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2023 produtos
  • Química Orgânica - Vol. 2 - 4ª Ed. 2006

    Bruice,Paula Yurkanis; Bruice,Paula Yurkanis



    'Química Orgânica' é um livro inovador! De fato, ao derrubar o mito de que o estudo da disciplina requer apenas a memorização de moléculas e reações, ele muda o conceito sobre o aprendizado do assunto, demonstrando que é possível e necessário...

  • Organic Chemistry - 2 Edition

    Clayden,Jonathan; Wothers,Peter; Warren,Stuart; Greeves,Nick; Clayden,Jonathan

    Inspiring and motivating students from the moment it published, Organic Chemistry has established itself in just one edition as the student's choice of an organic chemistry text. The second edition refines and refocuses Organic Chemistry to produce a...

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  • Nomenclatura dos Compostos Orgânicos - 2ª Ed....

    Campos,Luis S.

    Com esta segunda edição do livro Nomenclatura dos Compostos Orgânicos pretendeu-se apenas corrigir algumas gralhas existentes na 1ª edição, nomeadamente ao nível das estruturas quimícas. Agradecemos a todos os professores e alunos que ajudaram a...

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  • Sialic Acids


    Sialic Acids, Volume 75, the latest release in the Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry series provides critical and informative articles written by research specialists that integrate the industrial, analytical and technological...

  • The Wonder Book Of Chemistry (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Wonder Book of Chemistry Thus it is that the followmg chapters will be found to have a human and personal appeal to supplement their scientific interest. May they yield both pleas ure and profit to their readers! About the Publisher...

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  • Quantum Mechanics - An Introduction


    This new introductory textbook gives a complete, modern perspective on quantum mechanics as the basis of so much of physical sciences and today's electronic technologies. It clarifies for the first time many common misconceptions regarding...

  • The Cultural Side Of Innovation - Adding...


    In most discussions about the knowledge-based economy, innovation is associated or even equated with technology, while culture's influence is ignored. Innovation is however embedded in cultural and social contexts, and neglecting these crucial...

  • Capillary Electrophoresis - Methods And...


    This new edition presents principle methods in capillary electrophoresis (CE) separation involving CZE, MEKC, MECC, NACE, and corresponding hyphenated techniques to organic mass spectrometry and ICP-MS. Recent developments in the techniques of single...

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  • Heterogenous Photochemical Electron Transfer


    The present monograph attempts to unify these diverse and exciting new developments within a common framework. First, the physical principles underlying heterogenous electron-transfer processes are outlined in a concise way and are compared to the...

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  • Handbook Of Terpenoids - Volume I:...


    This Handbook, pinpoints salient features of known information about Terpenoids in a readily accessible and readable format. Terpenoids have singularly enriched organic chemistry by its variety of structural types, by its wealth of �unexpected�...

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  • Retarded Diffusion And Rhythmic Precipitation...


    Excerpt from Retarded Diffusion and Rhythmic Precipitation Bradford (10) has recently investigated the effect of the by products of the reactions resulting in the formation of the ring precipitates, and by varying the concentration of the bv-pro duct...

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  • Experimental Science - An Elementary Course...


    Excerpt from Experimental Science: An Elementary Course of Physics and Chemistry Many of the experiments follow the course of instruction in elementary science contained in the physics and chemistry syllabus prepared by a Committee of the...

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  • Plant Flow Measurement And Control Handbook -...


    Plant Flow Measurement and Control Handbook is a comprehensive reference source for practicing engineers in the field of instrumentation and controls. It covers many practical topics, such as installation, maintenance and potential issues, giving an...

  • Forensic Chemistry (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Forensic Chemistry This book was very favourably reviewed, but from the criticisms made it was evident that something more was required and that there was room for a general textbook on the subject of Forensic Chemistry. The present book...

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  • Determination Of Target Xenobiotics And...

    Tuzimski,Tomasz; Sherma,Joseph

    Xenobiotics are chemical compounds foreign to a given biological system. In animals and humans, xenobiotics include drugs, drug metabolites, and environmental pollutants. In the environment, xenobiotics include synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and...

  • The Fundamental Principles Of Chemistry - An...


    Excerpt from The Fundamental Principles of Chemistry: An Introduction to All Text-Books of Chemistry In Chemistry research of this kind has been undertaken only casually and over small portions of the field. Franz Wald is one of the independents who...

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  • Introduction To Adsorption - Basics, Analysis...


    Introduction to Adsorption: Basics, Analyses, and Applications presents adsorption basics that are relevant and essential to its application, including data analysis, interpretation and design calculations. The book deliberately keeps background...

  • Anthocyanins In Fruits, Vegetables, And...


    This text is a comprehensive reference covering the chemistry, physiology, chemotaxonomy, biotechnology and food technology aspects of the anthocyanins. Topics discussed include types of anthocyanins, structural transformations, colour stabilization...

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  • Environmental Toxicology

    Botana,Luis M

    Organic and inorganic chemicals frequently exhibit toxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, or sensitizing properties when getting in contact with the environment. This comprehensive introduction discusses risk assessment and analysis, environmental fate,...

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  • Chemical Product Technology

    Murzin,Dmitry Yu

    Chemical Product Technology focuses on materials chemistry and introduces industrial manufacturing technologies for different product types. The author presents a full cycle of product development for the materials that are used in everyday live,...

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  • The Origin Of Species, Vol. 1 (Classic...


    Excerpt from The Origin of Species, Vol. 1 I much regret that want of space prevents my having the satis faction Oi acknowledging the generous assistance which I have received from very many naturalists, some of them personally unknown to me. I...

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  • Green Composites - Processing,...

    Muthu,Subramanian Senthilkannan

    This book highlights the processing, characterization and applications of various green composites. Composites are known for their unique properties, which are derived by combining two or more components. This yields properties such as greater...

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  • Advances In Organometallic Chemistry

    Perez,Pedro J

    Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 70, contains authoritative review articles of worldwide known researchers in the field of organometallic chemistry. This longstanding serial is known for its comprehensive coverage of topics in...

  • Introduction To Chemistry (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Introduction to Chemistry In this way, the student acquires a certain amount of thorough knowledge, which is more advantageous for future work than a much greater accumulation of half-digested fragments of isolated facts. About the...

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  • The Principles Of Inorganic Chemistry...


    Excerpt from The Principles of Inorganic Chemistry Other Oxygen Compounds of Chlorine, 223. Relations of the Oxygen Compounds of Chlorine, The Combining Weight of Chlorine, 225. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • Physical Properties Of Materials, Third...

    White,Mary Anne

    Designed for advanced undergraduate students and as a useful reference book for materials researchers, Physical Properties of Materials, Third Edition establishes the principles that control the optical, thermal, electronic, magnetic, and mechanical...

  • Transport & Fate Of Chemicals In Soils -...

    Selim,H Magdi

    During the last four decades, tremendous advances have been made towards the understanding of transport characteristics of contaminants in soils, solutes, and tracers in geological media. Transport & Fate of Chemicals in Soils: Principles &...

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  • Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Classic...


    Excerpt from Quantitative Chemical Analysis The publishers have spared neither pains nor expense to make these new illustrations as perfect as possible; I feel called upon to express here my full appreciation of this fact. About the Publisher...

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  • Green Composites - Sustainable Raw Materials

    Muthu,Subramanian Senthilkannan

    This book highlights the production of green composites from various sustainable raw materials. We now live in an environmentally conscious era, in which sustainable raw materials (renewable, biodegradable, recycled), sustainable processing sequences...

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  • Chemical Recreations, Vol. 1 - Compendium Of...

    Griffin,John Joseph

    Excerpt from Chemical Recreations, Vol. 1: Compendium of Experimental Chemistry; Comprising Chemical Manipulation, and Analysis by the Blowpipe I have encountered, and to reach their object by a shorter cut, or royal road, will not be considered by...

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  • Statistical Mechanics For Chemistry And...


    This book covers the broad subject of equilibrium statistical mechanics along with many advanced and modern topics such as nucleation, spinodal decomposition, inherent structures of liquids and liquid crystals. Unlike other books on the market, this...

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  • The Principles Of Inorganic Chemistry...


    Excerpt from The Principles of Inorganic Chemistry The task which hereby presented itself was so to incorporate the new notions and theories of scientific chemistry in the course of instruction that the student would, from the beginning, be made...

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  • Introduction To Forensic Chemistry

    Elkins,Kelly M

    Chemistry/Forensic Science Forensic chemistry is a subdiscipline of forensic science, its principles guide the analyses performed in modern forensic laboratories. Forensic chemistry's roots lie in medico-legal investigation, toxicology and...

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  • Computational Techniques For Multiphase Flows

    Tu,Jiyuan; Yeoh,Guan Heng

    Computational Techniques for Multiphase Flows, Second Edition provides both introductions/theories and a summary of the most popular multiphase flows. It was written with researchers and practical engineers who solve the whole gambit of multiphase...

  • Handbook Of Terpenoids - Volume II


    A compilation of all the known information on terpenoids specifically triterpenoids, is presented in these volumes. The most important available information on a particular compound is discussed, such as its isolation/occurence, available spectral...

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  • Nanoscale Spectroscopy With Applications

    Musa,Sarhan M

    This book introduces the key concepts of nanoscale spectroscopy methods used in nanotechnologies in a manner that is easily digestible for a beginner in the field. It discusses future applications of nanotechnologies in technical industries. It also...

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  • Monodispersed Particles


    Monodispersed Particles, Second Edition, covers all aspects of monodispersed particles, including inorganic and polymer particles and their composites. The book describes their fundamentals, preparation, analyses, and applications, covering both the...

  • Strategies And Tactics In Organic Synthesis


    Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis, Volume 14 provides a forum for investigators to discuss their approach to the science and art of organic synthesis. Rather than a simple presentation of data or a secondhand analysis, this classic provides...

  • Advances In Clinical Chemistry

    Makowski,Gregory S

    Advances in Clinical Chemistry, Volume 87, the latest installment in this internationally acclaimed series, contains chapters authored by world-renowned clinical laboratory scientists, physicians and research scientists. The serial discusses the...

  • The Chemical News And Journal Of Physical...


    Excerpt from The Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, 1865, Vol. 11: With Which Is Incorporated the 'Chemical Gazette'; A Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy, Arts, and Manufactures The statue measures 7 feet...

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  • Introduction To Polymer Rheology And...

    Cheremisinoff,Nicholas P

    An Introduction to Polymer Rheology and Processing is a practical desk reference providing an overview of operating principles, data interpretation, and qualitative explanation of the importance and relationship of rheology to polymer processing...

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  • Crc Handbook of Chemistry And Physics

    Lide,David R.

    Provides chemical and physical data

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  • Atkins' Physical Chemistry 11E - Volume 1


    Atkins' Physical Chemistry is widely acknowledged by both students and lecturers around the globe to be the textbook of choice for studying physical chemistry. Now in its eleventh edition, the text has been enhanced with additional learning features...

  • Quimica de Los Alimentos

    Fennema,Owen R.; Damodaran,Srinivasan; Damodaran,Srinivasan; Parkin, Kirk L.; Parkin L.,Kirk

    Índice de contenido: 1. Introducción a la química de los alimentos - I. Principales componentes de los alimentos - 2. Agua y hielo - 3. Carbohidratos - 4. Lípidos - 5. Aminoácidos, péptidos y proteínas - 6. Enzimas - II. Componentes menores de los...

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