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Natureza e Ecologia

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  • A Revolução de uma Palha - Uma Introdução À...

    Masanobu Fukuoka

    “Com uma simples palha é possível iniciar-se uma revolução planetária, relegar o Homem à Natureza e recuperar o equilíbrio (há muito) perdido. Soa a utopia? Talvez não o seja.” Gabriela Araújo “O agricultor tornou-se atarefado demais quando começámos...

  • Energy And Civilization - A History


    A comprehensive account of how energy has shaped society throughout history, from pre-agricultural foraging societies through today's fossil fuel--driven civilization.Energy is the only universal currency; it is necessary for getting anything done....

  • The Carbon Calculator


    How to calculate your carbon footprint and practical tips on how to reduce it.Written by Mark Lynas, one of Britain's most respected commentators on environmental issues, The Carbon Calculator shows you how to reduce your carbon footprint and help...

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  • The Best American Science And Nature Writing...

    Folger, Tim; Jahren, Hope

    'Undeniably exquisite . . . Reveal[s] not only how science actually happens but also who or what propels its immutable humanity.' --Maria Popova 'An excellent introduction to the key issues in science today.' --P. D. Smith, Guardian '[A] stellar...

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  • Skeptic - Viewing The World With A Rational...

    Shermer, Michael

    Collected essays from bestselling author Michael Shermer's celebrated columns in Scientific AmericanFor fifteen years, bestselling author Michael Shermer has written a column in Scientific American magazine that synthesizes scientific concepts and...

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  • Economia dos Recursos Naturais e do Meio...

    S. Faucheux; Jean-F. Noël

    A degradação global da qualidade do ambiente e o receio de um esgotamento dos recursos naturais contamse entre as principais preocupações da comunidade internacional. A aparição de ameaças ao ambiente, à escala planetária, faz acreditar na ideia de...

  • Sociologia Ambiental

    John A. Hannigan

    «Uma tentativa baseada numa sistemática e profusa investigação para desenvolver a formulação de uma perspectiva social sobre os problemas ambientais. Uma boa e útil panorâmica da sociologia ambiental.» Dale Jamieson, University of Colorado at Boulder...

  • Fragments Of Science - A Series Of Detached...


    Excerpt from Fragments of Science: A Series of Detached Essays, Addresses and Reviews To avoid unwieldiness of bulk this edition of the Frag ments is published in one volume, instead, of as heretofore, in two. The first part deals almost exclusively...

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  • Ecology Of Fear - Los Angeles And The...


    A witty and engrossing look at Los Angeles' urban ecology and the city's place in America's cultural fantasies Earthquakes. Wildfires. Floods. Drought. Tornadoes. Snakes in the sea, mountain lions, and a plague of bees. In this controversial tour de...

  • The Perfect Storm


    Presents a vivid account of a history-making storm that hit the New England coast in October 1991 and the lives it changed, weaving together the history of the fishing industry, the science of storms, and personal accounts. Tour.

  • The Essence of Chaos

    Lorenz,Edward N.

    The Essence of Chaos

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  • Ecological Models And Data In R


    Ecological Models And Data In R

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  • An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth To Power

    Al Gore

    The follow up to the #1 New York Times bestselling An Inconvenient Truth and companion to Vice President Al Gore’s new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, this new book is a daring call to action. It exposes the reality of how...

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  • The Invention Of Nature

    Andrea Wulf

    The acclaimed author of Founding Gardeners reveals the forgotten life of Alexander von Humboldt, the visionary German naturalist whose ideas changed the way we see the natural world—and in the process created modern environmentalism.

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  • Climate Of Hope - How Cities, Businesses, And...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former head of the Sierra Club Carl Pope comes a manifesto on how the benefits of taking action on climate change are concrete, immediate, and immense. They explore climate change solutions...

  • Last Run


    Describes the harrowing 1998 rescue of five fishermen who were forced to abandon their vessel in the Gulf of Alaska during a hurricane-force Arctic storm and who were saved from seemingly insurmountable hazards by helicopter teams from the Sitka...

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  • A Dictionary Of Ecology


    The updated fourth edition of the Dictionary of Ecology is the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of ecology available. Written in a clear, accessible style, it contains more than 6,000 entries on all aspects of ecology and related...

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  • Lugar do Homem na Natureza, o

    P. Teilhard de Chardin

    O Lugar do Homem na Natureza... Por que motivo, à medida que a Ciência avança, esta questão se torna para nós cada vez mais importante e fascinante? Em primeiro lugar, sem dúvida, pela eterna, muito subjectiva e desde logo suspeita razão de que este...

  • Short Circuits In Power Systems - A Practical...

    Kasikci, Ismail

    Reflecting the changes to the all-important short circuit calculations in three-phase power systems according to IEC 60909-0 standard, this new edition of the practical guide retains its proven and unique concept of explanations, calculations and...

  • Engineering Thermodynamics Of Thermal...


    Complete coverage of the thermodynamics of radiation matter for solar energy utilization This comprehensive guide reviews the fundamentals of the thermodynamics of radiation matter--photon gas. The book introduces the exergy of radiation through the...

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  • Plant Metal Interaction - Emerging...


    Plant Metal Interaction: Emerging Remediation Techniques covers different heavy metals and their effect on soils and plants, along with the remediation techniques currently available. As cultivable land is declining day-by-day as a result of...

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  • Biofuels Engineering Process Technology

    Drapcho, Caye; Walker, Terry; Nghiem, John

    New Process Technology for Developing Low-Cost, Environmentally Safe Biofuels Rising fuel prices have created a surge in the worldwide demand for biofuels made from plant and animal feedstocks. Filled with a wealth of illustrations, Biofuels...

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  • Geothermal Power Plants - Principles,...

    Dipippo, Ronald

    Now in its 4th edition, this single resource covers all aspects of the utilization of geothermal energy for power generation using fundamental scientific and engineering principles. Its practical emphasis is enhanced by the use of global case studies...

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  • Automation Of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Water Environment Federation

    The expert coverage you need to design automated wastewater systems Especially written for design professionals, Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities discusses the selection of instruments, installation, sizing of control elements, and the...

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  • This Idea Is Brilliant - Lost, Overlooked,...


    The latest volume in the bestselling series from 'the world's smartest website' by The Guardian--brings together 206 of the world's most innovative thinkers to discuss the scientific concepts that everyone should know.As science...

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  • Synthetic Fuels Handbook - Properties,...


    Capitalize on the Vast Potential of Alternative Energy Sources Such as Fuel Cells and Biofuels Synthetic Fuels Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the benefits and trade-offs of numerous alternative fuels, presenting expert analyses of the...

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  • Energy Conservation In Water And Wastewater...

    Water Environment Federation

    The Definitive Guide to Energy Conservation in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Covering both drinking water treatment as well as wastewater, this authoritative guide from the Water Environment Federation presents the latest strategies for...

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  • Preparing A Building Service Life Plan For...


    Expert guidance on developing a green building service life plan Filled with step-by-step instructions, Preparing a Building Service Life Plan for Green Buildings explains how to create a framework for managing the performance requirements and...

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  • Do-It-Yourself Sustainable Water Projects -...


    A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO BUILDING 10 INEXPENSIVE PROJECTS THAT HELP YOU CONSERVE WATER ... SO SIMPLE YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! People can live without SUVs, jet travel, and numerous other luxuries. But no life, human or otherwise, can survive without...

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  • This Borrowed Earth - Lessons From The...

    Hernan,Robert Emmet

    Over the last century mankind has irrevocably damaged the environment through the unscrupulous greed of big business and our own willful ignorance. Here are the strikingly poignant accounts of disasters whose names live in infamy: Chernobyl, Bhopal,...

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  • Handbook Of Environmental Engineering...

    Jain,Ravi; Balbach,Harold; Urban,Lloyd; Webb,M Diana

    This is one of the most comprehensive books on complex subjects of environmental engineering assessment and planning. Addressing these issues requires an understanding of technical, economic, and policy perspectives; based upon extensive research and...

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  • Soil And Environmental Chemistry

    Bleam,William F

    Soil and Environmental Chemistry, Second Edition, presents key aspects of soil chemistry in environmental science, including dose responses, risk characterization, and practical applications of calculations using spreadsheets. The book offers a...

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  • Water And Wastewater Calculations Manual

    Lin, Shun Dar

    Step-by-step water and wastewater calculations-- updated for the latest methods and regulations Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water,...

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  • Biofuels Refining And Performance


    Learn about the ways to economically manufacture biofuels Written by a team of international experts, Biofuels Refining and Performance describes the refining processes and issues involved in producing fuel derived from recently living organisms or...

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  • Marine Chemical Monitoring - Policies,...


    Combining laboratory experience with research and policy developments, this book provides an insight into the historical background of marine monitoring, its regulatory frameworks and science-policy interactions. With experience in the European...

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  • Alternative Sewer Systems Fd-12, 2e

    Water Environment Federation

    Everything You'll Need to Know About Pressure, Vacuum, and Effluent Collection Systems Alternative Sewer Systems, Manual of Practice FD-12 is a complete primer on the various systems that can be used to replace expensive gravity systems presently...

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  • Sustainable Hydrogen Production

    Dincer, Ibrahim; Zamfirescu, Calin

    Sustainable Hydrogen Production provides readers with an introduction to the processes and technologies used in major hydrogen production methods. This book serves as a unique source for information on advanced hydrogen generation systems and...

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  • Alternative Energy Demystified, 2nd Edition


    DeMYSTiFieD fuels your knowledge of tricky subjects like alternative energy If you think a Maglev train is a child's toy, or learning about fusion makes your brain reach critical mass, Alternative Energy DeMYSTiFieD, Second Edition will power up your...

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  • Urban Stormwater Management Tools

    Mays,Larry W

    This guide provides coverage of the methods for managing urban stormwater and preventing sewage overflows and flooding. It details the design of basins and detention systems, covers subsurface and wetland issues, and presents a complete methodology...

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  • Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling, Second...

    Water Environment Federation

    The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Guide to Process Modeling Methods and Protocols Fully revised to cover the latest advances in the field, Wastewater Treatment Process Modeling, Second Edition, explains general modeling concepts and terminology and...

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  • Large-Scale Solar Power System Design...


    The Definitive Guide to Large-Scale, Grid-Connected Solar Power System Design and Construction This GreenSource book provides comprehensive engineering design and construction guidelines for large-scale solar power system projects. Proven design...

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  • Design Of Urban Stormwater Controls

    American Society of Civil Engineers; Water Environment Federation

    Innovative Techniques for Designing Urban Stormwater Controls Fully updated to address the paradigm shift in the way stormwater is viewed and managed, Design of Urban Stormwater Controls focuses on consolidating technologies to foster a convergence...

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  • Digital Analysis Of Remotely Sensed Imagery


    'Jay Gao's book on the analysis of remote sensing imagery is a well-written, easy-to-read, and informative text best serving graduate students in geosciences, and practitioners in the field of digital image analysis. Although Dr. Gao states that he...

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  • Water Loss Control

    Thornton,Julian; Sturm,Reinhard; Kunkel,George

    Master the Latest Techniques to Quantify, Locate, Control, and Prevent Water and Revenue Loss in Water Utility Operations This comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development of a water loss control program-from...

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