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  • Da Alma - de Anima - Col. Clássicos Edipro


    (Psykhe) – Alma – é, para Aristóteles, o princípio vital de todo ser vivo, animal ou planta, ou, em outros termos, o princípio que anima os corpos dos seres vivos. Portanto, a análise contida neste tratado não é de fundo religioso, mas de fundo...

  • Huis Clos Suivi de Les Mouches

    Sartre, Jean Paul

    Huis Clos Suivi de Les Mouches

  • Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes

    Kant, Immanuel

    'A Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes' data de 1785 e antecipa-se à Crítica da Razão (1788), abordando com profundidade o problema do imperativo moral, irredutível a qualquer outro fundamento anterior.

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  • A Sociedade de Consumo - 3ª Ed.


    A presente obra de Jean Baudrillard constitui uma das principais contribuições para a sociologia contemporânea, e é hoje uma obra consagrada internacionalmente. Nela procede o autor a uma análise profunda e estimulante daquilo que constitui um dos...

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  • Indagacion Del Bien


    Indagacion Del Bien

  • Utopia


    16th-century classic by brilliant humanist, churchman and scholar envisioned a patriarchal island kingdom that practiced religious tolerance, in which everybody worked, all goods were community-owned, and violence, bloodshed and vice were...

  • A Sujeição das Mulheres

    Mill,John Stuart

    Stuart Mill considerava que a subjugação de um sexo ao outro era errada em si mesma e constituía um dos principais obstáculos ao progresso humano. O sistema social, no que aos direitos da mulher dizia respeito, era a continuidade da escravatura...

  • The Crime Book


    From Jack the Ripper to the modern day drug cartels, discoverthe most notorious crimes and criminals in history.With a foreword by bestselling crime author Peter James, The Crime Book explores over 100 crimes and examines the science, psychology...

  • Radical Honesty


    Radical Honesty

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  • Godel, Escher, Bach

    Hofstadter,Douglas R.

    A scientist and mathematician explores the mystery and complexity of human thought processes from an interdisciplinary point of view

  • Insignificancia Y La Imaginacion, La


    Insignificancia Y La Imaginacion, La

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  • C. S. Lewis


    The definitive exploration of C.S. Lewis's philosophical thought, and its connection with his theological and literary work Arguably one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, C.S. Lewis is widely hailed as a literary giant, his...

  • Virtue of Selfishness


    Virtue of Selfishness

  • The Way of Zen


    The Way of Zen

  • Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La


    Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La

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  • Arte De La Guerra

    Maquiavelo, Nicolas

    Arte De La Guerra

  • Bentham

    Mill,John Stuart

    Publicada originalmente en la 'London and Westminster Review' seis años después de la muerte de Jeremy Bentham. esta monografía es. de todos los ejercicios que John Stuart Mill dedicó a fijar adecuadamente el alcance y los límites del benthamismo. el...

  • Introdução a Metafísica

    Martin Heidegger

    A questão fundamental é: porquê o ser e não antes o nada? É a mais originária e a mais profunda das questões. E também: qual é o fundamento do ser? Qual a existência desse fundamento? A resposta àquela interrogação não deve realçar o ente particular....

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  • The Human - Bare Life And Ways Of Life

    Lechte, John

    Why is it important to consider the human today? Exploring this question John Lechte takes inspiration from the interplay of two of Giorgio Agamben's concepts: 'ways of life' and 'bare life'.Stateless people, those who do not have a political...

  • The Cambridge Handbook Of The Just War

    May, Larry

    What makes a war just? What makes a specific weapon, strategy, or decision in war just? The tradition of Just War Theory has provided answers to these questions since at least 400 AD, yet each shift in the weapons and strategies of war poses...

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  • Departures


    In this study, the author shows new entry points to the dialogue between Kant and Heidegger. Schalow takes up the question: 'Why should a philosopher like Kant, for whom language seemed to be almost inconsequential, become the crucial counter point...

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  • On The Philosophy Of The Mind (Classic...

    Douglas, James

    Excerpt from On the Philosophy of the Mind This of itself were difficulty enough, but a new Oh stacle arises: the mind can exert but one act at a time. When we think of any one thing, we are forced to quit our former thought; by the very act of...

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  • Grundlage Der Gesammten Wissenschaftslehre -...


    Excerpt from Grundlage der Gesammten Wissenschaftslehre: Als Handschrift fur Seine Zuhorer Fich zum Range einer evident - en Wifl'enf'chaft er heben mufs. Ich kundigte dies f) befeheiden an, legte dar, wie ich nach diefer Idee gear beitet haben wurde...

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  • Nietzsche's Search For Philosophy - On The...

    Ansell-Pearson, Keith

    In Nietzsche's Search for Philosophy: On the Middle Writings Keith Ansell-Pearson makes a novel and thought-provoking contribution to our appreciation of Nietzsche's neglected middle writings. These are the texts Human, all too Human (1878-80), Dawn...

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  • Lectures On Paley - Or, The Principles Of...


    Excerpt from Lectures on Paley: Or, the Principles of Morality; Designed for the Use of Students in the University The Civil Law is also imperfect, because there are many duties which it cannot define: Ex. In paying a debt twice, for a person by the...

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  • Doctrine And Doxography

    Obbink, Dirk; Sider, David

    This volume contains the proceedings of a conference on the Presocratic philosophers Pythagoras and Heraclitus. Investigated by a team of international scholars are key problems in doxography, Pythagorean Communities, logos, harmony, psychology, flux...

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  • Zone Morality

    Weissman, David

    Zone Morality describes systems - families and businesses - created by the causal reciprocities of their members. These relations embody the duties and permissions of a system's moral code. We move easily among core systems, though interests and...

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  • Immanuel Kant's Logik - Ein Handbuch Zu...

    Kant, Immanuel

    Excerpt from Immanuel Kant's Logik: Ein Handbuch zu Vorlesungen Begriff der Logik Eintheilung, Nutzen, Geschichte der Logik Begriff der Philosophie uberhaupt Kurzer Abriss einer Geschichte der Philosophie Erkenntnise uberhaupt u. S. W. Besondere...

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  • Developmental States

    Haggard, Stephan

    The concept of the developmental state emerged to explain the rapid growth of a number of countries in East Asia in the postwar period. Yet the developmental state literature also offered a theoretical approach to growth that was heterodox with...

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  • Le Systeme Du Monde Moral (Classic Reprint)

    Lambert, Charles

    Excerpt from Le Systeme du Monde Moral La vus, sous ses aspects divers, - que ce soit individu ou l'espece que l'on considere, presente toujours a l'observation le meme phenomene, a savoir une serie de transformations successives. About the Publisher...

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  • Plantinga's 'Warranted Christian Belief'

    Schonecker, Dieter

    Alvin Plantinga's Warranted Christian Belief has very quickly become one of the most influential books in philosophy of religion. In this collection of essays, German philosophers, theologians and a mathematician deal critically with several aspects...

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  • Innere Freiheit

    Nagl-Docekal, Herta

    Die nachmetaphysische Sozialphilosophie ist von einer kontraktualistischen Verkurzung der Moral gepragt. Was dadurch ausgeblendet wird, bringt der Band im Rekurs auf Kant und Hegel ans Licht: die Pflicht zur Kultivierung des Zuhorens und eine Idee...

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  • The Science Of Knowledge (Classic Reprint)

    Fichte, Johann Gottlieb

    Excerpt from The Science of Knowledge The object and general conception of the work, herewith submitted to the American public, is to/ clearly set forth in the Introduction which precedes it to require any additional explanation from me. Suffice it...

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  • Certamen Literatio En Conmemoracion Del...

    Bazan, Emilia Pardo

    Excerpt from Certamen Literatio en Conmemoracion del Segundo Centenario del Nacimiento de Fray Benito Habiendose dado cuenta de este prologo a la Comision general del Centenario, en sesion del 19' de Setiembre d01877, fue aprobado por la mayoria de...

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  • The Complete Works Of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume...

    Hudis, Peter; Luxemburg, Rosa

    Rosa Luxemburg's theoretical masterpieceThis collection is the first of three volumes of the Complete Works devoted to the central theme of Rosa Luxemburg's life and work--revolution. Spanning the years 1897 to the end of 1905, they contain speeches,...

  • Die Leibniz'sche Religionsphilosophie In...

    Hoffmann, Heinrich

    Excerpt from Die Leibniz'sche Religionsphilosophie in Ihrer Geschichtlichen Stellung Deshalb hatte fur ihn die Stellung eines deutschen Professors, die man ihm in Altdorf anbot, nichts Verlockendes. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes...

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  • La Logique Des Sciences Morales (Logique,...

    Mill, John Stuart

    Excerpt from La Logique des Sciences Morales (Logique, Livre Vi): Traduction Nouvelle, Avec Notice Biographique, Preface Et Notes Stuart Mill avait la foi du XVIII s1ecle dans la puis sance de l'education et la plasticite de l'etre humain; il en...

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  • Self, World, And Art

    Emundts, Dina

    Is self-consciousness a condition of possibility for knowledge? Does Kant's theory of self-consciousness commit us to transcendental idealism? How convincing is Kant's theory of self-consciousness? How should we understand transcendental idealism?...

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  • Melanchthons Lehre Von Der Bekehrung (Classic...

    Fischer, Ernst

    Excerpt from Melanchthons Lehre von der Bekehrung Die Eigenart der reformatorischen Behandlung dieses Problems ganz im allgemeinen besteht nun wohl zugestan denermassen in dem d0ppelten' dass die Bekehrung als etwas lediglich Gottgewirktes, lediglich...

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  • Hegels Handschriftliche Zusatze Zu Seiner...

    Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich

    Excerpt from Hegels Handschriftliche Zusatze zu Seiner Rechtsphilosophie, Vol. 3: Eine Schulerarbeit und Zwei Bisher Ungedruckte Briefe Hegels Was das Heft sonst an Beitragen zum Lebens und Charakter bilde Hegels bringt, erreicht naturlich diese...

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  • Die Entwicklung Der Deutschen Speculation...


    Excerpt from Die Entwicklung der Deutschen Speculation Seit Kant, Vol. 1 Empirismus und Idealismus auf kritischer Basis. (5. 17 5 Uebergung. 5. 18 - 20. Reinhold und sem Einfluss. 5. 21. Reinhold's Gegner. Aeuesidemus. Maimon. Bock. About the...

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  • Oeuvres Philosophiques De Locke, Vol. 6 - De...


    Excerpt from Oeuvres Philosophiques de Locke, Vol. 6: De l'Entendement Humain, Tome V Ensuite il est evident que tout etre qui tire son existence et son commencement d'un autre doit aussi tenir d'un autre tout ce qu'il a et tout ce qui lui...

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  • Tusculanarum Disputationum Libri Quinque,...

    Cicero, Marcus Tullius

    Excerpt from Tusculanarum Disputationum Libri Quinque, Vol. 2: A Revised d104 With Introduction and Commentary and a Collation of Numerous Mss., Containing Books III-V To the list (vol. I, p. Ix) Of editions consulted should be added for this volume...

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  • Dialogical Thought And Identity


    In discussion with M. Buber, F. Rosenzweig, A.J. Heschel, F. Fischer and E. Levinas, Ephraim Meir outlines a novel conception of a selfhood that is grounded in dialogical thought. He focuses on the shaping of identity in present day societies and...

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