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  • Da Alma - de Anima - Col. Clássicos Edipro


    (Psykhe) – Alma – é, para Aristóteles, o princípio vital de todo ser vivo, animal ou planta, ou, em outros termos, o princípio que anima os corpos dos seres vivos. Portanto, a análise contida neste tratado não é de fundo religioso, mas de fundo...

  • Enchiridion


    Although he was born into slavery and endured a permanent physical disability, Epictetus (ca. 50-ca. 130 AD) maintained that all people are free to control their lives and to live in harmony with nature. We will always be happy, he argued, if we...

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  • The Crime Book


    From Jack the Ripper to the modern day drug cartels, discoverthe most notorious crimes and criminals in history.With a foreword by bestselling crime author Peter James, The Crime Book explores over 100 crimes and examines the science, psychology...

  • Indagacion Del Bien


    Indagacion Del Bien

  • Los Posesos


    Los Posesos

  • The Way of Zen


    The Way of Zen

  • Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes

    Kant, Immanuel

    'A Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes' data de 1785 e antecipa-se à Crítica da Razão (1788), abordando com profundidade o problema do imperativo moral, irredutível a qualquer outro fundamento anterior.

  • Godel, Escher, Bach

    Hofstadter,Douglas R.

    A scientist and mathematician explores the mystery and complexity of human thought processes from an interdisciplinary point of view

  • The Myth of Sisyphus - Col. Penguin Great...


    Inspired by the myth of a man condemned to ceaselessly push a rock up a mountain and watch it roll back to the valley below, The Myth of Sisyphus transformed twentieth-century philosophy with its impassioned argument for the value of life in a world...

  • Arte e Prudência Em João Poinsot (João de São...

    Santo,José Rafael Espírito

    «João Poinsot, mais conhecido como João de São Tomás, é um dos expoentes portugueses da filosofia e teologia do século XVII. Neste trabalho faz-se a tradução e análise do que escreveu sobre arte e prudência. Ética, estética e técnica são abordadas de...

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  • Utilitarismo

    Mill,John Stuart

    Procurando desfazer os inúmeros equívocos que dificultam a compreensão do utilitarismo, esta é a apresentação clássica daquela doutrina, que se tornou a mais importante ideia moral e política do séc. XIX e ajudou a dar rosto à estrutura das...

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  • Virtue of Selfishness


    Virtue of Selfishness

  • Utopia


    16th-century classic by brilliant humanist, churchman and scholar envisioned a patriarchal island kingdom that practiced religious tolerance, in which everybody worked, all goods were community-owned, and violence, bloodshed and vice were...

  • Bentham

    Mill,John Stuart

    Publicada originalmente en la 'London and Westminster Review' seis años después de la muerte de Jeremy Bentham. esta monografía es. de todos los ejercicios que John Stuart Mill dedicó a fijar adecuadamente el alcance y los límites del benthamismo. el...

  • Metáforas De La Vida Cotidiana

    Johnson,Mark; Lakoff

    Las metáforas impregnan nuestra lengua hasta el extremo de que la familiaridad con ellas impide con frecuencia que sean percibidas como tales. En nuestra cultura, por ejemplo, es muy poderosa la metáfora LA DISCUSIÓN ES UNA GUERRA. Decimos de alguien...

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  • A Sociedade de Consumo - 3ª Ed.


    A presente obra de Jean Baudrillard constitui uma das principais contribuições para a sociologia contemporânea, e é hoje uma obra consagrada internacionalmente. Nela procede o autor a uma análise profunda e estimulante daquilo que constitui um dos...

  • The Grasshopper, Third Edition

    Hurka,Thomas (int); Suits,Bernard

    In the mid twentieth century the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein famously asserted that games are indefinable; there are no common threads that link them all. 'Nonsense,' said the sensible Bernard Suits: 'playing a game is a voluntary attempt to...

  • A Sujeição das Mulheres

    Mill,John Stuart

    Stuart Mill considerava que a subjugação de um sexo ao outro era errada em si mesma e constituía um dos principais obstáculos ao progresso humano. O sistema social, no que aos direitos da mulher dizia respeito, era a continuidade da escravatura...

  • Introdução À Teoria do Conhecimento


    A teoria do conhecimento (ou epistemologia) é, juntamente com a metafísica, uma das disciplinas centrais da filosofia, a ela se dedicando muitos dos mais importantes filósofos de todos os tempos, como Platão, Descartes, Locke, Hume, Kant, Russell e...

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  • The Religion Of Tomorrow - A Vision For The...


    A provocative examination of how the great religious traditions can remain relevant in modern times by incorporating scientific truths learned about human nature over the last century. A single purpose lies at the heart of all the great religious...

  • The End Of Progress - Decolonizing The...

    Allen, Amy

    While post- and decolonial theorists have thoroughly debunked the idea of historical progress as a Eurocentric, imperialist, and neocolonialist fallacy, many of the most prominent contemporary thinkers associated with the Frankfurt School--Jurgen...

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  • Genuine Pretending - On The Philosophy Of The...


    Genuine Pretending is an innovative and comprehensive new reading of the Zhuangzi that highlights the critical and therapeutic functions of satire and humor. Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D'Ambrosio show how this Daoist classic, contrary to...

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  • The Communism Of Theory


    One of the notable trends within contemporary critical theory is the re-emergence of communism as a political proposition during a time of global financial crisis. This takes the form of explicit attempts to reformulate a communist project (Badiou),...

  • Princeton Review (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Princeton Review Mr. Searles V. Wood, in an able summary of the possible causes of the succession of cold and warm climates in the north ern hemisphere, enumerates no fewer than seven theories which have met with more or less acceptance,...

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  • Dying For Ideas - The Dangerous Lives Of The...


    What do Socrates, Hypatia, Giordano Bruno, Thomas More, and Jan Patocka have in common? First, they were all faced one day with the most difficult of choices: stay faithful to your ideas and die or renounce them and stay alive. Second, they all chose...

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  • Gesammelte Schriftes, Vol. 3 - 1799-1818;...

    Humboldt,Wilhelm Von

    Excerpt from Gesammelte Schriftes, Vol. 3: 1799-1818; Erste Abteilung Plus ces rapports de la langue avec les idees sont fins et imperceptibles, plus cette difficulte devient grande, et elle ne l'est peut - etre nulle part autant que dans les poetes...

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  • Our Public Life (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Our Public Life The book is small. This is one of its main virtues and one of its most serious defects. The reader will not take long to find out what it attempts and how. But he will encounter few concrete illustrations and little...

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  • Aristoteles Lehre Vom Ursprung Des...


    Excerpt from Aristoteles Lehre vom Ursprung des Menschlichen Geistes Auch in dem ersten Teile wurden einige Anderungen notwendig befunden, welche die fruhere Darstellung berich tigen. Es geschah dies allerdings nur in untergeordneten Punkten, durfte...

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  • Recognition Or Disagreement - A Critical...

    Honneth, Axel

    Axel Honneth is best known for his critique of modern society centered on a concept of recognition. Jacques Ranciere has advanced an influential theory of modern politics based on disagreement. Underpinning their thought is a concern for the logics...

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  • Geschichte Des Monismus Im Altertum (Classic...


    Excerpt from Geschichte des Monismus im Altertum Alles menschliche Denken bewegt sich in den Gegensatzen von Analyse und Synthese. Es zerlegt einen gegebenen Bewutseinsinhalt, eine Wahrneh mung oder einen Begriff, in die in ihm enthaltenen...

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  • On Self-Harm, Narcissism, Atonement And The...

    Hollingworth,Miles; Meconi,David Vincent

    The Reading Augustine series presents concise, personal readings of St. Augustine of Hippo from leading philosophers and religious scholars. On Self-Harm, Narcissism, Atonement and the Vulnerable Christ explores St. Augustine of Hippo's understanding...

  • Birth Of A New Earth - The Radical Politics...

    Parr, Adrian

    In response to unprecedented environmental degradation, activists and popular movements have risen up to fight the crisis of climate change and the ongoing devastation of the earth. The environmental movement has undeniably influenced even its...

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  • In Vino Veritas


    Para SÖREN KIERKEGAARD hay tres modos de concebir la vida y de realizar la propia existencia entre los que el hombre puede elegir: el “estadio estético”. que persigue el goce sensual y vive atrapado en la inmediatez del momento; el “estadio ético”....

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  • Of Reality - The Purposes Of Philosophy


    We think it is wise to accept reality, rather than fight for something that does not exist or might never be. But in Of Reality, Gianni Vattimo condemns this complacency, with its implicit support of the status quo. Instead he urges us to never stop...

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  • British Philosophy In The Seventeenth Century


    Sarah Hutton presents a rich historical study of one of the most fertile periods in modern philosophy. It was in the seventeenth century that Britain's first philosophers of international stature and lasting influence emerged. Its most famous names,...

  • De La Justice Dans La Revolution Et Dans...


    Excerpt from De la Justice dans la Revolution Et dans l'Eglise, Vol. 3: Nouveaux Principes de Philosophie Pratique Adresses a Son Eminence Monseigneur Mathieu, Cardinal-Archeveque de Besancon L'idee que je me prepose de developper dans cette Etude...

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  • Left-Wing Melancholia - Marxism, History, And...


    The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War but also the rise of a melancholic vision of history as a series of losses. For the political left, the cause lost was communism, and this trauma determined how leftists wrote the next...

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  • Propositions


    Propositions has two main goals. The first is to show that there are propositions. The second is to defend an account of their nature. While pursuing these goals, Trenton Merricks draws a variety of controversial conclusions about related issues,...

  • Life In Nature (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Life in Nature It is just in this way we feel when we are relue tant to admit evidence which tends to demonstrate an identity between the organic world (that is, of plants and animals) and the rest of nature. When argu ments of this kind...

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  • British Ethical Theorists From Sidgwick To...


    Thomas Hurka presents the first full historical study of an important strand in the development of modern moral philosophy. His subject is a series of British ethical theorists from the late nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, who shared...

  • Horae Sabbaticae - Reprint Of Articles...

    Stephen,James Fitzjames

    Excerpt from Horae Sabbaticae: Reprint of Articles Contributed to the Saturday Review Now dominion and liberty are mutually exclusive, and, as. Rights are no more than ascertained and definite branches of liberty, it follows that they are constituted...

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  • Sibling Action - The Genealogical Structure...


    The sibling stands out as a ubiquitous--yet unacknowledged--conceptual touchstone across the European long nineteenth century. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, Europeans embarked on a new way of classifying the world, devising genealogies...

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  • On Spinozistic Immortality (Classic Reprint)

    Fullerton,George Stuart

    Excerpt from On Spinozistic Immortality In this monograph I have endeavored to set forth as clearly as possible Spinoza's doctrine of existences and essences and of the passage of the soul from the world of perishable things to that of things...

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  • Die Prinzipien Der Mechanischen Naturlehre -...


    Excerpt from Die Prinzipien der Mechanischen Naturlehre: Ein Kapitel aus Einer Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Von diesem Gesichtspunkt aus mochte ich namentlich die beiden Abschnitte uber das Kausalgesetz und uber den Satz vom zureichenden...

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