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1937 produtos
  • Química Orgânica - Vol. 1 - 4ª Ed. 2006

    Bruice,Paula Yurkanis



    'Química Orgânica' é um livro inovador! De fato, ao derrubar o mito de que o estudo da disciplina requer apenas a memorização de moléculas e reações, ele muda o conceito sobre o aprendizado do assunto, demonstrando que é possível e necessário...

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  • Organic Chemistry - 2 Edition

    Clayden, Jonathan; Wothers,Peter; Warren,Stuart; Greeves,Nick; Clayden,Jonathan

    Inspiring and motivating students from the moment it published, Organic Chemistry has established itself in just one edition as the student's choice of an organic chemistry text. The second edition refines and refocuses Organic Chemistry to produce a...

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  • Crc Handbook of Chemistry And Physics

    Lide,David R.

    Provides chemical and physical data

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  • The Merck Index


    The Merck Index is the definitive reference work for scientists and professionals looking for authoritative information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals. It has been the leading source of information on chemical compounds for generations of...

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  • Ionic Equilibrium: Solubility And Ph...


    A celebrated classic in the field updated and expanded to include the latest computerized calculation techniquesIn 1964, James N. Butler published a book in which he presented some simple graphical methods of performing acid-base, solubility, and...

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  • Physical Chemistry - Thermodynamics,...


    This loose-leaf, three-hole punched version of the textbook gives students the flexibility to take only what they need to class and add their own notes--all at an affordable price. For courses in Thermodynamics. A visual, conceptual and...

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  • Determination Of Manganese As Sulphate And By...

    Blum, William

    Excerpt from Determination of Manganese as Sulphate and by the Sodium Bismuthate Method Of various methods considered, the bismuthate appeared most promising, and has been found to entirely fulfill the above require ments. In this method the...

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  • Notes On The Chemical Lectures For...


    Excerpt from Notes on the Chemical Lectures for Second-Year Students in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania A radical is a chemical combination of two or more ele ments capable of playing the part of an elementary form of matter....

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  • Química Orgânica - Vol. 2 - 4ª Ed. 2006

    Bruice,Paula Yurkanis



    'Química Orgânica' é um livro inovador! De fato, ao derrubar o mito de que o estudo da disciplina requer apenas a memorização de moléculas e reações, ele muda o conceito sobre o aprendizado do assunto, demonstrando que é possível e necessário...

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  • The Making Of The Atomic Bomb - 25th...


    TWENTY-FIVE YEARS after its initial publication, The Making of the Atomic Bomb remains the seminal and complete story of how the bomb was developed, from the turn-of-the-century discovery of the vast energy locked inside the atom to the dropping of...

  • Physical Chemistry

    McQuarrie,Donald A.; Simon,John D.

    Physical Chemistry

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  • Lab-on-a-chip

    "oosterbroek,Edwin; Van Den Berg, A."

    In the past ten years there has been a rapid growth of the research and application area known as Lab-on-a-Chip. After an initial focus on electrokinetic separation techniques on chip, the scope of the field has widened to include topics like...

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  • Entender a Bioquímica - 5ª Ed.

    Campos,Luis S.



    Entender a Bioquímica - 5ª Ed.

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  • Fundamentos de Quimica Analitica - Tomo 2 /...


    Fundamentos de Quimica Analitica - Tomo 2 / 4ª Edicion

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  • Química e a Reologia no Processamento dos...

    A. Gomes de Castro

    Esta obra destinase não só aos estudantes que frequentam licenciaturas no âmbito da Ciência dos Alimentos mas também a todos quantos, na nossa indústria e nos nossos laboratórios de investigação, se preocupam com as transformações químicas e físicas...

  • Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic...


    Medicinal Natural Products: A Biosynthetic Approach, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive and balanced introduction to natural products from a biosynthetic perspective, focussing on the metabolic sequences leading to various classes of natural...

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  • Introdução À Nomenclatura Dos Compostos...


    O livro Introdução à Nomenclatura dos Compostos Orgânicos é uma actualização do livro homónimo, do mesmo autor, publicado anteriormente pela Universidade de Aveiro.Nesta nova edição fez-se a adaptação das regras de nomenclatura às recomendações...

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  • Modern Quantum Chemistry

    Szabo,Attila; Ostlund,Neil S.

    Modern Quantum Chemistry

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  • Handbook of Physical-chemical Properties And...

    Ma,Kuo Ching; Shiu,Wan Ying; MacKay,Donald; Lee,Sum Chi

    Handbook of Physical-chemical Properties And Environmental Fate For Organic Chemicals

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  • Organic Chemistry Concepts And Applications...

    Rice,Joseph E

    Organic Chemistry Concepts and Applications for Medicinal Chemistry provides a valuable refresher for understanding the relationship between chemical bonding and those molecular properties that help to determine medicinal activity. This book explores...

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  • Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set for General...

    Prentice Hall (COR)

    Prentice Hall Molecular Model Set for General and Organic Chemistry

  • Solid State Chemistry And Its Applications

    West,Anthony R

    Solid State Chemistry and its Applications, 2nd Edition: Student Edition is an extensive update and sequel to the bestselling textbook Basic Solid State Chemistry, the classic text for undergraduate teaching in solid state chemistry worldwide. Solid...

    sob encomenda
  • Burger's Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery...

    Abraham; Abraham,Donald J; Rotella,David P

    Now in its seventh edition, 'Burger's Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery and Development' provides an established, recognized, authoritative and comprehensive source on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development. This flagship reference...

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  • A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of...


    A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing

    sob encomenda
  • Fundamentals Of Environmental And...

    Manahan,Stanley E

    Fundamentals of Environmental and Toxicological Chemistry: Sustainable Science, Fourth Edition covers university-level environmental chemistry, with toxicological chemistry integrated throughout the book. This new edition of a bestseller provides an...

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  • Elementary Chemical Thermodynamics

    Mahan,Bruce H.

    Elementary Chemical Thermodynamics

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  • Easy Chemistry Step-By-Step


    You've come to the right place for the solution to learning chemistry quickly and easily! Easy Chemistry Step-by-Step is based on the idea that the quickest route to learning this subject is building a solid foundation in the basics. You won't find a...

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  • Chemistry, Inorganic And Organic - With...

    Bloxam,Charles Loudon

    Excerpt from Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic: With Experiments and a Comparison of Equivalent and Molecular Formulae When the atomic or molecular system of notation affords a clearer explanation, I have endeavoured to give the student the benefit of...

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  • Mitpress Essential Knowledge - Sustainability

    Portney,Kent E

    A concise and accessible examination of sustainability in a range of contemporary contexts, from economic development to government policy.The word 'sustainability' has been connected to everything from a certain kind of economic development to...

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  • Preparação para o Exame Nacional 2008 -...

    Correa,Carlos; Maria Elisa Arieiro; Fernando Pires Basto; Noémia Almeida

    Esta colecção foi especialmente desenvolvida para os alunos que se encontram em fase de preparação para os Exames Nacionais.Com o intuito de preparar o aluno para o Exame Nacional de Física e Química A - 11.º ou 12.º (ano 2), este livro constitui um...

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  • Foundations Of The Molecular Theory (Classic...

    Dalton, John

    Excerpt from Foundations of the Molecular Theory It has not been thought necessary to reprint the letter of Ampere to Berthollet (annales de Chimie, 90, 43-86, since that paper contains no advance on the views of Avogadro published three years...

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  • Chemistry - A Guided Inquiry

    Moog,Richard S; Farrell,John J

    Chemistry: A Guided Approach 6th Edition follows the underlying principles developed by years of research on how readers learn and draws on testing by those using the POGIL methodology. This text follows inquiry based learning and correspondingly...

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  • Handbook Of Chemical Engineering Calculations

    Hicks,Tyler; Chopey,Nicholas

    Solve chemical engineering problems quickly and accurately Fully revised throughout with new procedures, Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations, Fourth Edition shows how to solve the main process-related problems that often arise in chemical...

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  • The Fourth Dimension: Toward A Geometry Of...

    Rucker, Rudy

    This is the definitive popular exploration of what the fourth dimension means, both physically and spiritually. Mathematician and science-fiction novelist Rudy Rucker takes readers on a guided tour of a higher reality that explores what the fourth...

    sob encomenda
  • Sax's Dangerous Properties Of Industrial...

    Lewis,Richard J

    Since its publication in the 1950s, this important resource is considered the bible by those who need to evaluate the potential hazard of substances used in commerce. Now in its twelfth edition, 'Sax's Dangerous Properties' provides extensive data on...

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  • Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry...


    Handbook of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry - Principles and Practice - vol. 1

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  • Dover Books On Chemistry - Group Theory And...

    CHEMISTRY; Bishop, David M

    Group theoretical principles are an integral part of modern chemistry. Not only do they help account for a wide variety of chemical phenomena, they simplify quantum chemical calculations. Indeed, knowledge of their application to chemical problems is...

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  • Advances In Heterocyclic Chemistry - 107 -...

    Katritzky,Alan R

    Established in 1960, Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry is the definitive serial in the area--one of great importance to organic chemists, polymer chemists and many biological scientists. Written by established authorities in the field, the...

    sob encomenda
  • Handbook Of Computational Quantum Chemistry


    Handbook Of Computational Quantum Chemistry

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  • Distilling Knowledge

    Moran,Bruce T.

    In this examination of the ways in which alchemy and chemistry were studied and practiced between 1400 and 1700, the author looks to determine what alchemists were doing in the context of early modern science.

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  • Dover Books On Chemistry And Earth Sciences

    Whitmore, Frank C

    A rich source of chemical facts, theories, and processes, this two-volume series treats the entire subject of organic chemistry. It has served for decades as a reference for chemists in industry and education as well as a classroom text for students...

    sob encomenda
  • Introductory Chemistry

    Zumdahl,Steven S.

    Introductory Chemistry

    sob encomenda
  • Principles Of Chemical Engineering Processes...

    Ghasem,Nayef; Henda,Redhouane

    Principles of Chemical Engineering Processes: Material and Energy Balances introduces the basic principles and calculation techniques used in the field of chemical engineering, providing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the application of...

    sob encomenda
  • Design Of Nanostructures For Versatile...

    Grumezescu,Alexandru Mihai

    Design of Nanostructures for Versatile Therapeutic Applications focuses on antimicrobial, antioxidant and nutraceutical applications of nanostructured materials. Many books discuss these subjects, but not from a pharmaceutical point-of-view. This...

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