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Natureza e Ecologia

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1166 produtos
  • A Revolução de uma Palha - Uma Introdução À...

    Masanobu Fukuoka

    “Com uma simples palha é possível iniciar-se uma revolução planetária, relegar o Homem à Natureza e recuperar o equilíbrio (há muito) perdido. Soa a utopia? Talvez não o seja.” Gabriela Araújo “O agricultor tornou-se atarefado demais quando começámos...

  • Third Thoughts

    Weinberg, Steven

    For more than four decades, one of the most captivating and celebrated science communicators of our time has challenged the public to think carefully about the foundations of nature and the inseparable entanglement of science and society. In Third...

  • Introduction To Renewable Power Systems And...


    This textbook introduces the fundamentals of renewable electrical power systems examining their direct relationships with the environment. It covers conventional power systems and opportunities for increased efficiencies and friendlier environmental...

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  • Economia dos Recursos Naturais e do Meio...

    S. Faucheux; Jean-F. Noël

    A degradação global da qualidade do ambiente e o receio de um esgotamento dos recursos naturais contamse entre as principais preocupações da comunidade internacional. A aparição de ameaças ao ambiente, à escala planetária, faz acreditar na ideia de...

  • Piston Engine-Based Power Plants

    Breeze, Paul

    Piston Engine-Based Power Plants presents Breeze's most up-to-date discussion and clear and concise analysis of this resource, aimed at those working and researching in the area. Various engine types including Diesel and Stirling are discussed, with...

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  • The Guide To Oilwell Fishing Operations -...

    Degeare, Joe P

    Unpredictable, unwanted, and costly, oil and gas well fishing is not a typical practice for drilling, workover and completion projects, but roughly one in every five wells experience this intervention. To stay on top, The Guide to Oilwell Fishing...

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  • Urban Water Sustainability - Technology,...


    The provision of a safe and reliable water supply is a major challenge for the world's growing urban populations. This book investigates the implications of different developments in water technology and infrastructure for urban sustainability and...

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  • Essential Environment - The Science Behind...

    Withgott, Jay H; Laposata, Matthew

    For courses in introductory environmental science. Engage students in science through current environmental issues Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, 6th Edition by Jay Withgott and Matt Laposata, is the #1 book in the...

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  • The Water Will Come - Rising Seas, Sinking...

    Goodell, Jeff

    A New York Times Critics' Top Book of 2017One of Washington Post's 50 Notable Works of Nonfiction in 2017One of Booklist's Top 10 Science Books of 2017 'An immersive, mildly gonzo and depressingly well-timed book about the drenching effects of global...

  • Corrosion Control For Offshore Structures -...

    Singh, Ramesh

    A variable game changer for those companies operating in hostile, corrosive marine environments, Corrosion Control for Offshore Structures provides critical corrosion control tips and techniques that will prolong structural life while saving millions...

  • Verde Brilhante - A Sensibilidade e A...

    Mancuso,Stefano; Viola,Alessandra

    As plantas não precisam dos seres humanos para viver, mas estes precisam delas para tal. Será isso inteligência? Serão as plantas capazes de comunicar entre si, de resolver problemas? Partindo destas questões, Stefano Mancuso e Alessandra Viola...

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  • Ecofeminismo

    Vandana Shiva; Marie Mies

    «Um livro de autoria conjunta sugere normalmente que os escritores tenham estado envolvidos num contínuo diálogo resultante de leituras e discussões comuns. Quando ambas começámos a pensar em escrever este livro, tivemos de enfrentar o facto de que...

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  • Psicologia Social do Ambiente

    Gustav-Nicolas Fischer

    As relações que se estabelecem entre o espaço e o comportamento humano têm vindo a ser estudadas, desde há alguns anos, através de uma nova abordagem em ciências humanas: a psicologia do ambiente. A obra de G.N. Fischer salienta uma nova dimensão: o...

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies

    Sheng, James

    Enhanced Oil Recovery Field Case Studies bridges the gap between theory and practice in a range of real-world EOR settings. Areas covered include steam and polymer flooding, use of foam, in situ combustion, microorganisms, 'smart water'-based EOR in...

  • Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual - Design,...

    Takacs, Gabor

    Electrical Submersible Pumps Manual: Design, Operations and Maintenance, Second Edition continues to deliver the information needed with updated developments, technology and operational case studies. New content on gas handlers, permanent magnet...

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  • Darwin Comes To Town - How The Urban Jungle...


    From evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen comes a book that will make you see yourself and the world around you in an entirely new way.For a long time, biologists thought evolution was a necessarily slow process, too incremental to be observed...

  • Sociologia Ambiental

    John A. Hannigan

    «Uma tentativa baseada numa sistemática e profusa investigação para desenvolver a formulação de uma perspectiva social sobre os problemas ambientais. Uma boa e útil panorâmica da sociologia ambiental.» Dale Jamieson, University of Colorado at Boulder...

  • Linguagens Secretas da Natureza, as

    Jean-Marie Pelt

    «Na era em que a comunicação se tornou na palavrachave de uma sociedade animada de inovações tecnológicas, mas em completa desordem quanto aos valores, os modelos inspirados na natureza podem sugerir reflexões úteis. Depois de lida esta obra, não...

  • Limnological Analysis

    Wetzel,Robert G.; Likens,Gene E.

    Limnological Analysis

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  • Smithsonian Handbooks Shells

    Dance,S. Peter; Ward,Matthew

    A guide to seashells from around the world provides color photographs and concise descriptions of more than 500 species of seashells.

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  • Why Time Flies - A Mostly Scientific...


    'An insightful meditation on the curious nature of time...A highly illuminating intellectual investigation' (Kirkus Reviews) explaining the sometimes contradictory ways we experience time. 'Time' is the most commonly used noun in the English...

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  • The Ecology Of Commerce: a Declaration Of...


     A visionary new program that businesses can follow to help restore the planet.

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  • Lugar do Homem na Natureza, o

    P. Teilhard de Chardin

    O Lugar do Homem na Natureza... Por que motivo, à medida que a Ciência avança, esta questão se torna para nós cada vez mais importante e fascinante? Em primeiro lugar, sem dúvida, pela eterna, muito subjectiva e desde logo suspeita razão de que este...

  • Particulate Matter Science For Policy Makers

    McMurry,Peter H.; Shepherd,Marjorie F.; Vickery,James S.

    Particulate Matter Science For Policy Makers

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  • La Grande Invasion - Enquête Sur Les Produits...

    Horel Stephane

    Dans nos maisons, à notre insu, des milliers de substances chimiques partagent notre vie quotidienne, nichées dans la nourriture et l'eau, incrustées dans les détergents, les plastiques ou les tissus.Les hommes, les femmes, les enfants et même les...

  • Games Of Life - Explorations In Ecology,...

    Sigmund, Karl

    'A book accessible to all readers, whatever their level of numeracy ... an excellent introduction to what theoretical biologists get up to in trying to understand evolutionary and ecological ideas.' ― NatureWhy are there only two sexes? Why do stags...

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  • Twister


    An examination of the most powerful storms on Earth includes a look at VORTEX, the leading tornado-monitoring project, shares the stories of tornado chasers, and discusses the film by Steven Spielberg and Michael Crichton

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  • The Essence of Chaos

    Lorenz,Edward N.

    The Essence of Chaos

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  • An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth To Power

    Al Gore

    The follow up to the #1 New York Times bestselling An Inconvenient Truth and companion to Vice President Al Gore’s new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, this new book is a daring call to action. It exposes the reality of how...

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  • Environmental Management Towards...


    This book is about understanding challenges we face today in managing our environment and ensuring sustainability of this Planet. It presents the critical state of our resources and threats to resource security due to overconsumption, pollution, and...

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  • Statistical Analysis in Climate Research

    Storch,H. V.; Von Storch,Hans; Zwiers,Francis W.

    Statistical Analysis in Climate Research

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  • Integrating Ecology and Evolution in a...

    Antonovics,Janis; Silvertown,Jonathan

    Integrating Ecology and Evolution in a Spatial Context

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  • Ecologia das Cidades Ecologia dos Campos

    Claude Allègre

    O «buraco» na camada de ozone, o efeito de estufa, o empobrecimento da biodiversidade, a poluição dos rios e do ar e a demografia galopante são, de facto, verdadeiras ameaças para o nosso futuro ou serão, apenas, slogans brandidos por ecologistas...

  • CO2 Rising - The World's Greatest...


    An introduction to the global carbon cycle and the human-caused disturbances to it that are at the heart of global warming and climate change.The most colossal environmental disturbance in human history is under way. Ever-rising levels of the potent...

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  • Thoreau on Water

    Thoreau,Henry David; France,Robert L.; France,Robert L.; Duncan,David James; Thoreau Society (COR)

    Thoreau on Water

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  • Ecology

    Levin,Simon; Press,Malcolm C.; Huntly,Nancy J.


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  • Ambientalismo Moderno


    Nesta obra é feita uma introdução ao ambientalismo e à história do posicionamento ocidental relativamente à natureza e ao ambiente; assim como o modo como estas ideias se relacionam com as modernas ideologias ambientalistas. O autor faz a análise das...

  • Thinking Like A Mall - Environmental...


    A provocative argument that environmental thinking would be better off if it dropped the concept of 'nature' altogether and spoke instead of the built environment.Environmentalism, in theory and practice, is concerned with protecting nature. But if...

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  • Phys Oceanog Frontal Zones Eos71h


    This title presents the systematization and description of accumulated knowledge on oceanic fronts of the Norwegian, Greenland, Barents and Bering Seas. The main fronts of the Norwegian, Greenland and Barents Seas are part of the climatic North Polar...

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  • Retrieving Nature - Education For A...


    This timely and challenging book asks how education should respond to environmental concerns. A timely and challenging book, which asks how education should respond to environmental concerns. Puts forward an innovative thesis about our relationship...

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  • Masterpieces of the Mineral World

    Bartsch,Joel A.; Wilson,Wendell E.; Mauthner,Mark

    Offers photographs of eighty specimens from the collection of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, including azurite, barite, bournonite, and zoisite; discusses the history of each speciment; and explores what makes a mineral collectible.

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  • Meteorology Today

    Ahrens,Donald D.

    Meteorology Today

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  • American Environmental Policy - Beyond...

    Klyza,Christopher McGrory

    An updated investigation of alternate pathways for American environmental policymaking made necessary by legislative gridlock. The 'golden era' of American environmental lawmaking in the 1960s and 1970s saw twenty-two pieces of major environmental...

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  • Advances In Marine Biology - 63 - Advances In...


    Advances in Marine Biology has been providing in-depth and up-to-date reviews on all aspects of marine biology since 1963 -- over 40 years of outstanding coverage! The series is well known for both its excellence of reviews and editing. Now edited by...

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