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  • The Communist Manifesto


    Manifesto of the Communist Party (German: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei), often referred to as The Communist Manifesto, was published on February 21, 1848, and is one of the world's most influential political manuscripts. Commissioned by the...

  • How Democracies Die

    Ziblatt,Daniel; Levitsky, Steven

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Comprehensive, enlightening, and terrifyingly timely.' --New York Times Book Review 'Cool and persuasive... How Democracies Die comes at exactly the right moment.'--The Washington Post Donald Trump's presidency has raised a...

  • The Prince


    'It is safer to be feared than loved.' These words embody the spirit of The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli's classic work of political philosophy. Machiavelli's advice for how a ruler should acquire and ruthlessly exercise power over others continues to...

  • A Higher Loyalty - Truth, Lies, And...

    Comey, James

    In his forthcoming book, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks...

  • Retrato do Artista Enquanto Trabalhador -...

    Pierre-michel Menger

    Retrato do Artista Enquanto Trabalhador - Metamorfoses do Capitalismo

  • Black Klansman - Race, Hate, And The...

    Stallworth, Ron

    The extraordinary true story and basis for the major motion picture BlacKkKlansman, written and directed by Spike Lee, produced by Jordan Peele, and starring John David Washington and Adam Driver.When detective Ron Stallworth, the first black...

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  • Fools, Frauds And Firebrands - Thinkers Of...

    Scruton, Roger

    The thinkers who have been most influential on the attitudes of the New Left are examined in this study by one of the leading critics of leftist orientations in modern Western civilization. Scruton begins with a ruthless analysis of New Leftism and...

  • Orange Is The New Black

    Kerman, Piper

    With a career, a boyfriend, and a loving family, Piper Kerman barely resembles the reckless young woman who delivered a suitcase of drug money ten years before. But that past has caught up with her. Convicted and sentenced to fifteen months at the...

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  • Fluent In 3 Months


    Benny Lewis, who speaks ten languages and counting all self-taught runs the largest language-learning blog in the world, Fluent In 3 Months. Lewis is a full-time 'language hacker,' someone who devotes all of his time to finding better, faster, and...

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  • Dois Tratados do Governo Civil - Col. Textos...


    John Locke foi uma das figuras maiores da civilização ocidental moderna. Locke foi o pensador da subjectividade, dos direitos naturais, da crítica das ideias inatas, da tolerância religiosa, da separação radical entre o Estado e a(s) igreja(s), da...

  • Lone Survivor

    Luttrell,Marcus; P.,Robinson

    Four US Navy SEALS departed one clear night in early July, 2005 for the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border for a reconnaissance mission. Their task was to document the activity of an al Qaeda leader rumored to be very close to Bin Laden with a...

  • On Tyranny

    Snyder, Timothy

    'We are rapidly ripening for fascism. This American writer leaves us with no illusions about ourselves.' —Svetlana Alexievich, Winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureThe Founding Fathers tried to protect us from the threat they knew, the tyranny that...

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  • Churchill And Orwell - The Fight For Freedom

    Ricks,Thomas E.

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell, who preserved democracy from the threats of authoritarianism, from the left and right alike.Both George Orwell and Winston Churchill came...

  • Empire Of Democracy - The Reinvention Of The...


    The first panoramic history of the Western world from the 1970s to the present day, Empire of Democracy is the story for those asking how we got to where we are. Half a century ago, at the height of the Cold War and amidst a world economic crisis,...

  • Political Hypocrisy - The Mask Of Power, From...


    What kind of hypocrite should voters choose as their next leader? The question seems utterly cynical. But, as David Runciman suggests, it is actually much more cynical to pretend that politics can ever be completely sincere. Political Hypocrisy is a...

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  • The Prince


    Here is the world's most famous master plan for seizing and holding power. Astonishing in its candor 'The Prince' even today remains a disturbingly realistic and prophetic work on what it takes to be a prince . . . a king . . . a president. When, in...

  • Capital - A Critique Of Political Economy;...


    Excerpt from Capital: A Critique of Political Economy; The Process of Capitalist Production The present volume consists, mainly, of the first nine chap ters of Volume I., -of Marx's Capitol, which are now, not for the first time, however, reprinted....

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  • Edmund Burke (Classic Reprint)


    Excerpt from Edmund Burke Cause the law was not a noble field for the exercise of the highest faculties of the mind, but probably because he was won by the superior fascinations of literature and philosophy. Bacon could unite the study of divine...

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  • Anatomy Of The State

    Rothbard ,Murray

    Murray Rothbard was known as the state's greatest living enemy, and this book is his most succinct and powerful statement on the topic. He explains what a state is and what it is not. He shows how it is an institution that violates all that we hold...

  • Pepe Mujica - de Tupamaro A Presidente


    Pepe Mujica - de Tupamaro A Presidente

  • Dangerous

    Yiannopoulos, Milo

    The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, Dangerous, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

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  • História do Marxismo no Brasil - Teorias....

    Moraes,Joao Quartim

    Os dois primeiros capítulos deste volume estudam, respectivamente, a influência de Althusser e de Gramsci na esquerda brasileira. Na seqüência examinam-se diferentes aspectos do enraizamento do marxismo no pensamento nacional entre 1945 e 1964: a...

  • Adults In The Room - My Battle With The...


    A Number One Sunday Times Bestseller What happens when you take on the establishment? In Adults in the Room, the renowned economist and former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis gives the full, blistering account of his momentous clash with...

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  • Bakunin's Writings (Classic Reprint)

    Bakunin,Mikhail Aleksandrovich

    Excerpt from Bakunin's Writings For the Red Association I have substituted Council of Action for International and also world for Europe, where-ever Bakunin speaks of the organisation and struggle of the workers against Capital. About the Publisher...

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  • Ciencias Documentais A Ciencia da Informacao

    Malheiro da Silva,Armando

    O que é a Informação ? A Informação e Comunicação são sinónimas ou, pelo contrário, distintas ? A Informação é uma “substância” indefinida e etérea ou um fenómeno cognoscível? Significa um facto, uma notícia, ou qualquer dado do conhecimento, evoca,...

  • Geopolíticas do Petróleo

    Lopez,Philippe Sebile

    Desde os anos 1930 do Século XX que ouvimos dizer, com frequência, que o petróleo é 10 por cento de economia e 90 por cento de política. O choque petrolífero dos inícios dos anos de 1970, várias guerras levadas a cabo pelo e para o petróleo, assim...

  • El Príncipe


    Nicolás Maquiavelo (1469-1527), nació en el seno de una familia de rancio abolengo de la bella República de Florencia. Fue embajador y diplomático, pero como escritor alcanza la fama universal, legándonos un vocablo nuevo en casi todas las lenguas...

  • Common Sense


    Published anonomously in 1776, the year of the American Declaration of Independence, Paine's 'Common Sense' became an immediate bestseller, with fifty-six editions printed in that year alone. It was this pamphlet, more than any other factor, which...

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  • Conservatism And The Republican Party - What...

    Kabaservice, Geoffrey

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The 2016 elections gave the Republican Party control of both houses Congress and the presidency -- a level of dominance the party had experienced for only six years out of the previous eight...

  • História do Marxismo no Brasil - O Impacto...

    Moraes,Joao Quartim

    O presente volume analisa o impacto das grandes revoluções do século XX sobre as esquerdas marxistas brasileiras. Nesta segunda edição, revista e ampliada, retomam-se os mesmos temas da edição original, acrescidos de dois capítulos novos, frutos de...

  • Capital Volume 1


    ÒMoney is the alienated essence of man's labor and life; and this alien essence dominates him as he worships it.Ó -Capital, Vol 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production This version of Capital Volume 1, Marx's highest achievement in economics,...

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  • Curso de Ciência Politica


    Curso de Ciência Politica

  • The Cost-Benefit Revolution

    Sunstein,Cass R

    Why policies should be based on careful consideration of their costs and benefits rather than on intuition, popular opinion, interest groups, and anecdotes.Opinions on government policies vary widely. Some people feel passionately about the child...

  • The World As It Is - A Memoir Of The Obama...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - From one of Barack Obama's most trusted aides comes a revelatory behind-the-scenes account of his presidency--and how idealism can confront harsh reality and still survive.'The closest view of Obama we're likely to get...

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  • The Ghost - The Secret Life Of CIA Spymaster...


    'The best book ever written about the strangest CIA chief who ever lived.' - Tim Weiner, National Book Award-winning author of Legacy of AshesA revelatory new biography of the sinister, powerful, and paranoid man at the heart of the CIA for more than...

  • Suicide Of The West - How The Rebirth Of...


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Epic and debate-shifting.' --David Brooks, New York Times 'More than any book published so far in this century, it deserves to be called a conservative classic.' --Yuval Levin, National Review With his trademark blend of...

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  • The Making Of Donald Trump

    Johnston, David Cay

    The culmination of nearly thirty years of reporting on Donald Trump, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Cay Johnston takes a revealingly close look at the mogul's rise to power and prominence.Covering the long arc of Trump's career,...

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  • The Road To Unfreedom - Russia, Europe,...


    From the author of On Tyranny comes a stunning new chronicle of the rise of authoritarianism from Russia to Europe and America. With the end of the Cold War, the victory of liberal democracy seemed final. Observers declared the end of history,...

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  • Políticas Agrícolas

    Lucien Bourgeois

    A agricultura atravessa, actualmente, uma crise profunda, apesar dos seus sucessos incontestáveis. Lucien Bourgeois, economista e especialista em problemas agrícolas, reflecte sobre o futuro da agricultura, que passará fundamentalmente pelo sucesso...

  • Terrorism And Communism - A Reply To Karl...


    Trotsky and Slavoj Žižek defend revolutionary violenceWritten in the white heat of revolutionary Russia's Civil War, Trotsky's Terrorism and Communism is one of the most potent defenses of revolutionary dictatorship. In his provocative commentary to...

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  • Que É o Ocidente, o

    Nemo, Philippe

    Que É o Ocidente, o

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  • To Our Friends

    Invisible Committee

    The Invisible Committee's The Coming Insurrection was a phenomenon, celebrated in some quarters and inveighed against in others, publicized in media that ranged from campus bulletin boards to Fox News. Seven years later, The Invisible Committee...

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  • Longitudes and Attitudes

    Friedman,Thomas L.

    Collects the twice-weekly columns by the foreign affairs writer for 'The New York Times' as published since September 11 to document the nation's emotional and analytical responses to the terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

  • Coming Insurrection

    Invisible Committee

    Thirty years of 'crisis,' mass unemployment, and flagging growth, and they still want us to believe in the economy...We have to see that the economy is itself the crisis. It's not that there's not enough work, it's that there is too much of it.--from...

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