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265 produtos
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

    Covey,Stephen R.

    Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

  • Quantum Memory Power


    A seven-time world memory champion shares his ultimate tools for improving and enlarging memory capacity, teaching how the brain operates, how to improve decision-making powers, develop laser-sharp concentration, build a mental fact file, and...

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming For Dummies

    Burton,Kate; Ready,Romilla

    Turn thoughts into positive action with neuro-linguistic programming Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) has taken the psychology world by storm. So much more than just another quick-fix or a run-of-the-mill self-help technique, NLP shows real people...

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  • Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle...

    Arloski,Michael, Ph.d.

    Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change

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  • The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time And...

    Smith,Hyrum W.

    Written for anyone who suffers from 'time famine, ' this essential handbook provides simple, effective methods for successfully taking control of one's hours--and one's life. Smith shows how, by managing time better, anyone can lead a happier, more...

  • The Psychology of Achievement


    Helps listeners identify their own 'area of excellence' and master the tools that will make them true achievers, including how to sharpen natural intuition, increase brain power, and change thoughts from negative to positive.

  • The Science of Getting Rich

    Wattles,Wallace D.; Wattles, Wallace D.

    The Science of Getting Rich

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  • The Impersonal Life


    The Impersonal Life

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  • 5-minute Memory Workout


    A pocket-size guide featuring 5-minute techniques and ideas for improving your memory skills. Train your brain to work more efficiently and keep your mental agility at its peak with a bite-size exercise every day.These days, it is rare for people to...

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  • Applied Metacognition

    Perfect, Timothy J.; Perfect,Timothy J.

    Up-to-date overview of relation between theories in metacognition and their real-world application.

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  • The Family Cfo

    Allvine,Mary Claire; Larson,Christine

    A revolutionary approach designed to help couples manage their joint finances introduces an innovative five-step decision process--along with specific formulas, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions--to evaluate a family's fiscal situation and...

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  • Life Strategies

    McGraw,Phillip C., Ph.D.

    Tells how to analyze one's life, identify barriers to success, and take practical steps to make life more rewarding and meaningful

  • Zen Life


    Zen Life

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  • Living Through the Meantime


    A workbook for those yearning for deeper love explains how to begin the process of mental, emotional, and spiritual housecleaning that leads to increased happiness, spirituality, and awareness in one's personal relationships.

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  • Niños Indigo

    Melamud, E.

    Niños Indigo

  • More List Your Self

    Velick,Paul Bob; Segalove,Ilene; Segalove,Irene

    More List Your Self

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  • Journeys Through Adulthood


    The author of Women with Attention Deficit Disorder looks at the challenges faced by adults with AD/HD and offers information on the symptoms, treatment, and ways to organize and protect oneself in the world. Reprint.

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  • A Weekend To Change Your Life


    New York Times bestselling author Joan Anderson gives women practical advice and inspiration for building creative, independent, and fulfilling lives through discovering who they truly are and who they can be. Like Julia Cameron s The Artist s Way,...

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  • Don't Shoot the Dog


    Discusses the underlying principles of behaviorial modification and explains how to apply the methodology of positive reinforcement of areas ranging from memory improvement to breaking addictive habits

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  • A Whole New Mind

    Pink, Daniel H.

    Uses the two sides of the human brain as a metaphor for understanding how the information age came about throughout the course of the past generation, counseling readers on how to survive and find a place in a society that is marked by rising...

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  • The Memory Book

    Lorayne,Harry; Lucas,Jerry

    Presents an effective guide to faster reading and memory training based on the system developed by a leading specialist in the field of memory enhancement, in a handbook designed to help readers develop their study skills, remember and use important...

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  • Unlimited Power

    Robbins,Anthony; McClendon,Joseph

    Reveals the secrets of neurolinguistic programming and explains how to master both mind and body while gaining emotional and financial freedom and increasing self-confidence

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  • Who Moved My Cheese?

    Johnson,Spencer; Johnson,Spencer

    Relates a highly meaningful parable intended to help one deal with change quickly and prevail, offering readers a simple way to progress in their work and lives.

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  • Instant Rapport


    Drawing on the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming, a communications expert explains how listeners can learn to express themselves with dynamic clarity, control others' impressions of them, overcome others' resistance, and achieve fulfilling...

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  • The 4-hour Work Week

    Ferris, Timothy; Ferris, Timothy; Porter,Ray (nrt)

    The 4-hour Work Week

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  • Refuse to Choose!


    Identifies seven personality types that share a common quality of having numerous unrelated interests, explaining how to prioritize and pursue multiple goals simultaneously in order to enjoy a successful and varied life.

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  • The Gifted Adult


    Challenging current thinking about intelligence, a psychologist who specializes in working with gifted adults explains how readers can make the most of their intellectual gifts, by overcoming such problems as low self-esteem, self-sabotage,...

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  • The Heart's Code


    The Heart's Code

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  • Write It Down, Make It Happen

    Klauser,Henriette Anne

    Write It Down, Make It Happen

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  • The Law Of Success

    Hill,Napoleon; Morey,Arthur (NRT)

    The Law Of Success

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  • Million Dollar Habits


    Million Dollar Habits

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  • Leading With the Heart

    Krzyzewski, Mike; Phillips,Donald T.

    The college basketball coach who led the Duke Blue Devils to five straight Final Four appearances offers the insights he uses to coach peak performances from his team, relying on lessons he learned as a captain in the U.S. Army, with an emphasis on...

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  • Ready For Anything


    The author of Getting Things Done and editor of the popular e-newsletter Principles of Productivity presents fifty-two principles for working productively and with stability while reducing stress and enhancing creativity. Reprint.

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  • The Automatic Millionaire

    Bach,David; Bach,David (NRT); Bach, David

    Outlines a system for achieving financial security and building wealth, discussing how to make the most out of automated financial transactions, including 401ks, scheduled transfers, and early-payoff programs.

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  • Flirting 101

    Bryant,Andrew; Lewis,Michelle Lia

    A entertaining guide to the fine art of flirting offers a host of useful tips, practical exercises, quizzes, suggestions, and techniques to help readers overcome their fear of rejection, take advantage of non-verbal communication, increase...

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  • Napoleon Hill's Positive Action Plan

    Cypert,Samuel A.; Hill,Napoleon; Ritt,Michael J.; Sartwell,Matthew

    Quotations from the writings of Napoleon Hill are followed by advice for putting each concept into practice

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  • The Psychology of Selling


    An expert sales trainer reveals two major motivating factors in closing a sale, three hot buttons to push when selling to businesses, and how to avoid the five simple errors that spell the difference between success and near-success.

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  • What It Takes To Be #1

    Lombardi, Vince

    America's most sought-after motivational speaker examines the leadership qualities that his father considered essential to success, extracting the powerful lessons about what it takes to be an effective leader, and telling how to apply those...

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  • Unlimited Power


    Reveals the secrets of neurolinguistic programming and explains how to master both mind and body while gaining emotional and financial freedom and increasing self-confidence.

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  • Discovering Your Personality Type

    Riso,Don Richard; Hudson,Russ

    Discovering Your Personality Type

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  • Principle-Centered Leadership

    Covey,Stephen R.; Covey,Stephen R. (NRT)

    The author invites business readers to center their professional lives around principles of excellence and quality and discusses the six conditions of effectiveness and the patterns of organizational excellence. Read by the author.

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  • Lessons in Mastery


    The author of Awaken the Giant Within shows listeners how to harness decision-making power, decode the language of emotion, prepare for major life changes, make the right moves at the right time, and much more, so that they can turn their dreams into...

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  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


    A program designed to help listeners overcome their fears explains how to stop negative thinking patterns and shares effective techniques for transforming passivity into assertiveness.

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  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

    Covey,Stephen R.

    CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING BOOKS EVER WRITTEN, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has guided generations of readers for the last 25 years. Presidents and CEOs have kept it by their bedsides, students have underlined and studied...

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