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3701 produtos
  • Calculo Vol. 1

    Apostol, Tom M.

    Calculo Vol. 1

  • Quantum Mechanics For Mathematicians

    Takhtajan,Leon A.

    Quantum Mechanics For Mathematicians

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  • Calculo Vol. 2

    Apostol, Tom M.

    Calculo Vol. 2

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  • Calculus Vol. 1 2nd Edition

    Apostol,Tom M.

    An introduction to the Calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique. Integration is treated before differentiation—this is a departure from most modern texts, but it is historically correct, and it is the best way to establish the...

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  • Concepts of Modern Mathematics


    Presents a humorous look at the concepts of 'new math.'

  • Dover Books On Engineering - Finite Elements...

    Zienkiewicz, O C; Morgan, K

    A powerful tool for the approximate solution of differential equations, the finite element is extensively used in industry and research. This book offers students of engineering and physics a comprehensive view of the principles involved, with...

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  • A Treatise On The Differential Calculus...


    Excerpt from A Treatise on the Differential Calculus In the composition of this work, which was commenced in the April of this year, I have derived great assistance from. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and...

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  • Lie Groups, Differential Equations, And...

    Falcone, Giovanni

    This book collects a series of contributions addressing the various contexts in which the theory of Lie groups is applied. A preliminary chapter serves the reader both as a basic reference source and as an ongoing thread that runs through the...

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  • Explorations In Topology - Map Coloring,...

    Gay, David

    Explorations in Topology, Second Edition, provides students a rich experience with low-dimensional topology (map coloring, surfaces, and knots), enhances their geometrical and topological intuition, empowers them with new approaches to solving...

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  • Beyond Infinity - An Expedition To The Outer...

    Cheng, Eugenia

    '[Cheng] does a great service by showing us non-mathematician schlubs how real mathematical creativity works.' --Wall Street JournalHow big is the universe? How many numbers are there? And is infinity + 1 is the same as 1 + infinity? Such questions...

  • A History Of Japanese Mathematics (Classic...

    Smith, David Eugene

    Excerpt from A History of Japanese Mathematics It is only just to mention at this time the generous assistance rendered by Mr. Leslie Leland Locke, one of my graduate students in the history of mathematics, who made in my library the photographs for...

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  • Tensor Methods In Statistics - Second Edition

    McCullagh, Peter

    A pioneering monograph on tensor methods applied to distributional problems arising in statistics, this work begins with the study of multivariate moments and cumulants. An invaluable reference for graduate students and professional statisticians, it...

  • To Infinity And Beyond - A Cultural History...


    To Infinity and Beyond explores the idea of infinity in mathematics and art. Eli Maor examines the role of infinity, as well as its cultural impact on the arts and sciences. He evokes the profound intellectual impact the infinite has exercised on the...

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  • Probability: A Lively Introduction

    Tijms, Henk

    Probability has applications in many areas of modern science, not to mention in our daily life. Its importance as a mathematical discipline cannot be overrated, and it is a fascinating and surprising topic in its own right. This engaging textbook...

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  • Randomization, Masking, And Allocation...

    Berger, Vance

    This book deals with randomization in clinical trials. Currently trials use permuted blocks randomization almost exclusively. Many researchers are aware of the drawbacks to this fatally flawed method, and while many are unaware of any better...

  • Orthogonal Designs - Hadamard Matrices,...

    Seberry, Jennifer

    Orthogonal designs have proved fundamental to constructing code division multiple antenna systems for more efficient mobile communications. Starting with basic theory, this book develops the algebra and combinatorics to create new communications...

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  • Elements Of Mathematics - From Euclid To...

    Stillwell, John

    Elements of Mathematics takes readers on a fascinating tour that begins in elementary mathematics--but, as John Stillwell shows, this subject is not as elementary or straightforward as one might think. Not all topics that are part of today's...

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  • Kollektivmasslehre; Im Auftrage Der Koniglich...

    Fechner, Gustav Theodor

    Excerpt from Kollektivmasslehre; Im Auftrage der Koniglich Sachsischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften, Hrsg: Von Gottl, Friedr, Lipps Bei Ausfullung der Lucken war die Absicht magebend, dem Werke im Sinne seines Verfassers eine solche Vollendung zu...

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  • Mathematical Tapas - Volume 2 (from...

    Hiriart-Urruty, Jean-Baptiste

    This textbook presents a collection of interesting and sometimes original exercises for motivated students in mathematics.Written in the same spirit as Volume 1, this second volume of Mathematical Tapas includes carefully selected problems at the...

  • Liquid Rules - The Delightful And Dangerous...

    Miodownik, Mark

    Sometimes explosive, often delicious, occasionally poisonous, but always interesting: the New York Times best-selling author of Stuff Matters show us the secret lives of liquids: the shadow counterpart of our solid 'stuff.'

  • Essential Real Analysis

    Field, Michael

    This book provides a rigorous introduction to the techniques and results of real analysis, metric spaces and multivariate differentiation, suitable for undergraduate courses.Starting from the very foundations of analysis, it offers a complete first...

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  • Summing It Up - From One Plus One To Modern...

    Ash, Avner

    We use addition on a daily basis--yet how many of us stop to truly consider the enormous and remarkable ramifications of this mathematical activity? Summing It Up uses addition as a springboard to present a fascinating and accessible look at numbers...

  • Systems Science - Methodological Approaches

    Lin, Yi

    By making use of the principles of systems science, the scientific community can explain many complicated matters of the world and shed new light on unsettled problems. Each real science has its own particular methodology for not only qualitative but...

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  • Theory Of Lie Groups

    Chevalley, Claude

    'Chevalley's most important contribution to mathematics is certainly his work on group theory. . . . [Theory of Lie Groups] was the first systematic exposition of the foundations of Lie group theory consistently adopting the global viewpoint, based...

  • Handbook Of Statistical Analysis And Data...

    Nisbet, Robert

    Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, Second Edition, is a comprehensive professional reference book that guides business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers, both academic and industrial, through all stages of...

    sob encomenda
  • Integration And Cubature Methods - A...

    Freeden, Willi

    In industry and economics, the most common solutions of partial differential equations involving multivariate numerical integration over cuboids include techniques of iterated one-dimensional approximate integration. In geosciences, however, the...

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  • The Magic Fishbone


    King Watkins the First is the father of the lovely and kind-hearted Princess Alicia and a tribe of eighteen other darlings. Between their money problems, the queen's illness, and the children's boisterous doings, the king and his eldest daughter are...

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  • Applied Linear Models With SAS

    Zelterman, Daniel

    This textbook for a second course in basic statistics for undergraduates or first-year graduate students introduces linear regression models and describes other linear models including Poisson regression, logistic regression, proportional hazards...

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  • Foundations Of The Theory Of Probability -...

    Kolmogorov, A N

    This famous little book was first published in German in 1933 and in Russian a few years later, setting forth the axiomatic foundations of modern probability theory and cementing the author's reputation as a leading authority in the field. It remains...

  • Allgemeine Lehrsatze In Beziehung Auf Die Im...

    Gauss,Carl Friedrich

    Excerpt from Allgemeine Lehrsatze in Beziehung auf die im Verkehrten Verhaltnisse des Quadrats der Entfernung Wirkenden Anziehungs-und Abstossungs-Krafte: Hrsg, von A Wangerin Wir werden uns in dieser Abhandlung auf die drei ersten Falle oder auf...

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  • Nonlinear Potential Theory Of Degenerate...

    Heinonen, Juha

    A self-contained treatment appropriate for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this text offers a detailed development of the necessary background for its survey of the nonlinear potential theory of superharmonic functions.Starting with...

  • The Public School Euclid And Algebra (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Public School Euclid and Algebra These subjects are taught during only one year of the course, and to pupils, of whom the majority do not have opportunity of proceeding further. Consequently completeness of meat. About the Publisher...

    sob encomenda
  • Die Analytische Zahlentheorie (Classic...


    Excerpt from Die Analytische Zahlentheorie Vorlesungen hat der Verfasser nichts weiter jener Nachschrift entnommen, als einige unwesentlichere Punkte: die Begrundung der Formel (42) auf Seite 32, die Formulirung des Satzes in Nr. 4 des 3. Abschnittes...

    sob encomenda
  • Lehrbuch Der Differential-Und...

    Harnack, Axel

    Excerpt from Lehrbuch der Differential-und Integralrechnung Der Druck des zweiten Teiles soll unmittelbar nach Vollendung des ersten beginnen, so dafs der Band im nachsten Fruhjahr erscheinen wird. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • The Fourier Integral And Its Applications

    Papoulis, Athanasios

    This classic electrical engineering text by a prominent educator is consistently praised not only for its wealth of information but also for a level of detail seldom found in other contemporary books. Frequently cited as a valuable reference for...

  • Statistical Independence In Probability,...

    Kac, Mark

    This concise monograph in probability by a well-known mathematician presumes a familiarity with Lebesgue's theory of measure and integration, the elementary theory of Fourier integrals, and the rudiments of number theory. Readers may then follow Mark...

  • Fractional Calculus With Applications For...

    Ray, Santanu Saha

    Introduces Novel Applications for Solving Neutron Transport Equations While deemed nonessential in the past, fractional calculus is now gaining momentum in the science and engineering community. Various disciplines have discovered that realistic...

    sob encomenda
  • Ten Great Ideas About Chance


    A fascinating account of the breakthrough ideas that transformed probability and statisticsIn the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, gamblers and mathematicians transformed the idea of chance from a mystery into the discipline of probability,...

    sob encomenda
  • Hemomath - The Mathematics Of Blood

    Fasano, Antonio

    This book illustrates applications of mathematics to various processes (physiological or artificial) involving flowing blood, including hemorheology, microcirculation, coagulation, kidney filtration and dialysis, offering a historical overview of...

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  • Modern Engineering Mathematics

    Siddiqi, Abul Hasan

    This book is a compendium of fundamental mathematical concepts, methods, models, and their wide range of applications in diverse fields of engineering. It comprises essentially a comprehensive and contemporary coverage of those areas of mathematics...

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  • Solvability, Regularity, And Optimal Control...

    Colli, Pierluigi

    This volume gathers contributions in the field of partial differential equations, with a focus on mathematical models in phase transitions, complex fluids and thermomechanics. These contributions are dedicated to Professor Gianni Gilardi on the...

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  • A Concrete Approach To Abstract Algebra

    Sawyer, W W

    Brief, clear, and well written, this introductory treatment bridges the gap between traditional and modern algebra. A carefully devised progression from the concrete to the abstract demystifies the subject, offering worked examples and to-the-point...

  • Probability And Random Processes - With...

    Miller, Scott

    Probability and Random Processes, Second Edition presents pertinent applications to signal processing and communications, two areas of key interest to students and professionals in today's booming communications industry. The book includes unique...

    sob encomenda
  • Die Elemente Der Zahlentheorie (Classic...

    Bachmann, Paul

    Excerpt from Die Elemente der Zahlentheorie Unter solchen Umstanden wird es ein willkommenes Unternehmen genannt werden durfen, eine Gesammtdar stellung des heutigen Standes dieser Wissenschaft zu versuchen. Der Verfasser, von jeher...

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