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  • Dois Tratados do Governo Civil - Col. Textos...

    Locke, John

    John Locke foi uma das figuras maiores da civilização ocidental moderna. Locke foi o pensador da subjectividade, dos direitos naturais, da crítica das ideias inatas, da tolerância religiosa, da separação radical entre o Estado e a(s) igreja(s), da...

  • A New World Order

    Slaughter, Anne-Marie

    A New World Order

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  • On Tyranny


    'We are rapidly ripening for fascism. This American writer leaves us with no illusions about ourselves.' —Svetlana Alexievich, Winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureThe Founding Fathers tried to protect us from the threat they knew, the tyranny that...

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  • Verdade e Política

    Arendt, Hannah

    Verdade e Política

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  • The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster...

    Klein, Naomi

    Free markets, we’re told, mean free people. Yet around the world this ‘freedom’ is being paid for in blood. When a catastrophe occurs – whether war, terrorist attack or natural disaster – there are people cleaning up and cashing in, using chaos to...

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  • Retrato do Artista Enquanto Trabalhador -...

    Pierre-michel Menger

    Retrato do Artista Enquanto Trabalhador - Metamorfoses do Capitalismo

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  • Ciencia Politica Y Teoria Politica...


    Ciencia Politica Y Teoria Politica Contemporaneas: Una Relacion Problematica

  • Blowback


    An analysis of American foreign policy focuses on the unintended negative consequences of American actions abroad, from forced globalism to environmental disasters.

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  • El Príncipe

    Maquiavelo, Nicolás

    Nicolás Maquiavelo (1469-1527), nació en el seno de una familia de rancio abolengo de la bella República de Florencia. Fue embajador y diplomático, pero como escritor alcanza la fama universal, legándonos un vocablo nuevo en casi todas las lenguas...

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  • America And the World

    Brzezinski,Zbigniew; Ignatius,David; Scowcroft,Brent

    Two leading foreign policy experts and former national security advisors representing both sides of the political spectrum dissect the most significant foreign policy challenges facing the U.S. and broadly agree on the need to adapt to a new...

  • The Mighty And The Almighty

    Albright, Madeleine

    The former secretary of state offers a provocative and very personal look at the role of religion in America's foreign policy. She argues that understanding the place and power of religion--and knowing how best to respond to it--is essential if...

  • The Anarchist Cookbook


    The Anarchist Cookbook

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  • Communication in the Language Classroom

    Lynch, Tony

    Communication in the Language Classroom

  • Fluent In 3 Months

    Lewis, Benny

    Benny Lewis, who speaks ten languages and counting all self-taught runs the largest language-learning blog in the world, Fluent In 3 Months. Lewis is a full-time 'language hacker,' someone who devotes all of his time to finding better, faster, and...

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  • The Cost of Rights


    A cogent and timely analysis of the economic realities lying beneath our arguments about rights and their protection and enforcement shows how both conservative and progressive forces selectively ignore the often harsh truths about the cost of these...

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  • The Prince - Signet Classics


    After a lifetime of winning and losing at the game of politics, Florentine nobleman Machiavelli set down its ageless rules and moves in this highly readable treatise. Witty, informative, and devilishly shrewd, it has long been required reading for...

  • The Road To Serfdom

    Hayek,Friedrich A. Von; Caldwell,Bruce

    The Road To Serfdom

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  • Dangerous

    Yiannopoulos, Milo

    The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, Dangerous, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

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  • Sistemas Politicos Comparados

    Pasquino, Gianfranco

    Depois de Curso de Ciência Política publicado em 2003, a Principia lança agora, também da autoria de Gianfranco Pasquino, este Sistemas Políticos Comparados no qual o autor se propõe compreender e explicar como estão estruturados e como funcionam...

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  • Breve Historia Del Conflicto Armado En...

    Ríos Sierra, Jerónimo

    El conflicto armado interno colombiano tiene una vigencia de más de cincuenta años, si bien sus raíces se hunden en la década de los años treinta. Además de las dos tradicionales guerrillas más longevas de América Latina, como son las FARC y el ELN,...

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  • The Biggest Secret


    The Biggest Secret

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  • O Mundo Pós Americano


    Do mesmo autor de O Futuro da Liberdade (ed. Gradiva), a Gradiva publica agora O Mundo Pós-Americano de Fareed Zakaria. Há semanas consecutivas nos tops de vendas americanos, esta nova obra do editor da revista Newsweek International analisa a actual...

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  • Ciencias Documentais A Ciencia da Informacao

    Malheiro da Silva,Armando

    O que é a Informação ? A Informação e Comunicação são sinónimas ou, pelo contrário, distintas ? A Informação é uma “substância” indefinida e etérea ou um fenómeno cognoscível? Significa um facto, uma notícia, ou qualquer dado do conhecimento, evoca,...

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  • Curso de Ciência Politica


    Curso de Ciência Politica

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  • Surrealismo Y Anarquismo


    Surrealismo Y Anarquismo

  • Drawdown

    Lennon, Julian; Books, Penguin

    The 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming, based on meticulous research by leading scientists and policymakers around the world In the face of widespread fear and apathy, an international coalition of researchers, professionals,...

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  • The Politics of International Law

    Koskenniemi, Martti

    Today international law is everywhere. Wars are declared and conducted in its name, and in its name rights are both protected and renounced. It is also international law which determines who owns and uses the world's scarcest resources. Thus...

  • Dark Money

    Mayer, Jane

    A New York Times Top 10 Best Book Of The YearFrom the bestselling author of The Dark Side, an electrifying work of investigative journalism that uncovers the powerful group of immensely wealthy ideologues who are shaping the fate of America.In her...

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  • Politique Et Histoire de Machiavel a Mar

    Althusser Louis

    Politique Et Histoire de Machiavel a Mar

  • Memo To the President Elect

    Albright, Madeleine

    Presents a set of recommendations for the next U.S. president, posing such suggestions as selecting a top-rate foreign policy team, avoiding the mistakes of previous presidents, and employing strategic tools to garner international support for...

  • The Power of Unreasonable People - How Social...


    The Power of Unreasonable People - How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets That Change the World

  • Longitudes and Attitudes

    Friedman, Thomas L.

    Collects the twice-weekly columns by the foreign affairs writer for 'The New York Times' as published since September 11 to document the nation's emotional and analytical responses to the terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

  • Unbearable Weight

    Bordo,Susan; Heywood,Leslie (frw)

    Unbearable Weight

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  • Michael Oakeshott


    Michael Oakeshott

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  • Para uma Sociologia dos Partidos Políticos na...

    Michels, Robert

    Robert Michels (1876-1936), sociólogo, durante algum tempo colaborador de Max Weber e continuador das teses de Gaetano Mosca e Vilfredo Pareto, foi pioneiro da análise sociológica dos fenómenos oligárquicos no interior das formações políticas,...

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  • Devil's Bargain - Steve Bannon, Donald Trump,...

    Green, Joshua

    From the reporter who was there at the very beginning comes the revealing inside story of the partnership between Steve Bannon and Donald Trump the key to understanding the rise of the alt-right, the fall of Hillary Clinton, and the hidden forces...

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  • The Industries Of The Future


    The New York Times bestseller, from leading innovation expert Alec Ross, a “fascinating vision” (Forbes) of what’s next for the world and how to navigate the changes the future will bring. While Alec Ross was working as Senior Advisor for Innovation...

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  • Faster, Smarter, Greener - The Future Of The...

    Venkat Sumantran; David Gonsalvez

    The twentieth century was the century of the automobile; the twenty-first will see mobility dramatically re-envisioned. Automobiles altered cityscapes, boosted economies, and made personal mobility efficient and convenient for many. We had a...

  • Brexit, No Exit - Why (In The End) Britain...

    Macshane, Denis

    The UK's Brexit vote on 23rd June 2016 provided perhaps the most dramatic proof that the era of political and economic globalization has ended. Populism, nationalism and xenophobia are surging across Europe and Brexit adds to the problems facing the...

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  • Devil's Knot

    Leveritt, Mara

    The award-winning investigative journalist takes readers deep inside the 1993 slayings of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, revealing the overzealous prosecution that may have improperly convicted three teenagers. Reprint.

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  • Capitalism , Socialism And Democracy

    Schumpeter, Joseph Alois

    Capitalism , Socialism And Democracy

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  • Rediscovering Americanism

    Levin, Mark R.

    From #1 New York Times bestselling author and radio host Mark R. Levin comes a searing plea for a return to America’s most sacred values.In Rediscovering Americanism, Mark R. Levin revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the...

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  • Use Of Force - A Thriller

    Thor, Brad

    As a storm rages across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrifying distress call is made to the Italian Coast Guard. Days later, a body washes ashore. Identified as a high value terrorism suspect (who had disappeared three years prior), his name sends panic...

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  • Democracy™the God That Failed

    Hoppe, Hans-Hermann

    Democracy™the God That Failed

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