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  • O Caminho para a Servidão

    Hayek Friedrich A.

    Publicado em 1944, este manifesto liberal constituí uma das denúncias mais veementes dos totalitarismos do século XX, vindo a obra a ter um sucesso assinalável. Para Hayek, na sua natureza, o hitlerismo não se distingue do estalinismo, e a diferença...

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  • Fear - Trump In The White House


    THE INSIDE STORY ON PRESIDENT TRUMP, AS ONLY BOB WOODWARD CAN TELL IT With authoritative reporting honed through eight presidencies from Nixon to Obama, author Bob Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail the harrowing life inside President Donald...

  • The Prince


    'It is safer to be feared than loved.' These words embody the spirit of The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli's classic work of political philosophy. Machiavelli's advice for how a ruler should acquire and ruthlessly exercise power over others continues to...

  • How Democracies Die

    Ziblatt,Daniel; Levitsky,Steven

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'Comprehensive, enlightening, and terrifyingly timely.' --New York Times Book Review 'Cool and persuasive... How Democracies Die comes at exactly the right moment.'--The Washington Post Donald Trump's presidency has raised a...

  • Dois Tratados do Governo Civil - Col. Textos...


    John Locke foi uma das figuras maiores da civilização ocidental moderna. Locke foi o pensador da subjectividade, dos direitos naturais, da crítica das ideias inatas, da tolerância religiosa, da separação radical entre o Estado e a(s) igreja(s), da...

  • Orange Is The New Black

    Kerman, Piper

    With a career, a boyfriend, and a loving family, Piper Kerman barely resembles the reckless young woman who delivered a suitcase of drug money ten years before. But that past has caught up with her. Convicted and sentenced to fifteen months at the...

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  • Fire And Fury - Inside The Trump White House...


    With extraordinary access to the Trump White House, Michael Wolff tells the inside storyof the most controversial presidency of our timeThe first nine months of Donald Trump's term were stormy, outrageous--and absolutely mesmerizing. Now, thanks to...

  • The Communist Manifesto

    Marx, Karl

    Manifesto of the Communist Party (German: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei), often referred to as The Communist Manifesto, was published on February 21, 1848, and is one of the world's most influential political manuscripts. Commissioned by the...

  • The Cost of Rights

    Holmes,Stephen; Holmes,Stephen

    A cogent and timely analysis of the economic realities lying beneath our arguments about rights and their protection and enforcement shows how both conservative and progressive forces selectively ignore the often harsh truths about the cost of these...

  • World Order

    Kissinger, Henry

    World Order is the summation of Henry Kissinger's thinking about history, strategy and statecraft. As if taking a perspective from far above the globe, it examines the great tectonic plates of history and the motivations of nations, explaining the...

  • Fools, Frauds And Firebrands - Thinkers Of...

    Scruton, Roger

    The thinkers who have been most influential on the attitudes of the New Left are examined in this study by one of the leading critics of leftist orientations in modern Western civilization. Scruton begins with a ruthless analysis of New Leftism and...

  • Soft Power

    Nye, Joseph S.

    Joseph Nye coined the term 'soft power' in the late 1980s. It is now used frequently,and often incorrectly,by political leaders, editorial writers, and academics around the world. So what is soft power? Soft power lies in the ability to attract and...

  • Fluent In 3 Months


    Benny Lewis, who speaks ten languages and counting all self-taught runs the largest language-learning blog in the world, Fluent In 3 Months. Lewis is a full-time 'language hacker,' someone who devotes all of his time to finding better, faster, and...

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  • Cazando A El Chapo - La Historia Desde...


    Una combinación de las películas Manhunt, Killing Pablo y Zero Dark Thirty, esta sensacional obra de misterio, y de alta tecnología de investigación, de Andrew Hogan y Douglas Century --que pronto será una gran película producida por Sony-- es una...

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  • Termites Of The State - Why Complexity Leads...


    In Termites of the State, renowned public economist Vito Tanzi presents a sweeping account of the industrialized world's economic development during the twentieth century to today. In the tradition of grand economic histories, Tanzi connects the...

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  • The Making of Economic Policy

    Dixit,Avinash K.

    'This work is a tour de force of the kind we have come to expect from Avinash Dixit. Using the basic ideas of transactions cost theory, he simultaneously analyzes much of current literature and provides his own insights in to the theory of economic...

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  • Churchill And Orwell - The Fight For Freedom

    Ricks,Thomas E.

    From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell, who preserved democracy from the threats of authoritarianism, from the left and right alike.Both George Orwell and Winston Churchill came...

  • On Tyranny

    Snyder, Timothy

    'We are rapidly ripening for fascism. This American writer leaves us with no illusions about ourselves.' —Svetlana Alexievich, Winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureThe Founding Fathers tried to protect us from the threat they knew, the tyranny that...

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  • História do Marxismo no Brasil - Teorias....

    Moraes, Joao Quartim

    Os dois primeiros capítulos deste volume estudam, respectivamente, a influência de Althusser e de Gramsci na esquerda brasileira. Na seqüência examinam-se diferentes aspectos do enraizamento do marxismo no pensamento nacional entre 1945 e 1964: a...

  • World Without Mind - The Existential Threat...


    Over the past few decades there has been a revolution in terms of who controls knowledge and information. This rapid change has imperiled the way we think. Without pausing to consider the cost, the world has rushed to embrace the products and...

  • Contempt - A Memoir Of The Clinton...

    Starr, Ken

    Twenty years after the Starr Report and the Clinton impeachment, former special prosecutor Ken Starr finally shares his definitive account of one of the most divisive periods in American history.You could fill a library with books about the scandals...

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  • História do Marxismo no Brasil - O Impacto...

    Moraes, Joao Quartim

    O presente volume analisa o impacto das grandes revoluções do século XX sobre as esquerdas marxistas brasileiras. Nesta segunda edição, revista e ampliada, retomam-se os mesmos temas da edição original, acrescidos de dois capítulos novos, frutos de...

  • Políticas Agrícolas

    Lucien Bourgeois

    A agricultura atravessa, actualmente, uma crise profunda, apesar dos seus sucessos incontestáveis. Lucien Bourgeois, economista e especialista em problemas agrícolas, reflecte sobre o futuro da agricultura, que passará fundamentalmente pelo sucesso...

  • Requiem For The American Dream

    Chomsky,Noam; CHOMSKY, NOAM

    In his first major book on the subject of income inequality, Noam Chomsky skewers the fundamental tenets of neoliberalism and casts a clear, cold, patient eye on the economic facts of life. What are the ten principles of concentration of wealth and...

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  • The Big Lie - Exposing The Nazi Roots Of The...

    D'Souza, Dinesh

    What is 'the big lie' of the Democratic Party? That conservatives and President Donald Trump in particularare fascists. Nazis, even. In a typical comment, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says the Trump era is reminiscent of 'what it was like when Hitler...

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  • A Higher Loyalty - Truth, Lies, And...

    Comey, James

    In his forthcoming book, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks...

  • Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva


    Chronicles the life and times of Brazil's charismatic president, who rose from humble beginnings as a shoeshine boy to lead his country.

  • Simpler The Future Of Government

    Sunstein,Cass R.

    Governments everywhere are undergoing a quiet and profound revolution: they re getting simpler, more cost-effective, and focused on improved outcomes not politics. For four years one of the leading lights of that revolution, Cass Sunstein, as...

  • Democracy, Accountability, and Representation

    Przeworski,Adam; Stokes,Susan Carol; Manin,Bernard

    Democracy, Accountability, and Representation

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  • Un Mundo Sin Periodistas


    Las duras batallas que el periodismo independiente libro para purificar la democracia, denunciar la corrupcion politica y limitar los excesos del poder son ya un capitulo ineludible de la historia argentina moderna. Horacio Verbitsky, paradigma del...

  • The Great Convergence


    Since the 1990s, the world's economies have become ever more globalized and interdependent, but political power has not readjusted. Mahbubani shows why power must shift, reflecting the new global realities, to avoid disunity and conflict in our...

  • Diplomacy


    Offering a panoramic view of history and a description of firsthand diplomatic encounters, the former Secretary of State describes his ideas about diplomacy and power balances, showing how national negotiating styles influence outcomes

  • The Three Worlds Of Welfare Capitalism


    Few discussions in modern social science have occupied as much attention as the changing nature of welfare states in Western societies. Gsta Esping-Andersen, one of the foremost contributors to current debates on this issue, here provides a new...

  • Leading Public Sector Innovation -...


    Leading Public Sector Innovation shows how government agencies can use co-creation to overcome policy making barriers and deliver more value, at lower cost, to citizens and businesses. Through inspiring global case studies and practical examples, the...

  • The Search For Neofascism


    A study of the informal logic that has governed the half-century of academic writing devoted to what has been generally identified as 'neofascism', together with a careful assessment of those political movements and regimes considered the proper...

  • Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality

    Cohen,G. A.

    Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality

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  • The Essential Feminist Reader

    Freedman,Estelle B. (edt)

    Including: Susan B. Anthony Simone de Beauvoir W.E.B. Du Bois Helene Cixous Betty Friedan Charlotte Perkins Gilman Emma Goldman Guerrilla Girls Ding Ling Audre Lorde John Stuart Mill Christine de Pizan Adrienne Rich Margaret Sanger Huda Shaarawi...

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  • The Emergence of Private Authority in Global...

    Hall,Rodney Bruce; Biersteker,Thomas J.

    The Emergence of Private Authority in Global Governance

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  • Privatização e Capitalismo Popular

    Colin Harris; P. Saunders

    Neste importante e recente estudo, Peter Saunders e Colin Harris debruçamse sobre a questão do êxito da privatização: será que conseguiu atingir as transformações sociais, culturais e políticas ambicionadas? Alinhando uma série de provas, que incluem...

  • La Republicature


    La Republicature

  • The Accidental President of Brazil - A Memoir

    Cardoso, Fernando Henrique; Cardoso,Fernando Henrique

    In 1993, Fernando Henrique Cardoso was appointed the new Finance Minister of Brazil - a country that had had seven different currencies in the previous eight years to cope with inflation that had run at 3000 percent a year. The position was a...

  • Utopia For Realists - How We Can Build The...


    Universal basic income. A 15-hour workweek. Open borders. Does it sound too good to be true? One of Europe's leading young thinkers shows how we can build an ideal world today. After working all day at jobs we often dislike, we buy things we don't...

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  • Lone Survivor

    Luttrell,Marcus; P.,Robinson

    Four US Navy SEALS departed one clear night in early July, 2005 for the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border for a reconnaissance mission. Their task was to document the activity of an al Qaeda leader rumored to be very close to Bin Laden with a...

  • Michael Oakeshott


    Michael Oakeshott

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