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  • Cálculo Matricial III

    Carreira,Adelaide; Pinto,Gonçalo

    Aplicações O volume I deste texto apresenta, de modo elementar mas, rigoroso, alguns conceitos básicos de cálculo matricial. No volume II pretende-se ajudar o leitor a acompanhar a leitura do volume I, consolidando os conhecimentos de cálculo...

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  • Cálculo Matricial II


    Exemplos e Aplicações O volume I deste texto apresenta, de modo elementar mas, rigoroso, alguns conceitos básicos de cálculo matricial. No volume II pretende-se ajudar o leitor a acompanhar a leitura do volume I, consolidando os conhecimentos de...

  • Dover Books On Engineering - Finite Elements...

    Zienkiewicz, O C; Morgan, K

    A powerful tool for the approximate solution of differential equations, the finite element is extensively used in industry and research. This book offers students of engineering and physics a comprehensive view of the principles involved, with...

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  • Cálculo Matricial I

    Carreira,Adelaide; Pinto,Gonçalo

    Este texto apresenta, de modo elementar mas, rigoroso, alguns conceitos básicos de cálculo matricial. No volume II pretende-se ajudar o leitor a acompanhar a leitura do volume I, consolidando os conhecimentos de cálculo matricial que vão sendo...

  • Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems,...

    Hirsch, Morris W.

    Hirsch, Devaney, and Smale’s classic Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and an Introduction to Chaoshas been used by professors as the primary text for undergraduate and graduate level courses covering differential equations. It provides a...

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  • Matemática Discreta - Combinatória - Teoria...

    Cardoso,Domingos Moreira

    Este livro inclui os tópicos mais importantes em matemática discreta. Contém uma sequência de exemplos escolhidos e acompanhados de resoluções. Eles constituem um caminho com grau de dificuldade crescente, no qual se ilustra o modo de se...

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  • Principia Mathematica

    Whitehead, Alfred North; Russell, Bertrand

    Principia Mathematica

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  • Dover Books On Mathematics - A First Course...

    Chartrand, Gary; Zhang, Ping

    This comprehensive text offers undergraduates a remarkably student-friendly introduction to graph theory. Written by two of the field's most prominent experts, it takes an engaging approach that emphasizes graph theory's history. Unique examples and...

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  • Introduction To Smooth Manifolds

    Lee,John M.

    Introduction To Smooth Manifolds

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  • Fibonacci Numbers

    Vorob'ev, Nikolai Nikolaevich; Sneddon, Ian N

    Fibonacci numbers date back to an 800-year-old problem concerning the number of offspring born in a single year to a pair of rabbits. This book offers the solution and explores the occurrence of Fibonacci numbers in number theory, continued fractions...

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  • Wie Elementary Differential Equations And...

    Boyce,William E.; Diprima,Richard C.

    This revision of the market-leading book maintains its classic strengths: contemporary approach, flexible chapter construction, clear exposition, and outstanding problems. Like its predecessors, this revision is written from the viewpoint of the...

  • Dover Books On Mathematics - The Gamma...

    Artin, Emil

    This brief monograph on the gamma function was designed by the author to fill what he perceived as a gap in the literature of mathematics, which often treated the gamma function in a manner he described as both sketchy and overly complicated. Author...

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  • What Is Mathematics?

    Stewart, Ian; Courant, Richard; Robbins,Herbert

    What Is Mathematics?

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  • Elementary Number Theory, Group Theory, and...

    Davidoff,Giuliana P.; Sarnak,Peter; Valette,Alain

    Elementary Number Theory, Group Theory, and Ramanujan Graphs

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  • The Golden Ratio

    Livio, Mario

    Offers a look at phi, or 'the golden ratio,' discovered by Euclid more than two thousand years ago, examining the meaning of this remarkable mathematical proportion in terms of science, biology, philosophy, and other fields.

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  • Randomness

    Bennett,Deborah J.

    Introduces the concept of chance, and discusses games of chance, odds, randomness, cause and effect, chaos, uncertainty, and probability

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  • The European Mathematical Awakening - A...

    Swetz, Frank J

    A global survey of the history of mathematics, this collection of 32 articles traces the subject from AD 1000 to 1800. Newly corrected and updated essays introduce fascinating studies by Fibonacci, Descartes, Cardano, Galileo, Pascal, Newton, and...

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  • Matemáticas para a Economia

    Naila Hayek; Jean Pierre Leca

    «Saber começar a entender se em matemática» tal é o objectivo principal desta obra. Longe dos debates sem fim sobre a legitimidade da matemática nos cursos de economia, os autores desejam transmitir toda a importância a uma matéria indispensável...

  • Calculus Vol. 1 2nd Edition

    Apostol,Tom M.

    An introduction to the Calculus, with an excellent balance between theory and technique. Integration is treated before differentiation—this is a departure from most modern texts, but it is historically correct, and it is the best way to establish the...

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  • Curso em Analise Matematica

    Rodrigues,Jose Alberto

    Curso em Analise Matematica

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  • Los Primeros Seis Libros de Los Elementos de...


    Rojo, amarillo, azul –y por supuesto negro– son los colores que emplea Oliver Byrne para las figuras y diagramas en su muy poco corriente edición de 1847 de Euclides, publicada por William Pickering e impresa por Chiswick Press, y la cual induce al...

  • Cinco Regras de Ouro

    Casti, John L.

    Cinco Regras de Ouro

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  • Partial Differential Equations for Scientists...

    Farlow, Stanley J.

    Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers

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  • Mathematical Methods In The Physical Sciences...

    Boas,Mary L.

    Now in its third edition, 'Mathematical Concepts in the Physical Sciences' provides a comprehensive introduction to the areas of mathematical physics. It combines all the essential math concepts into one compact, clearly written reference.

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  • Elementary Differential Equations And...

    Diprima, Richard C.

    Written from the perspective of the applied mathematician, the latest edition of this bestselling book focuses on the theory and practical applications of Differential Equations to engineering and the sciences. Emphasis is placed on the methods of...

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  • Game Theory and the Law

    Baird,Douglas G.; Gertner,Robert H.; Picker,Randal C.

    Game Theory and the Law

    sob encomenda
  • Time Series Analysis And Its Applications

    Stoffer,David S.; Shumway,Robert H.

    Time Series Analysis And Its Applications

  • Compreender as Matemáticas

    Claude-Paul Bruter

    Esta obra é um manual muito especial pois procura fazer compreender as fundamentais noções matemáticas que os estudantes aprendem sem saber muito bem o que elas pretendem dizer. Para aquém do formalismo do ensino, esta obra pretende restituir a...

  • Inequalities

    Delgado, Rogelio Valdez; Manfrino, Radmila Bulajich; Ortega, Jose Antonio Gomez


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  • Set Theory And the Continuum Problem


    Set Theory And the Continuum Problem

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  • Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications -...

    Ford, William

    Designed for those who want to gain a practical knowledge of modern computational techniques for the numerical solution of linear algebra problems, 'Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications' contains all the material necessary for a first year...

    sob encomenda
  • Functions And Graphs

    Gelfand,I. M.

    Functions And Graphs

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  • Remedios Naturales Para Aumentar La...

    Buhner, Stephen Harrod

    Como mantener los niveles optimos de testosterona en el hombre mediante el uso de hierbas, suplementos nutricionales y la alimentacion - Revela pruebas cientificas sobre agentes ambientales que bloquean la testosterona y que alteran el funcionamiento...

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  • Differential Games


    Differential Games

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  • Preparar os Testes - Matemática - 9º Ano

    Ana Paula Lima Gandra; Isabel Maria Alves Barril

    Um livro de exercícios que permite ao aluno preparar-se e exercitar as competências necessárias para a avaliação na disciplina de Matemática do 9.º ano de escolaridade, em especial para o Exame Nacional. Inclui:- Resumos teóricos- Exercícios...

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  • Introductory Statistics With R


    Introductory Statistics With R

  • The Universe and the Teacup

    Cole, K. C.

    Explores how mathematics can explain such events as the O.J. Simpson verdict and the errors undermining the infamous 'Bell Curve,' and introduces a little-known woman without whom the theory of relativity never would have worked

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  • Intuitive Probability And Random Processes...

    Kay,Steven M.

    Intuitive Probability And Random Processes Using Matlab

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  • Cálculo Diferencial em Rn - 2ª Edição

    M. Anjos Saraiva; M. Aldina Silva

    Cálculo Diferencial em Rn - 2ª Edição

    sob encomenda
  • Mathematical Methods For Wave Phenomena


    Computer Science and Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Methods for Wave Phenomena focuses on the methods of applied mathematics, including equations, wave fronts, boundary value problems, and scattering problems.The publication initially ponders on...

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  • Dirichlet's Principle, Conformal Mapping, And...

    Courant, Richard

    Mathematical development, the author of this text observes, comes about through specific, easily understood problems that require difficult solutions and demand the use of new methods. Richard Courant employs this instructive approach in a text that...

    sob encomenda
  • Mathematical Methods For Physicists

    Arfken, George; Weber, Hans

    Now in its 7th edition, Mathematical Methods for Physicists continues to provide all the mathematical methods that aspiring scientists and engineers are likely to encounter as students and beginning researchers. This bestselling text provides...

    sob encomenda
  • Exterior Algebras - Elementary Tribute To...


    Exterior Algebras: Elementary Tribute to Grassmann's Ideas provides the theoretical basis for exterior computations. It first addresses the important question of constructing (pseudo)-Euclidian Grassmmann's algebras. Then, it shows how the latter can...

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  • Lectures on Symplectic Geometry

    Da Silva,Ana Cannas; Silva,Ana Cannas Da

    Lectures on Symplectic Geometry

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