez más a distintos campos profesionales y estamentos administrativos. Se trata de un tema en constante debate en la sociedad española....

  • This Is Pollock

    Ingram,Catherine; Arkle, Peter

    In 1956 Time magazine referred to Pollock as 'Jack the Dripper'. His iconic paintings stretch out with the generosity and scale of the landscape of America's West where the artist grew up. Pollock said that he painted 'out of his conscious': the...

  • The Kinematics Of Machinery - Outlines Of A...

    Reuleaux, Franz

    This classic work explores the kinematics of machinery, chronicling the discovery and application of principles underlying the controlled movements within machines. Franz Reuleaux, the Father of Kinematics, writes with authority and precision about...

  • De La Mitocritica Al Mitoanalisis


    Gilbert Durand nos brinda una colección de estudios magistrales sobre pintores (El Bosco, Durero, Goya, Rubens, Rembrandt) y escritores (Xavier de Maistre, Stendhal, Shelley, Zola, Baudelaire, Gide, Proust, H. Hesse, Meyrinck) según un procedimiento...

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