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  • A Composer's Guide To Game Music


    A comprehensive, practical guide to composing video game music, from acquiring the necessary skills to finding work in the field.Music in video games is often a sophisticated, complex composition that serves to engage the player, set the pace of play...

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  • Voice Leading - The Science Behind A Musical...


    An accessible scientific explanation for the traditional rules of voice leading, including an account of why listeners find some musical textures more pleasing than others.Voice leading is the musical art of combining sounds over time. In this book,...

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  • Composing Interactive Music


    ToddInteractive music refers to a composition or improvisation in which software interprets live performances to produce music generated or modified by computers. In Composing Interactive Music, Todd Winkler presents both the technical and aesthetic...

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  • Microsound



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  • The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures


    The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures

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  • Machine Musicianship


    Musicians begin formal training by acquiring a body of musical concepts commonly known as musicianship. These concepts underlie the musical skills of listening, performance, and composition. Like humans, computer music programs can benefit from a...

  • Music And Probability


    Exploring the application of Bayesian probabilistic modeling techniques to musical issues, including the perception of key and meter.In Music and Probability, David Temperley explores issues in music perception and cognition from a probabilistic...

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  • Musimathics - Vol. 2 - The Mathematical...


    The second volume of a commonsense, self-contained introduction to the mathematics and physics of music, focusing on the digital and computational domain; essential reading for musicians, music engineers, and anyone interested in the intersection of...

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  • The Producer As Composer - Shaping The Sounds...


    The evolution of the record producer from organizer to auteur, from Phil Spector and George Martin to the rise of hip-hop and remixing.In the 1960s, rock and pop music recording questioned the convention that recordings should recreate the illusion...

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  • Music Analysis East And West

    Hewlett,Walter B

    Computing approaches to the representation, interchange, and analysis of musical repertories that do not use conventional notation--in particular, early Western European music and the art music of non-Western cultures.Early Western music and the art...

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  • October Files (Paperback) - 12 - John Cage

    Cage,John; Robinson,Julia

    An extended trajectory of Cage literature, from early critical reaction to writing by contemporaries to current scholarship.John Cage (1912--1992) defined a radical practice of composition that changed the course of modern music and shaped a new...

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  • Foundations Of Computer Music


    This survey chronicles the major advances in computer music that have changed the way music is composed, performed, and recorded. It contains many of the classic, seminal articles in the field (most of which are now out of print) in revised and...

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  • A Composer's Guide To Game Music


    A comprehensive, practical guide to composing video game music, from acquiring the necessary skills to finding work in the field.Music in video games is often a sophisticated, complex composition that serves to engage the player, set the pace of play...

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  • Beyond Orpheus - Studies In Musical Structure


    Beyond Orpheus is a study of the elements of musical structure and the ways they provide unity, coherence and uniqueness in classic-romantic music. The book rests in part upon Arnold Schoenberg's concept of Grundgestalt, or Basic Shape, as the...

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  • Beyond MIDI - The Handbook Of Musical Codes

    Bainbridge,David; Byrd,Donald; Selfridge-Field,Eleanor; Boyle,Roger D; Berggren,Ulf

    'This volume, likely to become a standard reference work, describes an extraordinary number of approaches to the representation of musical information for purposes of computer processing. It is a considerable achievement, for it sorts and orders work...

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  • The Well-Tempered Object - Musical...


    This edited collection of articles from Computer Music Journal provides a timely and convenient source of tutorials on OOP languages and software design techniques and surveys a wide range of existing applications of this technology to music and...

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  • The Expressive Moment - How Interaction...


    A new way to understand expressive interaction, focusing on the dynamic, fast, pre-reflective processes underlying interactions with music.The expressive moment is that point in time when we grasp a situation and respond quickly, even before we are...

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  • Embodied Music Cognition And Mediation...


    A proposal that an embodied cognition approach to music research -- drawing on work in computer science, psychology, brain science, and musicology -- offers a promising framework for thinking about music mediation technology.Digital media handles...

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  • The Virtual Score - Representation, Retrieval...

    Hewlett,Walter B

    An overview of approaches to working with musical scores in the age of computer -- and especially Internet -- applications. The Virtual Score examines a broad range of approaches to working with musical scores in ways suited to electronic...

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  • Sonic Warfare - Sound, Affect, And The...


    An exploration of the production, transmission, and mutation of affective tonality--when sound helps produce a bad vibe.Sound can be deployed to produce discomfort, express a threat, or create an ambience of fear or dread--to produce a bad vibe....

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  • Representations Of Musical Signals


    Representations of Musical Signals describes a new generation of digital audio and computer music systems made possible by recent advances in digital signal processing theory, hardware design, and programming techniques.

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  • The Computer Music Tutorial


    The Computer Music Tutorial is a comprehensive text and reference that covers all aspects of computer music, including digital audio, synthesis techniques, signal processing, musical input devices, performance software, editing systems, algorithmic...

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  • The Origins of Music

    Wallin,Nils Lennart; Merker,Bjorn

    The book can be viewed as representing the birth of evolutionary biomusicology.What biological and cognitive forces have shaped humankind's musical behavior and the rich global repertoire of musical structures? What is music for, and why does every...

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  • The Csound Book

    Boulanger,Richard Charles

    Created in 1985 by Barry Vercoe, Csound is one of the most widely used software sound synthesis systems. Because it is so powerful, mastering Csound can take a good deal of time and effort. But this long-awaited guide will dramatically straighten the...

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  • Shaping Things


    ' Shaping Things is about created objects and the environment, which is to say, it's about everything,' writes Bruce Sterling in this addition to the Mediawork Pamphlet series. He adds: 'Seen from sufficient distance, this is a small topic.'Sterling...

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  • Image of the City

    Lynch, Kevin

    The classic work on the evaluation of city form.What does the city's form actually mean to the people who live there? What can the city planner do to make the city's image more vivid and memorable to the city dweller? To answer these questions, Mr....

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  • Feeling Beauty - The Neuroscience Of...

    Starr,G Gabrielle

    A theory of the neural bases of aesthetic experience across the arts, which draws on the tools of both cognitive neuroscience and traditional humanist inquiry.In Feeling Beauty, G. Gabrielle Starr argues that understanding the neural underpinnings...

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  • Culture Is Not Always Popular - Fifteen Years...

    Bierut,Michael; Helfand,Jessica

    A collection of writing about design from the influential, eclectic, and adventurous Design Observer.Founded in 2003, Design Observer inscribes its mission on its homepage: Writings about Design and Culture. Since its inception, the site has...

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  • Wack! - Art And The Feminist Revolution

    Mark,Lisa Gabrielle

    Groundbreaking art from a revolutionary era, featuring work by more than 120 international artists, from Louise Bourgeois and Yoko Ono to Martha Rosler, Marina Abramovic, and Cindy Sherman.There had never been art like the art produced by women...

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  • Helvetica And The New York City Subway System...


    How New York City subways signage evolved from a 'visual mess' to a uniform system with Helvetica triumphant.For years, the signs in the New York City subway system were a bewildering hodge-podge of lettering styles, sizes, shapes, materials, colors,...

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  • Whitechapel: Documents Of Contemporary Art


    The evolution of studio--and 'post-studio'--practice over the last half century.With the emergence of conceptual art in the mid-1960s, the traditional notion of the studio became at least partly obsolete. Other sites emerged for the generation of art...

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  • Storm of Creativity


    The stages of the creative process -- from 'unlearning' to beginning again -- seen through examples from the practice of artists, architects, poets, inventors, scientists, and others. Although each instance of creativity is singular and specific,...

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  • The Game Design Reader


    Classic and cutting-edge writings on games, spanning nearly 50 years of game analysis and criticism, by game designers, game journalists, game fans, folklorists, sociologists, and media theorists. The Game Design Reader is a one-of-a-kind collection...

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  • Writing Art - Feelings Are Facts - A Life


    Memoir by the avant-garde dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker recounting her childhood years, sexual misadventures, and artistic explorations.If you're interested in Plato, you're reading the wrong book. If you're interested in difficult childhoods,...

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  • Intentions In Architecture

    Norberg-Schulz, Christian

    The chief focus of the book is on the symbolic and linguistic. The purpose is to develop an integrated theory of architectural description and architectural intention (and this includes the intention of the user as well as that of the designer),...

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  • Programs and Manifestoes on 20th-Century...


    The present volume offers eloquent testimony that many of the master builders of this century have held passionate convictions regarding the philosophic and social basis of their art. Nearly every important development in the modern architectural...

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  • The Materiality Of Interaction - Notes On The...


    A new approach to interaction design that moves beyond representation and metaphor to focus on the material manifestations of interaction.Smart watches, smart cars, the Internet of things, 3D printing: all signal a trend toward combining digital and...

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  • October Files (Hardcover) - 17 - ISA Genzken


    Generously illustrated essays consider Isa Genzken's remarkable body of work, from her early elegant floor pieces to her later explosive assemblages.Since the late 1970s, the Berlin-based contemporary artist Isa Genzken (b. 1948) has produced a body...

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  • October Files (Paperback) - 17 - ISA Genzken


    Generously illustrated essays consider Isa Genzken's remarkable body of work, from her early elegant floor pieces to her later explosive assemblages.Since the late 1970s, the Berlin-based contemporary artist Isa Genzken (b. 1948) has produced a body...

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  • October Books (Paperback) - Infinite Regress...


    In Infinite Regress, David Joselit considers the plurality of identities and practices within Duchamp's life and art between 1910 and 1941, conducting a synthetic reading of his early and middle career.There is not one Marcel Duchamp, but several....

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  • October Files (Paperback) - 15 - Robert...

    ; Bryan-Wilson,Julia; Robert Morris (M I T Press)

    Essays, an interview, and a roundtable discussion on the work of one of the most influential American artists of the postwar period.This October Files volume gathers essays, an interview, and a roundtable discussion on the work of Robert Morris, one...

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  • Writing Art - On The Camera Arts And...

    Jenkins,Bruce; Frampton,Hollis

    The collected writings of artist and filmmaker Hollis Frampton, including all the essays from the long-unavailable Circles of Confusion along with rare additional material.As Hollis Frampton's photographs and celebrated experimental films were...

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  • Takis - Evidence Of The Unseen


    For those whose primary concern is to trace the parentage of artistic forms, it would be well to ignore Takis--he has no immediate relatives. Gyorgy Kepes, Director of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT

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  • October Files (Paperback) - 7 - Roy...


    The most comprehensive collection on Lichtenstein, from the earliest reviews to recent reassessments, including several hard-to-find and previously unpublished pieces.Roy Lichtenstein's popular appeal--and his influence on pop culture, seen in...

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