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  • Lady Sings the Blues


    In a fiftieth anniversary edition of Holiday's unforgettable memoir, the legendary singer describes her early childhood in an East Baltimore ghetto, her career as an internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist, and her years in bondage to a drug habit....

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  • Songs in the Key of My Life


    Inspired by the lyrics to Stevie Wonder's 1976 Songs in the Key of Life, the author takes stock of his life and the role of music in his life, relating the events and formative episodes in his life to music from Marvin Gaye, Roberta Flack, Carly...

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  • Inside Music


    Inside Music

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  • Hip Hoptionary


    A reference to hip-hop terms translates dozens of phrases and also features related lists of fashion labels, books, and mixed drinks, as well as biographical notes on famous rappers.

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  • The King and I

    Breslin,Herbert H.; Midgette,Anne

    The noted classical music publicist and manager describes his thirty-six-year business relationship with Luciano Pavarotti, following the legendary tenor's extraordinary career in the opera house, on the concert stage, and into the world of mass...

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  • Staring At Sound


    An illuminating study of the Oklahoma-based neopsychedelic rock band the Flaming Lips describes their long rise to success, the colorful personalities of the band, their cult following, and their unique music, which blends orchestral pop, electronic...

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  • The Rock Snob's Dictionary

    Daly,Steven; Kamp,David; MacDonald, Ross

    The Rock Snob's Dictionary

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  • The Mastery Of Music

    Green,Barry; Stryker,Mark

    Argues that musical excellence requires the mastery of ten qualities, including confidence, passion, concentration, creativity, and discipline. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • Wilco


    An intimate portrait of the American indie rock band that created the acclaimed album, 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,' discusses how the band refused to compromise their controversial artistic style by writing more 'radio friendly' pieces and experienced...

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  • The Mastery of Music


    Argues that musical excellence requires the mastery of ten qualities, including confidence, passion, concentration, creativity, and discipline.

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  • Fight the Power

    D.,Chuck; Jah,Yusuf

    The leader of the rap group Public Enemy offers his views on self-empowerment in the African-American community, the effect of rap lyrics on youth, and Hollywood's images of blacks.

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  • Game Of Thrones - Graphic - Vol. 4

    Martin, George R. R.



    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Bestselling writer Daniel Abraham and acclaimed illustrator Tommy Patterson bring their stunning graphic-novel adaptation of George R. R. Martin's classic A Game of Thrones to a stunning finish that merits a place alongside...

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  • George R. R. Martin's Official Game Of...

    Martin, George R. R.

    In a world where weddings are red, fire is green, and debts are paid in gold, countless images leap off the page thanks to the eye-popping intricacy of the vivid settings and details. Now, for the first time, fans of this blockbuster saga can fill in...

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  • The Art of the Handwritten Note


    A debut collection of short fiction chronicles the emotional, spiritual, social, and cultural experiences, attitudes, and realities that shape the lives and dreams of ordinary African Americans, in an anthology that includes such works as 'Trudy,'...

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  • Eat More Dirt


    The author of Slug Bread and Beheaded Thistles shares her healthful and entertaining approach to organic gardening, offering an array of nontoxic strategies and remedies to eliminate insects and garden predators, improve the soil, design an organic...

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  • Crowns

    Cunningham,Michael; Marberry,Craig

    A remarkable series of fifty black-and-white photographs, complemented by incisive interviews with the subjects, provide an intimate look at African-American women and their unique head ornaments, discussing the role of the church hat as a reflection...

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  • Macbeth

    Shakespeare, William

    In its concentration of interest upon the protagonists, Macbeth can be seen as Shakespeare's experiment in unity of focus, whose chief appeal arises from the struggles of the central characters with each other and with the infernal powers that...

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  • Hamlet

    Shakespeare, William; Bevington,David M.

    Among Shakespeare's plays, 'Hamlet' is considered by many his masterpiece. Among actors, the role of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is considered the jewel in the crown of a triumphant theatrical career. Now Kenneth Branagh plays the leading role and...

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  • Henry Iv, Part II

    Shakespeare, William

    Shakespeare's play about Prince Hal's rejection of his past and preparation to become king

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  • A Midsummer Nights Dream

    Shakespeare, William

    Change and transformation are central to the action, themes and language of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In this lucid study Helen Hackett shows how the play participates in a widespread 1590s concern with mutability; often, as here, expressed through...

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  • The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - Signet...

    Shakespeare, William

    In this striking tragedy of political conflict, Shakespeare turns to the ancient Roman world and to the famous assassination of Julius Caesar by his republican opponents. The play is one of tumultuous rivalry, of prophetic warnings-'Beware the ides...

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  • Antony and Cleopatra

    Shakespeare, William

    A romantic tragedy about the relationship between Mark Antony and the Queen of Egypt

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  • Othello, The Moor Of Venice

    Shakespeare, William; Kastan, David Scott; Bevington, David M.; Bevington,David M.

    Though this great tragedy of unsurpassed intensity and emotion is played out against Renaissance splendor, its story of the doomed marriage of a Venetian senator's daughter, Desdemona, to a Moorish general, Othello, is especially relevant to modern...

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  • Game Of Thrones Mask: House Stark Direwolf...


    The North remembers, thanks to these unique Game of Thrones gifts, perfect for the holidays. Inspired by the sigil from the award-winning television series Game of Thrones, this official book contains a full-sized 3D House Stark Direwolf mask and...

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  • Game Of Thrones Mask - House Lannister Lion -...


    A Lannister always pays his debts . . . with one of these unique Game of Thrones gifts, perfect for the holidays. Inspired by the sigil from the award-winning television series Game of Thrones, this official book contains a full-sized 3D House...

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  • Screenplay


    Providing examples from well-known movies, a revised handbook explains the structural and stylistic elements as well as writing techniques basic to the creation of a successful film script and furnishes practical tips on script writing for original...

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  • The Screenwriter's Problem Solver


    Explains what makes stories work, looks at specific screenplays as models of correct form, tells how to use action to develop character, and includes tips on overcoming writer's block

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  • The Great Movies II

    Ebert,Roger; Corliss,Mary (CON)

    A new compilation of one hundred essays by the popular film critic represents key writings as prepared by the author for his bi-weekly feature of the same title, in a collection that includes his analyses of the films that epitomize the finest...

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  • The Great Movies


    Drawn from his biweekly essays for a feature called 'The Great Movies,' in which critical appreciation is combined with history, analysis, and love, a collection of one hundred of these essays celebrates such cinematic masterpieces as All About Eve,...

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  • Why We Make Movies


    Draws on interview with such African-American directors and producers as Spike Lee, Gordon Parks, Melvin Van Peebles, Fed Williamson, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Forrest Whitaker, and Robert Townsend to discuss the creative processes of successful members...

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  • Cinematherapy

    West,Beverly; Peske,Nancy K.

    A guide to movies that suit and soothe a woman's every possible mood

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  • Star Wars The Magic Of Myth

    Henderson, Mary

    The companion to the Star wars exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum explores the mythology used as the basis for the Star wars movie trilogy.

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  • Advanced Cinematherapy

    West,Beverly; Peske,Nancy K.

    A fully illustrated guide to movies that suit and soothe a woman's every possible mood features dozens of new reveiws of classic and contemporary films that address a wide variety of psychological and emotional issues ranging from depression to...

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  • Desperate Networks


    A journey behind the scenes of the modern television industry captures the inner workings, moguls, and stars of this cutthroat business, describing a world of sweeping changes in the mass media, increasingly demanding actors, and the evolution of the...

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  • How to Write a Selling Screenplay

    Keane,Christopher; Marino,Lauren; Marino,Lauren

    Covers the basics of scriptwriting, from deciding on a story and characters through the finished work, and analyzes a sample script

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  • The Great Movies II

    Ebert,Roger; Corliss,Mary

    A new compilation of one hundred essays by the film critic presents his analyses of the films that epitomize the finest examples of cinematic art.

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Chick Flicks


    An entertaining guide to women's favorite movies offers keen insights into the elements that constitute a 'Chick Flick,' along with recommendations for every day of the year, suggestions for must-have DVDs, inside Hollywood gossip, photographs, and...

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  • The Film Snob's Dictionary

    Kamp,David; Levi,Lawrence; MacDonald,Ross; MacDonald, Ross

    A whimsical but informative guide to the world of film from the creators of The Rock Snob's Dictionary offers an alphabetically arranged compilation of trivia, little-known facts, and hidden information about all aspects of cinema. Original. 25,000...

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  • TV Therapy

    West,Beverly; Bergund,Jason

    A witty pop culture study examines the role of television in modern American culture and its use as a form of self-medication, explaining how to find the right television programming to match one's mood or cure one's problem, in such chapters as Diva...

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  • Cinematherapy for the Soul

    West,Beverly; Peske,Nancy K.

    A fully illustrated guide to movies that enhance spiritual health, inspire personal growth, and motivate a quest for the higher meaning of life features dozens of new reviews of classic and contemporary films that address a wide variety of topics,...

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  • Slug Bread and Beheaded Thistles


    An entertaining collection of homespun remedies, recipes, and potions for safe, organic household cleaners and pesticides utilizes such everyday items as beer, mayonnaise, coffee grounds, and baking soda to eliminate flies, Crayola marks, car grime,...

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  • Spring Cleaning

    Campbell,Jeff; Clean Team; CAMPBELL,JEFF

    Spring Cleaning

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  • Apartment Therapy


    Complemented by floor plans, decorative examples, and practical design tips, an eight-step process for decorating an apartment can be adapted to all styles and budgets, explaining how to transform an interior into a unique, personalized, comfortable,...

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  • Good As New

    Campbell,Jeff; CAMPBELL,JEFF

    The author's fifth budget- and time-conscious guide to keeping household items looking and running like new, from VCRs to leather recliners, furnishes an alphabetical listing of appliances and simplified maintenance instructions. Original.

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