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  • Da Alma - de Anima - Col. Clássicos Edipro


    (Psykhe) – Alma – é, para Aristóteles, o princípio vital de todo ser vivo, animal ou planta, ou, em outros termos, o princípio que anima os corpos dos seres vivos. Portanto, a análise contida neste tratado não é de fundo religioso, mas de fundo...

  • Dear Ijeawele, Or A Feminist Manifesto In...

    Adichie,Chimamanda Ngozi

    From the best-selling author of Americanah and We Should All Be Feminists comes a powerful new statement about feminism today – written as a letter to a friend.I have some suggestions for how to raise Chizalum. But remember that you might do all the...

  • Monstros


    «Neste fim de século, os monstros proliferam: vemo-los por todos os lados, no cinema, na banda-desenhada, em gadgets e brinquedos, livros e exposições de pintura, no teatro e na dança. Invadem o planeta, tornando-se familiares. Cessarão, muito em...

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  • A Sociedade de Consumo - 3ª Ed.


    A presente obra de Jean Baudrillard constitui uma das principais contribuições para a sociologia contemporânea, e é hoje uma obra consagrada internacionalmente. Nela procede o autor a uma análise profunda e estimulante daquilo que constitui um dos...

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  • Indagacion Del Bien


    Indagacion Del Bien

  • Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes

    Kant, Immanuel

    'A Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes' data de 1785 e antecipa-se à Crítica da Razão (1788), abordando com profundidade o problema do imperativo moral, irredutível a qualquer outro fundamento anterior.

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  • Godel, Escher, Bach

    Hofstadter,Douglas R.

    A scientist and mathematician explores the mystery and complexity of human thought processes from an interdisciplinary point of view

  • The Dragons of Eden


    The well-known astronomer and astrobiologist surveys current knowledge of the development of intelligence on Earth in various forms of life and explains his persuasion that intelligence must have developed along similar lines throughout the universe

  • Utopia


    16th-century classic by brilliant humanist, churchman and scholar envisioned a patriarchal island kingdom that practiced religious tolerance, in which everybody worked, all goods were community-owned, and violence, bloodshed and vice were...

  • A Sujeição das Mulheres

    Mill,John Stuart

    Stuart Mill considerava que a subjugação de um sexo ao outro era errada em si mesma e constituía um dos principais obstáculos ao progresso humano. O sistema social, no que aos direitos da mulher dizia respeito, era a continuidade da escravatura...

  • The Way of Zen


    The Way of Zen

  • Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La


    Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La

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  • C. S. Lewis


    The definitive exploration of C.S. Lewis's philosophical thought, and its connection with his theological and literary work Arguably one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, C.S. Lewis is widely hailed as a literary giant, his...

  • Arte De La Guerra

    Maquiavelo, Nicolas

    Arte De La Guerra

  • Bentham

    Mill,John Stuart

    Publicada originalmente en la 'London and Westminster Review' seis años después de la muerte de Jeremy Bentham. esta monografía es. de todos los ejercicios que John Stuart Mill dedicó a fijar adecuadamente el alcance y los límites del benthamismo. el...

  • The Crime Book


    From Jack the Ripper to the modern day drug cartels, discoverthe most notorious crimes and criminals in history.With a foreword by bestselling crime author Peter James, The Crime Book explores over 100 crimes and examines the science, psychology...

  • Filosofía Oculta Magia Natural


    Enrique Cornelio Agrippa 1485-1535 reúne dos extremos típicos del Renacimiento: la explosión de la credulidad en las conexiones espirituales de las partes del cosmos y el replanteamiento del escepticismo más radical. Magia natural es el primero de...

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  • The Open Court, Vol. 45 - A Monthly Magazine...


    Excerpt from The Open Court, Vol. 45: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion, the Religion of Science, and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea; June, 1931 This book presents the point Of view Of the distinguished philosopher...

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  • The Last Word - Being An Announcement Of The...


    Excerpt from The Last Word: Being an Announcement of the Ultimate Generalization of Science and a Solution of Popular Problems in Religion and Philosophy Is Man ready to pronounce that last word in Science which shall make his Chaos a true Universe?...

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  • The Journal Of Speculative Philosophy, Vol. 6...

    Harris, William Torrey

    Excerpt from The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Vol. 6: October, 1872 Phtenicia. Esthetic Greece Individual Theocratic Monkish Kumanite Chivalric Jesuitic The Huma nities. For Civil Life to achieve an Ideal of Culture The Philan thropic Movem't....

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  • Bacon's Novum Organum Edited (Classic...

    Fowler, Thomas

    Excerpt from Bacon's Novum Organum Edited P. 450, n. 49. At end of note add after which the cup is 112m applied, for the purpose of drawing out the blood. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • De Mundo (Classic Reprint)

    Forster, Edward Seymour

    Excerpt from De Mundo The text used for this translation is that of Bekker in the Berlin edition. A complete account of the literature upon the Dr Jim/(lo will be found in Capelle's article (i. C. P. L have to thank Mr. W. I). Ross, who read the...

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  • Sport Und Spiel Bei Den Germanen

    Teichert, Matthias

    Der Band ergrundet das Phanomen Spiel und Sport in seinen philologischen, archaologischen, kunsthistorischen sowie kultur- und sozialgeschichtlichen Bezugen. Der Zeitraum reicht von der Erwahnung des Wurfelspiels bei Tacitus uber die hofische...

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  • Vital Lies, Vol. 1 - Studies Of Some,...


    Excerpt from Vital Lies, Vol. 1: Studies of Some, Varieties of Recent, Obscurantism Some of these thinkers, unable to maintain that the ideas which they cling to are true, put their backs to the wall and explain that their value is symbolic, mythical...

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  • Siris - A Chain Of Philosophical Reflexions...

    Berkeley, George

    Excerpt from Siris: A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tar Water, and Divers Other Subjects Connected Together and Arising One From Another A z mankind.s 1 R u s. Mankind. And, as efi'ee'ts are linked with...

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  • Influence Of Physical Research On Mental...

    Bell, James

    Excerpt from Influence of Physical Research on Mental Philosophy: Being the Essay Which Gained the Edinburgh University Prize, Proposed to the Students of Sessions 1836-7, and 1837-8 With a single exception, there has hitherto been only om Prize...

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  • The Philosophy Of Spinoza, As Contained In...

    Fullerton, George Stuart

    Excerpt from The Philosophy of Spinoza, as Contained in the First, Second, and Fifth Parts of the Ethics, and in Extracts From the Third and Fourth The philosophy of Spinoza is contained in its final form in the Ethics. By translating in full the...

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  • Nietzsche's Search For Philosophy - On The...

    Ansell-Pearson, Keith

    In Nietzsche's Search for Philosophy: On the Middle Writings Keith Ansell-Pearson makes a novel and thought-provoking contribution to our appreciation of Nietzsche's neglected middle writings. These are the texts Human, all too Human (1878-80), Dawn...

  • Observations On The Nature And Tendency Of...

    Brown, Thomas

    Excerpt from Observations on the Nature and Tendency of the Doctrine of Mr. Hume: Concerning the Relation of Cause and Effect Ces, which claim, even for one of the abstrus est questions Of metaphysics, the indulgence usually given to the fleeting...

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  • The Reign Of Causality - A Vindication Of The...

    Watts, Robert

    Excerpt from The Reign of Causality: A Vindication of the Scientific Principle of Telic Causal Efficiency HE object of the discussions embraced in this volume is indicated in the title. The chief aim of the Whole work is to vindicate the claims of...

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  • A Survey Of English Ethics - Being The First...

    Lecky, William Edward Hartpole

    Excerpt from A Survey of English Ethics: Being the First Chapter of Mr. Lecky's 'History of European Morals' Mr. Lecky has pursued the first method, and I have tried to bring his work into the hands of those who wish to learn and to think. About the...

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  • A Discourse (Classic Reprint)

    Young, John

    Excerpt from A Discourse This was said in comment on Darwin's hypothesis: and' as Darwin regards evolution as only the aggregate and product of many natural laws, those laws being the sequence of events as observed by as, both writers may be held as...

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  • The Philosophy Of The Immortality Of The Soul...

    Freese, John Henry

    Excerpt from The Philosophy of the Immortality of the Soul and the Resurrection of the Human Body, Vol. 1 Encouraged by the favourable notice taken by the British and the American press of my Everybody's Book, I venture to publish another volume, and...

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  • A Treatise On Free Agency - Maintaining That...

    Dowling, Edward

    Excerpt from A Treatise on Free Agency: Maintaining That the Immutability of the Divine Nature Is Perfectly Compatible With the Moral Freedom of the Intellectual World; Also, a Dissertation on the Mosaic Account of the Creation Of God; insomuch that...

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  • Symbol Manipulation Languages (Classic...

    Abrahams, Paul W

    Excerpt from Symbol Manipulation Languages The difficulties with numerical calculations were remedied through the introduction of type declarations and an optimizing compiler. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of...

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  • A Free Discussion Of The Doctrines Of...


    Excerpt from A Free Discussion of the Doctrines of Materialism, and Philosophical Necessity, in a Correspondence Between Dr. Price, and Dr. Priestley: To Which Are Added, by Dr. Priestley, an Introduction, Explaining the Nature of the Controversy,...

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  • Herbert Spencer (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Herbert Spencer The aim of this little book is almost entirely expository. I have tried in it to give a simple outline of the cardinal ideas and more im portant bearings of the Synthetic Philosophy. The accomplishment Of this task within...

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  • The Philosophical Review, 1892, Vol. 1...


    Excerpt from The Philosophical Review, 1892, Vol. 1 Natural Selection in Morals angell, F - Untersuchung tiber die Schaltzung von Schallintensita ten, etc. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books....

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  • The Classification Of The Sciences - To Which...

    Spencer, Herbert

    Excerpt from The Classification of the Sciences: To Which Are Added Reasons From Dissenting From the Philosophy of M. Comte Sequence, in their general or special forms, logic and Mathematics form a class of the Sciences more widely. About the...

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  • Oeuvres Philosophiques De Locke, Vol. 6 - De...


    Excerpt from Oeuvres Philosophiques de Locke, Vol. 6: De l'Entendement Humain, Tome V Ensuite il est evident que tout etre qui tire son existence et son commencement d'un autre doit aussi tenir d'un autre tout ce qu'il a et tout ce qui lui...

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  • Selected Prose Works Of Shelley (Classic...


    Excerpt from Selected Prose Works of Shelley IN any selection that may be made from the prose works of Shelley with the object of illustrating the development of his thought, a marked inequality will be found in the value, literary and intellectual,...

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  • Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe, Vol. 7 Of...

    Poe, Edgar Allan

    Excerpt from Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Vol. 7 of 10: Criticisms The Hawks of Ha wit/hollow I A Tradition of Pennsyl/ vania, that is to say, a novel, is written, so we are assured, not by the author of Waverley, but by the author of that very...

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  • The Principles Of Human Knowledge - A...


    Excerpt from The Principles of Human Knowledge: A Treatise on the Nature of the Material Substance and Its Relation to the Absolute One special merit, to which this edition of Berkeley's great work lays claim, and whereby it is hoped here to...

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  • Elements Of Logic - Comprising The Substance...

    Whately, Richard

    Excerpt from Elements of Logic: Comprising the Substance of the Article, in the Encyclopedia Metropolitana; With Additions, &C Chf iii. 2 among other examples of a presumption not in itself unreasonable, but capable of being rebutted by a...

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