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  • Impressionist & Post-Impressionist Drawing

    Lloyd, Christopher

    Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Paul Ce´zanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and their colleagues made some of the most beautiful drawings in the history of art. This book sets drawings by the impressionists and...

  • Postures - Body Language In Art


    Every time an artist portrays a human subject, a decision has to be made about the posture of the figure. Will they be standing, sitting, or reclining? Smiling, screaming, or weeping?Never before given such dedicated attention, Postures argues that...

  • Józef Czapski - An Apprenticeship Of Looking

    Karpeles, Eric

    This stunning monograph, a long-overdue critical appraisal of Polish artist Jo´zef Czapski arrives at a moment when the artist's legacy is gaining new recognition. Within these pages, author Eric Karpeles conveys how making art was so enmeshed with...

  • Diamond Jewelry - 700 Years Of Glory And...

    Scarisbrick, Diana

    Diamonds have long symbolized political power and authority in Europe. This book explores the individuals who commissioned and wore extraordinarily precious diamond ornaments from the mid-fourteenth century to the present day.Exquisite paintings and...

  • The Wyvern Collection - Medieval And Later...


    This volume, the second catalog of the Wyvern Collection, celebrates an outstanding group of medieval ivory carvings and small sculpture, the finest assemblage of its kind in private hands.The book has pieces from every period of the Middle Ages,...

  • Cabinets Of Curiosities

    Mauries, Patrick

    Unicorns' horns, mermaids' skeletons, stuffed and preserved animals and plants, precious metals, clocks, scientific instruments, celestial globes--all knowledge, the whole cosmos, arranged on shelves in a single room. Such were the cabinets of...

  • Bacon And The Mind - Art, Neuroscience And...

    Harrison,Martin; Leader,Darian; Onians,John; Bucklow,Christopher; Jaron,Steven; ZEKI ,SEMIR

    Bacon and the Mind sheds light on Francis Bacon's art by exploring his motivations, and in so doing opens up new ways of understanding his paintings. It comprises five essays by prominent scholars in their respective disciplines, illustrated...

  • Man With A Blue Scarf - On Sitting For A...

    Gayford, Martin

    Lucian Freud (1922-2011), widely regarded as the greatest figurative painter of his time, spent seven months painting a portrait of the art critic Martin Gayford. The daily narrative of their encounters takes the reader into that most private place,...

  • The Art Of Mesoamerica - From Olmec To Aztec

    Miller,Mary Ellen

    Expanded and revised in its sixth edition, The Art of Mesoamerica surveys the artistic achievements of the high pre-Hispanic civilizations of Central America--Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Aztec--as well as those of their lesser-known...

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  • The Pursuit Of Art - Travels, Encounters And...

    Gayford, Martin

    In the course of a career thinking and writing about art, critic Martin Gayford has traveled all over the world both to see works of art and to meet artists. Gayford's journeys, often to fairly inaccessible places, involve frustrations and...

  • Archipelago - An Atlas Of Imagined Islands

    Lewis-jones, Huw

    What is it about islands that is so alluring, and why do so many people find these self-contained worlds irresistible? Utopia and Atlantis were islands, and islands have captured the imaginations of writers and artists for centuries. In 1719, Daniel...

  • Modernists And Mavericks - Bacon, Freud,...

    Gayford, Martin

    Now available in an attractive paperback, Modernists and Mavericks is Martin Gayford's impressively researched and well-reviewed chronicle of postwar London painting.Modernists and Mavericks explores the development of painting in London from the...

  • Unspeakable Acts - Women, Art, And Sexual...

    Princenthal, Nancy

    The 1970s was a time of deep division and newfound freedoms. Galvanized by The Second Sex and The Feminine Mystique, the civil rights movement and the March on Washington, a new generation put their bodies on the line to protest injustice. Still,...

  • Futurekind - Design By And For The People


    We have grown accustomed to two beliefs: first, that only experts can be designers, and second, that our everyday activities are harming the planet. Yet, by bringing together digital communication and engaged online communities, products can be...

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  • New Nordic Houses


    In a climate with dramatic shifts in temperature and light, the homes of Nordic countries respond to ever-changing and breathtaking environments with an intrinsic sense of warmth. Nordic architects today are as much informed by vernacular traditions...

  • White Houses


    Sometimes seen as an absence of color, white in fact reflects the purity of the entire spectrum. In the history of design, white houses often embody the bright, clean clarity associated with twentieth-century giants Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der...

  • Shared Living - Interior Design For Rented...


    In the current housing market, with more people moving to cities than ever before, those who live with roommates are no longer exclusively recent college graduates with clashing decorating senses and mismatched furniture. For many, it is perfectly...

  • David Adjaye - Public Buildings And Houses,...

    Adjaye,David; Allison,Peter

    Acclaimed architect David Adjaye is known for his artistic sensitivity and deft use of space and inexpensive, unexpected materials. With the hindsight of almost twenty years of practice and a raft of high-profile projects around the world--perhaps...

  • Supreme Glamour

    Wilson,Mary; Bego,Mark

    As Motown's leading act in the 1960s, The Supremes became synonymous with glamorous, elegant, coordinated ensembles. Supreme Glamour presents founding member Mary Wilson's unparalleled collection, showcasing thirty-two of the group's most...

  • Into The Woods - Trees And Photography

    Barnes, Martin

    Wild or cultivated, rural or urban, solitary or within a forest, trees have long provided a compelling source of inspiration for artists and photographers alike. Both as stand-alone aesthetic objects and as symbols of broader cultural significance,...

  • Autofocus - The Car In Photography

    Weiss, Marta

    Undeniably one of the most influential innovations of the modern world, the car has changed not only the way we live, but also the way we look at the world around us. From formal, compositional device to highly desirable, photogenic object, the car...

  • Shoot For The Moon

    Walker, Tim

    Story Teller introduced audiences to the fantastical, magical worlds of Tim Walker, conjured anew with each shoot. Shoot for the Moon, Walker's much-awaited follow-up, draws audiences close to tell the story of fantasy's other, darker side.Delving...

  • Rock Graphic Originals - Revolutions In Sonic...

    Miles,Barry; Golding,Peter

    As part of the '60s and '70s fashion movement, Peter Golding's famous ACE boutique in London's Chelsea district brought him into regular contact with the biggest names in rock 'n' roll, and he went on to create one of the most comprehensive...

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  • Motown - The Sound Of Young America

    White,Adam; Ales,Barney

    The music of Motown defined an era. From the Jackson 5 and Diana Ross to Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy and his right-hand man, Barney Ales, built the most successful independent record label in the world. Not only did Motown...

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  • The Story Of The Face - The Magazine That...


    Launched by NME editor and Smash Hits creator Nick Logan in 1980, The Face became an icon of 'style culture,' the benchmark for the latest trends in art, design, fashion, photography, film, and music being defined by a thriving youth culture.The...

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  • Mute: A Visual Document - From 1978 -...

    Burrows,Terry; Miller,Daniel

    Mute is one of the most revered and influential indie labels of all time. Through the music of its tight-knit community of artists--ranging from Cabaret Voltaire, Nick Cave's The Birthday Party and Moby to Depeche Mode, Erasure, and Goldfrapp--it has...

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  • Edvard Munch - Love And Angst

    Bartrum, Giulia; Knausgaard,Karl Ove

    Edvard Munch (1863-1944), one of the most famous expressionist artists, is best known for The Scream. However, this was just one of the many haunting depictions of raw human emotion, which he fully developed in highly sophisticated prints.Munch's...

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  • Graffiti Alphabets - Street Fonts From Around...


    Classic graffiti lettering and experimental typographical forms lie at the heart of street culture and have long inspired designers in many different fields. But graffiti artists, who tend to paint the same letters of their tag again and again,...

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  • Surrealism


    Surrealism was launched as a literary and artistic movement by French poet Andre´ Breton in 1924, and by the time of his death in 1966 it had become one of the most popular and recognizable art movements of the twentieth century.Contrary to common...

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  • The Wyvern Collection - Medieval And...


    This is the definitive catalogue of one of the most important collections of medieval art that exists in private hands, not previously accessible to the public. Comprised of outstanding European sculptures of the medieval period, as well as some Late...

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  • David Hockney Dog Days - Sketchbook

    Hockney, David

    This versatile sketchbook features Hockney's own words and delightful drawings of his two beloved dogs, Stanley and Boodgie, to inspire your own notes, scribbles, and sketches.

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  • Modern Art - Art Essentials Series


    The first in a new series of essential introductions to art, Modern Art guides the reader through individual movements from Impressionism to Conceptual Art, situated within five broader chronological eras. Starting with Impressionism in 1860, art...

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  • Chromatopia - An Illustrated History Of Color


    Did you know that the Egyptians created the first synthetic color and used it to create the famous blue crown of Queen Nefertiti? Or that the noblest purple comes from a predatory sea snail? In the Roman Empire, hundreds of thousands of snails had to...

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  • Renoir - An Intimate Biography

    Ehrlich White,Barbara

    Expertly researched and beautifully written by the world's leading authority on Auguste Renoir's life and work, Renoir fully reveals this most intriguing of Impressionist artists. The narrative is interspersed with more than 1,100 extracts from...

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  • Hockney - Van Gogh - The Joy Of Nature

    Jager,Hans Den Hartog

    Hockney -- Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature presents unique insights into the influences of two world-renowned artists. Nature has been a substantial theme for both David Hockney and Vincent van Gogh, one that draws their work together--Hockney's...

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  • Constable's Skies


    John Constable was one of the supreme painters of the weather, and his depictions of the sky are essential components of all his landscape paintings, from famous works such as The Hay Wain and Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows to his numerous...

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  • Look Again - How To Experience The Old...


    This book engages with some of history's greatest art, from the spectacular theatrics of Bosch to the luminous scenes of Giotto, and starts with the idea that the art of the past can and should be seen from the viewpoint of a contemporary observer of...

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  • The Artists Who Will Change The World


    Traditional histories of art have often been confined to a western European framework. But with the birth of contemporary museum culture, the proliferation of art fairs and biennials in regions far and wide, and the advent of digital technologies,...

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  • The Lives Of The Surrealists


    Surrealism did not begin as an art movement but as a philosophical strategy, a way of life, and a rebellion against the establishment that gave rise to the First World War. In Lives of the Surrealists, Desmond Morris concentrates on the artists as...

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  • Performance Now - Live Art For The...


    This major survey charts the development of live art across six continents since the turn of the twenty- first century, revealing how it has become an increasingly essential vehicle for communicating ideas across the globe in the new...

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  • Bauhaus Goes West - Modern Art And Design In...


    Bauhaus Goes West is the story of cultural and artistic exchange between Germany and the West over a period of seventy years. It presents a view of the influential Bauhaus school in relation to the wider modernist period, distinguishing between the...

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  • Bauhaus


    The aesthetic of our contemporary environment, including everything from housing estates to furniture and newspapers, is partly the result of a school of art and design founded in Germany in 1919, the Bauhaus. While in operation for only fourteen...

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  • Seven Keys To Modern Art


    With modern art's proclivity for self-expression, originality, and the abstract, great works can often seem indecipherable. This book provides the tools to help interpret the seemingly bizarre and often intimidating aspects of modern and contemporary...

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  • The World Exists To Be Put On A Postcard -...


    The accessibility and familiarity of a postcard makes it an artistic medium rich with potential for subversion, appropriation, or manipulation for political, satirical, revolutionary, or playful intent. The inexpensiveness of production encourages...

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