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  • Da Alma - de Anima - Col. Clássicos Edipro


    (Psykhe) – Alma – é, para Aristóteles, o princípio vital de todo ser vivo, animal ou planta, ou, em outros termos, o princípio que anima os corpos dos seres vivos. Portanto, a análise contida neste tratado não é de fundo religioso, mas de fundo...

  • Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes

    Kant, Immanuel

    'A Fundamentação da Metafísica dos Costumes' data de 1785 e antecipa-se à Crítica da Razão (1788), abordando com profundidade o problema do imperativo moral, irredutível a qualquer outro fundamento anterior.

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  • Indagacion Del Bien


    Indagacion Del Bien

  • A Sociedade de Consumo - 3ª Ed.


    A presente obra de Jean Baudrillard constitui uma das principais contribuições para a sociologia contemporânea, e é hoje uma obra consagrada internacionalmente. Nela procede o autor a uma análise profunda e estimulante daquilo que constitui um dos...

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  • A Sujeição das Mulheres

    Mill,John Stuart

    Stuart Mill considerava que a subjugação de um sexo ao outro era errada em si mesma e constituía um dos principais obstáculos ao progresso humano. O sistema social, no que aos direitos da mulher dizia respeito, era a continuidade da escravatura...

  • Fundamentación De La Metafísica De Las...


    IMMANUEL KANT. el más grande pensador contemporáneo. no sólo revolucionó con su Crítica de la razón pura 1781 los principios de nuestro saber teórico. sino que inauguró con su Fundamentación de la metafísica de las costumbres 1785 la más ambiciosa...

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  • Utopia


    16th-century classic by brilliant humanist, churchman and scholar envisioned a patriarchal island kingdom that practiced religious tolerance, in which everybody worked, all goods were community-owned, and violence, bloodshed and vice were...

  • Godel, Escher, Bach

    Hofstadter,Douglas R.

    A scientist and mathematician explores the mystery and complexity of human thought processes from an interdisciplinary point of view

  • Virtue of Selfishness


    Virtue of Selfishness

  • Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La


    Perspectiva Como Forma Simbolica, La

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  • The Way of Zen


    The Way of Zen

  • Studies In Contemporary German Social Thought...

    Dodd,Nigel; Blumenberg,Hans; Blumberg,Hans

    This major work by the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg is a monumental rethinking of the significance of the Copernican revolution for our understanding of modernity. It provides an important corrective to the view of science as an autonomous...

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  • Arte De La Guerra

    Maquiavelo, Nicolas

    Arte De La Guerra

  • Bentham

    Mill,John Stuart

    Publicada originalmente en la 'London and Westminster Review' seis años después de la muerte de Jeremy Bentham. esta monografía es. de todos los ejercicios que John Stuart Mill dedicó a fijar adecuadamente el alcance y los límites del benthamismo. el...

  • Filosofia da Moda


    A moda, com o seu jogo entre a tendência para uma expansão universal e a aniquilação do seu próprio sentido que comporta justamente essa expansão, possui o atrativo singular do limite, o atrativo simultâneo do começo e do fim, da novidade e, ao mesmo...

  • Princípios da Filosofia


    No ano de 1644, com 50 anos, René Descartes escreveu os 'Princípios de Filosofia', onde nos lega uma verdadeira síntese de conhecimento humano e analisa as coisas materiais, fala-nos da Terra e de todo o mundo visível, tornando-se um importante ponto...

  • Science In The Soul - Selected Writings Of A...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - The legendary biologist and bestselling author mounts a timely and passionate defense of science and clear thinking with this career-spanning collection of essays, including twenty pieces published in the United States for...

  • C. S. Lewis


    The definitive exploration of C.S. Lewis's philosophical thought, and its connection with his theological and literary work Arguably one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, C.S. Lewis is widely hailed as a literary giant, his...

  • The Open Court, Vol. 44 (Classic Reprint)

    Carus, Paul

    Excerpt from The Open Court, Vol. 44 Devoted to the Science of Religion, the Religion of Science, and the Extension of the Religious Parliament Idea. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find...

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  • Fable, Method, And Imagination In Descartes

    Griffith, James

    What role do fables play in Cartesian method and psychology? By looking at Descartes' use of fables, James Griffith suggests there is a fabular logic that runs to the heart of Descartes' philosophy. First focusing on The World and the Discourse on...

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  • Power And Liberty - Translated From The...

    Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich

    Excerpt from Power and Liberty: Translated From the French Perhaps we shall not be far wrong if we see, in the essay on Power and Liberty a bear ing on the present condition of the people to which the author belongs. The Nation, in a thoughtful...

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  • The Religious State, Vol. 3 - A Digest Of The...

    Humphrey, William

    Excerpt from The Religious State, Vol. 3: A Digest of the Doctrine of Suarez, Contained in His Treatise Does it become religious of the Society to have public schools and universities, and to teach m them? About the Publisher Forgotten Books...

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  • An Examination Of The Notion Of Moral Good...

    Clarke, John

    Excerpt from An Examination of the Notion of Moral Good and Evil: Advanced in a Late Book, Entitled, the Religion of Nature Delineated Nough to perceive the Weaknefs of fueh notions. 'tis upon this Account I have ithought it worth while to take under...

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  • The Reinvention Of Social Practices - Essays...

    Genosko, Gary

    The Reinvention of Social Practices shows the relevance of Felix Guattari's thought for the analysis of contemporary social and cultural encounters, ranging across an alternative 'skateboard' school, informatic subjugations, urban ecological dilemmas...

  • The Journal Of Speculative Philosophy, Vol. 5...

    Harris, William Torrey

    Excerpt from The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Vol. 5: July, 1871 For the intellect in the service of the will - that is, in its practical nse - there exist only individual things; for the intellect which devotes itself to arts and sciences -...

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  • Adversaria Sinica (Classic Reprint)

    Giles, Herbert Allen

    Excerpt from Adversaria Sinica Half despairing, half repining not a single word of which is discoverable in Chia 1's poem. In 1912, Dr. Martin published the second edition of a little volume entitled Chinese Legends and Lyrics, in the preface to...

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  • The Classification Of The Sciences - To Which...

    Spencer, Herbert

    Excerpt from The Classification of the Sciences: To Which Are Added Reasons From Dissenting From the Philosophy of M. Comte Sequence, in their general or special forms, logic and Mathematics form a class of the Sciences more widely. About the...

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  • In Praise Of Desire


    Joining the ancient debate over the roles of reason and appetite in the moral mind, In Praise of Desire takes the side of appetite. The book makes the claim that acting for moral reasons, acting in a praiseworthy manner, and acting out of virtue...

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  • The Relativity, The Unconditioned, Belief And...

    Edwards, Thomas

    Excerpt from The Relativity, the Unconditioned, Belief and Knowledge: Being Remarks on John Stuart Mill's Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosiphy I have administered. Whatever is true and just, will live whatever is unjust and false, will...

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  • A Biographical History Of Philosophy, Vol. 2...

    Lewes, George Henry

    Excerpt from A Biographical History of Philosophy, Vol. 2 of 2 Euclid, who must not be confounded with the great Mathematician, was born at Megara; date unknown. He had early imbibed a great love of philosophy, and had diligently studied the writings...

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  • Three Dialogues Between Hylas And Philonous -...

    Berkeley, George

    Excerpt from Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous: The Design of Which Is Plainly to Demonstrate the Reality and Perfection of Humane Knowledge, the Incorporeal Nature of the Soul, and the Immediate Providence of a Deity Thir Defign I propofed...

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  • A Letter To The Honorable Judge Story, LL. D....


    Excerpt from A Letter to the Honorable Judge Story, LL. D., Discovering and Correcting the Errors of Blackstone and His Editors, on the Theory of Human Genealogy and Kindred: And Destroying the Concomitant Fallacious Inductions of Eternal...

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  • The Interpretation Of Religious Experience...

    Watson, John

    Excerpt from The Interpretation of Religious Experience Gifford, Vol. 2: The Giffors Lectures Delivered in the University of Glasgow in the Years 1910-12 This endeavour to base religion upon faith, as dis tinguished from knowledge, may either be...

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  • Aphorisms Concerning Ideas, Science And The...

    Whewell, William

    Excerpt from Aphorisms Concerning Ideas, Science and the Language of Science Axiom that Reaction is equal to Action. That the Fundamental Principle is not derived from experience, is plain both from its evidence and from its history. About the...

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  • Modern Philosophy - Or A Treatise Of Moral...


    Excerpt from Modern Philosophy: Or a Treatise of Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy From the Fourteenth Century to the French Revolution, With a Glimpse Into the Nineteenth Century The first volume of this Manual attempted to trace the moral and...

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  • Ontology (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Ontology It is believed that the treatise will be useful in more clearly defining certain philosophical terms in frequent use through out Swedenborg's scientific writings. Although it was probably written at some period prior to the...

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  • From Stoicism To Platonism - The Development...

    Engberg-Pedersen, Troels

    From Stoicism to Platonism describes the change in philosophy from around 100 BCE, when monistic Stoicism was the strongest dogmatic school in philosophy, to around 100 CE, when dualistic Platonism began to gain the upper hand - with huge...

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  • Wieland And Shaftesbury (Classic Reprint)

    Elson, Charles

    Excerpt from Wieland and Shaftesbury The subject Wieland and Shaftesbury was first men tioned to me by my former teacher, Professor Guido C. L. Riemer of Bucknell College. But the idea of writing a disser tation on this-subject was not fully decided...

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  • Elements Of Logic - Comprising The Substance...

    Whately, Richard

    Excerpt from Elements of Logic: Comprising the Substance of the Article in the Encyclopaedia Metropolitana; With Additions, &C The present edition has been revised with the utmost care. But though the work has undergone not only the close examination...

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  • Living Off Landscape - Or The Unthought-Of In...


    Is it only through vision that we can perceive a landscape? Is the space opened by the landscape truly an expanse cut off by the horizon? Do we observe a landscape in the way that we watch a 'show'? What, ultimately, does it mean to 'look'? In this...

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  • A Letter To Edward LD Bishop Of Worcester,...

    Locke, John

    Excerpt from A Letter to Edward Ld Bishop of Worcester, Concerning Some Passages Relating to Mr. Locke's Essay of Humane Understanding: In a Late Discourse of His Lordships, in Vindication of the Trinity If this he the Truth of the Ca/e, we P. 2350...

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  • Living Off Landscape - Or The Unthought-Of In...


    Is it only through vision that we can perceive a landscape? Is the space opened by the landscape truly an expanse cut off by the horizon? Do we observe a landscape in the way that we watch a 'show'? What, ultimately, does it mean to 'look'? In this...

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  • The Journal Of Speculative Philosophy, 1874,...

    Harris,William Torrey

    Excerpt from The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 1874, Vol. 8 As Logic, whatever be its importance, constitutes only a part of the Absolute, or of the Absolute Science, we cannot form a clear notion of Logic unless we give an insight into Science...

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  • Philosophical Orientation And Scientific...


    Excerpt from Philosophical Orientation and Scientific Standpoints Or, again, with the words Of Shakespeare There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of...

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